Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Movie: Directed by Michel Gondry.

Inciting Event: Joel is taking the pill.

First Plot Point: Decision to have their memories erased.

First Pinch Point: Memory of Clementine confronting Joel at the flea market about his commitment issues.

Midpoint: Joel decides he does not want to have his memories erased anymore.

Second Pinch Point: Dr. Mierzwiak chasing Joel in his memories.

Third Plot Point: Mary learns Clementine had an abortion.

Climax: Joel is finally pro-active and gets Clementine to listen.

Climactic Moment: Joel goes after Clementine and stops her from leaving.

Resolution: Clementine tells Joel a relationship with her will strain and tire him out as she is flawed. He thinks she’s perfect.

(Submitted by Coal Stove Pictures.)

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