Cats Don’t Dance

Inciting Event: Danny the Cat gets his first break as an actor after arriving in Hollywood and is paired with Sawyer to appear in the Darla Dimple film “Little Ark Angel.”

First Plot Point: Danny steps out of his scripted role and tries to impress the director by showcasing his talents, upstaging Darla Dimple.

First Pinch Point: Danny runs afoul of Darla and is put in his place by her butler Max.

Midpoint: The animals try to impress movie mogul L.B. Mammoth by staging a dramatic appearance on the movie lot, but it turns into a disaster.

Second Pinch Point: Darla Dimple is revealed as the mastermind behind the disaster. The animals are banned from further movie work. Danny is rejected by all the other animals and prepares to return home.

Third Plot Point: Danny clandestinely invites all the animal actors to the premiere of Darla’s new film with hopes of getting them to perform for a live audience.

Climax: After the premiere, the animals perform a live show to showcase their talents. Darla tries to scuttle the show, but the harder she tries the more she helps the animals.

Climactic Moment: Darla crawls back on stage and accidentally admits she rigged everything to discredit the animals. Pudge pulls a level and sends Darla falling through a trap door in the stage floor.

Resolution: The animals appear in various leading roles as shown in updated movie posters that feature animals from this film in the title roles (Casablanca, Grumpy Old Men, Batman and Robin, etc.).

(Submitted by Will King.)

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