Creating Character Arcs Workbook Launch

Introducing the Creating Character Arcs Workbook!

Creating Character Arcs Workbook LaunchAll you need to create a solid story is a solid character arc. If you can do that, chances are good you’ve also written a book that will give readers a solid experience with story structure and theme.

This is why the study and practical execution of character arcs has become one of my primary focuses, both as a writer myself and as a teacher of writers. Last year’s book Creating Character Arcs has proven to be one of your favorites of all my writing books—which makes me incredibly psyched! Strong character arcs create strong stories, and strong stories create happy readers.

But learning about the fascinating evolution of a good character arc isn’t enough. You also have to figure out how to put it into practice in your own book. This is why I originally produced workbooks for Outlining Your Novel (which became a software program earlier this year!) and Structuring Your Novel. And since you guys have spent the last year enthusiastically bombarding me with requests for a Creating Character Arcs Workbook, I’m happy to announce it’s finally here (and just in time for National Novel Writing Month prep)!

Introducing the Creating Character Arcs Workbook

Creating Character Arcs Workbook 500Uncover the Secrets to Creating Characters Readers Will Never Forget

Creating Character Arcs showed you how to identify the five most important types of character arcs and use them to bring your own characters to life with stunning and powerful realism. Now it’s time to put those lessons to use!

Building upon the principles you’ve already learned, the Creating Character Arcs Workbook presents a guided approach to choosing the right type of character arc for your story, joining plot and character into a cohesive and resonant whole, and choosing stories with life-changing themes.

Containing hundreds of incisive questions and imagination-revving exercises, this resource will show you how to:

  • Write an inspiring Positive Change Arc
  • Create one of three unforgettable Negative Change Arcs
  • Take full advantage of a heroic Flat Arc
  • Align the structure of your character arcs with that of your plot
  • Revise a story that has no arc
  • And so much more!

This accessible and streamlined workbook will empower you to create resonant character arcs—and an outstanding novel.

Start writing your best book today!


Grab Your Copy and Start Writing Your Best Story Yet!

The workbooks are available in two formats. If you opt for the paperback, you can write your answers to the questions right into the book.

But I wanted to offer it, once again, as an e-book (Kindle and Epub), since the digital versions are a more cost-efficient option for many of you. The digital version includes all the same questions and exercises as the paperback format, allowing you to brainstorm and write your answers in a notebook or on the computer (which makes the workbook totally reusable!).

Grab your copies right now and start writing your best book today! (And if you live outside the U.S., you can purchase right here.)

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About K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland

K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. Have learned more from K. M. Weiland than almost other writing coach I’m familiar with. And with little effort on my part since she makes it both easy to learn, interesting to follow, and fun. Way to go, Katie!

  2. Howdy there,
    My protagonist is Jasmine Tate, and she goes from trusting no-one but her family, to learning that to find someone trustworthy, she’ll have to put trust in others first.

  3. My protagonist’s name is Evan. I’m considering either a positive or a flat arc. I need to iron out a few more details.

  4. Fun giveaway! Your books have helped me so much in the past to improve my writing and make my characters believable and ‘real’, thank you! 🙂

  5. Anita Banks says

    Happy Book Birthday!

  6. Alisa Russell says

    Kathleen, Positive Change Arc

  7. Hi! Love following your work. My character doesn’t have a name yet (I know :/) but the arc she’s following is a positive change arc!

  8. Woohoo! I’ve been working with the character arcs workbook for Wordplayers the past couple of weeks and am so excited about the release!

    Here’s my extra entry comment: Ari is my protagonist, and she’s undergoing a Positive Change Arc, thanks to your workbook! 😉


  9. Yay! I’m so excited for this workbook. My protagonist is following a Positive Change Arc, and I have two side characters with a Flat Arc and a Negative Change Arc.

  10. One of my protagonist’s name is Alcaeus. He will have a bad to good arc. My other protagonist’s name is Shiv, and he may have a more horizontal arc, going from good to good and more understanding. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  11. Annaliese & if Positive Change is an option, that’ll be it. ?

  12. In my work-in-progress short story about a father dealing with grief, he experiences a positive change arc, but for most of the story it seems like he’s spiraling down into a negative one.

    This workbook looks awesome! Can’t wait to have a look!

  13. Hey! Thank you for this giveaway!
    My protagonist’s name is Kallon and he’s following a Positive Change Arc

  14. LOVE your books, instructional vlog posts and your software! I think I own all your books and I purchased your outlining software a few weeks ago. LOVE!

    Here’s my entry comment: my protagonist’s name is Shai. She is undergoing a positive change arc.

  15. My hero’s name is Jalen and he’s going through a positive character arc. Thank you for the workbook! I’ve been reading the Character Arc book and wishing for a workbook version!

  16. Happy Book birthday! I recommend your books/workbooks to everybody all the time when they ask what I’ve used.

  17. Best of luck! I do love all of your books and they are very helpful.

  18. Looks great! Your craft books on my want list.

  19. My character goes by many names throughout the book, but we meet her as Elizabeth. The character changes a little in the story but the arc is more of a flat arc, where she changes those around her-usually for the better.

  20. Lisbeth Mizula says

    Any book that gets me working with my characters is another opportunity for success. Thanks for writing the book!

  21. So excited to get the workbook!!! Character arcs have been a struggle for me.

    • The protagonist in my latest novel I’m co-authoring is Millicent (Millie) Wrensworth. Right now she’s following a positive arc, but I’ve been wondering if she’s more of a flat arc.

  22. My character’s name is Trevor, and he’s got a positive arc, I think. Maybe I’ll go for a flat arc; I’m not completely certain yet. =)

  23. My protagonist Jan Arend follows an eventually positive character arc, but there are minor negative arcs – he ends up richer, but also having lost some dreams. Does that make sense, having different synchronous arcs on different aspects of the protagonist’s life?

  24. Michelle Skeens says

    Congrats on the new book. Looking forward to reading it. Amelia is in a negative arc (I believe) and Jack is in a positive arc.

  25. Hi! Congrats on book launch! So exciting! just ordered the character arcs book actually.
    well, i’m not working on a book right now, but i’ll tell you about the one i just finished. the protagonist’s name is Danni (short for Daniele), and she has a positive character arc in her novella.

  26. The protagonist of my first novel followed a flat arc, which I discovered was a viable form by reading your website. Thank you! His name is Jarun.

  27. Megan McDevitt says

    Yay! Can’t wait to download the workbook. My protagonist is named Hannah and she’s going through a positive arc.

  28. My protagonist’s name is Lucy, and I’m planning a positive change arc.

    Happy Release Day!

  29. Awesome! I’m buying it right now! What will your next craft book be about???

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Not entirely sure yet. Toying with doing one on Most Common Writing Mistakes? What would *you* like to see? 🙂

      • Do you ever plan on making another writing software, like a Structuring Your Novel Workbook software?

        • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

          The developer and I have discussed updating the original program with modules for the other workbooks, but that’s a far-future project at this point.

          • For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment, so I went with a reply–sorry.

            My character’s name is Kate and at the moment she’s following a positive change arc.

  30. Juan Espejo says

    My main character is a police man, who starts with some indifference but becomes more involved in his investigation since an old friend from childhood appears to be both killer and victim in the case he’s following.

  31. I found your book very helpful for solidifying and defining the multiple character arcs of my protagonist the, and of the other primary and secondary characters.

    Here’s my extra raffle entry: My protagonist’s name is Akiko, and she goes through a few character arcs throughout the story. The end result is a Positive Change arc, but she starts out with a positive arc that becomes negative; that changes to positive and after a certain event and the things that follow in its wake, she undergoes a second more intense negative arc that she spends the rest of the book climbing out of into a positive one. There are slips and backslides aplenty.

  32. Jennifer Malneritch says

    I loved Creating Character Arcs! It gave so much insight and depth into character – and even understanding the nature of a human person. I am so excited to start reading the workbook!

    In my current WIP my main character is Eva and she is following a positive change arc.

  33. My protagonist is Danyael Sabre, and he has a positive change arc!

  34. Jeff Partridge says

    I thought this was a flat arc since Michi Ametsuchi, whose beliefs are being challenged, holds onto them until the one questioning them (can’t really call her the antagonist) changes her view.

    But now, reviewing the Thing He Wants vs The Thing He Needs, I realized that–though his view of the validity of the thematic subject doesn’t change–his understanding and application/focus of it does.

    Now I’m not so sure.

  35. Rachel Kolodziej says

    My protagonist’s name is Eve and she is following a positive character arc.

  36. My MC is Adelaide Kingson. She is following what I hope will end up being a positive character arch. She wants to be able to trust others, but the world she ends up in is filled with lies and enemies…

  37. Marcy Rivera says

    Her name is Via Jeron. I think it’s more on coming of age. Growing from a young normal girl into a woman with responsibilities.

  38. Soooo looking forward to this. I am currently going through your blog entries on character arc with my daughter. I need this for my Kindle 😀

  39. Sajabostorm says

    Hello Katie. Peace and Blessings for your book launch. In Exploring Oro, my protagonist’s name is Phoenix Mombieu and she is following a positive character arc.

  40. Maggie Dahl says

    Hi, K.M.!
    Let me just say first that you are hands down the most inspiring and instructive author I’ve ever followed and I gobble up every one of your blog posts and books that I’m able to get my hands on. Keep up the good work!
    My Protagonist is Stella Jones who is currently following a positive character arc by learning to take life by the horns rather than let it find her unprepared.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  41. My MC is named Kendall. She is following a positive change arc.

