Captains Courageous

Inciting Event: Harvey is expelled from school for bribing a teacher and has to accompany his father on a business trip to London.

First Plot Point: Harvey falls overboard and Manuel rescues him and takes him aboard the We’re Here.

First Pinch Point: The Jenny Cushman arrives, introducing the fishing competition between Captain Disko and Captain Cushman.

Midpoint: Harvey goes fishing with Manuel and, in order to protect Manuel, admits to cheating on the bet with Long Jack

Second Pinch Point: The Jenny Cushman beats the We’re Here out of the final fishing hole.

Third Plot Point: The topsail breaks and traps Manuel.

Climax: The We’re Here arrives back in Gloucester.

Climactic Moment: Harvey and his father reunite.

Resolution: Harvey’s father buys Manuel’s dory for Harvey and they reconnect.

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