Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Inciting Event: After being expelled from Hogwarts for using magic to save his own and his cousin’s life, Harry learns his godfather Sirius Black and his other friends have reorganized the Order of the Phoenix to combat Voldemort’s return. Harry is tried before the Ministry of Magic for his misuse of magic and makes his first encounter with Dolores Umbridge, who attempts to have him convicted, in accordance with Minister Fudge’s desire to brand Harry a liar and insist Voldemort has not returned. Dumbledore gets the charges dismissed and Harry reinstated at Hogwarts.

First Plot Point: Harry and his friends return for another year at Hogwarts, only to discover Umbridge is their new professor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. She is clearly a representative of the Minister, there to “interfere” at Hogwarts and clamp down on Harry and Dumbledore.

First Pinch Point: Umbridge flexes her power by having bumbling Professor Trelawney dismissed. She tries also to have her thrown out of Hogwarts, but Dumbledore intervenes at the last moment. Sirius appears in the Griffindor common room’s fire and tells Harry he’s “on his own” in his attempts to learn how to fight back against Voldemort. This prompts Hermione and Harry to begin a secret class for the other students, in which Harry teaches them the things he has learned.

Midpoint: Harry has a nightmare in which he sees himself-as-Voldemort attacking Mr. Weasley, in search of a weapon “he didn’t have before.” He tells Dumbledore, and it becomes clear to everyone that Harry’s mind is linked to Voldemort’s. Dumbledore orders Snape to teach Harry how to protect his mind from Voldemort before Voldemort figures out the connection.

Second Pinch Point: After using veritas serum on Harry’s crush Cho, Umbridge and her Inquisitor Squad discover the secret room where Harry and “Dumbledore’s Army” are practicing their magic. Umbridge reports to the Minister, who dismisses Dumbledore as headmaster of Hogwarts and tries to arrest him. Dumbledore summons his phoenix and escapes. Umbridge becomes the new headmaster.

Third Plot Point: Harry has a vision of Voldemort attacking and killing Sirius. He and his friends attempt to sneak out of Hogwarts through Umbridge’s chimney, only to be caught. Hermione fools Umbridge into being trapped by angry centaurs, allowing Harry and his friends to go after Sirius.

Climax: After realizing his vision was a trap and that Sirius isn’t even at the Ministry, Harry discovers a prophecy about himself and Voldemort. The Death Eaters attack, and Sirius and Moody come to the rescue. Battle ensues—and Sirius’s convict cousin Bellatrix LaStrange kills him. Harry and Dumbledore face down Voldemort, who tries to take over Harry’s mind.

Climactic Moment: Harry forces Voldemort from his mind.

Resolution: The students leave Hogwarts, and Harry shares what he’s learned: that he and his friends have the one thing Voldemort does not—“something worth fighting for.”

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