Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Inciting Event: The U.S. government informs Indy that the Nazis are seeking the Ark of the Covenant in Cairo and asks him to go after it himself.

First Plot Point: The Nazis burn down Marian’s bar in pursuit of her father’s medallion, and Marian travels with Indy to Cairo.

First Pinch Point: Indy thinks Marian has been killed.

Midpoint: Using the medallion, Indy discovers the location of the Ark

Second Pinch Point: Indy and Marian are imprisoned in the Well of Souls and left to die.

Third Plot Point: Marian and the Ark are kidnapped off Katanga’s ship.

Climax: Indy tries to save Marian, but Belloc calls his bluff about destroying the Ark and captures Indy as well.

Climactic Moment: The Ark consumes Belloc and the Nazis.

Resolution: The Ark is hidden away by the U.S. government; Indy and Marian leave together.

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