Giveaway! Win a Unique Book-Themed Kindle Cover

Giveaway! Win a Unique Book-Themed Kindle Cover

Storming K.M. WeilandMore prizes! Woohoo! Ready for Round #3 in our month-long series of giveaways leading up to the BIG prize on December 4th, to celebrate the release of my dieselpunk/historical novel Storming? But of course you are.

Today, I’m excited to share a little bit of old-school-meets-technology coolness. If you’re like me, you’ve kinda turned traitor on old-fashioned paper books, just because you love the convenience, comfiness, and cheap on-demand literature of the e-reader. But you still love the way books look … and feel … and smell.

Why we shouldn’t get to have the best of both worlds? This week, thanks to the awesome people at the KleverCase, one of you will get to do just that! KleverCase creates brilliant and beautifully traditionally bound hard-cover book cases… for your e-reader!

The Prize

One lucky winner will receive a beautiful vintage book hardback e-reader cover handmade in England, using forty years of bookbinding experience.

The perfect coming together of old books and new technology makes this the ideal for e-reader owners who miss the feel of a book in their hands.

Made using locally sourced materials by highly skilled craftsmen and -women in England, their cases are of the highest quality and have a lovely backstory that makes them the ideal present and conversation piece.

If you win, you will be able to choose from four different book designs, customized with the your own book title and author name. You can also add a personal message inside.

KleverCase Main Pic

KleverCase Examples

To Enter

To enter, all you have to do is select your options from the Rafflecopter widget below. The winner will be posted here and contacted next Thursday.

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Let’s chat! What would you say is the ratio of books you read on an e-reader versus “real” books? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I’m *reading* about 50/50 ebooks and paper, but I’m *buying* almost all ebooks. The paper books are what I get from the public library (with a few coming from used book sales). To Han Hills: I never before thought about the effect ebooks must be having on books signings. I suppose that one day they’ll be a thing of the past!

  2. I used to be a die-hard kindle reader. I loved the fact that I could travel with my whole library. But in the past year (since I began writing fiction seriously) I’ve really started to move back to paperback and hardcover books. I love the feel of it, the ancient connection of doing something human beings have done for thousands and thousands of years. And I’ve also started to realize that I have this natural distractedness when interacting with technology of any kind that I don’t have at all when interacting with a paperback book.


  3. I don’t read much on e-readers, so the ratio would be 90% books and 10% e-books.

  4. I still prefer books, but there are undoubtedly financial and space savings with e-books. My ratio of books to e-books is probably 25 to 1 in favor of books.

  5. Becky Avella says

    I think I probably read 80% eBook, 20% traditional. I tend to prefer traditional books for my reference material and textbooks or workbooks. I like to be able to mark them up with a real pen and highlighter, and it is so much easier to locate specific information than it is with an eBook. When it comes to fiction, though, I prefer my Kindle. I like how it stays open so I can read while I’m eating lunch, and it’s so easy to take everywhere with me in my purse.

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway. No matter what, one of these covers is going on my Christmas Wishlist.

  6. I mostly read on my e-reader. I do miss real books, but it’s difficult to get the books I like over here. Also, prices have a lot to do with it.

  7. I would say that I definitely read more “real” books than ebooks, certainly at the moment because I’m borrowing a lot from my local library, but I read particular books on my kindle, ones that were cheaper or more convenient in digital form than as a hardback/paperback, and have a serious backlog of ebooks at the moment, so will have to deal with that sometime. ?

  8. Amber Eldridge says

    I’d say I read about 90% e-reader/ 10% physical books now… strange for someone who was adamantly against giving up her physical books!

  9. How exciting! I’m glad I came to your site the other day to see the start of your launch campaign for Storming. You’re inspiring – I’ll be taking notes!

  10. Love those covers!

  11. Wanda Bergman says

    It’s about 50/50. I love both ways of reading.

  12. I do virtually all of my reading on ebooks these days. If it’s fiction: ebook. If it’s history or research, it’s generally only [affordable or available] on print. I’ve decided if I buy print in fiction it will be books that are “artful,” like Folio Society or Subterranean Press, etc. Exceptions are a few authors I’ve liked on different blogs; I will buy their paperbacks to go with their ebooks.

  13. I love the convenience of ebooks, so I read a majority of my books that way, but sometimes I just have to feel a “real” book in my hands! To feel the weight of it, to know I hold a world in my hands!

  14. While I love my Kindle (actually I use the Kindle app on the Ipad), some books are just ridiculously expensive in e-book format. I use a mixture of the two. I really love the Kindle for old, out-of-copyright books that I can get for free, or to try out a new author; and it’s indispensable on a trip. But there are certain books that I prefer to have in paper format, especially if it has pictures, a really nice binding, or is a book that you want to flip back and forth in. I’d say I have a pretty good balance between them 😀

  15. I miss real books! I read mostly on my kindle paper white, which is great for reading in the sunlight. My husband only reads fiction on vacation so a few times a year he will pick up a ‘new’ bestseller and I will get to read a real book once he is finished. It would be great to for the kindle to feel real.

  16. I do almost all my reading on a Kindle. My public library offers e-books, so it’s not only convenient but economical to read that way. Although, I do buy my fair share of books on Amazon too!

  17. I use books as apposed to e-readers most of the time!

  18. I pretty much read about 99% of my books on the Kindle. Since I don’t live in the US, it’s harder and more expensive to get books here. The only print books I have left are from my previous profession (educational consultant).

  19. Honestly, since I got a Kindle Paperwhite a few years ago I haven’t read any physical books! Crazy how things can change so much! so I’m 100% ereader now.

    I used to have a massive physical library, but no longer…

  20. Like others, I was pretty against switching to a Kindle when they first came out. And then someone put theirs in my hands and I never wanted to give it back. I’m probably 95% Kindle 5% physical books this days. Just spent the past two years on a round-the-world bicycle trip and the Kindle has been my constant companion. Have you ever finished reading a book at midnight and bought a new one while lying in your tent? I have.

  21. I probably read about 95% of the time on Kindle, or on the Kindle app on my phone. The only books I buy in print are books I expect to reference over and over again. I will rarely buy a novel in print anymore.

  22. I love to read. I love having the actual physical book, but I have to be honest.. since I’ve gotten my Kindle Fire I read about 75% e-books. My favorite books, I like to collect in the “real” form.

  23. I read about half my books on e-readers. Mostly because I get impatient and don’t want to wait for a book to be shipped 🙂

  24. For me it’s probably 30/70. I hate reading ebooks though, but I have no choice. I’m already fighting not to let that 30 dwindle any further.

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