Find a Writing Buddy! (New Edition)

Need a writing buddy? A critique partner? A beta reader? Here’s your stop!

Earlier this year, I posted a “writing buddy linkup,” which opened the comments to anyone looking for a critique partner or accountability partner for their writing. The post was wildly popular and continued to receive entries throughout the year. At last count, it had over 500 submissions.

That many comments can be difficult to wade through, and I’m sure quite a few submissions got lost in the process. So I’m opening it up again! Feel free to post again if you weren’t able to find the right connection last time.

Need a Writing Buddy? Here’s How

Just leave a comment! Tell us:

  • Your genre
  • A short summary of your current story
  • Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
  • What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
  • Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: kmweiland [at] kmweiland [dot] com)

You can subscribe to the comments so you can read additional entries as they come in (however, be aware there could be a lot of comments!). If you see someone you think would be a great match for you, drop them a line!

The writing life works best when we’re able to reach out and offer a helping hand to one another. Jump in, meet someone new, and start taking your writing to the next level!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What are you looking for in a writing buddy? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I need this.
    I write fiction.
    My current story is a sequel to my latest book about a boy who is bullied but this one has a different slant.
    I’ve been writing for over ten years, I have written two novels and several short stories.
    I am looking for a writing buddy who helps keep me focused on writing as I get very easily distracted and lose my motivation.
    Email address: tobychainsaw at hotmail dot com

    • Trying this out for the first time so here it goes:
      I write fantasy (mainly medieval epic fantasy or later historical period fantasy).
      My current story is about a 1920’s ship sailing to an unknown destination, which the passengers and crew gradually uncover. I’ve been writing from a very young age, though officially began work on another novel and short stories since 2015/16. I am looking for a writing buddy who could help me with aspects of research I am struggling in, as well as staying invested on the project in regards to pinning down the themes of my story and the structure it needs.
      Email Address: deborahkeltywriter [at] gmail [dot] com

      • Hi Deborah! I’m also working on a novel set in 1919-1921. (Historical, but not fantasy though.) I’ll send you an email later today!

      • Tana Jenkins says


        Doing this from my phone, so apologies if this comment isn’t a standalone. 🥰

        I write interracial clean beach romances and romantasies (lowish heat) I’m a hybrid author, and I’ve published 5 books.

        Currently in the process of releasing a revised shifter romance.

        I practiced law for 15ish years, but now I write pretty much full-time. I try to release 3-4 books a year, and I’m looking for someone serious who can exchange pages on a weekly basis.

        If you think we’re a match, I’d love to hear from you. Tanajenkins (at) tanajenkins (dot) com

        Have a great day!

    • Mattie Geneseo says

      I write queer YA. My current book is about a utopia where homophobia has been forgotten and a teenage girl finds her mom’s old journals and learns about homophobia which changes the trajectory of her life.This is my first year writing. I have been underwriting and just need help adding to the story and would love for somebody to look at my story so far. My email is mattiegeneseo at gmail dot com

      • Hey @Mattie Geneseo,

        I’d like to look at your story so far. Glad to be of help. Loving the direction you’re going. YA is in my field as well. My email: ourfutureisnigh [at] Gmail [dot] com.

        • Meredith – Retired in 2020
          *Genre – Whodunit/Whydunit with a positive change arc and a love interest.
          *Summary – Jack Gill, a loner equipment repair technician in a struggling university hospital in post-pandemic Indiana is falsely accused of incompetence in the overdose death of an ICU patient. While defending his job and his good name, he discovers a brilliant serial killer is to blame for the patient death and is out to add others to his payback list.
          Jack fights to defend his innocence to the local authorities and his co-workers but he must overcome his many shortcomings to identify the killer, rally his distrustful co-workers to stop the killings and bring the killer to justice.
          * Needed feedback – I’m a newbie and I do need honest feedback and suggestions are appreciated. I’m an avid reader so though I don’t have writing experience I can give you honest feedback about what works for me as a reader. I’ve got a long way to go before I can provide “editor” level feedback.
          * Status – I’ve 2/3’s done with my outline and I have completed a number of primary scenes to see about voice and theme are working.
          *My email: hwatso011 (at) gmail (dot) (com)
          I hope you’ll give me a shout out. Thanks!

    • Amy C Sauers says

      Hey Tobychainsaw at Hotmail, sent you an email. Let me know if it would work. Thanks

  2. I am currently working on short stories which are historical fantasy with an explicitly Christian bent. I can be reached at theauthorandyclark [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • I will mention that I’m working on novels and short stories currently, and not exactly pumping them out, too may fires, too few irons.

      • Hi, I am theandyclark. I am Lizette Vega, I am interested in your WIP. Please contact me at Harper Gale is my pseudonym for fiction writing.

        Here’s my background: if anyone is interested:
        I am Lizette Vega. I write Christian Suspense, Christian non-fiction, and children’s books.
        I am formatting a children’s book for publication by the end of the month, hopefully sooner.
        I self-published one small booklet on the Fruit of the Spirit, a novel called Between Us, and two children’s books (not counting the one in process), so far.
        I need a writing buddy for support, encouragement, and an honest beta reader.
        My email address is Harper is my pseudonym for fiction writing.

    • @theandyclark- how religious are these? I am doing the same thing, but I have a feeling it is coming from a different angle than you are. I am writing an alternative history where the Protestant Reformation never occurred, and the world is run by theocracies.

      • I’m looking about a thousand years earlier, and writing from the perspective of Christian missionaries either in the slavic lands or the british isles in the 600-800 AD period. There is a magical element which brings in the fantasy element, but the missionaries have the attitudes, beliefs and struggles appropriate for who they are.

    • I have bones of a story, Historical Christian focus on faith through generations of an Irish immigrant. The one element, journal writing and encouragement from then to now. I have character sketches, an introduction with different flashback sketches. Looking for help to tie together, create arcs, antagonists and symmetry of lives woven together through faith in God, perseverance in trials and offers encouragement to know the Character of God as seen through the lens of these women through time and experience.

  3. I live in Western Massachusetts (near Amherst and Northampton) and would love to meet more writers in the area!

  4. I am currently working on the third book of a trilogy. It’s a low fantasy book. I have the first book published, the second book done and awaiting editing, and the third book is roughly 3/4 of the way done. The first book is about a boy who escaped an execution and plotted the demise of the king in revenge. The second book is about how the death of the king opened a whole new can of worms, and revealed how there was a puppet master behind the scenes, and the third book is about the characters trying to resolve the problems caused by the puppet master. I have been writing for about 15 years. I do have young children, so it can be hard to find time to write. I think I would be looking for someone to help with motivation and/or a beta reader. I can be reached at haileyhunt1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hey Hailey:

      I’d like to look at your story so far as a beta reader. Glad to be of help. Loving the direction you’re going. I was trying not to get so excited reading the premise for each book. Love it! My email: ourfutureisnigh [at] Gmail [dot] com.

  5. Xavier Basora says

    I’d to have one but who’s fluent in Catalan?😔


    • Hi Xavier, I’m not fluent in Catalan, but since probably no one here is fluent in Portuguese, maybe we can join forces. What do you write? I’m mostly focusing on short mystery and sci-fi but looking to write longer. Would love an accountability partner for that! Contact: breakthrough dot portuguese at gmail dot com

  6. Martin Von Cannon says

    Hi, I write urban fantasy about a female Marine that is pulled into a world of elves, magic, and mystery.
    I’ve been writing about 7 years.
    I’m looking for honest feedback about structure and flow.

  7. I have 11 books published, good but not great writing. I’ve changed my genre to urban fantasy and upped my writing. I want the 4 books in my new series to be GREAT writing, so I need someone with a good critical, but fair eye who can help me. Honest feedback is the best feedback.
    Currently revising book 1 of the series, Penny Angel is the main character, after a traumatic event, she starts seeing magical powers develop in her. In the small town of Gig Harbor, WA, Penny discovers witches, magic and werewolves.

    • Jim Johnston (writing as T J O'Hare) says

      Hi, Sherry. I went to your wesite and checked out your various titles. I read pretty much everything: detective, police procedural, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, low fantasy, weird fantasy. I’m based in Ireland.

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hello Sherry,

      I’d love to read give feedback to what you have so far. Glad to be of help! I’ll be emailing you from : ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Debbie Weaver says

      Re: Sherry Briscoe, was surprised to see the Gig Harbor story local. I’m back and forth from Poulsbo and Montesano regularly 🙂 If you’d like to discuss critiquing email me barndust at live dot com. Contemporary romance is my genre. Until the past few years it’s been a ‘hobby’ because of my busy life. I’m retired now and getting in gear from some serious writing. Debbie

  8. Ok – here we go! I am working on a YA fantasy fiction in the vein of high fantasy. A young girl has grown up in a small, isolated village as a healer’s apprentice is learning, as she is coming of age, that her healing abilities make her a powerful, and sometimes dangerous, force. Can she make it to sanctuary before other parties can claim her power for their own?
    This is my first book, and I have been trudging through it for about 2 years, off and on. I could use someone to help me stay accountable and be real and honest with my me about what is and what isn’t working. ninjaballerina [at] protonmail [dot] com)

    • M. G. Archer says

      Hi there! What you’re writing sounds super similar to mine, actually!

      I’m writing a YA Fantasy about a boy whose sister is the Empress of their kingdom, because there’s proof that she was reincarnated and that makes her holy. He got dragged along with her, but rather than being a proper Prince, he prefers to be a healer. The book is about when both of them are kidnapped by two sister mercenaries and are made to track down a mysterious artifact that they think the boy’s sister stole, because it let’s people reincarnate. I’m at 30k right now and I’d love to have a writing buddy to exchange chapters with, critique with, and talk with!

      • Caroline Johnson says

        Hello Kirsten,

        I’d love to read give feedback to what you have so far. Glad to be of help! I hope you don’t stop writing. We must know what happens to the girl. I’m very familiar with the trudging.

        I’ll be emailing you from : ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Howdy Kirsten!

      I’m in the same boat as you- I definitely need someone to hold me more accountable. I’m not currently writing a YA fantasy, but I am familiar with the genre!

      Instead, I’m writing two novels right now- a portal fantasy/isekai (two different genres, I’m just still picking if I want a point-of-return or not!) and a low sci-fi thriller/mystery!

      I also love giving feedback- honest, real, and constructive!

      If you’re still looking for writing buddies, my email is

      oftnostalgic [@] gmail [.com]

      • Hi Gwen! If you’re looking for another writing buddy, I’m writing a portal fantasy progression webnovel while procrastinating on editing a near future sci-fi/fantasy based largely inside a VR gameworld. I definitely need some accountability myself. dhempel at gmail.

      • Nelson White says

        Hi Gwen & Dustin,

        I have a few irons in the fire YA /NA fantasy- my main WIP is a portal fantasy with a few substories to it. Empire C has designs on Kingdom A, and eventually A’s enemy, the Kingdom S. The Emperor embeds his own magical children into these lands to wreak havoc. A has it’s own issues between the dwindling population and the conflicts between the mages and seers, revering one and criminalizing the other. Many seers have attempted to guide the dying kingdoms to salvation. MC is but one Seer, except she is a prophecy unto herself.

        BUT taking a break by working on a short story/novella- spaceship crash-lands on a hostile but habitable planet. Losing most of their crew, as the decades go by, the colony is dying. Another ship crashes with the sole male survivor offering a new gene pool. Fast forward and the Live-in-the-Moment religion has been distorted to induct his daughters as priestesses to save their race. MC is the latest in line, her sister having been murdered shortly after being inducted, with no leads to follow. Torn between her first love and her duty to the colony, she’s unaware of the Council’s secret, one that would call her sacrifice into question.

        Would love Quid Pro Quo; someone to hold me accountable (days can be a fail to start or a sprint) & help beta read passages/chapters.

        If you still need a writing buddy, my email is azcatwrites [@] gmail [.com]
        A great big THANK YOU to K.M.!

  9. I’m in the fantasy/supernatural/superhero realm of fiction.
    Going to, at some point, need critique and beta readers.
    Currently about halfway through my first novel which is superhero fiction.
    I’ve been writing here and there for years but only gotten regular in the last year and a half or so.

  10. I write clean historical romance/mystery novels set in the Georgian/Regency period. I’ve self-published 2 novels. My current WIP links a British spy and Canadian woman in France in 1810. I have been writing fiction for about 10 years. BTW, I’m British though now live in the US and can help out with anyone writing Regency novels set in the UK. I will be looking for beta readers for a fairly polished manuscript, though a chapter-by-chapter alpha readers would also be useful. My email address is: kpierotti [at] gmail [dot] com

    • I like to read, review, and write short story. I do like to meet people here.

    • I’m writing historical romance, Regency and Victorian. Unpublished but have been writing for a few years. Working on manuscript set in Regency with blind heroine. I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of, read passages, critique.

      Karen, I’d love to touch base with you and be an alpha and beta reader.

      cagirl8675309 (at) yahoo (dot) com

      • I have just started writing again after a hiatus of several years. I am currently writing a Regency romance and am really looking for someone to help keep me focused and writing regularly.

    • Tiffany Bierbaum says

      Hello Karen et al. I am also writing a Regency historical. I am about 3/4 through my first draft and will be looking for beta readers by the end of the year or begining of next. I have been writing for 4 or 5 years, unpublished. Karen, I would love your perspective in particular as I am struggling to find the balance between my voice and my British character’s. There are enough Regency folks here, maybe we could form a group? tcbierbaum {at} gmail {dot} com.

