Chicken Run

Inciting Event: One of the hens is taken to the chop for not producing enough eggs. The protagonist Ginger the chicken’s Normal World is a stalag-like chicken farm, run by the villainous Mrs. Tweedy, who stymies Ginger’s every attempt to get herself and her friends to safety. The opening montage presents Characteristic Moment after Characteristic Moment, in which Ginger proves her cleverness and tenacity in trying to escape over and over again. The First Act demonstrates the general awfulness of constantly living one step away from the chop (especially when Mrs. Tweedy decides to buy a machine that will turn them all into meat pies), as well as Ginger’s absolute devotion to her Truth.

First Plot Point: Ginger the chicken discovers an opportunity for escape when circus performer Rocky crash lands inside the pen. She coerces him into supposedly helping her teach the other chickens how to fly, even though no one else understands the necessity of escaping.

First Pinch Point: Mrs. Tweedy’s mysterious and sinister box arrives, and Mac’s calculations indicate chickens are incapable of flying.

Midpoint: Mrs. Tweedy decides to fatten up the chickens, and Ginger realizes Mrs. Tweedy is going to kill them all. Ginger finally convinces the others that they if they don’t “escape or die trying,” they’re all going to die anyway.

Second Pinch Point: Mrs. Tweedy puts Ginger in the pie machine to test it, and Rocky comes to save her.

Third Plot Point: After a round of seeming successes (Rocky’s rescuing Ginger, the pie machine’s blowing up, Rocky and Ginger’s recognizing their feelings for one another, and Ginger’s belief that Rocky will fly for them now that his wing is healed), the Third Plot Point hits Ginger hard when Rocky abandons them and she realizes he lied about being able to fly. After a moment of bitter defeat, she rallies herself and the others with the new plan to build a plane.

Climax: After Mr. Tweedy fixes the pie machine, the chickens unveil the plane and start down the runway.  At the Climax, the chickens are forced to launch the plane early, and thanks to a changed Rocky’s return, they manage to pull it off.

Climactic Moment: Ginger cuts Mrs. Tweedy loose from the plane, and the chickens fly away to freedom.

Resolution: The chickens and their progeny live in freedom and happiness. The chickens literally arrive in a new world—one full of green grass and without fences.

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