The Best Gifts for Writers for Every Budget

The Best Gifts for Writers (for Every Budget)

If you’re like me, you’re always googling “the best gifts for… somebody.” As a writer yourself, you’ve no doubt got a few writing buddies of your own on your list–and maybe you’re still looking for some good ideas to pass on to Santa on your own behalf! I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping (which, actually, kind of makes me feel like I’m missing out on the fun!), so allow me to do a little window shopping on your behalf. Here’s my latest list of the best gifts for writers–for every budget!

Gifts for Writers in the Stocking Stuffer Category – Under $15

(Note: the following are affiliate links.)

1. Shakespeare Magnetic Finger Puppet – $6

What’s a writer without a muse that lives on his finger? And when you’re done playing, you can insert a magnet and stick Shakes up above your computer to act as your mascot while you write.

Shakespeare Magnetic Finger Puppet

2. Page Nib Bookmarks – $12

Stop making a mess of your books by highlighting them and start using these handy little bookmarks. They slip onto your page like a paperclip and point right at the line you want to remember. I’ve been using them like crazy during my current bout of researching.

Page Nibs

3. Story Cubes Inspiration Starters – $14

Great for writers of all ages! Whether you want to play a game with others, or just need some inspiration on the spot to help you break through a block in your story, these writer’s block dice are just the think to provide new and random motivations for the next twist in your story.

Story Cubes

4. Writer Shirt – $14

Be fair and warn all your friends: “Please do not annoy the writer. They may put you in a book and kill you.”

Please do not annoy the writer. They put you in a book and kill you T-shirt

5. Great First Lines of Literature Mug – $14.95

Featuring opening lines from some of the greatest works of literature, including, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” “Call me Ishmael,” and twenty-two more. It’ll give you the literary inspiration to tackle your day.

Great First Lines of Literature Mug


Gifts for Writers in the Medium Price Range – $15-$30

1. The Prop Laptop Stand – $17

Prop Minimalist Laptop Stand

Prop up your laptop to an ergonomic typing angle and provide it the airflow it needs to keep cool–all at the same time!

2. Cord Buddy – $19.95

Organizes all your cords to keep them off the floor or desk and features a motion sensor-activated night light that turns on whenever you are near to help you find the cords for charging.

Cord Buddy

3. Katana Bookend – $26

Hold up all your fantasy novels or weapons research books with this veddy cool optically illusive set of bookends, which use hidden brackets to support the books and the katana pieces.

Katana Bookend

4. Computer Keyboard Doormat – $29.65

Show your personal style and your hospitality with this stylish doormat–perfect for your front door or your office door.

Computer Keyboard Welcome Doormat

5. The Storymatic Classic Game – $29.95

Six trillion stories in one little box. Play as a game with friends, or use the cards as prompts to inspire your own stories.

Storymatic Game for Writers


Gifts for Writers in the “Feeling Generous” Price Range – $30-60

1. Victorian Typewriter Key Pendant – $35

Gorgeous typewriter-key necklace–in your choice of letters.

Victorian Typewriter Key Pendant Necklace


2. Book Seat – $35

I received one of these for my birthday this year, and I love it. It props up your book, magazine, or tablet to allow for a hands-free reading experience. Works on even the largest of books, and page turning is as easy and pushing down the clear plate.

Book Seat


3. Standing Desk for Laptop – $36

Want an inexpensive alternative to stationary, full-size standing desks? Here’s your go-to.

Adjustable Standing Desk for Laptop

 4. The Raven Canvas Tote – $36

Show your love of the classics with this gorgeous handbag, emblazoned with a quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s immortal poem. The same company also offers quotes from Lewis Carroll–as well as infinity scarves with literary quotes.

Raven Literati Handbag Edgar Allen Poe

5. Foot Warmer Mat – $44

I can’t believe I didn’t get myself one of these years ago. Mine sits under my desk and keeps my slippered feet incredibly toasty. Winter suddenly isn’t so formidable!