      • I think a Regency writers group is a great idea, Tiffany. I would certainly be interested.

  11. Gisele Phalo says

    Sci-fi fantasy book about a people returning to their homeland. Female protagonist.
    I’ve been working on it for 2-3 years now.
    Would like to exchange beta-reading with someone that is also writing about kick-ass female protagonists in their stories.
    gdenisephalo at gmail dot com

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hello Gisele,

      I’d like to beta read for you. Expect some honest feedback. Awesome female protagonists are right up my alley. Your premise sound good, I’m happy to read what you have!
      My email is ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • John D Warfield says

      As the protagonist in my long term incomplete portal/alternate history novel is a displaced female protagonist with lots of spunk and depth (at least I’d like to think so), we might be able to help one another. I can beta, and perhaps the reverse…

    • John D Warfield says

      Might have helped to include:
      jdwtrxk01[at] gmail [dot] com

  12. Hey, wordplayers! I’m Malina, currently working on a fantasy novel set in an alternate world about four different cultures and the interactions between them. If you’re interested in unique societies and creatures and like stories on the literary side of fantasy and light romance, you will enjoy it.
    I’ve been writing for over fourteen years.
    I’m looking for a beta reader to swap novel drafts with, especially if you are writing a fantasy novel too! I can also swap short stories for critique.
    citrinesunstream at yandex dot com.

    • John D Warfield says

      Hi Malina. My alternate/portal world also involves four distinct cultures with historical roots and their conflicts experienced by a young woman who rises from a fugitive to a royal combine and emissary with touches of combat, intrigue, romance, motherhood, and politics. Her daughter, the protagonist in the sequel, is ‘the cord that binds two worlds beset by a third.”

      As I am early in the process despite having prepared for years I have only writing samples and an outline to offer from my end, but am quite willing to offer and receive critique and advice that might benefit us both.

      jdwtrxk01 [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. Sarah McNamara says

    Hello! How exciting to see this post! My genre is romance – historical, contemporary, fantasy, all of it. 🙂 I have been writing for about a decade (even have my MFA!) but thanks to some really deep soul searching over the last few years, I have determined that my creative process up until now has not served me well. It has not served me at all. So I’m now outlining for the first time in my life (having a ball, by the way) and I consider this my first serious attempt at finishing my first novel. What I’d be looking for in a buddy is an accountability partner and overall cheerleader. I’d be the same for you! I have some goals for the second half of 2023 and the first half of 2024 that having a regular check in with someone might help! I live in the Twin Cities and can be reached at ceramac24 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Deborah Bailey says

      You had my attention at “Twin Cities” since I’m in Blaine.
      I write short stories in all genres but my long-form work in progress is a mystery in a Sci-Fi environment. The logline is: Mikaela ‘Mika’ Bakar and Emmett Washington, police officers investigating a disturbing coincidence between two cases, give chase to a group of defiant witnesses they need to question. After pursuing the group through a doorway, Mika and Emmett find themselves in an alternate reality. I pantsed 130K words but they weren’t great words and while a couple of readers loved the characters, they found the story too complex.
      I’ve been writing for about 15 years and always assumed I’d focus on detective fiction. What I’ve discovered writing short fiction is that I love fantasy, mysteries, romance, drama, fairy tales. I read whatever I can learn from. What I want to do is write well.
      To do that I need someone willing to talk craft: what makes a good story, how do you outline well, how do you translate idea to plot. I’m an introvert, it takes a long time for me to trust, but I respond to emails and messages fairly fast.
      I’m at dl.bailey at hushmail dot com.

    • Gwendolyn Thomas says

      Hi Sarah!

      I’ve been writing for about a decade too now- but I’m still in uni (getting a degree in biochemistry at that- it’s awful). I’m also trying to discover the writing method that works best for me though and am attempting to complete my first real novel. I definitely need an accountability buddy, and to be one in return! However, I live in AZ, so we’d be two hours apart.

      If that isn’t an issue, I’m currently working on a low sci mystery/thriller (with a hint of romance) and a portal fantasy/isekai (still deciding on which one). My email is:

      oftnostalgic [@] gmail [.com]

  14. Hi,
    I write epic fantasy/ coming of age-fantasy. My current WIP is a splinter series, that is about a young mage, when an ancient magical artifact is discovered and how it will change the political landscape;)
    working blurb below:)
    I have had one ongoing writing buddy, where we pick each other brains to work out rough patches, plot-hack and keep each other on track re goals and progress. We generally use a discord server for this as it works best for both of us.
    tee-jay–at tee-jay-muir dottt comm
    As the illegitimate daughter barely tolerated by an unforgiving warlord, Kadaris’s ability to do magic is the one thing no one can take away from her. She’s dedicated herself completely to becoming a full mage in a region where magic is weak.
    In the rugged mountain region already besieged by grain shortages and bandits, rumors spring up about rogue magies and hedge witches stirring up trouble in a newby town.
    As one of the few people in House Rohglinn with any experience in magic, Kadaris is sent to investigate. What was supposed to be a mundane task no one else was interested in soon becomes much more than anyone bargained for: rumors of wild magic, feduging hedge wiches and demons in the forest.
    When she gets there, it becomes clear that ancient powerful magic has been uncovered. Kadaris knows if she can recover this magic and bring it home, she can secure her future as a court mage.
    But she isn’t the only one who is desperate to lay claim to it.

  15. Matt Woodson says

    My name is Matt, and I am writing two novels right now. A space adventure, and a gothic fantasy. These are my first novels, and I’ve been working on them for about a year or so. I have written a short story on Simily, and a few poems but nothing else. I would love an accountability partner to keep each other on track. I would love to help someone with their story. I enjoy world building, so I could help with that. My email address is

  16. Hello,
    I am a translator and teacher, so have experience writing and editing for others. My manuscript in the genre category of literary or women’s fiction.
    It’s like a telenovela or soap opera taking place within 24 hours in 1990 Spain.
    The story is based on a true incident in my life, the theft of my wedding dress.
    I need a reader who can tell me if he or she likes the work or not and why or why not. I’ve reworked the ending and tried to make the entire document longer. Now at 55K words.
    radfordkathryn [at] hotmail [dot] com

    • I would like to read your book and provide you my review. I do like to read, review, and write short story.

    • I write contemporary women’s fiction and this is my fourth novel.
      Kathryn, I like the sound of your story as my current novel is about finding a kimono and the mystery surrounding it.
      I have been writing for about twenty years and I write every day.
      I’m looking for a writing buddy for has time to read a few chapters or an entire M/S and offer constructive feedback.
      I will do the same for you. I was an English teacher and I’m used to editing other people’s work.
      My email address is

    • Hi Kathryn
      Of the comments so far you seemed the most similar to myself. I write short stories in various genres but have almost got a first draft of a novel (that I have been working on for 10 years…!) that would be classed as contemporary women’s fiction, about a woman who is desperate to have a girl to right what she sees as the wrongs of her past, and the sacrifices she is prepared to make in the process – her husband and son. It touches on what makes a parent a parent, male infertility and expectations we place upon others to fulfil our own needs. I am looking for both an accountability buddy and also a reader, for which I would return the favour. Your manuscript sounds really interesting. If you think this could be a good match my email is johunter73 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  17. I write Fantasy (All kinds, Epic, low, urban, and modern). I have a pretty big imagination, and the setting for my stories vary. I have multiple other Earths, along with many invented worlds, and I plan to continue creating new places for my characters to explore.
    My current WIP is set in a version of the modern world where magic is being forcibly reintroduced by the antagonist.
    I have been writing for over five years (I have one complete unpublished novel – professionally edited – and several dozen short stories)
    I’m looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and give ideas to, I love collaborative writing projects.
    My email is: sea52501 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • sounds like you could be a solid writing buddy.. crit partner etc. do you use discord? that is where- how I have found the best platform.. its audio, so its in the background and not disruptive but is running for the duration of any writing session:)

      • I don’t use discord. I don’t read or write sci-fi fantasy, except for Harry Potter and The Earth Sea trilogy. Otherwise, I stick to thrillers and mysteries. I like suspense, especially paranormal suspense.

    • hi steve,

      I thought I’d replied to your post– but I think it went to Sherry by mistake. I also write fantasy, would like someone to brain and word-buddy with.. I mainly use discord as my communication platform;)

  18. warrenclyde at rocketmail .com
    I have been writing for a few years. I am currently writing a 4-5 part fantasy series Pangerath, at he same time I am writing Valentine A Vampire’s Memoir(which could be an ongoing series)
    Valentine ties in to Pangerath(But I can’t spoil that
    The first book in Pangerath: Enter the Dark wizard is 200,00 words, the second Pangerath War, is the same. I know its a lot to ask, but if anyone is interested in critiquing, Ill send a word copy.
    Thank you

  19. Yes, yes. I am looking for an “Accountability Partner” first and foremost; a reader of humor with an eye to critique of style, substance, etc. would also be appreciated. I’ve been writing all my years since I could get a transcribing implement in my hands. In college, (class of ’92 — ‘old man’ I know; you can figure out my age as I graduated in 4 years), my claim to ‘fame’ was a one-act comedy staged with three other one-acts of varying genre. I’m writing what I want to be a humorous novel with a strong subtext about the disabled, as well as essays for potential newspaper publication (in the style of Dave Barry, Erma Bombeck, etc. (hopefully!)).j Thank you for your consideration. <> –Mr. B.

    • I do like to read review and write short stories. I like comedy and politics, because I think both them are jokes.

    • Mister Bee-
      Humor writer also looking for an accountability partner. Need someone to exchange goals with, celebrate daily progress with, if only putting a few words together. Been at this writing game for quite some time. Once saw Erma Bombeck on a plane headed to Las Vegas. It was sometime in the 1980’s and she was doing needlepoint. Yes, I’m older than you, but still kicking.

      • Ms. E.F.: Hello! Interested…! Please contact me but only if you want: cel45795705 at gmail. (I have no way to contact you other than this ‘reply.’) Thank you, Miss! Best, –Mr. B.

    • Betsy Landau says

      Hi, everyone.

      I am a playwright looking for a critique partner.
      I have had one one-act play staged at a new works festival. My genre is probably best described as comedy-drama. My current work is a hopefully comedic tale about two very different women meeting by chance and impacting one another in unexpected ways.

      I have been writing on and off for decades, but took to playwriting after retirement. I am looking for a fellow playwright who can be an objective critique partner concerning plot, character development and humor.


      • Hello Betsy, I’m interested in being a critique partner. I’ve written pantomimes and murder dinner scripts that have been performed in my small town – not in the same league as your work by the sounds of it, but it’s been a great experience. I was also a member of a fiction critique group for years so hopefully can offer some useful comments. I’m recently retired and enjoying having the time to write.
        Cloudsandseagulls [at] outlook [dot] com

  20. Shannon Grogan says

    Hello I am a paranormal romance/urban fantasy writer. I write in both young adult and new adult with a darker tone. My books are not spicy. Currently I have a novel series about vampires and blood maids and then I am starting a novella serial that’s y/a similar to the chilling adventures of Sabrina/ Wednesday/ Veronica Mars-ish. I have been published for over 15 years. I am open to any experience level since I’m looking for someone to beta read and give general feedback, do check-ins and just be a friend who has similar goals with writing. If you live in Illinois or Chicago area I’d love to meet up! Shannongrogan99 at yahoo dot com

    • Shannon. I live in the Chicago area and write speculative fiction/ fantasy/ thriller/ and horror for adult and YA. I have a current novel which is a dystopian story focused around Chicago.I am looking for a writing buddy to beta read and critique story for plausibility, plot, and general likability. My email is adoveonline [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. Hi! I write YA, MG, and PB. My current WIP is a middle grade animal adventure about a lost cat that gets caught up in a bank robbery, winds up on a farm, saves a puppy, and foils the plans of those pesky thieves. My stories lean toward mysteries with a learning opportunity woven in.
    I have been writing all my life, but only writing with intention for about 5 years. I’m looking for someone who writes more than just picture books. I have found an abundance of PB critique groups, but open MG and YA groups are difficult to find. I would like to work with someone who can give me tips on story arc, character development, and a willingness to give me the hard stuff like “this storyline is just too obvious” or “the dialogue is flat and dull. Let’s spice it up!”
    I am open to the needs of other authors and am also willing to share the hard stuff if needed, but can smooth it out with kindness and encouragement.
    I am hoping to find several authors to share with as a group, if possible. The experiences and perceptions of a group multiplies the insight exponentially.
    I would like to share work on a scheduled basis to keep me working with a deadline, but not too stringently. I am a farmer and there are just times when the farm needs a LOT of attention so my writing must take a a break. If someone is interested, but needs a more relaxed sharing strategy, I am open to that as well.
    sallymcclure [at] sallymcclure [dot] com
    Thanks, Katie, for opening this list back up!

    • Hi Sally! I think we would make great writing buddies. Your WIP sounds like great fun. I am working on a MG portal fantasy novel (and an adult cozy mystery.)

      I also enjoy a workshopping community and I have truly missed that since leaving college (quite some time ago!) Would love to participate in a group like that!

