Inciting Event: The evil wizard Jafar seeks the absolute power contained in the lamp, but fails to obtain it. He begins his search for the “Diamond in the Rough,” who is the one who can obtain the lamp. This is, of course, Aladdin, the title character.

Princess Jasmine, tired of being stuck in the palace all day, goes out in disguise to explore the marketplace, but soon lands in trouble. She meets Aladdin when he saves her from an angry street vendor’s wrath.

First Plot Point: Jafar uses his magic to locate Aladdin and orders the palace guard to arrest him and throw him in the dungeon. He tells the princess Aladdin was executed, then disguises himself and leads Aladdin out of the dungeon to the Cave of Wonders to have him fetch the magical lamp for him.

First Pinch Point: Aladdin obtains the lamp for the old man (who is really the evil wizard Jafar) who led him to the cave, only to be betrayed by him and be trapped in the collapsed cave.

Midpoint: Aladdin discovers the genie in the lamp, who offers him three wishes, Aladdin first tricks the genie into getting him out of the cave without using a wish, then uses his first wish to become Prince Ali Ababwa. He also promises to free the genie with his third wish. Then flies to the palace on a magic carpet to woo the Princess, which eventually works.

Second Pinch Point: Jafar is angry he didn’t obtain the lamp, and with his parrot Iago, hatches a scheme to obtain power by other means: marrying into the royal family. He has the guards eliminate his competition (Aladdin) by throwing him off a cliff to drown, forcing Aladdin to use his second wish to save his life.

Third Plot Point: Aladdin returns in time to stop Jafar, smashing Jafar’s magical staff of hypnosis. Jafar flees, and things are looking up, but then Aladdin changes his mind about whether to free the genie after all, trying to hold onto his chance to be with Jasmine. The genie and all of Aladdin’s friends feel betrayed by his selfishness.

Jafar’s minion Iago takes advantage of the situation and steals the lamp for Jafar, who uses it to overthrow the kingdom in a matter of minutes and take the throne and the princess for himself, as well as becoming the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He uses his new power to throw Aladdin, his magic carpet, and his monkey Abu to the end of the Earth.

Climax: Aladdin escapes death at the ends of the Earth and flies back on the magic carpet to get the lamp back from Jafar. Despite their best efforts, Jafar is merely amused, transforms into a giant snake, and starts to crush Aladdin (though Aladdin gets a good hit or two in with a sword).

Climactic Moment: Aladdin has an epiphany and tricks Jafar into becoming an “all-powerful genie” himself, which results in his being trapped in a lamp and condemned to servitude, just as Aladdin’s genie was. Aladdin then sacrifices his dreams, using his third wish to free the genie. The Sultan is impressed and insists Aladdin marry his daughter regardless his social status.

Resolution: The genie leaves to travel the world as a free creature. Aladdin and Jasmine fly off into the sky together on the magic carpet.

(Submitted by Aaron McCausland.)

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