After the Thin Man

Inciting Event: Nora’s cousin Selma calls to say she’s in terrible trouble.

First Plot Point: Nick and Nora discover Selma’s missing husband at a Chinese nightclub.

First Pinch Point: Selma’s husband is murdered.

Midpoint: Selma admits to the police that she had followed her husband with a gun.

Second Pinch Point: A rock is thrown through the Charleses’ window, with a note revealing the nightclub singer’s “brother” was really her husband, who was jealous of her relationship with Selma’s husband.

Third Plot Point: After the nightclub owner shoots at him, Nick discovers the murdered janitor in the singer’s building.

Climax: Nick gathers all the suspects in one room to see what “shakes out.”

Climactic Moment: Selma’s old boyfriend is revealed to be the murderer.

Resolution: Nick and Nora head to Europe, and Nick discovers Nora is pregnant.

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