      • Chris and Sally, I am also working on a MG fantasy. My last book was a portal fantasy, but it was for upper MG. My current WIP is urban fantasy, but set in a future where the return of the fae to Earth caused electricity to fail. Focusing on diversity and tolerance and pushing back against bullies. Please consider me if a MG group is forming. john_r_berkowitz (at) yahoo (dot) com. My post is below.

      • Hi, Kris. I love Scifi/fantasy and cozy mysteries and would be interested in working with you! What is a workshopping community? Can we duplicate that?

        • Eileen Langton says

          Hi Sally,Kris, and John my WIP is a Light Fantasy MG Dog’s POV. The dog and his family being displaced from an hurricane. The protagonist dog is having dog cultural shock. It is the first time he ever had to live with another family with dogs. He is doing whatever he can to stay in the house. The dogs from the other family are bullying him. These dogs are trying to get him in enough trouble to be sent to a dog shelter. Before the protagonist dog’s home is fixed and livable. I am about half way done writing my outline for my MG POV novel.
          I have been writing for a long time, mostly poetry for fun. I started taking my writing seriously for last two years. I am taking a college Creative Writing course and studying the craft of writing with a Writer’s group.
          I am also interested to work with MG writers for accountability, critiquing, and writing group. I also like fantasy, and mysteries.
          My email is eileenlangton26(at)gmail(dot)com

        • Hi Sally, I’m sending you an email. I was going to include Kris as well but her email address wasn’t listed. I write cozy mysteries.

          • Rhonda. I would love to work with you all if you get a group going. I am working on a cozy mystery too. I have done a lot of non-fiction writing, but my fiction could use some good eyes. Let me know if they would work.

          • Hi, Rhonda. I would love to form a group if you are still interested. I don’t see your email here. Let me know what you think.

    • Sally: Would I’ve to join a group. I am working on a cozy mystery and would love eyes on pages. Thanks! I love to read anything except romantic westerns.

    • Darlene Handley says

      Hi Sally, all,

      Sally, as soon as I saw you were working on an animal story, I honed in. I am on a second draft of my first novel, about a young wolf protagonist, Hakkon, who will become the next, One, of his clan. The first draft was really about me figuring out the storyline and plot. I hired a developmental editor to give me some feedback in POV, aging up the Protagonist, etc. I’m planning on a series. I would love to participate in a group or work with anyone of you with similar genres. In addition to this, I have written two screenplays, and have had a variety of writing courses through local community college, English undergrad, etc. I can be reached enelradsedir[at]gmail[dot]com.

  22. Your genre / A short summary of your current story:
    Space Fantasy/Opera. (Having written book 2, I’m writing Book one and 0.5!)
    In one sentence: A young, hotshot fighter pilot is transferred to Deep Space Recon, but the boring, lacklustre posting turns out to be anything but…
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    I have been writing for at least 7 years
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Someone who will look at a chapter or scene in sequence and give me their reaction. Is it working/consistent/believable/plausible? More like a development reader at this point. I’m not expecting you to have to correct SPAG. Happy to return the favour if I can.

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hey there,
      Love that premise. No problem for me.
      I’ll email you with: ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. I like to write fantasy with romantic subplots. My current story is about a human girl who has secret powers and is brought to another world, where she harnesses her powers, and meets new friends, where they all go through past and present traumas, and stand by each other through it all. I’ve been writing and planning this series for about four years, and I’m nearly done with the first book. I’m just looking for someone to proofread the book and give me comments on what I did right or wrong. My email address is

  24. I write sf/speculative fiction, I switch between many stories. I write in Polish, so I guess if anyone happens to know it – context me 🙂 trollalincz (at)

  25. I am looking for a beta reader/critique of an adult fiction dystopian novel.
    When Beau Ryder tumbled from an aging and defunct hibernation chamber, he had to overcome the barren ruin of a post-apocalyptic Chicago in order to uncover the truth about his lost family and friends while avoiding the grip of the mysterious Society and remain one weary step ahead of the Sleepwalkers or lose everything to the unforgiving Wastelands.
    I have been writing for about eight years and mix between YA and adult fiction with a concentration on speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller.
    My contact info is: adoveonline [at] gmail [dot] com

    • I forgot to mention that I would welcome the opportunity to swap writing samples/novels where I would beta read and/or critique your work as well. I am and have been an active member of SCBWI for the past eight years. I am a historian by trade and hold an MA in history with a background in teaching. I write 2-3 hours every day on my novels and currently have written (but not published) 6 books. I look forward to working with someone as a writing buddy.

      • Sherie Greer says

        Hi Alex
        I enjoy dystopian novels and would happily critique for you. I’ve been writing since an early age, but due to family and life only started writing again about 10 years ago. I’ve nothing published as yet but have a novel and novella in draft which I need to edit, both part of a medieval fantasy series. I hope to complete the series to get them out of my head and then look to write my other ideas, one with a dystopian theme. I don’t get to write every day or sometimes every week, but I’m currently trying to commit more time for my writing. Sherie. sherieg13@gmail. com
        Let me know if you would be interested in getting in touch

      • John D Warfield says

        Dystopian and post apocalyptical stories can be tricky – wonderful opportunities to world build and explore human relations and conflict under stress, but easy to fall into tropes. Done well, they draw you in like few other stories.
        I’m interested.

      • John D Warfield says

        Might have included this…
        jdwtrxk01 [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. I write novels and short stories in commercial, literary and literary sci-fi genres. I have published several short stories in online and print magazines. I have decades of writing experience.
    Right now, I’m finishing a literary sci-fi novel and preparing a query package for agents. I have a regular writing routine and would be a good match for someone else who does as well. I’m looking for a beta reader who can give story notes.
    My email is: bowkeramy [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Currently I’m working on a science fiction dealing with genetic editing and cloning, set in the near future. I’ve traditionally published a historical novel and a fantasy, coming of age. I also write memoirs professionally. I’m looking for a mutually beneficial friendship with another published author or authors for insightful critiques. The best fit for both of us would be a writer who’s been in critique groups before, perhaps an MFA, and has more than a basic understanding of techniques.

    • See my post below. We might be a good fit. My email is included.

    • Hi John,
      I have several books published, and am working on a sci-fi trilogy. I’ve done several beta readings before, but I can only promise to be honest with my critiques (I’m no professional). I do have a critique partner, but I’d love one or two more. My current wip is space opera, some action and adventure, with a small romantic subplot. My email is jina.salameh1 (@) gmail (dot) com If you’re interested to know more, reach out and we can try exchanging a chapter or two.

  28. Ruth Molenaar says

    Hey y’all. I write speculative fiction, mostly science fantasy ideas.

    I am currently in the outlining phase of a story about colonization on a newly discovered planet that also includes some elements of survival and dips and dabs of biology, botany, and chemistry. Definitely not hard science fiction. It does have some cursing in it just as an fyi.

    I’ve been thinking about writing fiction for more than 20 years. I’m a recovering perfectionist and worldclass procrastinator. I have been actively working on both issues for the last few years. Recently I decided I needed to just get the words out on paper and then I can obsess over the correctness of them later. It’s not a perfect system but I’ve gotten further now than I have before.

    What I’m looking for is somebody to bounce ideas off, set accountability goals with, and hopefully eventually one day I’ll have enough written to critique.

    Please reach out if this sounds remotely interesting to you or if I can be of any help to you. Reddkaat @

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hey there,
      Liking the premise + genre mix.
      Happy to help.
      I’ll be emailing at: ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • I am interested in your outline, Ruth. I’ll email you. My background is in evolutionary biology so I might be of help there, and my interests are in soft sci-fi, LeGuin style.

    • Forgot to add my email, in case it ended up in your junk folder: bicycleplan at gmail dot com

  29. I write medium heat contemporary suspense romance. The beta read I will need next has child physical abuse and verbal abuse (and an adult who was abused these ways as a child and wants to save her sister from their abusive mother.) There is a little violence but not a lot. The sex scenes are medium heat and there are only two. I don’t like long sex scenes personally so they are not long.
    I’m also looking for an alpha reader for a memoire style nonfiction about recovery from my mother’s abuse (physical and emotional) using aura/chakra healing and inner parts work. That work is not ready for someone right now. I’m still drafting.
    I’m also still drafting a workbook for clients in counseling and life coaching. (I am a psychotherapist and a life coach.) So, I’ll want alphas for that.
    Lastly, I run a writing group on Saturday mornings (9 am EST). All of us write romance and we swap out romance to read for each other. We chat for about half an hour to 45 minutes then a timer is set for 60 minutes and we all mute our mics and keep the camera (Zoom) on and we all cowork. Then, after a full hour, we briefly talk about how the hour of writing went. Sometimes we share word counts but its not a big deal. We don’t just draft in that hour, sometimes we edit or transcribe handwritten drafts. That group is an accountability group. No one can join unless they can commit to attending at least 80% of the time and to write to me, the leader if they will not be attending. We do not want someone who just pops in and out as it ruins the culture in the group. We are all using it for accountability to be there most of the time. (We do miss for illness or holiday/vacations or even because we have a day thing we need to do on Saturday.) I miss due to my chronic heal issues about 15% of the time myself.
    My name is Senta. Last name Rose. (she/her). I live in Michigan. My email is If you write to me, please put me on your contact as my replies often end up in spam.

    • Hi Senta,
      I would love to read for you.
      I’m very very slowly working on a retro thriller and think you could help as well? With motivation and reading!
      I’ll email you.
      Rebecca Coffin
      beckrn24401 @ comcast [dot] net

  30. Yes. Yes. Let me try again..! And if you see two posts from me, don’t despair; it is me who is the one going further insane. As I stated in my first post, I’m an old-timer who has been writing since he could get a chisel in his hand. My ‘claim to fame’ was a one-act comedy, produced and performed with three other genre one-acts. Right now, at work on a novel that (hopefully) will be equally as humorous as the message in poignant. Also, looking to write humorous essays in the style of a Dave Barry/Erma Bombeck/etc. {A guy can dream, can’t he?} I’m looking for an accountability partner first — to keep me on track for my daily production, which some days can be nil. Also, if you have a good eye for substance, style, etc. of humorous pieces, that would be a bonus! I’m reachable: cel45795705 at gmail. Thanks Team! -Mr. B

    • I think I will be one of the best your reader writes buddy you probably would like. I like to write jokes, comedy, politic these topics makes me laugh.
      I like to read your work and provide you my review and feedback.

    • Lisbeth Mizula says

      I also need an accountability partner. I’m sick of procrastinating on my humorous mystery which I’ve worked on and off for years in different versions. This latest version I started in June and am still in act I, trying to write by following homework assignments in a cozy mystery course I took in June and haven’t finished.

  31. Hello!
    I write young adult fantasy and am slowly shifting into adult fantasy. Overall, I’ve been publishing since May 2021, but I’ve been writing since I was young. In fact, I’ve got a BA in creative writing (and a minor in history).
    Currently, I’m working on the final book of a trilogy, The King’s Spy (of the Rise of the Golden Dragons series) which is a prequel series of my Enchanted Trials. It follows Quincy as she really comes into her own as a Rider and a person. The first two books, she was mostly reacting and this one is where she takes control of her life.
    Mostly what I need is a writing buddy. I’ve recently learned that I write better when I know someone else is writing as well, so I’ve been trying to frequent writers sprints on youtube and whatnot, but a lot of the time, those don’t occur when I can write. Plus, one-on-one seems like it would work better because then on the breaks, it’s more focused, I guess?
    My email is shelby.n.hild [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Hello! I also do better with a deadline (it wavers sometimes). I had a critique group in the past that worked so well, but they shifted away from writing. I have a MA in Literature and have taught academic writing at the university level. (My former critique group squeezed formal language out of me.) Would you like to try us out as writing buddies?

  32. Christian Speculative Fiction/Fantasy
    I am currently wanting to find a writing/accountability/encouragement buddy as I attempt to dive back into the world of fiction writing.
    Though I have been writing off and on for most of my life (I am 40), I tend to have primarily written and dabbled in spoken word poetry. I have yet to really finish a full novel draft, but would like to really change that as I am currently exploring my faith and my creativity again.
    Someone to share ideas with, encourage each other in our processes, and creatively collaborate as fellow writers no matter experience level, is highly welcome!
    jgkwriter [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Forgot to mention, also in the Austin/Central Texas area if anyone is looking for local writing buddies and support!

      • I am also writing a Biblical Fantasy…if there is even a genre for that….. i would like to be your e mail writing…toencourage each other and to talk writing….I have a 300 page rough draft…..working on 2nd draft……shooting for 1,000 page novel….. email…i’ll send you an email later this afternon. sharon

    • I’m in Richmond, but I’d be happy to be an email buddy. I’ll drop you a note.

  33. Camila Indira Martelli says

    Your genre: Mostly fantasy but also detective stories
    A short summary of your current story: well… that it’s kind of a tricky question, since I currently have 3 projects going on in different stages.
    I have a novel in the editing stage about a girl that travels inside a book after the death of her grandma.
    I’m writing a detective-agatha-christie-meets-phryne-fisher kind of story.
    And I’m outlining a novel about Greek gods vs christianity
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing). Uff, seems like all my life. Ever since I was 9 for sure.
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Unfortunately I struggle with depression and anxiety so sometimes my writing can be irregular and erratic. So I need someone who can keep me on track. I don’t want much, just someone who once a week checks in and ask me if I’ve been writing. It would be nice if they took an interest in my writing but I don’t expect it since I’m from Argentina so I generally write in Spanish.
    Your email address kmilamartelli [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Hi!
      I see that you want someone to keep track on you and I also want the same.
      But let me say that (since I’m portuguese) my spanish is far from good. I mean, our languages are kinda similar most of the time and I can understand spanish a bit.
      To be honest, fantasy and mistery books are not my beach. I write some contemplative, introspective (maybe existential) stories or something funny and absurd.
      Since you want a buddy that can check you up and read your stories, I can be that buddy!