  42. Hi! I was so excited to see this giveaway. Thank you for hosting it!!

    My protagonist is about a mermaid named Dayla which grows with the positive character arch.

  43. My MC is named Josephine and she’s on a positive change arc 🙂

  44. My MC is Jenny Pritchard. She’ll have a positive character arc!

  45. So excited about the new workbook, thank you!! My protagonist’s name is Wolf, and I am not sure about the character arc. I was thinking hero’s journey, but we’ll see. I am reading OYN to prepare for NaNo and I am so excited now to get the workbook too. Thank you!

  46. Anneke is the protagonist in my story where, in the future, humankind has built empires on other worlds. I’m thinking a positive character arc. The protagonist comes from an empire modeled after Ancient Rome and the Soviet Union.

  47. My protagonist’s name is Libby. While in college, she was assaulted by someone she trusted. To add insult to injury, her mentally ill mother isn’t able to give her the comfort she seeks. Libby begins her internship in another state fractured and unable to trust men. She meets a soldier recently injured in Iraq and learns she’s not the only one with issues. Through her relationship with this man and her faith in God, Libby learns to value herself and realizes there are men in the world who don’t only think of themselves.

  48. Light4theLord says

    Oh, wow! I’ve been putting off reading some of your highly recommended books, but now being recommended by some YWW members, I definitely need to get these. 🙂 My current protagonist is Karah Vedier, and I obviously need to read your book, because I have no idea what her character arc is. 🙂
    ~ Light4theLord

  49. So excited for you! My MC is Haylee, and she’s a fashion buyer returning to her small town after a fall from grace that happened to coincide with her grandfather leaving his outdoor/sporting goods store to her.

  50. Heya Kate,

    Glad to see you have another book to help writers. I’ll be grabbing my copy today and using it to help my clients and students. Thanks for making this stuff easy to digest and apply. I look forward to seeing how latest story holds up against your recommendations, too.

  51. My current protagonist is an unnamed robot on Mars–but I’m doing a children’s picture book, so I don’t know that there is a particular character arc. 🙂 Since it’s basically a short story format, I focus more on showing a series of events that build into a surprise at the end.

  52. My Protagonist’s name is James, and he is on a Positive change arc.

  53. Susanna Tregnaghi says

    Well, my book has 4 main characters, but the most complex one is Nina, without doubt. She once was a normal girl, then (after some events which involved her and the other MCs) she finds herself being a dangerous weapon… even if she has the purest heart.

  54. Sparksofember says

    My protagonist’s name is Ember and she’s experiencing a Positive Change Arc.

  55. I’m so excited about the order, I have already placed my order!

    My protagonist is an older teen named Iris with a positive character arc

  56. My character’s name is Rachel, and she’ll be going through a positive change arc.

  57. Wallis Ghebratatios says

    My MC is Jonathan, and he’s beginning to realize that the traits he sees in others, are actually characteristics he’s finding within himself- whether he likes it or not! 🙂

  58. My MC is Bertie, and she’ll undergo a positive change arc.

  59. My protagonist’s name is Athena and she is experiencing a Positive Change Arc.

  60. My protagonist’s name is Madia and she will probably have a positive character arc 😀

  61. Hi. I have a group of protagonists. Each one is on the path of discovery and change. Throughout their journey, we see the way they grow as individuals and as a team. Some will achieve a positive change, while others fail.

  62. Alisa Raty says

    My protagonist is named Adina, and she starts out feeling confused about the existence of God and her place in the world. By the end, she feels that God not only is real, but loves her and has a place for to serve His children.

  63. My protagonist’s name is Caede and I’m definitely going with a positive character arc, though he does have a few negative mini-arcs woven in different areas. 😀

  64. I’m so excited about this workbook! Creating Character Arcs is one of the best books I’ve found on character development and it’ll be great to have a hands-on workbook to go with it.
    My protagonist is Mira Wyverstone with a positive character arc 🙂

  65. Cool.

  66. My protagonist is Blanca Olmos, and she follows a disillusionment arc.

    In my next book, the protagonist is named Celeste, and she’ll follow a corruption arc.

  67. My protagonist’s name is Zirah and she’ll follow a positive character arc. Your podcasts have been a great help for me!

  68. Craig Boyd says

    My protagonist is Mateo and he is going through a positive arc.

  69. Congratulations on your launch!

    One of my characters is named Selene and she’s following a disillusionment arc, which is necessary for her to finally see the light and become one of the good guys.

  70. I love your books and posts! Thank you.

  71. My main character, Nissa, is following a negative arc. It’ll be fun to write, I think, since she’s my first character with such an arc. 🙂

  72. Hey! My protagonist is James and he undergoes a positive character arc.

  73. I love your workbooks! Thank you!

    I’m using a flat arc, and having fun with those doubts.

  74. My protagonist’s name is Anne Blackwood, but I have no idea what arc type she’s using. 🙂 Obviously, I need to read your character book! I’ve started reading Outlining Your Novel, so that’s a start, anyway!

  75. Stephen Zoldi says

    My protagonist’s name is Izack, and he will follow a positive change arc. At least I think so.

  76. Hi! I’m pumped for this book. Any chance of it being released in PDF like the others? This way I can print it out for each run through 🙂

  77. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your new book!
    My protagonist’s name is Chloe and she’s got a rising arc. So does Ezra, her love interest!

  78. My MC is Prisscila Hope Chancing, or “Priss” for short. Her arc is positive, going from unbeliever with God-issues to believer with fewer issues.

  79. It would be very interesting to see how this book addresses (and would help me work with) characters whose ‘arcs’ look a little more like tangled jump-ropes… their time as a dynamic character spans multiple other characters complete major character arcs. Even disregarding external circumstances which have an affect on the character’s mental state, I find it difficult to say that this character has a positive change arc – even though he returns to his home much stronger and more at peace with himself than he was before he left. (His lie was ‘I cannot co-exist with my bad temper and outbursts in this society’ and his truth is ‘I can calm my temper, and I can also use it to speak up about the things that are worth yelling for’.) There are many ups and downs along that journey, and it leaves me a little perplexed how to manipulate the events that drive his though processes so that he hits ever mile marker, some positive and some negative, that he needs to reach to become my amazing character.

  80. Character’s name is Quiet for now. She is following a slow awakening from distrust and doubt and very superstitious thinking through a series of deceptions that lead her to the humble recognition that without others nothing useful happens/

  81. Such a fun giveaway and what great prizes!

  82. My protagonists are Amira, who has a positive arc, going from scared and insecure to confident, and Simon, who has a negative arc – from happy-go-lucky and optimistic to more selfish and distrustful.

  83. Michael Stephensen says

    My protag believes love causes too much pain to be worth it and refuses to engage. He is stubborn and smart and relies on his brains and doesn’t need a person in his life. He has to learn how wrong he is and fall in love, in the midst of a spy novel.

    Thanks K. M.

  84. My MC is called Niamah, and she was really hard because her arc is flat. She just wouldn’t fit into any others though, but the characters around her had other arcs, the other main one was a disillusionment one.

  85. Bill Stout says

    My protagonist’s name is Bev and she will experience a Positive change arc.

  86. Linda Burrell says

    My character begins alienated from his religion and from the woman who symbolizes it. He will ultimately embrace both. I consider this a positive arc

  87. Aden goes through a positive character arc. Thank you for all your hard work and looking forward to learning more!

  88. Ms. Albina says

    Both my characters have a positive arc lotus and Dolphino . Lotus is a mermaid goddess like her mom and sisters.her mom being goddess of the serene waters who makes good choices for her family.

  89. Anthony McFarland says

    My character’s name is Bob and I’m utilizing a Growth arc. That coupled with a heroic arc, somewhat. It’s complicated. Most androids are.

  90. Thank you so much for holding this contest. *crossing fingers*

  91. Devin is my MC. He will have a positive arc.

  92. Hi! Congratulations. Right now I’m plotting a kids’ novel, so the MC, May, has apositive arc, but since this is the first in a series (I hope) I can’t wait to dig into your workbook to ensure my character can stand up to multiple sequels.

  93. My protagonist? Of course the name keeps changing! But she’s bringing in the goods from her deep connection to her thinking mind, psychic mind, and messed-up mind.

  94. My protagonist’s name is Everly. This is a brand new idea I’m going with, so I haven’t really thought about her character arc yet. It’s something I need to work on. 😉

  95. My protagonist’s name is Miran, and she’s undergoing a positive change arc.

  96. Hello, Miss Weiland!

    My protagonist is Hope Fletcher, a 15-year-old lad living in London, who has a positive arc over the span of a series (I’m thinking a pentalogy, but we’ll have to see with how the characters and story react to that, haha!).

  97. My protagonist’s name is Pylar, and her character arc is positive change.

  98. Timothy Burbage says

    I have three main characters:
    Leon, who goes through a positive change arc.
    Selena, who goes through a positive change arc.
    Ayah, who goes through a flat arc.

    To begin with, I was worried about Ayah as she “only” has a flat arc. After reading your posts about flat arcs, I am now probably most happy with her character!

  99. Thanks so much!

  100. Javier A. Quiñones Ortiz says

    Cain. Heroic flat arc.

