Cold Mountain

Inciting Event:

Ada’s POV: Ada and Inman fall in love.

Inman’s POV: Inman is shot in the throat.

First Plot Point:

Ada’s POV: Ada’s father dies.

Inman’s POV: Inman deserts from the hospital.

First Pinch Point:

Ada’s POV: Ada is starving

Inman’s POV: Inman and Reverend Veasey are chased by the Home Guard.


Ada’s POV: Teague and Bosie murder Esco Swanger and his sons and torture Sally Swanger.

Inman’s POV: Inman is captured by the Home Guard, then escapes during a Yankee attack

Second Pinch Point:

Ada’s POV: Teague frightens Ada while she’s building the scarecrow.

Inman’s POV: Yankees try to rape Sara and steal her food.

Third Plot Point: (POVs unite) Teague nearly kills Ruby’s father; Inman and Ada reunite.

Climax: Inman, Ada, and Ruby kill the Home Guard.

Climactic Moment: Inman dies.

Resolution: Ada lives on the farm with her daughter and Ruby’s family.

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