  34. Madelon Wise says

    I write memoir.
    My current story is about my childhood in the 50s and 60s, my young marriage, and overcoming a lifetime of trauma for the sake of my young daughter.
    I have been writing most of my life. My career was as a technical writer-editor. This is my first foray into creative writing since college.
    I am looking for readers and somebody who can make useable suggestions on how to present my story better. I want a buddy who can address the writing and leave behind pity and judgment.
    I would be very grateful for this help.
    madelonw3 [at] gmail [dot] com)

    • Alena Balmforth says

      Hello Madelon,
      I also grew up in the 50s and 60s. What a time in history! We lived through the perfect storm: feminism, bra burning, and the pill, the War in Vietnam, the Civil Rights Act, environmentalism, Mexican American activism, and more. How could those social movements not affect our lives.
      Not much of a writer, though I dabble with memoir writing and some fiction.
      I promise I will not be judgmental about your story, just try to help with the actual writing process.
      Personally, I need someone who will make me be accountable for my writing, push me to get my stories on paper, and let me know where my writing is lacking.
      If you think we may be able to help each other, please let me know.

  35. Joe Cheltenham says

    Let’s be real…I have been writing (passively) my fiction piece for the better part of the last 40 years…but I am finally at a spot where I’ve left all of my friend-based characters in the dust and my project’s prospects are clear.
    My stories have been based on a small town private investigator whose life mirrors my own (excluding the PI part). His conflicts include self (money, love, life, etc), man (don’t we all have enemies?) and possibly nature.
    While I have been writing for decades, I have only recently made this a bucket list item. So, I’m interested in a writing buddy who is interested in helping me corral this free-write into 80k words of interesting prose. Something for which I can be proud. The kicker is that I do NOT need a person to blow smoke and tell me it’s great. It isn’t.
    I’ll check back often.

    • Joe, sounds like an interesting read and challenge.
      We write very different things, however, I would love to assist.

      iris [dot] m [dot] perkins at gmail [dot] com

  36. Thank you for doing this. Finding a CP match is always a challenge.
    I’ve just started my forth novel. This will be my third for children. It’s a middle grade elf punk (urban fantasy where elves, pixies, ogres, goblins, etc. are present):
    In a future with faeries but no electricity, 10yo Timothy Skrooluse learns brains and confidence are more powerful than magic. With the help of his unique gadgets and fae-born friends, Timothy the Gadgeteer thwarts bullies who terrorize anyone “different.”
    I’ve been active on various critique sites (critique circle, scribiphile, others), for about 10 years. I am currently querying my previous novel.
    I’m hoping to find a long-term partner with similar experience, someone familiar with middle grade fantasy with whom I can discuss ideas and concepts for both of our respective WIPs, through the entire writing process. I’m happy to share my outlining tools and collected resource links, etc., and I’d love to find someone with something to teach me, as well.
    I live in the Inland Northwest, work from home laying out magazines and brochures for a living, and I look forward to meeting you. Please contact me at john_r_berkowitz (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  37. I’ve written romance and mysteries, but am now switching to fantasy and historical mysteries.
    My wip is a fantasy series with three books currently out in the series.
    I would love to find writers in the Austin, TX area who want to meet up for writing sprints and brainstorming, etc. in person on the weekdays when kiddos are in school.
    I’ve been published for about 10 years.
    You can reach me at Lori -at- loriryanromance -dot- com

    • Karin Lesley Ackerberg says

      Hi Lori, I write historical mystery too. I’m American but now live full-time in France where my novels take place. I’m finished with my first draft and am currently editing. Have a mystery series planned; all deal with art at end of 19th century. Would love to connect with you. My email is

  38. Hello everyone!

    A BIT ABOUT ME: My name is Marz, I’m from Spain but based in the UK. I get excited about shiny ideas very easily, love trying new things no matter how wacky, and I enjoy exploring controversial / sensitive topics (as long as they’re approached respectfully, of course). My favourite things right now are jugger, podcasts, debunking videos, my orange cat’s antics, dressing like a pirate, visual novels (more on that below xD), Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens, and coding.

    WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: I found a lovely writing buddy through the previous post, but always happy to meet more people to discuss craft, characters, plot, worldbuilding, etc., and maybe also set challenges / deadlines for each other if you find that fun! Just generally keep each other updated on our progress and share our victories and the hurdles we encounter along the way. I also like to give and receive constructive feedback

    GENRES, WIPs, ALL THE FUN STUFF: I’m open to all genres, but currently particularly interested in sci-fi and fantasy. My WIP is a fanfiction based on the visual novel ‘Andromeda Six’ (sci-fi with an optional romantic subplot), but I also have an original fantasy WIP about a mutated priest who doesn’t believe in the deity he’s meant to represent and ends up in a begrudging alliance with an outcast/criminal/shapeshifter. It’s at a very early stage, but I’ve got concept art and lots of fun stuff like that.

    Thank you for reading this chunk and I look forward to hearing back from you if you’re interested!


    • Oops, forgot to share my email: kumacheckers (at) hotmail (dot) c o m

    • Howdy Marz!

      Unfortunately I am from the USA (AZ, no less, so we’re practically across the world from each other) but as soon as I saw pirates and good omens I knew I needed to reach out anyways!

      I’m currently writing two stories- both also in the planning stages- one is a low sci-fi mystery/thriller, and the other is swinging between portal fantasy and isekai. I would love to bounce ideas and victories off each other and would be completely willing to try and set/meet deadlines together too! And, ofc, I adore giving and recovering feedback!

      All your WIP’s sound amazing! I’ve never read Andromeda Six, but would love to try and help with that too!

      If you can overlook the time difference (but also I completely understand if you can’t), my email is:

      oftnostalgic [@] gmail [.com]

  39. James B Robar says

    I write Christian romance/suspense. I have written 13 novels and self publish them to give away. I was a technical writer for about 25 years. I taught creative writing in two different Technical Colleges. I did this because it’s my belief the teacher learns more than the students and I wanted to learn more. I’ve been in a local crit group for about 17 years and recently joined ACFW. I’m open to always learn more.

    • Hi James,
      I write Christian thriller suspense with some romance elements. I’ve been writing for 8 years and self published two novels in an on-going contemporary series that parallels the life of King David. Let me know if you want to connect and maybe swap/ critique works in progress.

  40. Your genre
    A short summary of your current story
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: kmweiland [at] kmweiland [dot] com)

    Hi! My name is Quinlyn and I’m primarily looking for a writing buddy/accountability partner. I’ve been writing for 10 years, and I’m currently getting my MA in narrative studies. My main WIP is a historical fiction/supernatural novel about a young woman growing up in a family of witches and trying to navigate Victorian expectations at the same time (plus there’s necromancy). My email is quinlynshaughnessy [at] gmail [dot] com.

  41. Hello there! I’ve published a seven book series already in the SPICY PNR genre and am currently working on a spin off series and would love to have a CP in the same genre.
    What I’m looking for in a CP: discuss craft, characters, plot, worldbuilding, etc. Maybe a chapter by chapter give and take of constructive feedback.
    My work is trigger heavy with lots of plot and spice.

    • Hello! That all sounds very interesting, I’d love to discuss techniques, nuanced scenarios and spicy scenes 🙂 I’m kumacheckers (at) hotmail (dot) c o m in case you’d like to have a chat and see if we can be a good fit for each other!

  42. This sounds an amazing idea for accountability!
    Me: I’m a PNR / Urban Fantasy author, with one duet self published, as well as #1 of my current series out. Mild spice, slow burn on the romance end – more about the plot than the smexy time.. but it is in there.
    Current WIP: (#2 in my new series) features a spunky female MC – – think reluctant Chose One trope- in a fantastical university setting. Plenty of plot with a bit of slow burn spice sprinkled in. When it comes to plot v pants – I plot. Hands up in my first books I was a 100% pantser… But I found that meant LOTS of redrafting.
    What I’m looking for : a writing buddy for accountability, and a Beta reader for chapters as I write them. These don’t need to be the same person!
    What can I do for you: writing buddy, sounding board, enthusiastic cheerleader… and/ or beta reader of chapters as you write. (I’m unlikely to have time to read your whole book in one go) I’m probably best to beta read similar genres as I understand the tropes (UF or PNR).
    Give me a shout at: zanawilder{at}zanawilder{dot}com

    • I’m a pantser. I have tried plotting, but I just get stuck. 🙂 I can beta read chapters if you would like. I have 3 children (4,2, and newborn) so I don’t know if I would be able to do a complete book at once. A chapter at a time? I should be able to do that. I don’t write urban fantasy, but I do read it. What would a writing buddy be?

    • Hello! I was a panster for my first novel, which I’ll never do again. Hard copies sit in a box in my basement. My second novel needs a critique group to keep me moving forward, not going in circles! If you’d like to exchange work, let me know. I enjoy fantasy!

  43. Laurie Daghigh says

    I’m Laurie. I’m writing Historical Fiction. My current project is set in the Scottish Highlands around 1520, about a young woman from an aristocratic background who pushes familial and societal expectations to make her own choice in marriage, and ends up living in an essentially in a different world. It is NOT historical romance.

    I’ve been writing, on and off, all my life. This is my first novel.

    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy is feedback, maybe some brainstorming and accountability. Let’s write!
    Lauriegrace (at) Hotmail (dot com)

    • Lew Kaye-Skinner says

      Laurie, I’m also writing Historical Fiction. I’ve been writing for a long time and taught college writing (among other subjects) before retiring four years ago. Over ten years ago, I (self)published a novel that I’ve now taken down because I could do it much better now. Recently, I self-published a novel in 1967-1968, and currently I’m working on one set in 2002. Both are set in a fictional state in south central USA. The central character in the current one is a 50yo female of Scots ancestry, and the primary antagonist is her brother. This is quite a way from 16th century Scotland, but I’m interested in your project, having done graduate work in English literature near that time.

      I’m looking for a different set of eyes on my writing. Can we work something out?
      Lew at kayeskinner dot com

    • Laurie, I wish we’d met 6 months ago! The book I’m currently querying is set in 1508 in the North of Ireland.

      • Laurie Daghigh says

        John, best of luck to you! Nice to hear of anyone hanging out in the late medieval Gaeltacht, I don’t find much company in this era. I’ll be looking forward to reading your book. Do you belong to the Historical Novel Society?

  44. Hi! I write fiction and self published about 10yrs ago my first book (fantasy/ magical/ novel) in a series then dealt w health issues so the second book is in limbo. But have been working on a murder mystery and while I don’t share my work usually till I’m satisfied with my MS, maybe if I did and had an accountability partner/beta reader it would help me push on with both books. I guess I lost my oomp? I’m older and writing and getting published has become so complicated I wonder if I should continue. I love my stories and those who have read them encourage me.., I guess I’m in slump.. I’d return favor of beta reading for someone who does fantasy and murder mysteries… weird combo but love both.. thanks 😊

    Email: imagine [dot] it [dot] dm [at]

    • Hi Donna,

      I write mysteries/cozy mysteries and dabble in poetry. I’ve been writing for over twenty years, but haven’t seriously pursued publication. I submitted to a few agents early on, and received encouraging responses but no offers of representation and since my desire has been to be traditionally published, I’ve kind of bogged down. I continue writing (have five novels completed) because I love that aspect and as an introvert it’s easier than promoting myself and my writing to others. 🙂

      My writing experience includes magazine articles, devotionals, two self-published non-fiction books and one children’s book of stories written by a (now deceased) elderly relative. I’ve belonged to two writers’ groups plus started a third in my home–all prior to the pandemic which, of course, brought isolation to all of us. I’ve also attended writers’ conferences for many years so it’s not like I don’t have access to IRL writing companions. But I’m older than most and none are writing in my genre, so it would be nice to connect with someone with whom I have more in common.

      If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send my email address.

      • Hi Carol and Donna,
        I have just started a Cozy Mystery Group on Discord. If you are interested contact me at krisspero[at]yahoo[dot]com.

      • Janice K Tanaka says

        Hi Carol
        So much of what you’ve written here resonates with me. It’s been impossible to find a writing group where we’ve recently relocated.
        I do like a cozy mystery. I wrote one set in Denver 1899 that was published by a small press.
        I’m currently revising a mystery set in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the prohibition year of 1932. It may be considered women’s fiction. I’m trying to identify the genre as it is quite different from its beginning seven years ago.
        I write from a Christian worldview that would appeal to a wider audience. For the last few years I’ve self-published historical romance in an attempt to hone my craft. I think I’m ready to return to historical fiction with this novel.
        If you are still looking for a partner . . .
        jantanaka07 [at] gmail [dot] com
        or check me out here: samanthastclaire [at] gmail [dot] com

  45. Amy C Sauers says

    Your genre: YA dystopian
    A short summary of your current story: Teen misfit tries to save his family.
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing): A few years
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: Once a week, we read our 2 pages and share feedback.
    Your email address: amysauers @ gmail com

  46. Hello, my name is Rene. Thanks to KM Weiland for opening this thread.
    I write sci-fi/fantasy. Here’s a short summary for my current project entitled Templar: The Last Remanant.