  101. My protagonist is Celia Lopez and I believe she is following a positive arc.

    This new book looks so cool. I hope to collect more of your books soon. Your outlining books have helped me so much. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

  102. My character Haruto Amagawa is going through a negative character arc with some positive change at the end.

  103. Hannah Greer says

    Thanks so much for making these books and for the giveaway! They, and your blog posts, are some of my favorite learning tools for writing. They’re always packed with so much helpful information, much of which I was previously oblivious to. I’ve learned most of how to write from your blog. Thanks!
    Anyway, my main character is currently named Erin Evans(the first name keeps changing) and she undergoes a positive change arc in the first book. She will discover that revenge is not the most important thing in the world, her comrades are.

  104. Cathy McCormick says

    My protagonist’s name is Liana Winterbourne and she is following the negative “fall” character arc. I am quite excited about this story!

  105. I thought I made a comment but I guess not. In any case, the protagonist for the current story I’m writing is named Jason Gully and he goes through a negative character arc. A disillusionment one, to be precise.

  106. This sounds like a great new resource! I have enjoyed your other books on outlining and structuring, so I’m excited to see this!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. As for the protagonist question…I haven’t read the workbook yet, so not sure how to answer.

  108. My heroine is Greer and her arc is finding out that her alleged weaknesses are really her strengths.

  109. Lori Keckler says

    My protagonist’s name is Jaeyla. She will be following a positive change arc. Or maybe a flat arc. Clearly, I need to get my hands on a copy of your latest book!

  110. My protagonist, Isolde, has a positive arc that is much stronger since I read and applied the lessons in your book on the topic!

  111. Looking forward to this workbook as I need all the help I can get. Shelby is my MC . Not sure which way I want her to go yet. Maybe this book will help set me on the path. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  112. Savanna Unruh says

    My character’s name is Ivan, and he goes through a positive change arc.

  113. My character is Cherie and she has a positive change arc.

  114. This website is, by far, the most helpful writing tool I have found! Thank you for all the hard work you do for the rest of us.

    My protagonist’s name is Jade – I’m planning on a positive character arc for her, as opposed to a negative character arc for her uncle.

  115. I’m still working out my protagonist’s name, because I’m writing a medieval based fantasy, but I’ve been leaning towards either Hyrum or Hydrun. He’s going to go through a positive change arc. He’ll start out as a young soldier, striving to fight in a bloody and long war that has cost both sides greatly. He’s mainly being driven by a traumatic experience that tore him from childhood, and throughout the story, he’ll come to see the humanity of his enemies, the cost of power, and the importance of empathy and ethics, even in war. ultimately, he’ll change in a way that’ll help himself and others. The arc isn’t anything to special or unique, and if written wrong it’ll be very cliched, but I’m fairly happy with it, as it is my first full on novel. Again, thanks for all of the awesome information and pointers you provide. It’s been a huge help!

  116. Excuse my clumsiness, this is my first time commenting here but I wanted to enter the raffle via blog comment but I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

    Anyway, I have a few ideas but the one that has the most solid character arch is a young shy lady named Elizabeth, or Lizzy, as her friend would call her. Said friend and antagonist is energetic and daring Tammy. Lizzy’s inner-conflict has to do with deciding whether or not she wants to confront Tammy’s recklessness, and how to do so. (Boy, does that sound generic is summary, oh well, hopefully it’ll get better).

  117. As soon as I opened my mail and saw this, I immediately purchase an e-book copy of your book! All your writing books are a must-haves for me! *winks*

    My lead character’s name is Keene. She’s a member of a singing trio. About the type of arc, I’m not sure if its a flat or a positive one though.

    Congrats on your new workbook! And thanks for this wonderful chance of winning all those gorgeous books!

  118. Felicia Change says

    Viv, a positive character arc, but I’m still figuring her out. She is more complex than I thought…

  119. My protagonist’s name is Matthew Lawson and he has a positive character arc.

  120. Thank you. Just bought my Kindle copy.

  121. These books! I’d love to get my hands on them.
    My protagonist’s name is Nikasia and she is on a negative character arc, at least for now. It’s a fall and redemption story.

  122. Wheaton, Cherl says

    My protagonist is Zeretanya. Her character arc is positive. I loved the series on the Marvel movies. You had some wonderful insight into their story strengths and weaknesses.

  123. Trevor Reichardt says

    My protagonists name is Agrippa and he is following a negative change arc. In the subsequent books he undergoes a positive change arc, and the a flat change arc. Listening to your podcast has allowed me to add much more depth to my characters arc and provide a structure to my outline that would not have existed otherwise.

  124. Anugraha Joseph says

    My protagonist’s name is Alexandra, and I used to think she had a positive arc until I read your post about Wonder Woman’s flat arc. Reconsidering now.

  125. Lin Barrett says

    My character is Jens Nordlander, and his arc moves him from wanting to love to loving…with a stop along the way that gets rid of the spirit of battle he’s been inhabited by since he was fifteen.

  126. Hi! My protagonist’s name is Alicia and she doesn’t trust men easily after seeing what her father did to her mother. Now she has to learn to trust in order to love even if things aren’t what they seem

  127. Lin Barrett says

    You should have one book on the back burner while you’re writing your first, right? So my second character, Ennis (I haven’t chosen her last name yet), moves from trusting authority to questioning it, after she discovers the aliens she’s been sent to study are being exploited by her PhD advisor in exoanthropology.

  128. Callie Paar says

    My character Aeryn is following a positive change arc, or will be once I round out her character more. She’s kind of 2-D right now.

  129. Barbara Warne says

    I’m debating on the character name and arc so the workbook sounds really useful. I have the ebook version of the original book but the workbook might be even more useful, I’m thinking.

  130. My protagonist is Kevyn Chambers. His character arc is learning independence for decisions, and that following the group isn’t always the best way to go. Right overrules might.

  131. I love your books! Thank you for hosting this contest!

  132. My protagonist’s name is Amelya and her character arc is a positive one.

  133. Anna Erishkigal says

    I just ordered the newest ‘baby’ in paperback. Can’t wait for it to come 🙂

  134. My lead character’s name is Angela. She’s turning 50. And suddenly she feels that the quiet and comfortable life she’s settled in is no longer her life – or maybe it never was. Escape is the only way out.
    I’m figuring out a positive arc, for her: she got a few ghosts holding her back and I want her to get rid of them. Your book is definetly helping (I got it in my Kindle).
    Hi from Italy.

  135. Mike Thomas says

    My protagonist’s name is Jeremiah McGillicuddy. He comes from a long line of priests from the Dadga line. His parents are spies for the Irish government and have been captured. His journey takes him from his comfortable American Life into the Irish Spy World and ultimately to his finding out the truth about his history and how he is the protector of an ancient power and a powerful weapon that could save his family and the world.

  136. My protagonist is Jarell Dawson. He has a positive character arc.

  137. My protagonist is Stoyanovich (a rat). His arc is basically discovering his heroic potential, at least in the first book.

  138. Anne Bonnier says

    Hi, as I am from France I’m not sure I can enter the drawing, but never mind. I’ve recently discovered you thanks to Facebook, and I love your advice (even though I still have tons to read)
    So, my character is called Jean Toussaint, and his arc takes him from being a selfish and immature dreamer to becoming a more generous (though dead) person.

  139. My protagonist’s name is Jennie Hershey, and I think her arc could be described as redemptive. Either that or a hero’s journey.

  140. Nicole Trigg says

    My protagonist’s name is Lotte, and she will go through a positive change arc. Thanks!

  141. Margay Roberge says

    Her name is Ava Marks and she’s going through a personal growth, from an abandoned, untrusting teen to a strong, loving woman.

  142. Congrats on the new book, and thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  143. My Character is called Jean-Luc and his character journey is to learn that pain and loss can sometimes lead to positive chnage,ie what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  144. Horatio Gavins says

    I love these writing helps. My character’s name is Hugh Smythe, a medieval inquisitional tormentor, who moves from bestial behavior, blindly following the Grand Inquisitor’s orders, to compassionate compatriot of the accused.

  145. Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to the results–would love to win the writing books, so I can continue my own writing journey!

  146. My character is Bessie. I haven’t worked out much for this book yet. (Haven’t started as yet.)

  147. Great book giveaway! Super duper great. Congrats on your new release too! 🙂

  148. My protagonist is me. It’s based on the true story of my accidental move to The Netherlands. The character arc follows the transition from being a shy accident prone Englishman with no idea what he is doing to discovering independence and a love for the country he now calls home.

  149. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on your new book! My protagonist is named Thalia, and she’s undergoing a positive change arc.

  150. My protagonist is on a positive arc in the first book of the trilogy as she achieves her medical degree, no easy feat for a woman in 1860. The second book will have a negative arc as she becomes an assistant regimental surgeon in the Civil War. Then back to a positive arc for the third book as she steps out of her father’s shadow as the physician in a Hell on Wheels town as the transcontinental railroad is completed.

  151. Hi! Does this giveaway apply to Canadians too? My protagonist’s name is Nicki St.James, and I haven’t read about character arcs yet, so I will need to do that to discover what kind of arc she is on. I am currently working through your Structuring Your Novel book, but I would love to win your other books and the workbooks too!

  152. Congrats on the release of the workbook! Super exciting!

    My MC from one of my WIPs is named Peri, and she’s on a positive change arc. I have a couple other WIPs, but that’s the one I’m furthest along in. 😉

    Thanks for running this awesome giveaway! *crosses fingers that I win* ;P

  153. Hey there! This bundle looks phenomenol! My protagonist’s name is Kian. I really dont know a lot about character arcs, but his is good for sure. Maybe really heartbreaking and sad, but it’s good in the end 🙂

  154. My protagonist is Savanna. She is following a positive arc, learning to forgive herself and trust others.

  155. As my piece is an adventure story each of my primary characters have a small “Growth”/”Shift” arcs.

  156. My protagonist is a young man (22) with a lot of anger and bitterness about the lack of love and respect from society, but especially from his father (it’s a historical-suerpnatural novel).

