Inglourious Basterds

Inciting Event: The Nazi Jew hunter Lander finds Shoshanna’s family hiding under the floorboards of the French farmhouse and machine guns them. Only Shoshanna escapes.

First Plot Point: Shoshanna, now living in Paris under an assumed name, meets Frederick the Nazi war hero, who wants to premiere the propaganda movie in which he stars at the cinema she owns.

First Pinch Point: Lander is assigned to run security on Shoshanna’s cinema for the event. He and Shoshanna meet at the restaurant, but he doesn’t recognize her.

Midpoint: Both Shoshanna and the British Army come to the independent decisions to blow up the theater at the premiere, since Hitler and other members of the Nazi High Command will be present.

Second Pinch Point: The British-run mission is compromised when the British commander is killed and the German double agent is compromised.

Third Plot Point: The American members of the British-run mission are captured at the premiere, and Lander kills the German agent.

Climax: Frederick interferes just as Shoshanna is setting up the signal to blow up the cinema. She shoots him.

Climactic Moment: The theater blows up and Hitler is killed.

Resolution: Lander, as per his agreement with the British, is given sanctuary, but not before the Americans carve a swastika on his forehead.

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