Happy Thanksgiving, Wordplayers!

Hey, Wordplayers!

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. It’s also the last day of the month-long writing retreat I gave myself in the beautiful Berkshires. I am sharing the holiday with my youngest brother, then the following day I’m flying back home (wish me luck with the holiday traffic!).

This is just a note to say thank you.

First, thank you to New England! Thank you for a beautiful month, full of beauty and history. I will be remembering your gifts forever.


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I’m thankful for you. Maybe I know your name, maybe I don’t. Maybe we’ve shared a conversation via email or the comments on my blog. Or maybe you’re one of the many who read or listen in companionable silence. Whoever you are, I am grateful to have you in my life.

I’m grateful for your attention and your encouragement. I’m grateful for those who have purchased books or supported me on Patreon. I’m grateful for all these things. But as the years go by, what I am grateful for more and more is simply that I get to talk to you, that I get to share my thoughts, my ideas, my quirky passion projects (like the Archetypal Character Guided Meditations—I seriously had no idea if that was going to fly!).

You are the ones, more than anyone else, who have taught me that each person has something important to contribute to this life. As writers, I think we understand this (or at least want to understand it) more than just about anyone. Our gift is that we have something to say.

And so, again, I thank you at the end of other year for listening to what I have to say. And I thank you, too, with all my heart for what it is you are here on this earth to say. Keep saying it. Keep writing it.

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Only a few days left on my Black Friday sale: 25% off every product in my store, including my books, workbooks, courses, software, and writing meditations. (And if you should happen to have a question on Black Friday itself, please grant me your patience while I’m traveling. Rest assured, I will get back to you as soon as I’m home.)


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Katie. Thank you for the hundreds of times you’ve helped me rethink my writing, and the hundreds of times yet to come. Bless you.

  2. Grace Marie says

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your time in New England sounds lovely.

  3. H. E. Willis says

    Happy Thanksgiving, K.M! Thank you so much for all the articles you write that help me experiment, improve my writing, and learn new techniques and style. Have a good time with your brother!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Katie! I love New England, especially this time of year. Thank you for sharing your expertise and discoveries, and for providing a welcome place for us to gather.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Faith C Knight says

    I did not see any courses? do you do plot critiques?

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