    For eons, the Templar were known as the warriors of the Light—guardians who fought to preserve the peace and stability of a galaxy plagued by darkness. But in time, the seeds of corruption ignited a war that tore the seven bloodlines of their order apart and scattered them across the stars where they were hunted down to the brink of extinction.

    After four centuries in exile, Aliya Minjassu is among the precious few who remain. Scarred and embittered by tragedy, she has forsaken the Light to seek vengeance against the dark immortal who murdered her family. But when she is drawn into a quest to recover a relic once coveted by her father, she will be confronted by a power and responsibility that she can no longer deny.

    Torn between the Light and the Darkness, Aliya must now choose the path she will follow as she joins a band of renegades on a galaxy-sprawling adventure that will lead her toward an inevitable encounter with the enemy of her soul and a battle for the fate of her world.

    I started as a screenwriter and then moved to writing fiction. I’ve been writing for 28 years. Templar: The Last Remnant is my first novel and I after recieving feedback from a professional editor I am in the process of working through another edit of the manuscript. I’m looking for a critique partner and/or beta readers who can offer me solid feedback. My story is filled with action, adventure, and features a cast of memorable characters. The story aslo offers some deep spiritual insight that you may find interesting. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to collaborate. renderman [at] irenderworx [dot] com.

  47. Boy meets girl after a decade. They were 15 and in high school. Now they’re 25 and adult. She (Cassie) has to move into a hotel when a burglar trashes her apartment. Her roommate moves in with a friend. Cassie’s lawyer/trustee has to retire, and a new lawyer/trustee is appointed. When Cassie meets her new lawyer/trustee she discovers it’s Jason, the boy she had the hots for in high school. Cassie rips him to pieces at dinner and departs. While rereading old diary entries she wrote when she last saw Jason she learns she had feelings for him then and in time discovers she still does. Jason loves her and tells Cassie, but Cassie is unsure of her feelings until she sees Jason crying when his father dies. Only then does Cassie admit her feelings for Jason. Meanwhile, the burglar is slowly stalking Cassie, who is an on-air radio celebrity. She moves into a house, then a super secure condo. Only when her best female friend is murdered does she move up to the family cottage, Blue Cottage.

    I’m not really sure if this is a YA (Young adult) or a romance. I’ve been working on this since 2018, and just finished the sixth draft. It is 307 pages long, 11 chapters in length. I would really appreciate some fresh eyes to give it a read. The story spans most of a year, starting in January.

    My email is thomasaustin69 at

    • Lew Kaye-Skinner says

      Tom, sounds like an interesting premise. Just a gentle suggestion. This sounds like New Adult rather than Young Adult. New Adult has central characters in the 18-30 age range, and much of it is romance. Lew

  48. Chrystine Hetzel says

    My genre is futuristic fantasy ya. Currently my story is about a human boy who was enslaved(all of humanity is) but he gets released and is allowed to learn magic. He faces a lot of discrimination and hate for being human, but wants to do right regardless. I have an idea of the plot for the story, in which another student is involved in some bad organization and has to kidnap students from the school, and the main character and his best friend start investigating to figure out what’s going on. I’ve been casually writing for a while but this is my first story I’m really serious about and I’m not incredibly confident in my writing abilities. For a writing buddy I would like someone who is incredibly honest about their thoughts on my writing, but is also enthusiastic and encouraging, and will bug me when I haven’t written in a while.
    My Gmail is chrystineaurora[at]gmail[dot]com.

    • Hi Chrystine,
      I am also a writer of fantastic, paranormal fiction. I write in Spanish but also working on an English book. Wonder if you want to connect with me?

      • Chrystine Hetzel says

        Hello! I’m halfway fluent in Spanish, but since English is my first language, I read it much better, and I couldn’t write in Spanish to save my life. However, I would love to connect! Please send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

  49. Christine Evans says

    I’m writing a middle grade sci-fi (time travel!). I usually write picture and chapter books and have been published for a few years but this is my first novel.
    I’m looking for middle grade buddies who have some publishing experience already ideally. Email: christineevansauthor [at] gmail [dot] com.

  50. mark stevens says

    Although I love reading Sci-Fi, I am writing a fact-based story on a person suffering with a mental illness (I don’t know if the main character is suffering or the people surrounding the main character are suffering) that is somewhat socially tolerated. I have a Sci-Fi novel sitting on the shelf that is waiting for my return so I can finish it and a Fantasy novel that is just a pile of notes and a dozen different attempts at first chapters. I started writing while in high school and created a pile of spiral notebooks containing chicken scratching’s that became unreadable over time before I broke down and bought a typewriter. With the invention of the electronic gizmo called a computer, I was able to create an even bigger pile of notes. Not having a background in college English, I am looking for a person to inform me of my mid-west writing errors and let me bounce ideas for continuity off them.

  51. Vickie Burns-Sikora says

    Mystery – Amaterur Sleuth but not really a Cozy
    Anthropology professor moves into a new neighborhood. Almost immediately two things happen: One of her students is murdered, and her estranged stepson shows up. She desperately wants to get her multicultural neighborhood in Los Angeles back to the idyllic place she thought it would be.
    I’ve been writing for 30 years, but nonfiction. I won one short story contest years ago. Now my interst is novel length fiction.
    Someone who will give me an honest assessment of things that take the reader out of “the dream.” I’d be happy to do the same.
    Please use this personal email:

  52. Dennis Murphy says

    I have completed the initial draft of a historical fiction novel that involves a Native American woman in her early twenties as protagonist. To ensure cultural authenticity, I am seeking a Native American woman from one of the 574 federally recognized tribes in the United States to co-author with me. She must be passionate about her cultural heritage, language, history, and traditions. This individual will also participate prominently in a subsequent blog and podcast series. I am 74 years old, and have been writing for about five years, mainly about personal life experiences. I can be reached at: dmurphyNY at gmail dot com

  53. Your genre: steamy M/M Romance
    A short summary of your current story: In 1990 in Austin, TX, a disabled medium who talks to ghosts and his lover, an ex-Texas Ranger, investigate a series of murders at a circus. It’s a standalone, but is the third book in a series.
    Your level of experience: seriously for 8 yrs.
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: A critique partner would be nice, but it would be great to discuss plots and motivate each other.
    Your email address: authorsionnach [at] gmail dot com.

  54. Hi! My name is Kris.

    I write and read many genres, but my current interests are:
    MG Fantasy and Cozy Mystery

    I have 2 WIPs at the moment:
    MG Portal Fantasy: An 11 year old girl, finds a (magic) pen that once belonged to her author grandfather who disappeared seven years ago. Her adventures lead her through the fantasy world that her grandfather created.

    My other WIP is a humorous (I hope) Cozy Mystery that I plan to build a series around: 50 year old Tessa is starting her life over again in her quaint New England hometown after a hurricane blew her life apart in Florida. Her wacky Aunt Margo is her feisty sidekick. I am in the process of outlining this one.

    I have been writing stories and poems my whole life. I graduated with a Creative Writing BFA in 1992 and I miss writing workshops and a supportive writing community.

    I am a recovering perfectionist, which simply means, I am trying very hard to get out of my critic/editor headspace and write a complete crappy first draft which I can then edit. Any help with this (or commiseration) is welcome!!

    I’d love to find an accountability partner to start with. Someone to share writing and critiques with as well as frustrations and inspirations. Someone who likes to talk craft is cool too.

    I really miss that give and take that a writing workshop provides. Would love to be part of a group, but singular writing connections are welcome too!

    krisspero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Thank you Katie!

    • TatiAnna Tibbitts says

      Hi Kris!

      I loved the synopses of your two WIPs, both of which sound like something I would be eager to read. I currently have the first book of an epic fantasy series self-published on Amazon, and I’m working on the second book.

      Based on your comment, it sounds like you and I have equal/opposite problems: I am very good at crappy first drafts, but I struggle when it comes to editing. Maybe we can help each other out?

      I sent you an email!

      TatiAnna T

  55. Christopher C. Phoenix says

    Hi there! I’ve been writing almost nonstop for about five years. I’ve completed fifteen short stories/novellas, and I have one epic fantasy novel finished, though it’s in a rough state and still on the back burner.

    I mostly write fantasy, but I’m currently looking for a fan of westerns. My current project is a small series of western/fantasy/action/comedy stories. (Some magic finds its way into an Old West town.) It’s been critiqued by fantasy readers, but not by western readers, so I’d like to get some of those eyes on it if possible.

    I’m looking for a critique partner who at least somewhat enjoys stupid humor, and who will be willing to read the previous stories in my series (about 80k words total) and then do a chapter-by-chapter critique of my current WIP (the last one in the series—a novel, which itself will end up around 80k words). I’d be willing to read and critique large WIP’s in return.

    You can reach me at writerccphoenix at gmail dot com.

  56. My genre: supernatural thriller

    RUTH O’NEILL is a chef and half-owner of the Hummingbird’s Nest B&B on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. She’s also a forensic psychic medium, helping find missing and murdered children for the FBI and local police. However, when she discovers twenty-six graves in a forest, the isolated body dump site of the KNIFE AND HATCHET MAN, Ruth must help locate the serial killer active since 1990. His first victim was six-year-old NAOMI O’NEILL, Ruth’s twin sister. Naomi is appearing to Ruth in nightmarish visions. Ruth’s plate is too full and her anxiety disorder is beyond what her medications can do for her. When she feels she cannot take on more, a close friend talks Ruth into doing a reading on a supposedly haunted church rectory, the Ouderkirk house. Ouderkirk in Dutch means beside the old church; the first church built on Whidbey a decade after the Civil War. Now, Ruth must partner with a psychic-hating Sheriff’s Deputy, Sergeant GENE HARLOWE, in order to solve a rape, kidnapping and multiple murder cold case from 1968. Sparks fly between Ruth and Gene. All the wrong kind. They must overcome their mutual dislike to solve both cases before Knife and Hatchet kills more children.

    I’ve been a writer/author for 47 years. 26 years of that was as a journalist, including Reuters Malina Bureau.
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    pedanticbohemian (@) gmail (dot) (com)

  57. Would love an accountability partner, idea board friend, and future beta reader 🙂

    I write fantasy, contemporary adult, and romance.

    I am not actively writing anything just yet. Looking for someone to force me along and help me pick one of the million ideas I have to move forward. I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year and am thinking of pursuing something in the Fantasy genre, dragons and the like, probably.

    I was an avid writer before 2019 who switched gears to focus on my 9-5 career but now want to start pursuing my creative goals again.

    I would just love someone who can low-key friendly shame me into writing more regularly and to be each other’s cheer squad through the writing struggles.

    My email is NikkiL0507 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Sarah McNamara says

      Hi Nicholyn – I write romance also (on the spicy side – ha!). I’m in the early stages of outlining my first novel (goal is to have a complete outline by the end of the year). I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but can be your cheerleader if you want to help keep me on track to finish my outline! I figured since we are both at the beginning stages of our projects, it might work out great! If you are interested you can email me at ceramac24 [at] gmail [dot] com.

  58. Thanks for the thread!

    I’m Chase. I’ve been writing/world building since I was a kid (I’m 30) but I’ve never gotten anything published. I write Fantasy (High/Low) and Sci-Fi (Space Opera/Steam/Cyber/Biopunk) recently started working on two series with the goal of publishing them.

    Both plots that I’m currently writing are Fantasies. One is about a princess who gets betrayed by her body double and gets introduced to an ancient magic and dark secrets which is a trilogy. And the other is about a prince who was captured by a rival kingdom and was being turned into a magic super soldier and his escape and the friends he makes along the way that I might turn into a webcomic rather than a novel.

    I’m looking for someone honest, encouraging and who would enjoy bouncing ideas off of eachother for both of our works! Beta-reading is a plus! Writing check-ins, and doing writing sprints together would be fun as well. 🙂

    My email is chasepkdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’m also active on discord at Starwick_.

    • Hello Chase,
      Your genres are right up my alley. Loving the premise for both!
      I’d like to help, I’m happy to do so as a beta reader.
      I’ll be emailing you from ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.
      – Caroline J

  59. Your genre: fantasy, family drama elements
    A short summary of your current story: a human and a dragon make a contract, but four years have passed and the human now has to bite the bullet and fulfil it.
    Your level of experience: I’ve been writing for six years
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: accountability partner, mostly! It would be nice if we can chat about what is challenging or exciting us too! We don’t have to share WIPs but it can be a nice thing we do sometimes 😄
    Your email address xeinakingdom @ gmail dot com
    My instagram is hirotrope

    • Hi Anne!
      I’d love to partner up. Fantasy and cozy mysteries are my focus too. I’d love to read what you’re working on. Accountability is something I am in need of too! (You can read my post above! I will email you!

  60. Hey, my genre is fantasy & cozy mysteries.
    I’m currently working on a clean historical fantasy that deals with generational curses and two different cozy mystery series.
    I’ve been writing for a while now but have yet to publish anything.
    I’m looking for an accountability buddy who can help me stick to my deadlines, because I’m a huge procrastinator.

    • Anne,

      That’s amazing! The book I just finished and am currently querying is a historical fantasy involving a family curse.

      Mine’s a MG time-travel story in which a 13yo girl accidentally wishes herself to Ireland in 1508 so she can stop a curse that kills the first-born of every generation of her family.

