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Win Goodies for Writers! GiveawayThe modern writer is constantly facing distractions unlike any other time in history. Web companies are spending billions of dollars for our attention. We are all part of the attention economy now. The fight for our attention means the only chance to maintain control is for each of us to take active steps in disconnecting.

The Freewrite was conceived in the fall of 2014 to combat the digital distractions we all experience every day. Like other creatives, writers deserve their own professional tools! At least, we think so.

How the Freewrite (the World’s First Smart Typewriter) Was Born

In the beginning, the Freewrite was a tool that co-creator Patrick Paul and I wanted for our own writing. We needed a way to write that wasn’t on our distraction-laden computer but didn’t require us to handwrite, which is too slow, or use vintage analog gadgets.


The discussion that led to the Freewrite started simply enough. Patrick was telling me about distraction-free writing software that he used while journaling and essay writing. I was intrigued by one peculiarity of the software: it disabled the backspace key. “Ridiculous! That seems awfully masochistic. Why would you do that to yourself?” I was the first skeptic.

The conversation continued, and I tried to keep an open mind. Patrick explained how he was his worst enemy while writing, and removing the ability to backspace pushed his writing forward. Drafting first and then editing later is a well-established method for writing and is commonly taught in MFA programs. “Interesting!”

This specific software Patrick used was quite draconian, but it was just one out of many writers use to stay focused while at the computer. Just knowing there were all these different types of software out there and so many writers were using them successfully was enough for me to start thinking creatively.

“What if we created a piece of hardware that takes the distraction-free concept even further?” Everyone knows you can just wiggle out of distraction-free software and get back to the distractions in a click or two. A dedicated device would alleviate that mental burden while also providing hardware specifically crafted for writing.

How the Freewrite Works

In that very first conversation, we established the vision for the eventual product: simple software, mechanical keyboard, E Ink screen, seamless cloud syncing and, most importantly, no distractions! Yes, there is a backspace key, but we did everything we could to keep the writer moving forward including leaving arrow keys off the keyboard. Forward!

Freewrite Cafe

  • The Freewrite offers a high-contrast, E-Ink screen that’s easy on the eyes.
  • It’s ePaper, which means it doesn’t have the harsh backlight of a traditional LCD and looks a lot like real paper.
  • The ePaper screen also allows writers to write in direct sunlight. Take your writing outdoors!
  • Unlike a mechanical typewriter, the Freewrite has a desktop style keyboard with real key-switches that offer an incredible tactile experience.
  • The best part: everything syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive, so you never have to worry about juggling USB keys again.

Freewrite Outside

After a successful Kickstarter in 2015 and multiple production runs, the Freewrite is now available to all writers worldwide, who are looking for more productivity in their workflow. There is a vibrant owner community with thousands sharing writing tips and how they use their Freewrite. Many of our writers see their daily word counts doubling after using the Freewrite. The power of going distraction-free is undeniable.

Freewrite Community

Win Your Own Freewrite!

Today, we’re excited to offer you a chance to win your very own Freewrite typewriter. Just enter, using the options on the Rafflecopter widget below. Winners will be announced next Friday. Good luck and happy writing!

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For more info about the Freewrite, check out their website and the unboxing video below:

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What is your greatest challenge in staying away from distractions while writing? Tell us in the comments!

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About Adam Leeb | @Astrohaus

Adam Leeb is a Cofounder at Astrohaus and one of the inventors of the Freewrite. He is a graduate of MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering and a focus on product design. He is a constant tinkerer and loves to develop unique consumer products.


  1. Excellent idea! Much better than trying to write on the iPad or laptop (which are okay, but not purpose-built). Looking forward to trying one somewhere!

  2. Does it have a USB port, though? I am not fond of cloud storage, as I often work in places that are far from the Internet.
    And how long does it last on a full charge? Often I am far from the power grid too.

    • Hi, Biep!

      Yes, the Freewrite has a USB-C port. We also include a USB-C to Standard USB cable for easy sharing of files to your computer. The device charges through the USB as well. A typical charge should last you a few weeks, longer if you turn the WiFi off.

      Best regards!


    • Mohan Nanjundan` says:

      1. Yes it does have a USB port.
      2. Charge stays up until 4+ week as per the manufacturer but it totally depends on you writing habit.
      3. Watch the review video on this page, its pretty straight forward.

  3. Michael Taylor says:

    Great idea, great invention. I can’t seem to read email on my phone without being redirected to some other unuseful bit of webtopia. Being able to pull everything together while sitting in a lounge chair unshackled and unplugged sounds like a perfect combination of portability and productivity. Now if I can just get past piecing together that second act…

  4. Polaris Northstar says:

    SO. COOL!!! I TOTALLY NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tim Seabrook says:

    It starts off with checking some details related to whatever I am writing, but usually digresses into other things that while tentatively related are more interesting than what I was looking up in the first place.

    It also provides a break from a long concentrated session to watching or reading something harmless but I have to take care not to let it engross me which is always a danger.

  6. Whoa! Definitely time to upgrade from my AlphaSmart. Yep.

  7. Betty Clemens says:

    I think, I thought I knew,
    But realilized lately how few
    If any computers
    Could back my neuters
    Like a two handed keyboard for two.

    I love it. I want it. I need it.

  8. Cmon, let me win! Pleeeeaaaaassse! I really need it

  9. This looks amazing! Right now I am writing the first draft of a memoir in notebooks longhand, but I need something better and faster. One question, is the USB cable how you get what you wrote into Scrivener? I admit to being pretty technologically challenged! Scrivener is something else I want to get very soon. 🙂 I find my biggest distractions a pinging phone, email, plus people around me so this would help alot!

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says:

      My understanding is that the Freewrite syncs directly to the cloud, from which you can then download it into your computer and transfer it to Scrivener.

  10. The distractions I have…is mundane life events, others demanding time and effort of self. Space to focus and write what one the pen to paper outlet, which isn’t always available..this would be a Godsend..

  11. For all those who recognize the writing distractions inherent to using laptop or a tablet, this represents the ultimate opportunity to work without distraction! Email is important, but–you and I both know– it probably can wait until you finish that next chapter or section of the plot. Discipline! We all know that Facebook or Twitter will still be on your laptop after you complete your significant written work. If you want to work outside, work outside in the sunshine where you can absorb the sounds of nature and be at peace as you write.

  12. When was the give away – I did not see any notice of this anywhere – who won?

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says:

      The winner was announced and contacted a week after the giveaway launched. Thanks for participating!

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