Movie: Directed by John Crowley.

Inciting Event: Ellis boards a ship for America after her sister arranges a job and housing for her.

First Plot Point: Ellis receives her first letter from home and sinks into depression so her sponsor, Father Glynn, arranges for her to start taking night classes at Brooklyn College.

First Pinch Point: She meets her love interest Tony.

Midpoint: After Ellis meets his family, Tony tells her that he loves her. She doesn’t immediately respond but soon realizes that she feels the same.

Second Pinch Point: Ellis is notified that her sister has died in Ireland and she decides to go home. Before leaving, she impulsively agrees to Tony proposal of a secret marriage.

Third Plot Point: Her mother wants her to stay in Ireland and suggests she temporarily take over his sister’s old job. Her best friend sets her up with an eligible man, and because she doesn’t want anyone to know about her marriage, she plays along.

Climax: She finds Jim attractive and has continued to see him while working at her sister’s old job. There is pressure from all around her to stay, keep the job, and marry Jim. She has been ignoring the letters Tony has been writing to her.

Climactic Moment: Her vindictive former employer (from before she left for America) threatens to humiliate her by outing her marriage to the American. In that moment, Ellis realizes this small town is stifling and decides to go back to America.

Resolution: Ellis arrives back in America and immediately reconciles with Tony.

(Submitted by Christina Fong.)

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