Edward Scissorhands

Movie: Directed by Tim Burton.

Hook: Edward lives alone in a mansion, where he has been ever since his creator, an inventor, died and left him “unfinished” with scissors in place of hands.

Inciting Event: The nice Avon lady Peg discovers Edward in the mansion and invites him to live with her family.

First Plot Point: Edward wears the clothes Peg gives him and tries to be helpful through various tasks which his scissorshands allow him to do. He finds a place in the neighborhood, where everyone fawns over him.

First Pinch Point: Peg’s daughter Kim returns and screams when she finds Edward sleeping in her bed.

Midpoint: Edward tries to turn his talents into a business at a barber shop, not in the welcoming neighborhood but in town, where his lack of identification and collateral make it impossible for him to get the necessary bank loan.

Second Pinch Point: Kim’s bullying boyfriend uses Edward’s lockpicking skills to break into his own house. Edward does it because Kim asked him. He is caught and arrested but doesn’t tell on anyone else.

Third Plot Point: Edward makes it “snow” while carving a giant ice sculpture. Kim dances in the snow, signifying her new alignment with Edward as she falls in love with him. When Kim’s boyfriend startles him, Edward accidentally hurts her. Edward runs away. He rescues Kim’s little brother from being run over by her drunken boyfriend, but everyone thinks he attacked the brother. He flees back to the mansion, with the townspeople pursuing him.

Climax: Kim goes after Edward, but so does her boyfriend who attacks Edward. Kim tries to fight him off (playing the hero and “rescuing” Edward). Finally, Edward kills the boyfriend. Kim lies to the townspeople, saying Edward died as well, and they leave him alone.

Resolution: Kim, now an old woman, says the neighborhood was forever changed by Edward and never forgot him (although it seems more likely this is only true of her).

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