Happy Thanksgiving, Wordplayers!

This week, in the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I find I have much to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for the work I’m able to do, for all of you who read this site and my books, for your support and encouragement and confirmation in so many ways.

I say this every year, but I truly would not be able to do what I do without all of you. I thank you for showing up, for reading and listening, for finding what I’m sharing meaningful, for sharing your own passion and wisdom in return, for offering support through Patreon or by purchasing my books.

This year, I’m also grateful for all the healing I’ve done, in so many ways—something I’ll talk about a little more in my New Year’s post.

I am most thankful to be able to share one exciting little snippet of my life with you today. For those of you who have been following along for the last few years, you’ll know what a big deal this is:

I am grateful to be able to once again say… #amwriting!


More on that soon too. (Although I will just say, for those who are wondering, that it’s not a Dreamlander sequel. Check back after the New Year for more info.)

Wherever you are, I hope your day, week, year is full of blessings large and small, tangible and intangible, and—always—lots of stories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy thanksgiving! Thank you for all that you share with us.

  2. Edward Denecke says

    I am thankful that you are a part of my writing life! Writing is such a lonely existence in many ways that it is nice to know others are sharing the journey. Seeing your emails in my inbox is a bright spot in my week. I have been following your posts and buying your books for many years and see you as the greatest influence of my writing development. So thank you Katie! I’m looking forward to learnng more about your new WIP! God bless!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Eric Troyer says

    And to you, too! Glad you have much to be thankful for. So do I!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! May your holidays be filled with many blessings.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. I’m so happy for you! 🥰
    I’m in the US for a few weeks – my first Thanksgiving in 45 years and feeling grateful.
    Thank you, Katie, for all you’ve taught me over the years. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi I’m in UK so it’s not our celebration/holiday but I realise its special to our American friends so Happy Thanksgiving and to say how much I appreciate your weekly advice. Glad to hear you are writing again.

  8. Grace Dvorachek says

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am definitely thankful for the wisdom you share on this blog… it has helped me in many ways. And I’m so happy to hear you’re writing again!

  9. Katie, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for you share with us.

  10. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for your blog, and for all you do to help writers become authors. I love having your blog as a resource to share with other writers, and I love that you have so many insightful and helpful posts to offer.

    Congratulations on writing again, and may your pen flow ever freely.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for your blog which encourages me to write.

    I was not very thankful a couple of months ago when I turned 79. I wasn’t expecting that the transition would be such a blow to me. Nothing special happened except that I was feeling terribly old and not having had a novel published yet.

    But I am thankful for all my short stories and short memoirs that have been published in various anthologies.

    I am thankful for the article that I read two or three days ago that talked about a man that didn’t start writing until he was in his nineties and has now been published… more than once. He is now over one hundred and refers to his ninetieth decade as his most productive. Now I have hope again.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! My your biggest concern during the holidays be smile fatigue from continuous laughter and good wishes.
    It’s great to hear you’re writing again. You are an excellent writer and I look forward to whatever story may flow from your pen.
    Bless you, Katie.

  13. Peter Moles says

    Great to hear you are back writing. Hopefully, the break will have re-energized you!
    And Happy Thanksgiving!
    You will have a lot to celebrate.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful you’re writing again, whatever the story is! (It is nice to have a surprise for the future.) I hope you have a terrific holiday.

  15. A new book coming out this winter and information on your next project? This winter is going to be amazing!!

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