Island in the Sky (1953)

Inciting Event: Dooley and his crew crash land in the Labrador wilderness.

First Plot Point: The other airline pilots assemble to mount a search.

First Pinch Point: Dooley’s navigator can’t figure out where they’re trapped.

Midpoint: Dooley’s message gets through to the searching pilots.

Second Pinch Point: Dooley’s comm officer loses the generator power necessary to send their bearings via telegraph.

Third Plot Point: The pilots fly right over Dooley without seeing him.

Climax: The search pilots start to run out of gas on their final mission to try to find Dooley and his crew.

Climactic Moment: The search pilots spot Dooley and fly over low.

Resolution: Dooley reveals to his navigator that he’s married with six kids.

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