      I’m working on a different MG book, now. Do you need a reader for your book, and are you interested at all in MG fantasy involving the fae?

    • Hi, Belgian writer here. I am currently revising my second manuscript (a thriller/drama), and would love to meet other writers from Belgium, The Netherlands or anyone who writes in Dutch. 🙂

  61. Christine Cameron says

    I’m writing a memoir about why I married five times. This story is an odyssey of how I overcame childhood incest and struggled to break the cycle of generational abuse, find a sense of inner calm, and learn to accept my imperfect self in order to gain emotional integrity and some sense of equilibrium.
    The journey to finally accepting myself and realizing that we are all worthy of love just by being who we are is a big lesson for me and one some never learn. Hopefully, someone reading my story can find a nugget of truth that becomes the catalyst that helps them move forward toward a brighter future.

    I’m a novice writer. The book is written. I’m editing/adding to each chapter right now.
    Would like to have someone keep me on target (limited time due to caregiving elder parent) and beta read chapters as I add dialogue, scenery, etc.

    • Hi Cristine, your story sounds very interesting! I see you didn’t leave an email, but if you’d like to connect, mine is quinlynshaughnessy [at] gmail [dot] com.

  62. Hello, my name is Daniel
    I am a writer of paranormal, fantastic fiction and also dig into poetry. Interesting in finding a person or crew so we can inspire and read each other to give constructive criticism and share goals and maybe check up on each other. My email is

  63. Contemporary Horror (not a typical horror story, not a typical zombie story)

    Lots of f@!#$&^ cursing, death, humor, and mayhem, not necessarily in that order.

    I’ve been writing for four years since I retired from computer drafting in 2019. Having completed a half a dozen short stories and received a couple of rejection letters—I then spent the bulk of my time writing the beta version of my book “Zombies, a Novel” (100k).

    I am actively looking for beta readers for my novel. But, it’s tough to find suitable partners. Anyone willing to swap short stories or chapters would be of help, if only in the future. A hundred-thousand words is a big commitment, even for just a “beta” overview.

    eric [at] ericcbaileyauthor [dot] com

  64. I am not certain if this is allowed here, but I am going to throw it out there. I am in training to be a Story Grid Certified Editor, and looking for fantasy writers to assist. If you are interested, please reach out to me at nrw.scribe (at) gmail (dot) com.

    This is a free service to start off, looking for 5 or so writers to assist so we can learn together.

    • I write urban fantasy. I know about story grid vaguely. I’d love your help.

    • Menaka Ganesathasan says

      Hello, I’ve tried Story Grid on my own, and would love to expand on it with your help. Thanks.

    • Hi, I write science fantasy. I’ve also read some of Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid info and watched some of his and Tim’s YouTube pieces, but not followed it to the extent you obviously do.

      I’m currently writing a first draft of a novel. I’ve been writing this for a while. It’s about loyalty, and how past trauma, anger issues and a lack of self esteem makes you question yourself and the worth of your loyalty to anyone, set in a multi-universe world where Rainbow Gates open up between them, and whoever controls the Rainbow Gates controls the world. My protagonist has been stranded in our world, docilized and not knowing his past. Finally, he goes home…

      I’m not convinced that I’m at the stage where I could help you (I’m trying to get a whole first draft down – not as quickly as intended), but if going through 1 or 2 scenes that I have written would help (and I’m sure it would help me), I’d love to work with you.

      Thank you.

  65. I write fantasy, mystery, and sci-fi.
    My current story is set in a medieval styled location where a wizard is struggling with his magic and takes on a position with the local prince. I’m currently in the beginning stages of a revision pass.
    I’ve been writing 15+ years in various genres, fiction and non-fiction.
    I am looking for someone with some experience who can help me find problems with the story that many of the people in my current writing groups can’t because they are beginning writers. Too much of the feedback is overly positive or too vague to help me when I need some critical comments.
    I can be reached at christopherclouser1970 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  66. Kathleen Saunders says

    The genre is woman’s fiction with touches of magical realism and alternative history.

    Jude Hutton must negotiate her way through life with an extraordinary difference. She knows what’s ahead for the planet, as she’s lived through it. She struggles to convince those closest to her she is reliving a remembered life and strives to find clues to why this has happened to her.

    Seeking to alter catastrophic events she remembers from her first life, she worries changes she makes may adversely affect how the world unfolds. While foreknowledge has some advantages, there are many pitfalls in such a situation. Her unique circumstances stand in the way of a normal life and create difficulties with her partners. Her attempts to prevent disasters bring her letters to the attention of the FBI, who assume she must be involved to have such detailed information about the events mentioned in her warnings.

    Others Rememberers experiencing the same phenomenon eventually make contact with Jude. They search for more of their kind but need to be discreet, as it appears one, such as they, has a very different agenda concerning how world events should play out. Together this small band of misfits attempt the daunting task of staying under the radar while endeavouring to avert a looming nuclear war.

    I have been writing for seven years. I’m looking for a writing buddy who would provide honest feedback – basically a beta reader.

  67. I write mysteries and action-adventure stories in the amateur sleuth and paranormal investigator categories.
    My current story is about a paranormal reporter investigating a haunted estate. It is intended to be the first in a series of adventures and the female paranormal reporter.
    I have been writing for about seven years. I have self-published seven books on Amazon. I think I have a lot of room to improve on my writing.
    I am looking for a writing buddy who can be a source of encouragement and keep me accountable and who wants the same from me. I’m seeking someone who can make general developmental suggestions, not necessarily line-by-line or word-by-word critiques.
    davidmillerlmft [at] hotmail [dot] com

    • Hey there, David. I’m gonna send you an email here in a few. I’m Like NRWillick above, I’m studying to become a Story Grid certified editor and your comment caught my eye specifically. I usually try and focus on Science Fiction but did a stint a number of years back in paranormal investigation. I’m working on a magical realism series for teen audiences with paranormal elements. I have a first draft of books 1, an outline in progress for book 2 and the main topics ironed out for books 4-6. jtzimmer6 [at] gmail [dot] com (what’s funny is that I can write a web scraper that can parse that obscure email in 5 seconds 🙂

  68. Hi everyone,

    I have been writing on and off again for 30 years but never had anything I thought worthy of publishing until recently.

    I am currently writing an adult medieval fantasy series with christian themes. I started this series in 2016 and I need help with the book that is chronologically first in the series, The Great Deceiver.

    I have received a lot of feedback, from beta readers and some from literary agents, saying that my writing is very engaging but yet I have received no requests for a full submission from agents. I need help figuring out what is wrong.

    Looking for honest and constructive feedback and willing to provide the same for others.

    My email is rexas.mary[at]gmail[dot]com

    • Steve Cooper says

      Mary, have you looked at If not, you might give it a try.
      Ms. Shark (aka, Janet Reid) is, herself an author’s agent. Her site is dedicated exclusively to providing tough -love advice on writing query letters that work.
      Best wishes.

      • Hi Steve, thanks for the suggestion. I am familiar with query shark but there may be others here that aren’t. I also took a class from Jerry B Jenkins on editing and querying which i found helpful and that’s actually how I found K.M. Weiland.

    • Mary,
      I think Steve’s given you some good advice. I have a non-religious fantasy book that I’ve been in the querying process with for a while and I’m having the same experience. If you haven’t, you might look at Alyssa Matestic’s youtube channel where she talks a lot about the querying process from the perspective of someone whose been at a publishing house and an agency. Personally, I sent my query letter to an editor for review, but I think Steve’s road is likely better.
      If you’d like a writing buddy, let me know – theauthorandyclark [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Hi Mary, I have a first draft of a YA fantasy fiction with strong Christian symbolism (Narnia vibes) currently undergoing development editing. I’m very interested in your story and your publishing journey.

      Micro Summary: Jemma, secluded due to her diseases, finds solace with forest animals. Chosen as the Last Starwielder in a world at war, she faces dark forces with Malokai. Battling alliances, royals, illness, and heartbreak, she learns strength in weakness. An addictive lower YA romantic fantasy about resilience.

      I have nearly 20 years of writing experience, 7 professionally in marketing, and this is my first finished novel. I’m seeking a community, fun accountability, and a place to discuss the challenges of publishing.

      You can reach me at annah(dot)va@annahlaine(dot)com.

      • Annah, there are a number of Christian Speculative Fiction writers from this board who have bound together on a discord. Write me at theauthorandyclark [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested and I’ll get you an invite.

  69. Hello Everyone!
    I’m a complete novice, starting out with my first Fantasy Novel. I’ve been writing for a few years but nothing serious.
    My current novel is a story about bigotry, hate and overcoming oppression.
    I want someone who can give me honest feedback and guidance.
    jessward2609 [at] gmail [dot] com

  70. Menaka Ganesathasan says

    I’m writing a middle-grade fantasy novel based on Indian mythology. I’ve been writing for over ten years. This is my first novel at the last major revision (hopefully). I’m looking for writing buddies with Indian mythology knowledge to act as beta readers. I’m willing to do the same. My email is abhava100 [at] gmail [dot] com

  71. Action/Horror with some noir elements sums up what Ice been working on lately.
    Current story, a follow up to some flash fiction I wrote a few years ago and adapted to a five page short script, two operatives of a secret organization for hunting monsters work their first case together, vampires in a small Washington port town as the elder partner is still dealing with killing his precious partner after he was but by a werewolf.
    5 years on and off writing, with one rejection letter in my inbox
    In a writing busy I’m looking for something to share thoughts, ideas, inspire each other, keep our spirits and motivation going if we need it and get constructive criticism and the like. Maybe work on something together in the future.

  72. Lew Kaye-Skinner says

    I’ve been writing for a long time and taught college writing (among other subjects) before retiring four years ago. These days, I’m writing Historical Fiction. Previously, I was writing New Adult fiction (18-30yo character focus) before I discovered such had been named as a new genre. Over ten years ago, I self-published a novel that I’ve taken down because I could do it much better now. Recently, I self-published a novel in 1967-1968 (central character about 22yo), and currently I’m working on one set in 2002. Both are set in small towns in a fictional state in south central USA. The central character in the current one is a 50yo female, and the primary antagonist is her brother.

    I’m almost always looking for a different set of eyes on my writing. Can we work something out?
    Lew at kayeskinner dot com

    • Rosey Dickson says

      Hi Lew, my current novel has a 40 year old woman as protagonist and her brother is the antagonist! I write contemporary family drama mostly. I’ve been seriously writing (and studying creative writing) since I retired 6 years ago, and had a handful of short stories published since then. I’m looking to swap beta reading. I live in Australia.

      • Lew Kaye-Skinner says

        Rosey, you’re two years ahead of me in the retirement race (or is it a walk?). Contemporary family drama might be a good description for my current project, though the premise has much, much wider implications. How far along is your novel? Are you ready for a beta reader? Mine isn’t there yet.

        • Hi Lew, I’d call retirement a stroll with lots of resting in interesting places…
          I’ve finished the outline of my story and drafted the first four chapters (of 24.) I’ve sent the first two chapters for comment from my writer’s group next week, so I’m starting to put it out there. Happy to swap feedback if/when you’re ready.
          I forgot to mention my story has some gay themes, and also my email:
          Cheers, Rosey.

  73. Rebee Altman says

    Hi, I’m Rebee.

    I write steampunk/gas lamp/clockpunk supernatual fantasy/mystery books.

    My current WIP is a mystery set in AU Boston just before the outbreak of the US Civil War. It follows 3 characters as they al work to solve the mystery of a serial killer going after women in the city. MC1: Secretly Fae detective working for the City of Boston to solve this crime. MC2: His police officer assistant who is secretly in Boston specifically to hunt and kill him (MC2 works for a secret supernatural hunting society). MC3: A local witch/ psychic who realizes that all these deaths are of psychics… she could be next. She has to find the killer before the killer finds her.

    I’ve been writing for clost to 3 decades but that doesn’t mean I’m all that good at it. I’ve only ever finished 1 novel.

    I’d like an accountability buddy to check in with a few times a week. I’m in Madison WI if there are any locals who are interested in a weekly meet up. Also a beta reader would be great.

    Otherwise email me a wilemma.rain[at]gmail

    • Renee,

      I sent you an email. You have a particular expertise I would very much like to tap. I have been writing for around the same length of time, however I have three finished novels (unpublished, but querying my latest) so it’s possible I have experience or expertise that you would find useful. Hope to hear from you. My original post is on here, somewhere above yours.

  74. Sherie Greer says

    Hi everyone 😊
    I’ve written a novel and novella as well as poems and short stories, none published as yet
    I’m currently trying to edit my novel and novella, that are intended to be part of a medieval fantasy series. The book took 5 years to write and the novella a month, so hoping to find someone with a critical eye and honest feedback that will keep me going until they are ready to publish
    Marrok is the stand alone novella that is the backstory of one of the characters that inspired the planned series. A knight that returns home from a crusade and no interest in finding a bride until he meets Jane. There is a tragic ending to their romance and Marrok ends up taking sanctuary in an enchanted woodland.
    My contact is based in Wales, UK

  75. I’ve been writing off an on since DAW Books rejected my first portal fiction novel when I was sixteen. The rejection came with notes and a suggestion to resubmit, which was encouraging to an adolescent rube who followed structure purely by chance. The manuscript was tossed recently during a move, a sad thing in a way, but also an attempt to start anew. I’ve churned to tube my voice, and now I’m ready to share my characters and world with anyone inclined to read.

