Batman Begins

Inciting Event: Bruce arrives at Ra’s al Ghul’s house and tells Ducard why he is afraid: his parents were murdered when he was a boy. The First Act is largely a flashback, but still features a dual timeline. In the main timeline, when Bruce is an adult, his arrival at Ra’s al Ghul’s house is the Inciting Event–even though it happens far before the 12% mark. This allows the flashback’s Inciting Event–his parents’ murders, which is by far the more dramatic scene–to sit right at the turning point in the First Act.

First Plot Point: In the flashback sequence, Bruce runs away from Gotham in order to “understand” the criminal mindset. In the main timeline, he refuses to act as executioner and opposes Ra’s al Ghul’s plan to attack Gotham. Bruce destroys the monastery but saves Ducard’s life, then returns to Gotham determined to fight for justice within the law using his new ninja skills and the technical resources of Wayne Industries.

First Pinch Point: The turning point in the First Half of the Second Act is the scene in which Bruce thrashes mob boss Falconi’s men, then hangs Falconi up on a spotlight, allowing Detective Gordon and the police to finally arrest him. Although this is the big scene in this section of the story, it’s not very “pinchy.” Most of the pinch comes in earlier, smaller scenes in which the bad guys (Falconi, Dr. Crane, and even Earle) hint at their nasty plans. The scene in which Rachel is nearly mugged and killed–before meeting Batman for the first time–is especially obvious.

Midpoint: Batman, while following a lead, discovers the hideout for Dr. Crane (Scarecrow). When he confronts Crane, Crane exposes Batman to a hallucinogenic powder that nearly drives him insane.

Second Pinch Point: Rachel Dawes is taken hostage by Dr. Crane/Scarecrow and given the hallucinogenic powder which will kill her if she does not receive the antidote in time. Batman races back to his Batcave with Rachel and gives her the antidote, then instructs her to give a sample of the medicine to Jim Gordon and returns her to her home.

Third Plot Point: Ducard appears at Bruce’s birthday party and reveals himself to be the true Ra’s al Ghul. His henchmen destroy Wayne Manor. Bruce barely escapes to the Batcave with Alfred’s help.

Climax: Ra’s al Ghul and his men begin moving through the city using a monorail to move the microwave emitter, causing water lines to burst and spray the hallucinogenic fog across the city. Batman sends Jim Gordon off in the Batmobile to attack the monorail towers while he tries to confront Ra’s al Ghul directly.

Climactic Moment: Batman destroys the controls of the monorail train, preventing it from stopping. Jim Gordon destroys the last monorail tower before Wayne Tower and the tracks collapse. Batman momentarily defeats Ra’s al Ghul, then exits the train before it plunges to the streets below, bearing Ra’s al Ghul to his death and destroying the emitter, thus ending the fog.

Resolution: Bruce and Alfred make plans to rebuild Wayne Manor. Batman visits Gordon who confesses he never thanked Batman. Batman says he’ll never have to.

(Submitted by Will King; edited by K.M. Weiland.)

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