Atlantis The Lost Empire

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Inciting Event: Milo receives the Shepherd’s Book First Plot Point: The leviathan destroys the submarine First Pinch Point: A fire burns down the explorers’ camp. Midpoint: They arrive in Atlantis. Second Pinch Point: The explorer captain forces Milo and Kida to show him the power source. Third Plot Point: The captain kidnaps Kida. Climax: Milo […]

Prince of Persia Jake Gyllenhaal Gemme Arterton Ben Kingsley

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Inciting Event: Dastan captures the dagger. First Plot Point: The king is murdered and Dastan escapes after being accused. First Pinch Point: Sheik Amar recognizes Dastan and tries to steal the dagger. Midpoint: At the king’s funeral, Dastan realizes his uncle Nizam killed the king, and Nizam tries to kill him to gain the dagger. […]

Peter Pan 2003 Jason Isaacs Jeremy Sumpter Rachel Drew Wood

Peter Pan (2003)

Inciting Event: Wendy meets Peter when he comes to get his shadow. First Plot Point: The children go with Peter to Neverland. First Pinch Point: Hook kidnaps John, Michael, and Tiger Lily. Midpoint: Peter and Wendy rescue her brothers and Tiger Lily. Second Pinch Point: Hook captures Wendy and the Lost Boys as they’re starting […]