Gift Guide: 10 Digital Christmas Gifts for Writers

Writing is a journey, and every writer deserves tools that turn their literary dreams into reality. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned novelist or an aspiring wordsmith (or yourself!), these ten digital Christmas gifts for writers will inspire, empower, and elevate their craft to new heights. These are all products I use myself (or created) and have found of great help in my own writing and publishing journey.

10 Digital Christmas Gifts for the Writers on Your List This Year

1. Publisher Rocket: Keyword and Category Research Tool ($97)

In the vast universe of self-publishing, discover the guiding star that is Publisher Rocket. This powerhouse tool unveils the secret sauce of successful book launches by helping authors research keywords, competitor analysis, and market trends. Perfect for authors navigating the intricate galaxy of online publishing, Publisher Rocket propels their work into the hands of eager readers.

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2. Scrivener: Word Processor ($60)

For writers seeking an all-in-one masterpiece, Scrivener is the architect’s blueprint for crafting novels, essays, or any written endeavor. Organize ideas, outline chapters, and seamlessly navigate the writing process with this robust software. Scrivener’s flexibility adapts to the unique needs of each writer, making it a vital companion for anyone serious about their craft. Even after all these years, this remains my go-to and favorite tool for writing organization. It does it all.Scrivener 3 Cleaner Interface

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3. Atticus: Word Processor ($147)

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to Atticus, the minimalist writing tool designed to foster creativity without the noise. With a clean interface and customizable features, Atticus allows writers to immerse themselves in their work. Distill ideas, polish prose, and let the words flow seamlessly with this digital sanctuary for focused minds. Although I still use Scrivener for most of my workload, I am particularly interested in Atticus’s capabilities for converting to e-book formats such as epub.

4. Damonza (~$645) and Ebook Launch (~$500): Book Cover Designers

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but in a crowded market, a captivating design can make all the difference. Gift the writer in your life a professional touch with the two book cover designers I have enjoyed working with, Damonza or Ebooklaunch. These services offer stellar book cover design and formatting, ensuring their literary creation stands out on the digital shelves.

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5. Midjourney: Image Generator ($10 a month)

Midjourney is a fun playground for generating images for inspiration and more. I’ve been playing with it throughout the year and have found it uncanny for creating story-inspiring images based on prompts from the books I’m working on.

A Midjourney rendering of my initial image of inspiration for my WIP Wildblood.

6. Grammarly (~$12 a month) or ProWritingAid (~$30 a month): Spelling and Grammar Checkers

In the realm of polished prose, Grammarly and ProWritingAid wield the mighty sword of language perfection. These digital writing assistants offer more than just spell-check; they enhance writing style, correct grammar nuances, and provide detailed insights for improvement.

7. One Stop for Writers: Writing Resources and “Thesauruses” ($11 a month)

Crafting a world, building characters, and weaving intricate plots require a versatile toolkit. One Stop for Writers is the ultimate resource hub, offering a treasure trove of tools for writers. From character development to story mapping, this digital oasis empowers writers to enrich their narratives and bring their creative visions to life.

8. Archetypal Character Guided Meditations: Brainstorming Tool ($20)

Immerse yourself in the minds of your characters with Archetypal Character Guided Meditations based on my book Writing Archetypal Character Arcs. These six guided mediations offer a unique experience, allowing writers to delve into the psyches of their creations. Unlocking motivations, fears, and desires, this digital gift transforms the writing process by fostering a deeper connection between the writer and their characters.

9. Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software: Plotting App ($40)

Outlining Your Novel Workbook software logo 228 250

Take the chaos out of plotting with the Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software (based on my book of the same name). This digital tool transforms the art of outlining, helping writers build a solid foundation for their stories. Seamlessly integrated into the writing process, this software ensures that every twist and turn in the plot aligns with the grand design, resulting in narratives that captivate from beginning to end.

Character Arc and Theme Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software

10. Creating Character Arcs Course: Writing Instruction ($99)

Character development is the beating heart of storytelling. My Creating Character Arcs Course (based on the book of the same name) is a compass that guides writers through the intricate art of crafting compelling personas. With in-depth insights and practical exercises, this course empowers writers to breathe life into characters that resonate with readers long after the final page.

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gifts for Writers

Selecting the ideal digital Christmas gifts for the writers in your life depends on their unique odyssey. Consider their preferences, aspirations, and the stage of their writing journey. For the budding novelist, tools like Atticus or my Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software can provide invaluable support. Established authors may benefit from book design services like Damonza and Ebooklaunch to enhance their book’s visual appeal.

If your writer is on a quest for community, Midjourney opens the doors to collaboration and shared creativity. For those seeking self-improvement, Grammarly or ProWritingAid act as trusty companions in refining writing skills. And, of course, every writer can benefit from learning new techniques and understandings of story, as in books and courses.

In the digital age, the gift of creativity is just a click away. These ten digital gifts for writers offer tools that nurture literary dreams and empower writers to forge their own literary destinies. As you embark on this gift-giving journey, remember that each choice brings the recipient one step closer to realizing their literary ambitions. Happy gifting, and may the words flow ever in their favor!

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Wordplayers, tell me your opinions! What digital Christmas gifts for writers are on your list this year? Tell me in the comments!

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