    His predicament will go from bad to worse as he learns to discover how to connect with other people, and ultimately to make sense of the relationship with his father.

    I’m looking forward to using your workbook to help me develop this arc!

  157. Debbie Maxwell Allen says

    Another one to add to my library.

  158. Hi, KM!

    My character’s name is Olive, who is in elementary school in Chapter 1 and grows to be about 25 by the end of the novel. Her character arc is a positive one of overcoming abuse to stand up for herself and in doing so, realize her purpose in life.

    Thank you!

  159. This new workbook sounds super helpful, especially since I don’t know a lot about character arcs. Just from the names, though, I would guess that my MC, Baili, is going through a positive change arc.

  160. Hey Katie,

    My protag’s name is Talullah, and she’s following a positive change arc. As the story progresses she learns more about her ability and why her mother really left, she grows into her truth.

  161. Glenda K Poulter says

    Thank you!

  162. Positive Character arc

  163. Michael Saltar says

    My hero is Jack Bartoli and he’s a positive arc character. He thinks he’s honest, but he’s living a lie — lying to himself. He has to learn to see past surface issues to find the truth.

  164. My main character’s name is Hervé Kessel and currently he is on track with a flat arc character development.

  165. Hi! My character goes by BB, and his arc goes from misery in naivete’, through reactionary impractical fight-back, to accepting a questionably satisfactory reality.

  166. I’m currently writing what might be my most challenging story with a character that is directly drawn from Hercules (the Greek legend, not what Disney did with it). Not a retelling, but more inspired by certain aspects of the story. Like Hercules’s mortal twin brother (yes, in the Greek legend he had one) and what that relationship must have been like.

  167. Congratulations on the new book release! I can’t wait to get into it; I’m sure it’s will be as helpful and insightful as your others.

  168. Mary Frances is my main character and she’s on a positive arc, though I need to really work on this in my editing.

  169. I love your blog and your books, thank you for a chance to win this set!

  170. What a great giveaway! I can’t wait to read the new book! My character, Sutton, is on track for a positive change arc.

  171. Izzy Moore—not Isabelle Taylor as she spends the entire novel correcting—and she’s following a positive change arc.

  172. This looks really cool!

  173. Hiya, my protagonist’s name is Valeria Sharpe. She fancies herself a master thief but is forced into the adventuring game instead.

  174. My main character is Jan Vee and she is on an experiential/discovery character arc. She is already dead, killed horribly, and now works for the Hall of Karma, subbed out to the dark dimension as a Hadean Debt Collector, ironically, to improve her own karma score.

  175. Chris Rogers says

    My protagonist’s name is Gabriel, and I’m leaning heavily towards the positive change arc. He starts off hopeless, barely making it day to day, living only for his work. By the end of it he will still have nothing but his work, still, but events in the story renew his hope and push him towards eventual success.

  176. My novel has been on hold .. needs some direction, I think. These books look to be very helpful.

  177. France Nadeau says

    I’ve been following you for a few years now and I always enjoy reading your posts. They always boost my motivation.
    Thank you for this generous giveaway! Have a happy day!

  178. Awesome givaway! Thanks for doing it!

    My protaginast’s name is John Tren. He’s going through a positive arc development. He’s finding out why he has unusual superpowers (along with some others), why his father really died, and what his older sister Majesty is doing at her new school.

  179. Michelle Collins says

    My main character is Derrick and he’s going through a positive change arc.

  180. My main character is an aspiring musician/music student named Dean who unexpectedly falls in love with a male classmate and has to choose between who he is and who his family wants him to be.

  181. Is that picture really you, after a cup of coffee?

  182. Fun giveaway! I am actually working on my character’s arc at the moment. I’m not sure if he will have a flat arc or end with a postive change arc.

  183. Bethany Rose says

    My character’s name is Zoe. I think she is going to follow a position be character arc. She learns to cope with her depression and find satisfaction in the things that truly matter.

  184. Your new workbook will be helpful. Thanks for writing it. My protagonist’s name is Roxanne, and she’s on a positive change arc.

  185. I think this might be where to post the blog comment?

    My character’s name is Elisa Duncan, and I believe the most accurate description of her arc would be a flat one. She doesn’t overcome much of her inner conflicts, nor does she particularly shift her less than perfect values, but it doesn’t become a downward spiral. If the story allowed her to grow further instead of the unfortunate ending, she likely would be on a positive arc. I believe in Elisa. Which is going to make writing this story all the more sad.

  186. My main female character is called Olivia and she is on a Positive Change Arc.

  187. My character is Mark and I think he is really more of a horizontal arch. I’m not really sure though…

  188. My protganist is called Grace and she is alive to me and with every movement I see the story unfolding. I love fiction writing.

  189. Sera Higgins says

    Hi, congratulations on releasing your new book. My character’s name is Charlie and he’s following a positive change arc.

  190. My character Steve Hawks is a positive arc character. So, is his wife who works with him. What a pair they make.

    Thanks for the chance in your contest. Love the workbook.

  191. I’m so excited about this give-away! Your insights are challenging, refining, and help me grow as a writer!

    My protagonist’s name is Amy, and she is on the Positive Character Arc.

  192. My protagonist is Jackie and she’s experiencing a positive character arc.

  193. Hey again!

    As I’ve said before, my protagonist is Hannah, following a positive arc, set off by her cousin Sean, following a negative arc. And no, it’s still not finished 🙁

  194. Hello There,

    My main character’s name is Marnella Millhouse Madison-MacGuffin (though she goes by Marney), and she is following a positive change arc.


    – T2

  195. My protagonist’s name is always changing, and I’ve been working on this story for years! I don’t know how to just stick to a name with her. As far as her story arc, she’s in a flat story-arc.

  196. Allison Merrill says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. You’re my favorite online writing coach. I enjoy learning from you.

  197. My character is me, but I’ve disguised his name. When you think about it, our main protagonist carries a little bit of who we are into a story we’d like to live if only vicariously.

  198. Aww. I was going to enter the giveaway but I don’t use Twitter, so I guess I can’t. I was happy to find the facebook page though. Really good stuff there! 🙂

  199. Joseph Veseli says

    My protagonist name is Bart Black and he is learning what it truly means to be a buccaneer on the high seas.

  200. Connie Inglis says

    My protagonist’s name is Ethan. He’s following a positive arc but boy, does he have issues to work through!

  201. My protagonist’s name is Analise and her character arc would have to be positive. Though now that I’m looking at your arc charts, I’d love to have a character with a corruption arc.. that one sounds like so much fun- and a great way to really mess with your characters.. (yes, I’m feeling wicked this morning! MWAH-hahahahahha ;] )

  202. Hi,

    My protag’s name is Levi and I believe he’s trying to find unconventional strength and self reliance without stooping to awful pragmatism in a post apocalyptic world that isn’t nice to the soft.

  203. I’m working on two stories in the moment; in the first, my fantasy novel, my protagonist’s name is Marta and she is following a positive character arc. In my second novel, a contemporary piece, my protagonist’s name is Ray – I would say he’s following a flat or steadfast arc, but I’m in the early stages of writing so that may change. 🙂

  204. Shennon Helms says

    These books are invaluable! You do a great service to aspiring writers as well as experienced writers striving to improve the craft. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

  205. My protagonist’s name is Bethany Ann Crane and she is following a Negative Change Arc. Love the book, BTW 🙂

  206. Rachael Rayburn says

    Hi there!
    The book series I’m writing about features on a set of twin siblings, Hansel and Gretel, who undergo rather unique and mixed versions of the Grimm fairytales as they struggle to fight the forces of evil and answer the increasingly elusive question of whether magic is good or bad. The twins will struggle to hold unto their relationship as they face turbulent trials and losses, deadly quests, broken hearts, and zealot fairies intent on reclaiming the human lands for the great Grimlord.

    • Rachael Rayburn says

      Also, my story arc is positive lol. I’m still fine tuning the details the the entire 8 book plot sketch, and have half finished the draft of the first book

  207. Eric Stallsworth says

    Another great book for us to devour. Conga-rats! And thanks for the contest. 🙂

  208. I used to subscribe to tons of writers blogs. I now subscribe to only two, and yours is one of them. And I’ve actually purchased at least one of your books.

    My protagonist’s goal is to find her son; she learns that you must be careful what you wish for, and how to start living again.

    My in-plain-sight antagonist’s goal is to kill pedophiles; she learns that sometimes other ‘values’, like friendship, take precedence.

    My real antagonist kills pedophiles, too, but she doesn’t learn a damned thing (so far… she’s a new character so I haven’t developed her yet.)

  209. Congrats, K.M! So excited for you! Hope I’m lucky enough to win! Thank you so much for this.

  210. Hi! Always love your blog posts!

    My protagonist’s name is Theo and he’s following a positive character arc – with a lot of ups and downs. 🙂

  211. My character is Kiera Quaith, and she’s following a positive character arc. 😉

  212. Hey K.M.,

    Well for now, my MC is Mary Kelly. This MC is part of a long series I am writing but for this first book, she is in the Disillusionment Arc.

    Can’t wait to use your workbook as a guide!


  213. Tina Diamond says

    My characters name is Maggie Flower. Her mission is to save her world and everyone in it

  214. Congratulations on your new release! I’m sure it will be massively helpful to many writers, as all of your storycraft books are.