    More importantly, I’d like to help others.

    The story I’d like to write is a prequel to the old portal fiction story, a tale of a young woman of Celtic origin embroiled in a power struggle between raiders, vengeful in-laws, and a royal house. Her story begins on her wedding night, where she flees after killing her abusive husband, only to be captured and enslaved by raiders. Her rise from fugitive to royal concubine has many twists, all of them driven by a prophecy that her only child will be “the cord that binds two worlds beset by a third.”

    The main events are set down, but not outlined in stone as it would have presented in a spattering of backstory.

    Her daughter would be the (or a) protagonist in the second (though original) story.

    I’m passingly familiar with history, weapons, fantasy, sci-fi, and culture so I might be of use to anyone needing an ear or eyes and could certainly use some help and motivation. I will not whine when criticized.

    If interested in a reader or to read, you can contact at jdwtrxk01 at gmail dot com.

  76. Hi, I write science fantasy. I have written one completed novel. Unfortunately it was rejected by publishers and agents etc, although I did get some very positive comments from Dorian Literary Agency based in the Uk. I have been been working on my current project off and on for years, and this year decided I would complete a first draft.

    The story is about loyalty, and how past trauma, anger issues and a lack of self esteem makes you question yourself and the worth of your loyalty to anyone, set in a multi-universe world where Rainbow Gates open up between them, and whoever controls the Rainbow Gates controls the world. My protagonist has been stranded in our world, docilized and not knowing his past. Finally, he goes home…

    I have a writing accountability website, However I’ve been away on holiday for a couple of weeks, and with other things I haven’t updated it for the last month; my original intention was to write a scene of about 1800 words a week and update the blog with how I was getting on.

    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy is someone who has similar interests to me who is interested in mutually keeping each other on track, but understands the pressures of parenthood (I have 3 pre-teen children, one on the autistic spectrum) and a demanding job and other demands (I also coach local football (soccer) under 11 and under 10 teams).

    I can be reached at ianrose72 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Thank you for reading.



    • Hi Ian! I have one completed novel (near future sci-fi but largely takes place in a VR fantasy game) that I’m procrastinating on editing, and a slow apocalypse portal fantasy/urban fantasy webnovel I’m just starting to write. I understand the difficulty in keeping writing, as I have an 18 month old myself, though your plate is certainly even more full than my own. Let me know at dhempel at gmail if you’re interested.

  77. I’m currently working on a dual POV mystery/thriller/suspense blend. I can’t seem to pin down which is most accurate.
    Summary: An orphaned girl is sent away by her very young grandmother. The grandmother is a serial killer (avenging the abuse and death of her daughter and the abuse of her grand daughter). The grand daughter returns to her grandmother after her grandfather’s suspicious death. Grand daughter learns her grandmother’s life is in danger, and eventually, so is hers. She is the amateur sleuth. Dark family secrets are revealed, and there is a twist at the end.
    The premise is based on truth: an interfamilial child sex abuse ring in a rural area where the most powerful men are involved. I know how it will end, but thus far, have written 16,580 words. No explicit sex abuse scenes.
    This is my first attempt at a novel. My writing experience is limited to grant writing.
    I’m looking for someone to give me constructive criticism and suggestions.

    amscheue19 at gmail dot com

  78. Steve Cooper says

    I would be happy to Beta Read full manuscripts of Historical Fiction, Alien invasion, clean Humor, Survival Adventure, Non-Magical Fantasy (a la Watership Down), or any combination thereof.
    You may think: “That is an oddly specific assortment of literary interests. Is it because you fell from a moving car as a child?”
    No, it is not. It’s because my manuscript has elements of all those tropes and I’m looking for a Beta-read partner to swap manuscripts with me.
    Earlier this year, I helped establish a private Beta Reader group (4 of us so far) who met through SCBWI. We would like to grow our group to around 6 to 8 serious writers—published or unpublished. With our group’s structured approach to Betas, more than eight could become unwieldy.
    We do not require membership in SCBWI. But please be aware that we ONLY do whole-manuscript Beta Reads (no chapter critiques, no line editing, grammar checks, etc). So, if your 1st draft is unfinished; or if you need an accountability partner; or mainly seek someone to talk shop with—then we wish you all the best and hope to hear from you when your manuscript is ready for full-Beta reading.
    For a general idea of the principles we try to uphold, please read KM’s 13 Rules for Beta Readers.
    If interested in joining our group—or in swapping manuscripts just with me—please contact me and I’ll send further details. coopsr [at] comcast [dot] net.

    • Hello, Steve. I am very interested in your Beta reader group. I am a member of SCBWI, and have been a member of several groups. I am currently a member of a PB group but my heart is wanting to work on my current MG novels. I have struggled to find an MG group that isn’t already full or isn’t going to disband in the near future. I can email you privately for this discussion if needed. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Violet Oldenski says

      Hi Steve–my computer just wiped out my reply so I will send again. My finished novel is about the Vietnam War, specifically, the returning veterans. It could be considered a historical thriller but that is limiting; consequently, I am calling it a thriller. It is a fictional account of some of the politics behind the war and the pathos within it to fully understand the returning veterans’ plight. My protagonist is representative of the all-American boy who is forced too quickly into manhood by the war. He, and the America he loves, are left shattered and disconnected.
      My antagonist is a serial killer who is targeting my protagonist and eventually any returning veteran. He illustrates some of the animosity that was felt toward the returning soldiers. It is a story of innocence lost and a country divided.
      I have been published in an anthology of short stories and poems, and am currently working on a second anthology. My second novel is almost finished.
      I am interested in joining your group for mutual encouragement and critique sharing.

  79. Hello Ms. K.M. Weiland,
    First, my sincere Thank You for all the wonderful material from you landing in my email box.
    To the writers and authors stopping by this site,
    thank you in advance for everything I will eventually take from you all to fill my writing inexperience and lack of knowledge.
    English is a second language for me, but I do intend to put into it whatever shavings from 80 years of life memories I can retrieve. Your critique and advice will certainly help me to do that.
    I write short, non-fiction, about people I have met and who have impacted my life, and places I have seen.
    I have only one book written (in Spanish) about the social conditions of Argentina during the Falkland War (it is NOT a war book!) which I published while hiding from the military junta at the time. Also, I have written and produced a short documentary about Human Progress.
    My current writing challenge is a collection of memories, and human stories, about people I have met, including many from different cultures, and places and circumstances not like mine.
    I am retired and living in the Greater DC Area.
    I would be delighted to meet a writing buddy who can share his/her writing experience, offer criticism, and be tolerant of my inability to return with valuable critiques.
    Thank you!

  80. Hi, I’d like to share feedback with anyone writing literary fiction at a similar stage in their development. I have had 4 short fiction pieces traditionally published (print and/or online) and a creative nonfiction.
    My WIP is also a mystery thriller, but happy to swap with other literary genres.

    • PS I’m wanting to swap feedback on individual chapters or short fiction pieces.

      • Hi Eleanor, I’m currently working on a contemporary family drama with some gay themes. Since retiring a few years ago, I’ve been writing, reading about writing (KM Weiland books are great!) and doing writing courses. I’ve had three short stories published – in an anthology, a magazine and online. I enjoy reading mysteries and would be happy to swap feedback on chapters or short stories if you’re interested.
        My email is
        Cheers, Rosey.

    • Hi Eleanor, you left a comment on my post above and it took me awhile to find yours in this sea of responses! I have short stories to swap and am happy to read chapters or short stories in return. Let me know if that sounds good and I’ll send you an email.

  81. My genre is going to be Political Thriller/Mystery novel. First time writer, just starting the plotting stage now (yep, I’ve figured out I’m a plotter).

    Looking for someone who is also writing a novel, preferably a thriller, crime or mystery genre, to be a partner on the process: alpha-reader, get/give feedback and share ideas with.

    Story is set in the timeframe following the 2008 financial crisis about a retired man who lost his house, savings, etc, in the crisis and finds evidence that makes him think it could be happening again. He sets out to learn what’s actually happening and uncovers corruption, conspiracy, etc.

    Me: Retired, former High-Tech exec, Vietnam Vet with PTSD. First Act of the book is based on my personal experiences.

    email me at

  82. I write fantasy/romance.
    My current wip is about an 18 y/o girl who knows nothing of the supernatural world though she was born there. A new friend takes her there after a war had finished only for it to start again.
    I’ve been writing for my entire life, mainly just short stories and things like that. I published my first book about 2 years ago when I turned 11.
    I’m looking for a writing buddy to help with giving ideas when I get writers block, as that happens way too often.
    Email me at: hellfirekye1986 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Chrystine Hetzel says

      Hello! I write fantasy, and my current WIP is about a boy who was enslaved but was recently released and allowed to learn magic. He faces a lot of hate and discrimination because he’s a human, and humans are considered selfish and inconsiderate, and basically destroyed the world with global warming. He finds some friends and winds up investigating in the school he’s at when students start disappearing. I would love to work with you, and I’m looking for someone who can help me with writer’s block too, but mostly I’m looking for someone who will give me incredibly honest feedback on my writing and doesn’t mind how bluntly honest I can be. Please let me know if you’re interested!

  83. My genre is YA. I am a fresh faced recruit in the world of writing, but not life. I am writing a world view novel with a romance subplot. The main character is trying to help his friend who is going through depression. I am looking for a buddy who can keep me going and tell it to me straight about what works and what doesn’t in my book. Email:

  84. Hello!
    I write Fantasy/Romance with a mythology twist.
    I am currently writing a story about Thanatos, the god of death in Greek mythology. It will be in a UF setting.
    I have been writing since 2021 and have 5 published works.
    I am looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and do beta reads with.

  85. Robert Easterbrook says

    I write a mixed of genre – don’t stick to just one. For example, all my books contain elements of Sci-fi, political thriller, mystery, and crime.

    My current project is mashup of Sci-fi and thriller.

    My level of experience is mixed – writing on and off for a few decades now – I have an academic background. However, the fiction/novel writing began 9 years ago.

    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy. To be honest, I have no idea; just thought I’d add myself to this long list of potential writing buddies and see where it goes.

    But I imagine there’ll be comments thrown back and forth about structure, plotting, and character arcs. I won’t comment on grammar or stylistics (though I would expect my potential writing buddy to show me grammatically accurate work), because everyone will have their own way of writing.

    easterbrookrm at gmail dot com

    • Hey this sounds like me. I just want to swap chapters to keep me motivated.

      I’ve got a stalled academy fantasy that Im trying to move forward.

      My email is eileen(_)sharp(at)hotmail(dot) com

    • It sounds as if we are on the same page, if you’ll excuse the pun. I’ve been writing on and off for over 40 years, mostly science fiction but have dabbled elsewhere. In the mid 1980s I co-wrote a book about the UK coal miners’ strikes of the early 80s. It wasn’t bad but it never saw the light of day. My writing stalled through the Covid experience (I was classed as an essential worker so missed out on lockdown) but I’ve come back to it in the past year via writing fan fiction. This has reignited my enthusiasm and I have a long standing sci-fi project that I’d like to bring back out to revisit and complete. I’m looking for a writing buddy for motivation, discussion and exchange of critique. I was an active member of Critters for a few years and hopefully that taught me how to make useful comments.


  86. Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

    Summary of Novel: China has taken over America’s education system, but a group of rebellious parents sent their children to a remote island to become elite IT talents to create a secret internet known as ‘Libertas’. But is China wrong? And is there a way to make America a true partner in global technology with a group of teenagers?

    Your level of experience: 5 years. I took a writing class 3 years ago. During that time I wrote a memoir and then my young adult novel. Before that I have taken a coursera class on writing and in college and high school won 2 essay contests. I’m an IT Director and I’d love to write stories that get teens excited about technology.

    I would like someone to read my novel and critique it. I know it’s a decent story idea, but I’m sure it needs work. I just don’t know what to do with it now.

    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: athenabeasty [at] gmail [dot] com)

    • Hello Pamela,
      I’d love to read and give feedback/critique your novel. Glad to be of help! I’ll be emailing you from : ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com.

  87. Catherine Hungerford says

    Your genre: Contemporary women’s fiction with romantic and comedic elements.

    A short summary of your current story: This story follows the experiences of nurses working in an acute mental health facility. It features ‘older’ (40+ years) characters. The story is set in Australia so some of the language (and spelling) may seem ‘foreign’ to US readers. Please note, the story has the following trigger warnings: Health professionals who work in high-stress areas can sometimes use black humor as a coping mechanism. Consequently, there may be occasions when readers feel offended or distressed by the descriptions, emotions, reactions, or situations described in this story. The story also features references to mental illness, sexual assault, and suicide. Readers who may feel distressed by these topics or perspectives are advised not to read this story.

    Your level of experience: I am an older woman who has been writing (and been published in) non-fiction for many years. This is my first attempt at a fiction story.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: I need someone who will provide honest feedback (no matter how tough, my aim is to improve) about the pacing, storyline, humor, and so on.

    Your email address: clricho(at)bigpond(dot)com

  88. Nathan S. Jones says

    Hello! Here are the basics!

    Genre: Supernatural Thriller

    Title: ‘The Fear of Silence’

    Summary: Hal Kapernaum and his son move to the tiny company town of Seco, AZ to his new job as head of the plant, a job he took site unseen. When he discovers that the entire town is deathly afraid of silence, a fear that mirrors his own, he investigates. When the Silence endangers his only son, he faces his greatest fear to save him.