Foot Warmer Mat


Gifts for Writers in the Super Santa! Price Range – $60 & Up

1. Leaning Ladder Book Shelf – $65

One of these days when I have room for it, I’m totally getting myself one of these. They add a little class to any room and any book collection.

Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

2. Vintage Leather Laptop Case – $84

This gorgeous laptop case will make you want to take your writing on the go.

Distressed Leather Laptop Case

3. Book Lovers Gift Set – $99.93

For the writer–or reader–who has everything! Comes in a bookend chest filled with 2 Chewy Gourmet Fudge Brownies, California Vanilla Caramels, 2 packages of Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee, a personalized message, and a $25 B&N gift card.

Book Lovers Gift Set

4. Virtual Keyboard – $100

Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. Connects via Bluetooth wireless technology to smartphones, laptops or tablets–for writing on the go.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

5. The Essential Lapdesk – $119

This is the superhero of lapdesks. Super-light, super-durable and ergonomic, it provides space for your laptop, mouse, and even a small tablet or your smartphone.

Slate Mobile Lapdesk


Christmas is about so much more than the gifts–but finding (or, let’s be honest, receiving) the perfect gift is pretty darn fun. Enjoy these gifts for writers, and while you’re shopping for yourself or your favorite writing buddy, consider some writing how-to books as well!

Outlining Your Novel Structuring Your Novel Workbooks Jane Eyre Writer's Digest Annotated Classic Books by K.M. Weiland

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tell me your opinion: What’s on your list to Santa this Christmas?

The Best Gifts for Writers

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  1. Some cool gift ideas, but the Shakespeare finger puppet has to be the best, lol.

  2. thomas h cullen says

    The cubes stand out. The box’s decoration as well.

    (On a serious note, all I want for Christmas is just peace of mind.)

  3. Your books are on my wishlist! 😀

  4. What about something like this? (I want the Little Women poster for myself).

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Yes! Postertext was actually cool enough to sponsor a giveaway here way back when Outlining Your Novel first came out. Love their stuff!

  5. Thanks for the tip with the katana bookends – my son will LOVE it! On my wishlist are your new workbooks and an exercise ball… 😉

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Will you use the ball to sit at your desk? I keep hearing what good desk chairs they make for promoting good posture and blood flow.

      • Yup. I have an old one but it loses air. So I need Santa to bring a nice new one. I keep it next to my desk and every time I feel my muscles getting tense in my chair I kick the chair aside and sit on the ball for a while. It always makes you move around a little and is very relaxing 🙂

  6. Oooh. I want the foot mat, the standing desk, and the lap desk. There, you have something else to buy before Christmas.

    You *did* post this to solicit our gift requests, right?

  7. I am also coveting the fingerless literary gloves (perfect for writing in a cold house or coffee shop) at Storiarts:

  8. Outstanding, K.M.! My husband gave me the “first lines of literature” coffee mug for my birthday. I used it just this morning. My fav was the t-shirt. Great ideas. Thanks!

  9. A new laptop! Any suggestions?

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      The only laptop I’ve ever owned has been a Toshiba, and I’ve been very happy with it.

    • Currently happy with my HP, Windows 8. Stay away from Acer (cheap hardware).

      I’ve been intrigued by the Surface Pro, since it is a laptop and tablet in a single machine… anybody here have any input on them?

      • @Diane Holcomb
        If you plan on buying a laptop soon, I’d advise getting a Windows 7 model, before they all become completely unavailable.
        After years of owning only Sony VAIOs, I bought my first ever ASUS recently, on the strength of its reputation for reliability. It came with upgrade discs for Win8/8.1 but my advice would be to stick with 7. A friend who is an IT engineer uses ASUS as his main brand and has only good things to say about it. This is the model I have:

        Ugh, sorry for the looks-like-spam link :/

        @Odd Guy
        My personal experience with tablet/laptop hybrids, and W8 (even worse than Vista!), has been horrible. I’ve read many poor reviews of Surface Pro (bug-ridden, wifi issues among other things).

