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How to Write 6 Compelling Antagonist Characters

how to write antagonist characters

Today, you can find me posting about six types of antagonists, over at The Story Department.

The antagonist doesn’t have to be a person. It could be weather, circumstances, or the protagonist’s inner self. But, more often than not, the antagonist takes the form of a person. And crafting that person into a memorable and compelling character in his own right is vital to the success of your story.

Your antagonist needs to summon up reader emotions that are just as strong as those felt for the protagonist. Hateable bad guys will deepen reader sympathy for your protagonist. But, beyond even that, bad guys with whom readers can identify to at least some degree are bad guys who will make them squirm even more.

Let’s a take a look at several categories into which your antagonist may fall, so you can choose the best one for your story.

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