    I have so many stories. Which protagonist to choose? xD

    Well, one of my main characters is named Nexus. I suppose he follows a positive arc; but it’s more of a recovery arc, bringing him back to the place he was before tragedy struck.

  215. Danielle Lee says

    Love, love, love Outlining Your Novel! Seriously changed my writing life! 🙂

  216. My characters name is Delaney and she will follow a positive character change arc.

  217. My MC’s name is Jamie “Slats” Cooper and I think he is on a positive arc. Possibly a flat. Still working it out…

  218. Hi Katie! My protagonist’s name is Mercy and she has a flat character arc. There’s so many reviews here that I am sure this one will get lost in the plethora of comments, but your books have been invaluable to me. As an attorney, I like to have a firm knowledge of structure of things, so the name of your book “Structuring your Novel” grabbed me. Then I spent an inordinate amount of time studying your websites and podcasts. I am incredibly grateful for you sharing your wisdom of writing with us. Thank you so much!

  219. My protagonist is Ivy Knight. She’s following a positive change arc. 😛

  220. My protagonist’s name is Eleonor and I think she’s following a Positive Change Arc.

  221. My protagonist’s name is Ginna her arc could be classed as positive or negative depending on the readers beliefs and values. I personally think it is positive.

  222. Kay lalone says

    My protagonist name is Nicole Summer. She is following a positive change arc.

  223. My books are HEA romances so both heroine and hero have positive, growth arcs.

  224. Barberella Haymaker says

    Oct. 01: – Premise ▼

    (1) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)? Tia’s Protectors

    (2) Flaw(s). What is(are) the protagonist’s major flaw(s)? Most are unknown to Tia and the Core and those that the Core knows of they lack faith in. Due to their own secrecy.

    (3) Goal(s). What does the protagonist want? To ensure the Core’s safety especially Tia’s.

    (4) Conflict(s). What is keeping them from their goal? Their secrecy and lack of knowledge of who all they can trust(even the protectors don’t know who all is truly protecting Tia Andreas and her friends. Also the Dark Seven’s leader has plans of his own and his own “Moles”

    (5) Antagonist(s). Who or what is creating the conflict? The Dark Seven

    (6) Premise. Write a provocative one-sentence description of your story. The Protectors of the Egyptian Princess scrabble to each keep their vow to her father while seeking to unmask those who threaten her and her friends.

    Tarik’s History:

    Tarik-Ari Sadiki-Talibah was born to a family of pure-blood Magi in the heart of Egypt. At a very young age, his father Abdo-Ari started training him to follow in the ways of the Magi. He learned to hide in the shadows of the desert and to protect his way of life. Protecting the vast history of Egypt is what gives meaning to the life of a Magi. This is what he was taught all his young life. Magic was everywhere in Egypt’s history. He learned the sacred writings of his people. It gave him a love for all forms of writing. As he got closer to his naming, his people watched him. He was always seeking more and more knowledge. He was also protecting that knowledge. When the time for his name to be given came, there was no doubt in any of the old Magi’s’ minds of what the gods had chosen for him. They told him that he was The Warrior Guardian Seeking Knowledge or Tarik-Ari Sadiki-Talibah. With that, he was removed from his parents care and spent the next 7 years in an Egyptian School in the City of the Dead. All of his studies came from his Saygar. This was an old custom dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. There he learned history as taught at the twelve sacred sites of learning, the ancient writings of the Celtics, Norsemen, Native American, Babylonian, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and Israeli. These he was taught along with Egyptian Hierographics. Tarik-Ari was told that writing was power and ancient writings were from an ancient power. He also learned all the fighting styles of his people as well as all forms of casting. This was to prepare him for protecting the tombs and ways of his people. When he graduated, he was told that he would leave Egypt for no less than 7 years. He would not be allowed to come back until the gods had tested his heart. This to was part of his schooling. He was to learn firsthand what the other magical communities were like. For the Magi were also traders, so to know about the other countries was to have knowledge; to have knowledge was to have power.

    While in Iran, just prior to the revolution he met a British Auror named Dempsey. The two, hit it off immediately, sharing all their secrets from their profession. During the Iran revolution of 1979, Dempsey helped Tarik-Ari to escape capture. They both were in danger and Dempsey knew he needed Tarik-ari’s help. They both had endured further problems as they entered Iraq but the power of both worked to their advantage. During their escape to Saudi Arabia Tarik-Ari began to teach Dempsey secrets that have never been shared outside of his order of Magi. This knowledge was forbidden from ever leaving his order, but Dempsey needed some extra knowledge to help aid them along their way. Dempsey began to teach him secrets that he had learned worldwide, both on his own and from his parents. This began a very secretive sharing of knowledge that the two have never, and will never share with another.

    The two, keep in touch no matter where they are in the world. Tarik-Ari has many other friends but none like Dempsey. Tarik-Ari could care less about politics. Unless he has a purpose, why get involved with matters that do not concern him. If and when they do, he will then make a choice. No matter what, he will back Dempsey, even if it meant a fight to the death. They have already faced the impossible and survived. He knows Dempsey would do the same for him in a heartbeat.

    During his pursuit of knowledge, he found himself in Quebec, Canada. Tarik-Ari contacted his old friend Dempsey to have dinner. Over dinner, Dempsey informed him of a situation that had aroused due to the foolish actions of his friend. Tarik-Ari found it odd that Dempsey would be helping such a man but shrugged it off.

    After dinner, Dempsey suggested that Tarik-Ari pursue knowledge at the library of the Ministry. Dempsey even procured a pass for Tarik-Ari and introduced him to several high ranking ministry employees. From there Dempsey left him to take care of himself.

    There he met an interesting woman, an employee of the ministry, who informed him that the School of Quebec, was hiring. From the topic of their conversation, she believed that the open position could fit him perfectly. Shrugging to himself he considered it a good place to further his knowledge of the education system. He soon applied and waited for a response.

  225. Yo~
    Milo is my protagonist. He’ll follow a Positive Change Arc.

  226. My protagonist is following some sort of hero’s journey, her name is Chaterine

  227. Her name is Melinda. And I’m not sure…which is why this book and workbook are going to be really helpful in helping me grow.

  228. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My protagonist is Nat, an orphan. He kind of has an external positive arc and a spiritual flat arc (possibly a little on the negative side)? It’s book one of three, so he has room to grow. 😉

  229. Congratulations on your new release. I will someday will be able to afford to buy your books as soon as financials permit. However, reading your blog has helped me so much on being better at the craft. Thank you so much for all you do for the writing community! <3

  230. Megan Einarson says

    Hi! I’m reworking an old story now that I’ve read through your tips on character arcs. My protagonist’s name is Luuka, and he’ll be going through a positive change arc (most likely).

  231. TheTimeIsWrite says

    My protagonist is definitely a positive arch. He saves the world, defeats big baddy, and becomes king. He’s pretty awesome.

  232. My protagonist is named Ann and she’s working toward acceptance of her wife’s death via cancer, looking for a way to accept the inevitable and honor the life they’ve had together.

  233. My character is named Caterina Ellis, and she is on her way through the positive change arc.

  234. Conran Seahorn and it is primarily a negative arc in an epic fantasy.

  235. My character’s name is Stone and I think his arc has to do with finally breaking away from family expectation and going fully forward on the path he’s set for himself.

  236. Oh oh! KM Weiland giveways are always the best ones!
    Keep writing!

  237. My protagonist is Natalie and she has to step out of her comfort zone when she enters high school to make some new friends.

  238. My protaganist is Raelle. She’s on a positive change arc. I’m so excited for this workbook!

  239. All I can say is thank you for this website and all your wonderful infomation on writing.

  240. I have a few different protagonists, they’re actually sisters. They are all struggling with power in different ways, either by refusing to embrace responsibility or getting lost in the authority without facing their pasts.

  241. I love all of K.M.’s books. I teach creative writing classes and always send my students to this website! Thanks, K.M., for your wonderful blog and books!

  242. My protagonist is Garielle na’Casterlac and she’s going to learn how to trust people, whether she likes it or not. And it will be a good thing.

  243. I have been oggling your writing books for years! It would be a dream come true if I could win the whole collection!
    I even recommend your site and pages to my other writing friends. You do such a great job, encouraging and teaching the beautiful craft of writing.
    Even if I don’t win, I’ll keep aiming to get them one day! Can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

  244. Brent Wells says

    My protagonists name is Junie Bobbins and he is following a negative change arc.

  245. Amber Galbraith says

    OH! These books are a dream come true! Thank you for all you do to help your fellow writers!
    I’m currently working on two stories. The main protagonist in my favorite one is Fenna, who survived an attempted kidnapping as an infant. Her character arc is definitely positive.

  246. My protagonist is Fiona, and she’s is following a positive arc.

  247. When the mayor of a small town dies, inexperienced Vice Mayor, Jennifer Monroe is thrust into the position of taking his place. She soon learns that they aren’t on Earth anymore when she sees the faint image of a Jupiter-like planet in the sky after an alien ship buzzes the town and takes off. She finds out half the townspeople have gone missing and must keep the chaos from destroying the town. When the Caretaker of the planet arrives to tell them that they have been saved from an asteroid strike that decimated the Earth she realizes that more is at stake than the town’s wellbeing: the survival of the human species could depend on how she handles the situation.

  248. My protagonist is Sophie. This is a dual timeline plot. The first character arc follows Sophie as she reels from sexual assault and struggles with a drinking problem. The second character arc shows Sophie as an overwhelmed new mom.