        If you really must have a tablet, if it’s within your budget, I’d recommend a separate tablet rather than a hybrid. It really depends what you want a tablet for. If it’s for digital art, then you’re better off getting a dedicated drawing tablet (and the Wacom stylus is the best out there).

        I own a Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro which I’ve had numerous problems with right from day one. Despite being repaired under warranty it’s fit only for the trash, and I would not recommend *any* Samsung product to anyone.

  10. This year I bought all the girls in my writing group customized bookplate stickers from Etsy. We read and share a lot of books, so I figured it would come in handy – plus it adds a special touch to favorite books! And it was only around $15 per gift.

  11. Despite the joy any one of these could bring this writer, I think this year I would willingly settle for the peace and goodwill among all peoples.

  12. Mmm. The foot warmer! I love winter, but in my basement room my toes need a little loving warmth throughout the day! 😉

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Yes, if I had to recommend just one thing on this list, it would be the foot warmer. I’m using mine right now. My toes are the warmest part of me for a change!

  13. I’m actually really impressed with this list! So many things I want here, and since my birthday comes right on the heels of Christmas, I’ll have to drop some strong hints to my husband/family (or just treat myself). Thanks for doing all the research!

  14. I want one of those LED pens that shine a light while you’re writing in the dark. Fantastic at night when you have a brilliant idea for a story and don’t want to switch the light on and wake yourself (or anyone else) up fully.
    The Essential Lap Desk looks good, but unless they have it for lefthanders too, it would be useless for me. But, the Storymatic Classic Game is my favourite.

    • Where’s the Leftorium when you need it, eh? “Ahh, a left handed ledger! Now the binding doesn’t get in the way when I write!”

      The left-handed nunchuks gets me every time.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Maybe you can just flip the desk around so the mouse is on the left side. That would move phone hold to the bottom of the tray, though.

  15. I’m really loving the page nibs, t-shirt, and the vintage bag!! These are some great ideas for the holidays- thanks for the advice! Also, I looked up the quotation infinity scarves and they’re adorable!

  16. I really like those story cubes already, and that picture is the only time I’ve seen them. Also, those paper clips. I love stuff like that. I create makeshift things like that all the time.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      I’m so totally *not* crafty, so I love it when I find clever tools like this to buy straight up.

  17. Am drooling over here. Suddenly I need all of these things. 😉 Great list.

  18. The book seat and the shirt are my favorites. Especially the shirt 😀

    The things I want most for Christmas (besides the usual Barnes & Noble giftcards) are Ronan bracelets (specifically the “Kids Get Cancer Too” one), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and a customized Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital badge. Also, I would like Grey’s Anatomy to come back before early 2015, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen 🙂 Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?!

    On a slightly different note, how do you typically write your books? (Google Drive, Word, pencil and paper, email, etc…). Also, how old were you when you started writing down ideas for your first book? Have you ever developed a childhood idea into a book, or thought about doing it?

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      My process is generally to write my outlines longhand in a notebook, then migrate my first draft to the computer. I’ve always used Microsoft Word in the past, but will be using Scrivener for the first time with this WIP.

      My very first memory (when I was three or so) is of making up a story. I started writing them down when I was twelve, and finished my first (stinky) novel when I was thirteen. So, really, all my childhood ideas have long since been committed to paper.

  19. The shirt is one of my favorites. Cafepress has a lot of different t-shirts for writers. Thinking of getting a couple as a reward for winning NaNo–or putting in a Christmas request.

    Of course, all the electronic gizmos are cool, and the mug is awesome.

    Now what I really want is one of those treadmill desks you can use to write while getting some exercise. Talk about multitasking! 🙂

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      I’ve considered one of those treadmill desks. But I have a feeling my feet would stop moving whenever I started writing something exciting. So… I’m not sure how much use it would be to me. 😉

  20. Great checklist to go through before you go shopping. I would like to add here cross pens, they are useful to writers…

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