Need a good book editor? Top Recommendations

Need a Good Book Editor? Top Recommendations

Where do I find a good book editor? This is, without doubt, the question I receive most frequently from fellow writers.

Where to Find a Good Book EditorIt’s a hard question to answer because, while finding an editor is easy, finding a good book editor is something else again. My default answer has always been to point readers to my own editor CathiLyn Dyck, my critique partner Linda Yezak, or my proofreader Steve Mathisen. But once Cat stopped taking on new clients, that list necessarily shrunk.

So I decided to take the bull by the horns and ask other writing experts, whose opinions I trust, for their recommendations. The following list is the result.

The following editors are in alphabetical order, with their names linked to their websites, so you can do further research to discover which is best suited to your needs. I’ll be adding to the list whenever an appropriate new name comes to my attention (you can always find the list on the Resources page-accessible from the site’s top toolbar).

If you know of a good book editor, with whom you’ve personally worked, please feel free to add their name and URL in the comments. (If you’re an editor yourself and would like to be included, please ask one of your satisfied clients to nominate you.) The goal is to make this as useful a resource for everyone as possible.

The Top Recommended Freelance Book Editors

Jennifer Blanchard

Keanan Brand

Grace Bridges

Christy Distler

Jill Domschot

Joshua Essoe

Lorna Fergusson

Lindsay A. Franklin

Dori Harrell

Jon Hudspith

Nicole Klungle

C.S. Lakin

Steve Mathisen

Victoria Mixon

Roz Morris

Robin Patchen

Erin Potter

Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Amanda Valentine

Katie Vorreiter

Crystal Watanabe

Lara Willard

Ben Wolf

Linda Yezak

Ginny Ytrrup

In today’s market, getting feedback from a skilled editor is crucial–especially if you’re planning to publish independently. If you’ve yet to find your perfect editorial match, start with the names here and get ready to transform your story!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! Have you ever worked with a good book editor? Can you add to the recommendations here? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to nominate my very wonderful editor, Sherry Kaye Chamblee. Her site is
    She is the best editor in editing land. She is quick, efficient, thorough, effective and she always gets the job done. She has edited and proofread 6 of my books, various blog post, etc. No job is too big or small. If you are looking for a great editor, please contact Sherry, you will not be disappointed.

  2. I have worked with editor Elizabeth Ridley from on editing my first book, a semi-autobiographical project that is very personal and near and dear to my heart. I really needed help in tightening up my writing and jazzing up my wording. She communicated with me throughout and gave me much-needed feedback and improvements.

    I highly recommend her! She cares about her clients and puts their minds at ease. Her heart is really in her craft and she know how to make your writing ‘pop.’

  3. I would love to recommend my copy editor and proofreader, Anne Pottinger. I’ve worked with her for five years after receiving a recommendation from another author. She is a joy to work with, efficient and nothing is too much trouble. She always keeps to schedule and keeps in touch throughout the editing process (I read so many negative comments about editors who “vanish” for weeks at a time.)

    My books are contemporary romance, but I know she also edits mysteries, paranormals and biographies.

  4. I have had the pleasure of having Ginger Moran ( as my editor for my second and third books, and as many more as she’ll work with me on. She is professional, fun and friendly. Her expertise in developmental expertise has guided me and shaped me into being a better writer. I only wish she could edit this comment for me.

  5. I loved working with Blair Thornburgh from Author Studio for my historical fiction.

  6. I very much recommend Katie McCoach! You can find her at She did a developmental edit for me, and I also used her copyediting and proofreading services for a short story and my first novel. I’m very happy and I’ve learned so much from Katie about storytelling. I never felt like she asked me to change the voice or tone of my story, she commented on a lot of what I did right, and her suggestions for change were always very positive (i.e. I never felt under attack; she really wanted to bring out the best in my book.)

  7. Katie McCoach of KM Editorial ( is phenomenal! She’s helped me with three books so far and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. She’s supportive, direct in her feedback, and always willing to help.

  8. What so many ebook authors need is simply a good grammatical editor. The things that we authors overlook often are prepositions, proper sentence structure, punctuation, proper verb usage, etc. Most software corrects spelling, but it rarely corrects grammatical errors, and if it does, it does not allow for creativity. The parameters are too strict. Editors with creative function cost an enormous amount of money for all but the most successful authors. I will look up some of these editors and see what they offer. Thanks for the topic, Ms. Weiland. Always enjoy your articles. I have used a lot of help you have offered over the years. You do know what you are talking about, unlike many writing self-help people.

  9. Without going through the whole list, which editors are UK based?

  10. I’ve worked with Michelle Dunbar ( .on my last two novels, and she never fails to impress with her knowledge and insightful feedback. She’s UK based (though I’m in Canada) and has a very helpful and friendly manner, that makes you feel at ease. She specializes in developmental editing for the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for such services.

  11. William Bartlett says

    Do any of these editors specialize in YA Fantasy?

  12. Jerald Hoover says

    I’d like to STRONGLY recommend my editor Ashley Conner, Ashley, who is based in the United States has edited three of my novels thus far and has done a tremendous job. Her motto of “polishing your diamond”, is real to its core. I like that she offers feedback where and when needed and she’s very supportive. I have another book on the horizon that will complete the four-part series and I’m excited and confident that Ashley will be there to edit and make my story pop! Although, her specialty is in novels: mystery, horror, thriller and romantic suspense, I’ve used her for a professional document that I had to produce and she came through for me like a champ.

  13. davidbeckler says

    I have used two excellent editors. Richard Bradburn at and Averill Buchanan at Averill usually has a long waiting list.

  14. I recently had another well known author edit a book of mine, not for a fee, just because she happened to read it. She found some glaring misused words and a lot of comma glitches. So, I agreed to have her edit a future book. She wants me to send her the MS, printed out. That in itself is expensive, plus I would need to send her postage to return the edit to me. I’ve always had editing done in Word before in an email attachment. What does anyone think about this situation? She does a great job, but . . . I will have to wait for the returned pages, plus send mine to her. Not exactly a quick turnaround.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      I’ve never heard of a professional editor in our modern age who didn’t work with digital files.

  15. Kelly Byrd copy-edited my two mysteries and not only did a top-notch job but was a pleasure to work with. Kelly is meticulous, knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, and always defers to my ultimate judgment. A smooth and squeaky-clean book is essential for indie authors and that’s what I get from Kelly at

  16. Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashley Connor. This aldy puts her heart and soul into her philosophy of making a novel tight and readable. My publishers used her with my eleventh novel and for the first time, I, who have taught English grammar for more than twnty-five years, found someone who painstakingly improved the flow of my novel. I can’t recommend her enough. You can find her at:

  17. We’ve worked with her on several projects now, and highly recommend Ashley Conner as an editor.

  18. Chris Coates says

    I recently had a book edited by Ashley Connor. I was very pleased with the quality of her editing and the helpful comments. I would gladly recommend her to anyone needing their work edited.

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