  249. K. M. Weiland – thanks so much sharing all this great info, I’ve learned so much from you!
    My protagonist’s name is Tandu, and overall he travels a positive character arc.

  250. My protagonist’s name is Ivy (last name undecided) and she will definitely have a positive character arc.

  251. Main Character is Adele, and I think the flat arc is the best description. By necessity, she becomes a powerful behind the scenes player in complicated political situations. Ultimately she walks away, but the world she left behind is different because of her actions.

  252. Julie Francis says

    My protagonists name is Evie and (thanks to reading your character arc book) I now understand she follows a flat arc. She leaves on a journey and is surprised to find she is able to influence people and help them just by being herself and doing what comes naturally. She fails to gain what she set out for, but gains the self confidence to return home and try again to help her family.

  253. My character’s name is Jacob, and he’s developing a positive change arc. The thing is, in the previous book, he was pretty much flat — straight hero — but in this book, he has some things to learn about himself.

  254. Gazi Şimşek says

    Mert, the change arc .
    Thank you!

  255. My two protagonists are called Elowen and Rowan and one has a positive change arc, the other is negative, both with plenty of character development!

  256. Daniel Crossen says

    Khlo Ardson. Looks like she’s following a positive change character arc.

  257. My protagonist’s name is Khes Adaia and to be honest I’m not sure what type of arc it qualifies as, I suppose it varies in each book of her journey. I am working on the third now, however and I think she leans into a negative arc in this story. She definitely ends in a darker place than she began.

  258. My current protagonist’s name is Levi Leonis, I’m aiming for a positive change arc, in which he changes from being a bounty hunter for the bad guys due to daddy issues to understanding his father and finding new friends (eventually ending up on the good side again). I know it’s a little clichéd …

  259. My protag’s name is Melody and she is following a positive character arc – learning to overcome her fear of rejection and finally being honest about who she is.

  260. I have two protagonists. Hailey King and Tatum Dallas. I’m still creating their arcs 😀

  261. Thalia Miller says

    Natash is the protagonist following the negative change arc, I believe.

  262. Megan Buys says

    My protagonist is currently going by the name Tilly, although that may change, and she is going to go through a growth arc where she learns more about herself and finds a way to create a life for herself with new knowledge.

  263. Melissa Allott says

    I do love a Workbook to help me on my writing journey! I have two Protagonists in my current WIP, Eve and Zane. Eve has a positive arc, and I am playing with the idea of giving Zane a negative arc.

  264. My protagonist’s name is Captain Lord Arthur Farnsworth. He is a man who constantly strives to prove his value because as the fourth son of a duke he has never felt as if he mattered at all. He has always done what served his family name and his family best. He is willing to sacrifice everything to do the right thing, even marry a woman he doesn’t know in order to find out where her father hid the money he swindled from the captain’s men. He has to learn his value is in who he is, the man he is, and if he wants to be happy he is going to have to learn to love more than his family name and how people see him. He has to learn to value himself enough to seek the happiness he deserves with his new wife, no matter the cost to the persona he has created to win his family’s approval.

  265. I’m just starting to think through my next story, so the only outline I have right now is in my head and I’m already stuck. Torn between two directions. My hero is ready to take a journey, but I’m not letting him free yet. Maybe I can hunt around this website for some help and inspiration!

  266. My protagonist’s name is Emma (in one book) and Iseld (in another) and Elle (in a third). Emma is coming of age and seeking redemption. Iseld is coming of age and on a quest. Elle is searching for self and meaning and on a quest.

  267. My character is Dayne and she is on rather traditional arc and a variation of the hero’s journey.

  268. Lisa Capehart says

    My protagonist is Abigail Stewart, and her character arc is positive.

  269. K.C. Worthy says

    My protagonist name is Erin Monroe and she is following a positive arc. LOVE your books and website!

  270. Andy Lewis says

    Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and the learning I take from it. My WIP has a couple of main characters who start out as protagonists and are friends. The one, I think, will take a negative arc while the other may take a positive arc. I anticipate they will clash with a broken friendship and opposing newly-found ideologies.

  271. My Character’s name is Mr. Daring (Sir Dirk would be his first name). I’m thinking that I will go with a plot twist and have him fall to the Corruption Arc. That is not how it will start though. His backstory so far is the complete opposite. He will be extremely disappointed after his rescue is derailed by the truth!

  272. Ella is on a flat character arc (unlike her author, who hopes she’s on a positive arc!). After my long online search for how-to-write (as opposed to writing-business) learning, I’m very glad I found this site.

  273. My protagonist’s name is the name of whoever is reading the book 🙂 and they follow a positive character arc.

  274. My main character is James, and I put him through a growth arc (rather against his will). I really enjoyed ‘Outlining your Novel’, btw.

  275. Jenn is the protagonist in a flat character arc. Love your posts.

  276. Karen Reeves says

    My protagonist is Kelly Grace Garrett, a sassy, 60-year-old, dog-loving, compulsive degree-seeking, grandmother, works in a Castle – Medieval Times, to be exact. It’s a unique workspace, no doubt. From horse poop, hay, and roasting chicken smells, to the battle of the fruit flies, life in a castle certainly has its perks.

    Rumors of renovation are spreading throughout the kingdom – converting the office from a private nirvana with library-like quietness, known as cubicles, to an open concept with its cacophony of cymbals ceaselessly slamming together, co-workers, like children in the backseat, repeating “are we there yet?”, and guests allowing their children to wander to the closest desk, and with sticky fingers, help the open concept-stressed employee with her work.

    Anyone who has experienced a lack of privacy, loud, annoying co-workers, and constant chaos, will find themselves more than a spectator in this journey of internal and external renovation.

    Join Kelly Grace as she discovers that although she thinks she embraces change – by the end of the journey, she will transform into what she thought she was all along — the Queen. Welcome to the Castle.

  277. Ooh, this is waaay far down the page — great giveaway! My main character is Judith and her arc, I believe, is positive. Thank you for the guideposts that help so many writers.

  278. My character’s name is Joshua. He’s a on a positive change arc learning that he doesn’t always have to be in control of every situation.

  279. Rhiannon Curley says

    My characters are Eirlan and Edgar. Eirlan is following a negative character arc and Edgar a positive one. Thanks of the giveaway!

  280. My protagonist is Annis, a woman who learns how to claim her power in her fifties after sacrificing herself for her family her whole life.

  281. My protagonist is Matilda Jones, and I’m waffling between a positive and a flat character arc. I haven’t gotten very far on that yet. Luckily, I don’t Nano, so I’m in no rush 🙂

    (I’m trying my hand at a gaslamp fantasy, and I’ve figured out the magic system and the mystery. Working on the premise now, then off to create a bad guy!)

  282. My protagonist’s name is Rosemary, and she is currently following a flat arc, although it may end up being positive.

  283. I’ve been reading your Jane Eyre book and finding the margin-note commentary a bolt of lightning in the midst of so many “been there know that” books on writing.

    My main character Sarah is always part of a group of people, whether dealing with the demands of the sick as a nurse or kicking around with her goofy baseball team until she is left behind on a team trip and discovers herself and her inner strength during her trials of getting back to her friends.

  284. Jason Wilson says

    My protagonist is Lucas Washington, and his arc is a horizontal change arc, from flat to positive.

  285. I love the hands-on ideas and formats you offer. You are a treasured resource!

  286. hey, Katie 🙂 LOVE this giveaway and CONGRATS on the workbook 🙂

    My protagonist’s initials are R.S. and I’m thinking that in the first of a trilogy he will have a “positive change” arc, and in books 2 and 3, a flat arc.

  287. I’ve been working on a novel for too long now, and your outlining tips have been SO helpful in finally moving forward! ☺ My two protagonists’ names are Will Taryn and Elmira Dealan, Will has a positive arc and Elmira a flat one. I’m excited to dive into learning more about arcs in your posts!

    Thanks Katie!

  288. I love all of your books and the computer program! I think you have been the most helpful when it comes to learning to plot. Before I read your books, I felt lost with all that stuff.

    My MC’s name is Eva Davis and I think she will follow a positive change arc.

  289. My protagonist is named Aydel and she follows a positive character arc. However, there is a downturn near the beginning before the arc begins. She starts out seemingly neutral, quickly turns to believing a lie, then struggles between it and the truth for the rest of the book.

  290. I’ve learnt so much from your books. My main character is Lizzie and I think she’s on a flat arc.

  291. Congratulations on the new book and the whole body of your work! Everything is concise, practical, and very tangible.

    Thanks for boosting us all!

  292. Congratulations on the new book and the whole body of your work! Everything is concise, practical, and very tangible.

    When I read your blog or listen to the podcasts, it feels like I’m having coffee with a good friend.

    Thanks for boosting us all!

  293. Melissa Burford says

    My protagonist is named Eamon and he follows a positive character arc.

  294. Wow, another book – you are spoiling us!

  295. My character’s name is Letandra. She’s a survivor growing with the positive arc.

  296. Looks awesome! I love your books, they’re really usefull

  297. My protagonist is currently named Finder 7. Futuristic, post – Earth story of human/AI singularity. Not sure exactly of the character arc at this point, but he’s essentially going to discover that even AI enhanced humanity has the same problems that we have now.

  298. Character arcs are what I am working on at the moment so your posts are really helpful.

  299. My protagonist’s name is Derek and he’s going to have a positive change arc. He’s a hopeless romantic who’s afraid to love again after his previous relationships, but still needs a lot of fleshing out.

