Help Me Finish the Creating Character Arcs Workbook

Help Me Finish the Creating Character Arcs Workbook

Help Me Finish the Creating Character Arcs WorkbookI need some help.

In light of the many requests I’ve received to offer a workbook companion to my latest writing book Creating Character Arcs, I’m doing just that! I’ve finished the workbook itself and am getting it ready to go to the typesetter and cover designer, with a tentative publication date in early October (just in time for NaNoWriMo!).

However, I have a dilemma.

The Creating Character Arcs Workbook has turned out to be quite a different animal from my previously published Outlining Your Novel Workbook and Structuring Your Novel Workbook.

Outlining Your Novel Workbook and Structuring Your Novel Workboo

The main difference is that the Creating Character Arcs Workbook will offer questions and exercises to help you work through all five different types of character arc. As a result, the workbook ended up quite a bit longer than my previous workbooks—more than twice the size, in fact.

Although you may find cause to apply all five arcs to different characters in the same story, you will likely only need to work through one particular type of character arc per book (for your protagonist).

And that brings me to my dilemma.

Do You Want One Workbook or Two?

Of course, I want the workbook to be as useful as possible to you. So I need you to tell me—would you rather I offer all five character arcs in one volume, or would you prefer the workbook come in two separate volumes (one for the positive arcs—Positive Change and Flat—and one for the negative arcs—Disillusionment, Fall, and Corruption)?

What You Need to Know

Basically, the decision comes down to two factors:

1. Although having all the arcs at your fingertips will certainly be useful, you may know right away which arc you want and not necessarily need all five.

2. Splitting the books into two volumes will affect the price.

If you do want all the arcs, you would end up paying more for two volumes than you would if they were all combined into one volume. However, if you only want either the positive arcs or the negative arcs, a single-volume version would give you arcs you don’t need at a slightly higher price point (as much as, but no more than, $5 more).

(E-books will be all be priced the same, which means if we split them and you want both types of arc, you’d have to pay twice as much to get both books).

What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Which would better suit your needs?

A) A single-volume workbook, containing all five arcs, but at a slightly higher paperback price.

B) A double-volume workbook set, one for the positive arcs and one for the negative arcs, at lower individual prices, but a higher combined price.

Thanks so much for your help!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! Do you want the Creating Character Arcs Workbook to be one or two volumes? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Amy LeTourneur says:

    Firefox wouldn’t let me use the voting widget, but I would prefer one volume. I also LOVE the idea of getting your workbooks in a spiral-bound option, as someone else suggested. Maybe you can put a little pressure on CreateSpace to add this option? 😀

    Looking forward to the workbook!

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