Inciting Event: Anya leaves the orphanage.

First Plot Point: Anya meets Dimitri and goes with him to Paris to discover if she’s the Grand Duchess Anastasia.

First Pinch Point: Rasputin sends his minions to crash the train on which Anya is traveling.

Midpoint: Anya discovers she has to lie to the Dowager Empress’s cousin convince her she’s really Anastasia before she can get in to see the Dowager Empress.

Second Pinch Point: Rasputin tries to lure Anya into jumping off the ship into the storm.

Third Plot Point: The Dowager Empress refuses to even meet Anya.

Climax: Rasputin lures Anya into a battle.

Climactic Moment: Anya kills Rasputin.

Resolution: Anya elopes with Dimitri

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