    Love the giveaway 🙂

  300. Wow.. lot of comments to get lost in. WTG! My NaNoWriMo project character is Sky and she is on a bit of a Hero’s Journey tale where she kept hidden, then used, trained, strengthen, believes, and saves the day. She struggles with her family, best friend, and two love interests. All of them beat her down in some form or another. Her will ends up being the only thing that helps carry her forward.

    I love and look forward to your podcast. I constantly refresh my feed hoping for a surprise additional cast each week–that’s how awesome it is.

    Thank you for your support. I love writing theory more because of you!

  301. Oh my, I love your books and now there’s this new one! *squeals*

    The protagonist of my novel, Albert, is trying to figure out the secret that shouldn’t be touched. I think his character arc is a positive change.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  302. Karla Diaz says

    I’m so excited for this new workbook! My protagonist ‘s name is Hunter Wilde and he follows a positive change arc.

  303. My protagonist’s name is Leo and I think I’m writing a positive change arc.

    Congratulations on the book release!

  304. No name for my character yet (yikes!), but she’s following a positive character arc.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  305. Tamra Oscroft says

    My character’s name is Rena and she is following a positive change arc.

  306. Wonderful opportunity – thank you!! 😊

  307. I have two protagonists–the story is about their relationship. Maddie’s arc is positive, Edmund’s is negative, a Fall.

  308. My protagonist’s name is Matthew, and he has a negative character arc, but he’s easy to sympathize with because he’s stuck in a moral dillema.

  309. Protag’s name is King. Definitely a positive arc.

  310. In The Wolf of Brooklyn Heights, the protagonist is Geoff Edmunds and he definitely follows a positive change arc. Actually, as I think about it, all my protagonists follow a positive change arc… Hmmm.

  311. In my current novel, my two protagonists are each other’s opposite in many ways, which is reflected in their arcs: Lucian has a negative change arc, but Rose goes through a positive change.

  312. My protagonist’s name is Willow Martin. She is on a positive change character arc.

  313. Arella Noreen says

    I just wanted to say that you have had one of the greatest impacts on my writing. Your amazing series and posts have completely revolutionized my writing, and I could never thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, and so many other writers.

    My protagonist’s name is Ashlyn Green, and she’s on a positive change arc.

  314. My WIP’s main protagonist is called Sparkle – Detective Constable Meinwen Sparkle Anwyl with Pwllheli CID, part of the Heddlu Gogledd Cymru. With various twisted plot threads, I’m juggling various characters and need to keep them distinct and engrossing.

  315. Congratulations on this launch! I learned a lot by reading your character arc book and look forward to using this workbook. My protagonist’s name is Ava, and her change arc is positive. Thanks for the giveaways.

  316. Character’s name is Tyson but I haven’t decided on the arc.

  317. Hannah is following a positive arc change.

  318. Fran Mendiola says

    Hi, K.M.!

    The character’s name is Mashimo and he is following multiple arc changes, because the story is very long.

    Hope to win a bundle, thanks to you!

    Best wishes and congrats.

  319. Madam, your work has always been an inspiration. Hope to win this one.

  320. Dana Michaels says

    Tell me your protagonist’s name and what kind of character arc you think they’re following.

    My contemporary romance has two protagonists, Jamie and Kathi. Both are on positive change arcs, thanks to each other.

    Thanks to you, Katie, for all the excellent writing advice you share. Like so many others commenting here, I’ve learned a lot from you, and appreciate it. I hope it shows in my work.

  321. Congratulations on your new novel!

    In The Rite of Wands, my protagonist, Mierta McKinnon, starts off as a young warlock burdened by a task that seems impossible. As the series develops, he follows a disillusionment arc.

  322. I have no idea what arc Crilo is following which is what lead me here to find out!

  323. Love all your amazing and super helpful info and advice. I’d be lost without you! My protagonist is called Annabel and she is following a positive arc…I think 😉

  324. My NaNoWriMo character’s name is Lucci and she’s following a positive change arc. 🙂

  325. Sally Chetwynd says

    Josie and Rory are psychically linked, although they never meet until they are in their early 30s, when her office hires him as a consultant. Josie needs to figure out why the least contact with Rory triggers “second-sight” visions, while Rory needs to figure out how to unload baggage from a failed marriage.

  326. Nellie Batz says

    My protag is Reagan.

    Thanks for the chance.

  327. Shelami Laubach says

    I have a protagonist whose name is Gelid. She’s been my protagonist for the past 12 years…
    I don’t know where she’s going to take me but I intend to follow her in whatever hole she falls into because I’m supposed to capture it. Currently, I don’t know what arc to write here … perhaps identity arc?

  328. My protagonist is Andrea (Andie) Williams and she is on a hero’s journey of denial.

  329. Well done, this sounds fab. I do love getting your posts into my inbox. Good luck x

  330. joy @9syfygirl7 says

    My characters name is linney. She is undergoing the Positive character arc that will take 4 books to fulfil at the present moment. She just wants what she believes to be a normal well rounded life that does not include moving around all the time. A nice big city with a nice small cubicle in an office building and she is good to go. But, Life and the fate of the world have other plans for her.

  331. Elissa Philgence says

    Honesty, it has been so long since I picked up the rough copy of my story I am not sure what my protagonist arc is anymore.

    I am hoping by buying and/or winning these books that will help me to move forward.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Thanks Weiland for the offer.

    Blessings on all you do.

  332. My MC is Tilly and she’s on a positive change arc.

  333. My protagonist’s name is Sedgewick. He follows a positive arc where he learns to not define his self-worth by his talents and abilities (or lack there of).

  334. This is great! My MC, Hanna, is a nurse that finds out the doctor she works for is implanting creatures in his fertility patients…..

  335. Hi, I’m Leslie. In my second novel, Grayson experiences a positive change as he makes adjustments in his belief system in order to “get the girl”. He fights demons from the past and bad guys that work under his nose.

  336. John Pepper says

    My character’s name is Aksel (I looked it up and that is a Norse name as far as I’ve seen). He goes from wanting revenge for the death of his family to setting out and exploring the world. So, the Positive Arc – I’m really trying to master the Arc process and working it into the story.

  337. Riça Night says

    Ok, technically I don’t have a proper answer to your question. That’s because I’m not *writing* a novel. I’m actually an editor. So I’m reading your books to learn as much as I can about what makes for good stories. That way, I can spot issues when I’m evaluating manuscripts, and advise my clients on how to fix them.

    I *am* in the earliest stages of writing a memoir. Your books will prove helpful there as well, since that genre’s best examples use fiction techniques to tell a compelling real-life tale. My protagonist will have my name, naturally, and she’ll follow a positive character arc.

  338. My protagonist’s name is Bri – using a positive change – hates her abilities (to see and communicate with ghosts), more like a curse as she’s labeled a freak, but when she understands that a lot of good can come from what she can do to help spirits, she’s on the road to considering her ability as gift…and then so do others: )
    I’ve purchased a few of your books, just picked up your Character Arc workbook and look forward to putting it to good use.

  339. My Protagonist’s name is Sabrina Lorcan and I am following a Positive Change Arc! 💕
    Thanks for this opportunity! I LOVE your Scrivener Template! 😘
    Good luck with your book launch!

  340. Jacob Yoakum says

    My characters are Duncan Parsons and his son Boudreaux (Booger), each undertaking his own version of the Hero’s Journey.

  341. I guess I’m the last minute person today. My protagonist’s name is Alana and her’s is definitely a positive change arc.

  342. Bethany M. says

    My protagonist’s name is Val, short for Valentine. I’m pretty sure he’s following a positive change arc.

  343. My protagonist’s name is Darren and I am unsure of his arc at this point. I am just starting to plan it out.

  344. My main character is William Whitehall, and he is trying to reconcile his new life in the nobility with his beliefs and personality.

  345. Hooray! Super excited for this. 🙂 My protagonist’s name is Sylar. Overall, he will have a positive character arc, I think, but there will definitely be some heartache and bittersweet-ness for him. All part of being an evil author. XD
    Thanks for this giveaway, Katie!

  346. I wish I could tell you my protagonist’s name and about their arc but I am currently working my way through your outline book and workbook with the intention of seeing which ideas are viable. Although the characters are clear in my mind, the names will inevitably evolve. For now, one story has a character named Michael, another from another idea named Leslie, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be narrowing it all down to one idea I feel is the strongest, with a little help from your books.

  347. Cayla is her name, arc, flat.

  348. Jo, and she’s on a positive arc. 🙂

  349. Mrs. Miggs is following a positive change arc.

  350. My character has a positive arc in this story.

  351. Katie,

    I’ve learned more “accidentally” (if that’s possible) from you than I have learned on purpose from other writer coaches. May God bless you and may your tribe multiply!

  352. I have a character that I have been struggling to come up with a character arc for. He is the captain of a warship. I just can’t figure out where to take him in his arc. Thank you for creating this workbook and book. His name is Tanyr Jhon and I’m looking forward to giving him a fabulous arc.

  353. Margot lives in 1600’s France and she has a positive character arc. She’s been sheltered, so she’s naïve when the story starts, but she has a temper when people don’t believe her second sight. It’s a tricky character arc to make her “likeable”, but also true to her time period, because today’s woman wants to read about strong women.

  354. Looking forward to reading and using this to enhance my heroine, Theodora!

  355. M. Lee Scott says

    What Dr. Cooper says above is true! Being hearing impaired, I love your podcasts. You are like my personal writing coach. Thanks for all you do, Katie.

