Flame Over India

Inciting Event: The rebels capture the railway, trapping the prince and his governess.

First Plot Point: They smuggle the prince out of the city on a broken-down train.

First Pinch Point: The railway line has been sabotaged.

Midpoint: The train is attacked while they’re changing the destroyed rail, but they manage to escape.

Second Pinch Point: The prince is almost murdered by Van Leyden, one of the passengers.

Third Plot Point: They discover the bridge has been sabotaged, and Van Leyden again attempts to murder the prince and is placed under arrest.

Climax: Van Leyden overpowers his guard and takes control of the Maxim machine gun.

Climactic Moment: While under attack, the train enters a tunnel and escapes.

Resolution: The train arrives safely in Delhi.

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