Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Inciting Event: Indy learns that his father was kidnapped while in search of the Grail in Venice.

First Plot Point: Indy discovers the second clue to the Grail’s whereabouts and is attached by the Knights of the Cruciform Sword.

First Pinch Point: Indy’s room is searched.

Midpoint: Indy discovers his father and is recaptured when Ilsa betrays him.

Second Pinch Point: The Nazis start an expedition to the location of the Grail.

Third Plot Point: Indy’s father is shot, forcing Indy to find the Grail for the Nazis.

Climax: Indy finds the Grail.

Climactic Moment: Indy abandons the Grail and escapes with his father.

Resolution: Indy and Company ride off into the sunset.

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