  356. Kara Pendleton says

    Thanks for this great contest! My protagonist’s name is Alexi and his arc is positive change.

  357. My main character’s name is Michaela. She follows a positive change arc. Looking forward to the new workbook. 🙂

  358. Ophelia, positive change arc

  359. I really hope I win! Ari is trying to find her place in the world. not sure what that arc is called. I’d know if I had your books!!

  360. OH my gosh, this came at the perfect time! I’ve been STRUGGLING with getting my character arc to work with my story arc and I’m getting frustrated. Hopefully this helps. Thanks! <3

  361. Danielle Rozmus says

    I’m a positive-arc junkie! I think I need to branch out a little more.

    In the book I’m working on this November the main character is Coral and I’m pretty sure she’s on a positive arc – she dreams of being a famous singer in a faraway idealized city and leaves her rustic home to pursue the dream. She goes on a seafaring adventure and braves the dangers of foul beasts and fouler men, but will her dreams be worth the fight or are they nothing but seafoam?

    Depending on how it’s written I guess it could be a negative disillusionment arc, but I don’t see the truth crushing her spirit or leaving her world-weary.

  362. MichelleRae6 says

    I have enjoyed all of the posts I’ve read on the website so far. Thank you for all of your great writing advice!

  363. MichelleRae6 says

    I’m still working on my character’s arc but it’s looking like the Hero’s journey so far.

  364. David Olsen says

    My main character is Jackie McManus. I just ordered your two books on character arc as I don’t really know what/how to work the arcs.

  365. My character’s name is Lyndsey, and she goes through a positive arc where she learns to trust people again. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  366. I haven’t decided on a name yet and the character arc is still mysterious, too. But I’ve plotted quite a bit already, so the workbooks might be a real help for my writing.

  367. Svein Kåre Gunnarson says

    My WIPs protagonist is Justin Ittall, a young man that thinks he’s just a normal guy, albeit with a strange family story about his line of ancestors, supposedly they’re “adjusters”, whatever that means. A story no one believes in.

    Then he’s picked to be the next adjuster…

  368. My protagonist goes by Bedless and is definitely on a positive-change arc.

  369. MONIQUE L KIMREY says

    Rita is on a “refusal of call”. Raised in the depression era, Rita is being challenged as she becomes involved in society’s rise in Women’s rights.

  370. Susan Wankier says

    I love your help! My gal is Belinda, who will follow a flat arc.

  371. Cliff Farris says

    In late 1840’s, Richard Porter runs away from being an indentures farm hand behind a stinking horse in the mod. He runs to Boston, goes to sea, and begins to seek his fortune, or at least make something of himself. His ship the Agilis sails to San Francisco in 1849 where the entire crew deserts for the gold rush. The Captain buys the ship, organizes a round trip race to the Hawaiian Islands. He meets many adventures, and traverses the arc from farm hick to promotion to Captain for the second book in the series. Wish me luck.

  372. Thank you for working hard and writing this blog. You have been more help to me than you know.

  373. Hi K.M.
    I just received, ‘creating character arcs workbook’ yesterday afternoon and I haven’t put it down! This is an amazing giveaway! All of your books are a must.

    My protagonist’s name is Michael and he experiences a positive change arc.

  374. My protagonist’s name is Julia, and at this point, I’ve no idea what character arc she’s following… which is why I need your workbook!!!! 😉
    (not to mention all your other books so that this novel can A) actually get finished, and B) be completely awesome.)

  375. Terrific! I love your blog and the books I’ve read, so I’m super excited for this one!

  376. Willow Bridge says

    Hello, my protagonist’s name hasn’t been decided, I wanted to fully understand her character before giving her a name that would represent it. She is undergoing an arc of numbing herself to all the war that she has caused, then spiraling out of control into guilt, depression, ptsd, she tries to get out several times, wanting to save herself, but in the end she realizes she can’t save herself. When someone forgives her, she stars up the path of redemption.

    • Willow Bridge says

      I want to more fully understand how to add more depth to her character, it may seem kinda complex, but once I start putting it on paper, it doesn’t hold the three dimensional quality that we so love in our characters.

  377. Josie, and she’s on a positive change arc

  378. Sylvia Hewett Schneider says

    Molly Brooks is a character I’ve been working with for quite some time. However, she’s all over the map! Your instruction would be useful!!

  379. I find something of value in every new post.

  380. I love your website! It helps my writing immensely!

    Anyways to answer the question for the giveaway: One of the protagonists in my story is Dominic. He’s like the villain of the story and experiences a negative change arc. I’m contemplating whether he will experience a positive arc towards the end of the story…

    • I lied. Actually that’s my antagonist… oops. *blushes*

      My protagonist is Serenity. I think she might experience a positive, yet negative arc.

  381. Sarah A. H. says

    My main protagonist’s name is Rilla Taylorson, and her arc is positive, though it isn’t a huge one, and I intend to spread it over more than one book.

  382. Sarah A. H. says

    I am trying to give her more depth, since the other characters have more drastic arcs. However, she may need to retain more of a flat arc for much of the story, though it will eventually turn positive.

  383. I have learned so much from you. Thank you!
    Kara is the protagonist in my WIP. She’s undergoing a positive character arc. My goal is to finish my story yet this year.

  384. Scott McCarthy says

    My protagonist’s name is Penelope. The plans are for a multi-book (4-6) story and I’m thinking small individual book character arcs, but overall she will have a positive arc.

  385. Veda Leggett says

    My protagonist’s name is Eli. He undergoes a positive arc.

  386. Doug Glassford says

    My protagonist’s name is Amity Valkrie. She is currently working through her issues in paranormal short stories. Overall, I expect she will have a mostly positive character arc. Having lost her boyfriend to a murderous demonic possession, and having been temporarily possessed by the same demon, she is hunting it and encountering other evil entities she must subdue and send back to hell along the way.

  387. I’ve been following your site forever and a year now! I’m excited about the writing books and would love to get my hands on a copy. My main character is a guy named Brenden who uses his clever brain to get by in the story. He lives in a Greek-esque world of gods, heroes, and monsters. B’s character arc is positive. He ends up going on a quest that changes who he is.

  388. Hi,
    My protagonist’s mane is Maya Anahita and she is probably going to have a negative arc in the first book.

  389. I have found good advice in some posts you have written.

  390. I look forward to K.M.’s posts on Facebook and my email. I forward them to my writers group to encourage them.

  391. There are two protagonists for the series. Marsena undergoes positive arcs through the first book, possibly a flat arc through the second and another positive arc for the third, though that may change as I edit and outline the rest. Landas undergoes a disillusionment arc (I think) in the first book and then positive arcs throughout the rest.

  392. John Lammers says

    Your books having helped me take me from wandering around in a discovery writing fugue to a completed novel.

    My MC is Martin Miller and he has a flat character arc. Actually, your post about flat character arcs and doubt fits him perfectly and resolved my question about whether he had a flat arc or a really shallow positive arc (overcoming his doubt).

  393. Rachel – positive change arc

  394. I’m in the very early stages, reading these comments has made me realise I have even further to go than I thought!
    My MC is Mae and she makes her way through a “positive arc” I guess but not a conventional positive

  395. My protagonist, Les, has a positive change arc that changes his life, making him a new man, a better man, and thus creating The Dragon Universe, Legends of a Hero and his Dragon (or, as his dragons sees it, Legends of a Dragon and his Prey-Animal).

  396. Ariana – Goes through a shift in her worldview, learns to forgive

  397. Her name is Rielle and she’s going from hopeless to hopeful. Positive character arc.

  398. I’m just exploring possibilities right now. Thank you for the giveaway!

  399. Aimee Estrada says

    My protagonist is named Angelia, Lia for short. She has a positive change arc. I am still working out a lot of the details, but I love your books and your blog. I’m thinking of using a flat arc for one of my main sub-characters.

  400. Ruth Molenaar says

    My MC is Savannah, and she is on a flat arc

  401. Morning, Katie! Quick question… Is this character arc development built into the software?

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      No. The developer and I have discussed updating the original program with modules for the other workbooks, but that’s a far-future project at this point.

  402. Maria Newcomer says

    I recently bought your new workbook. I am hoping it can help me to somehow figure out my protagonist better and start writing my story. I have a question about lies character believes. My protagonist believes that she is unlovable. She is afraid of losing people she loves (Her Mother abandoned the family at early age, which is the wound.) She wants to pursue a dream, but is unable to stand up to her Father who wants her to pursue another path. She has no courage. So would the lie possibly be duty vs. love? The fatal flaw lack of courage? I’m just wondering how to fit the two together. Any ideas? Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you!

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Courage and fear are flip sides of one another, so definitely thematically related. I would dig down deep and figure out *why* she is afraid of defying her father. Her Lie is probably down there.

  403. K.M., thank you so much!
    I believe the “why” is she’s afraid of losing another person she loves in her life.
    She already lost her Mother at a young age and a boyfriend later in life.
    So her lie is probably: “I’m unlovable” and “If I defy my father, I will lose him too.”
    Does that sound about right to you?
    It is so difficult to figure these things out so I really appreciate the feedback!
    I’ve had this character and story in my head since I was a teenager and now I’m 51.
    It’s about time I started writing it, yes? I always get stalled in the first chapter and love to go back and edit. My Mom was an English teacher. I should have become one too. I LOVE writing, editing, ect. – fun, fun, fun! 🙂
    Any advice for writing a first chapter?

  404. Thank you K.M. Weiland for your books. They are helpful, instructive and inspiring, and most of all accessible for the budding author. Thanks!

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