    Experience: 25 years (traditionally published author)

    Looking for: a beta reader. I’m launching this as a self-published book, and after writing it for four years—hiring editors and making it great— I’m only needing some last minute feedback before I send it out to the world.

    Email: nathansmithjones [at] gmail [dot] com

    • I’m writing a paranormal thriller with a romantic subplot. It’s with a copyeditor now. Looking for: a writing friend to exchange work, provide feedback, and be a story nerd with. What I offer: I’m familiar with save the cat, storygrid, and author accelerator. I’m an experienced spun yarn reader.

      Bokdreki [at] gmail [dot] com

  89. Hello Everyone! This post has come at the perfect time as I would really love to connect with fellow writers in the community.

    I write dark medieval/historical steamy romance and I’m currently working on the first book of a duet set in the 12th Century Welsh Marches, focused on the rise and fall of the House of Braose.

    I’ve been dedicating myself to writing for the past couple of years, honing my craft and preparing for the release of my debut novel early next year.

    I would love to find writing buddies who are interested in swapping chapters for critiques and beta reads. Additionally, have regular check-ins to support each other’s progress. It would be fantastic to discuss the writing process, bounce ideas around, and keep each other motivated. I believe in being honest, enthusiastic, and encouraging when it comes to writing.

    You can reach me at k.m.magnusson [at] outlook [dot] com

  90. I have a four-book fantasy series with research and outlines, but need help staying focused and moving drafts forward. Intensions is book 1 / new adult. Each book in this series will reframe certain fairytales within a new context.

    Blurb: If your life story were written by your worst enemy, what would it sound like? Magnificent’s story was distorted and warped by those whose intensions were to mislead and to vilify. Magnificent became Maleficent and history’s perception was cemented in lies.

    I enjoy reading all genres. I’m a former English Instructor at Lewis University who has been writing for around 10+ years. I’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and some very minor writer magazines. The first book I wrote now rests in my modem. R.I.P. I began another idea and feel better about this book, but I need a critique group to help me assess and keep moving forward.

    I had a writers group a few years ago that dissolved due to life changes, but the consistencies of due dates kept me on track. I tend to love research. I’d like to join a group of writers with critique experience and understand what it means to read a book like a writer. I would provide and receive critiques on a predefined timetable. Deadlines keep me focused.

    I live in the southern suburbs of Chicago. Contact me at: heide [dot] kracik [at] gmail [dot] com

  91. Chris Maylin says

    I have a complete police procedural with Thriller and Historical content, of 86k words, set in 1991 England. Protagonist is a mid-30s woman leading a murder team in the Metropolitan Police Murder Squad. Edited and revised on several occasions. Not a cozy.

    email: maylin1951 (at) iCloud (dot) com

    • Very interesting. My WIP is a scifi/police procedural. Set in 25th Century on Earth’s first deep space station/military academy…think Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine series and you’ve got the time and type of station. Main characters are a Xeno-biologist/forensics specialist and the head of station security. If Sci-fi isn’t your thing then that’s fine – I’ll move on to someone else. If you’re interested let me know.
      FYI – I’m in my mid 60s, been writing for most of my life. Any fiction I’ve written is mostly unfinished and therefore unpublished. I did however complete and self-publish a historical document for a summer camp I’m involved with.

      • EDIT:…haha…sorry – email address is: june_collins(at)hotmail(dot)com. that’s what I get for doing this quickly while at work.

  92. Crime/Mystery

    Title: The Pale Knight

    Australia 1936: Oskar Anders, a cashiered Berlin police detective, has three days to prove his former lover, Elsa Becker, innocent of her Nazi husband’s brutal murder–– or see her hanged.

    I’ve been writing screenplays sporadically since my mid twenties. Turned to long form prose a couple of years ago and now do that full-time. The Pale Knight is an adaption a screenplay.

    I’m looking for beta readers who have a ‘good ear’ for the genre.

    sprime [at] me [dot] com

  93. Hi!

    I write interracial clean beach romances and romantasies (lowish heat) I’m a hybrid author, and I’ve published 6 books. Currently in the process of releasing a revised shifter romance.

    I practiced law for 15ish years, but now I write pretty much full-time. I try to release 3-4 books a year, and I’m looking for someone serious who can exchange pages on a weekly basis.

    If you think we’re a match, I’d love to hear from you. Tanajenkins (at) tanajenkins (dot) com

    Have a great day!

  94. Hello!
    I write poetry, romance, erotica, fiction, mystery, action fantasy and action science fiction.
    Looking for someone to review some chapters and I can do the same.
    I have been writing for some time now and it is an very enjoyable hobby. I have published a couple of books and working on more now.

    I can be reached at iris [dot] m [dot] perkins at gmail [dot] com.

  95. I love that this post is back! I got in touch with some amazing people the previous time this post was up, I realized how fun it is to interact with other people who are also trying to bring their stories to completio, so I will be happy to meet even more people interested in the same things I am!

    I’m an illustrator and a new writer, born in South America but currently living in California, I’m working on a coming of age, drama, graphic novel where mental health plays a big part in the story, although it’s represented mostly through magical realism elements. I like stories that dig deep into the psyche of the characters.

    I work very sporadically, jumping between projects because apparently my brain gets too burnt out if I work on a single story for too long, so I am looking mostly to make connections rather than for an accountability partner (however I’m more than glad to take that role for you if that’s what you are looking for).
    I will be happy to give you feedback on your project, and every now and then I may ask you for feedback on my script, or ask questions to brainstorm or troubleshoot if I feel stuck.

    I am looking for people interested mostly in Kidlit (especially YA), coming of age, fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, drama, romance, action… mostly any genre except horror, war, or very history-heavy stories.

    If you are interested in comics/graphic novels or you write in script format, or at least you will be ok with me sending you something in script format, I will be thrilled to get in touch with you!

    Lastly, I prefer communication through email. My email info.mryboart [at]

    • I’m keenly interested in magical realism— reading, writing, viewing! I’m working on a novel. I’ll post my details later but my email now.
      Onegoodmentor at gmail dot com I hope you’ll reach out!

  96. Zahra Khatri says

    Hi, I’m Zahra. I write fantasy mostly. My current story is about a world that lives alongside ours. Every person has a Potential, the amount of magical energy, and a Skill, the way that magical energy releases itself. My story follows a teenaged girl as she attempts struggles with her loyalties. Should magical healing be introduced to the normal world? Is it ethical to keep the knowledge of magical healing away from suffering people just because they have no Potential?

    I’ve been writing since I was in middle school(I never finished a first draft). I want my writing buddy to hold me accountable. I want to have constructive criticism for my writing. I’ll do the same for anyone who wants it. 🙂

  97. My genre is near-future fiction.
    A story about an unhampered Japanese-Brazilian who directs augmented reality films, gets into trouble about control of the money and flees the country. When funds are freed he and his buddy get in on the floor of the next big thing brain/computer interface.
    I’ve written one novel prior to this unpublished, and have experience teaching English 9-12 grades but nothing like the master’s I have received from KM Weiland’s website that I have read many many days of the last three months. And all I have to show for it is the outline and first chapter. And, of course, lots and lots of notes.
    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy? An accountability partner and a beta reader eventually (hopefully less than 3 more months).

  98. Adult Coming-of-Age / Women’s Fiction
    WIP: Sara thought she’d made peace with her thick thighs and round belly. But when she and her boyfriend vlog their #vanlife in quest of sponsorships, Sara is hounded by both internet trolls and her own demons. She finally hits Instagram gold when a slender hitchhiker convinces them to post a racy photo of the three of them. But as the ménage becomes their online brand and their roadie amasses fans of her own, Sara begins doubting whether she’ll ever be “enough” for internet success in her own skin.
    Writing Buddy: this novel needs another beta reader, preferably a body-positive, curvier, Gen Z. Is that you? I’m also looking to connect with critique partners for the sequel featuring feminist themes / PPD / and travel even more adventurous than the Southwest road trip in this first novel.

  99. Hi! I’m Anna. I write epic fantasy “doorstoppers” set in 3,500 BC Mesopotamia, a sci-fantasy retelling of the myth of fallen angels. I’m currently working on a story about a coast guard officer investigating eco-terrorism and a sci-fi-plausible (i.e., not fantasy) mermaid which will hopefully be my first mystery/thriller. I’ve been writing fiction for about 12 years, with 1 non-fiction and 9 fiction books published.

    I’m just coming out of one heck of a case of writer’s burnout — covid and politics really did a number on the “muse” — so would love to connect with somebody who just loves to write and isn’t into politics (neither left, nor right, “A pox upon both houses” as Shakespeare would say). Would love to find somebody to simply bounce crazy ideas off of and commiserate about plot, structure, and the feds showing up at your door because your browser search history flagged in some NSA supercomputer. Am loosely Christian, but not a fanatic.

    I ran the “writing track” for a number of years at a large fan-run sci-fantasy-gaming comicon, so I’m good at spotting what may be “off” about a manuscript and providing constructive feedback. But I don’t belong to any professional editing associations or methodologies such as Save the Cat or Story Grid.

    I’m in Southeastern Massachusetts (Cape Cod) if there’s anybody else in the area? I don’t do zoom calls (am a proud luddite), but I’m super responsible about responding to email or meeting in-person.

  100. Genre: Urban Fantasy (current novel), but I also write sci-fi, horror, romance, literary, comedy

    Summary: If magick is real and there are those who can wield it, then what will happen to our sociopolitical landscape and geopolitics? Our protagonists will find out when they are pulled into the secret supernatural society known as the Paranormal Underworld, where powerful mages control and manipulate our governments, corporations, and organized crime. And that’s not even the real problem our world faces, because hiding in plain sight are far more dangerous threats to humanity.

    Level of experience: Been writing in other mediums since 1991 (graphic novels, screenplays), and started writing novels seriously around 2010. Have three completed novels and a few unfinished ones.

    What I’m looking for: Someone who’s got enough experience in the art and craft of storytelling in the novel format, and can give valuable feedback on not just the general storytelling and prose, but also the worldbuilding, thematic focus, character arcs, series planning, plot structure, etc.


    • I should mention I have another completed manuscript of a different novel, and this one is a bittersweet modern-day fairytale/fantasy with romance, but also dark elements like domestic violence, bullying, and homicide.

      Here is the blurb:

      The day Adelyn moves into Jaime’s neighborhood with her career criminal father, marks the beginning of their bittersweet fairy tale. Jaime is captivated by Adelyn’s ethereal presence, but her inexplicable “glitching” behavior hints at perhaps an otherworldly nature.

      The two teens find sanctuary in each other’s company amidst bleak existences shaped by their shared affliction of violence and abuse. As they protect one another from school bullies and the brutality of their own parents, the new friendship blossoms into love, but their lives spin out of control when a violent episode leads to deadly tragedy.

      Forced to flee from law enforcement, and with the untimely revelation of Adelyn’s extraordinary dormant identity, the cold indifference of celestial decree tears them apart. Her last words before vanishing, is the solemn promise to return to him–a promise that must endure the interminable vigil of despair and longing through the passage of time, testing their faith in each other and the limits of mortal soul and immortal heart.

      Although the two main leads begin the story as young teens, they age throughout the book so it’s not technically YA, nor was it ever meant to be YA due to the darker element and mature themes. The story contains autobiographical elements (I’m a survivor of domestic violence, so is my wife), and this love story is in some ways inspired by the love story of me and my wife.

  101. Hi! I’m Ria
    I’’m writing short success and need stories for humanitarian organizations through which I need to illustrate the need of the people as well as the impact of our organization.
    It has been four years since I’m writing such stories.
    I’m looking for a buddy that we can support each other on editing, giving feedback, sharing experiences etc. with each other.


  102. My genre: Historical Mystery
    In 16th century Vijayanagara, Vela and his master Tenali Ramakrishna investigate the death of the Emperor’s cousin. Was it an accidental trampling by an elephant or murder? Court intrigue, Arab and Portuguese traders jostling for power and warring neighbors point to a larger conspiracy at play. Can Vela and his master get to the truth and avert a disaster before the grand Navami celebrations in a week?

    The book is the first in a series all set in early 16th c, South India

    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    I’ve been writing since 2008 – initially business/entrepreneurship topics. My first business book was published in 2021 by HarperCollins. This historical mystery series is one I’ve been working on since 2016

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Primarily looking for a critique partners to serve as second (or third/fourth) set of eyes as a beta reader.
    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: ksrikrsna [at] gmail [dot] com)

  103. I live in the UK and have been writing for many years. Only recently have I set myself some serious goals.
    I have some ideas about Paranormal and Space Opera/Military/Fantasy, but it’s the latter I have been concentrating on these past 5-6 years. I completed a good draft of a Space Fantasy Story only to find I wanted to place it at the centre of a trilogy. Now, I’m writing its prequel as Book 1, while simultaneously re-writing a novella I wrote 5 years ago, set in the same universe.
    My current WIP in a sentence: A young, hotshot fighter pilot finds himself transferred to Deep Space Recon, but the boring, lacklustre posting turns out to be anything but…
    I have two good development readers. They are not writers themselves, but are avid readers who look at each chapter or scene and give me their reaction. They tell me whether it works, is consistent, and plausible – in context.
    I’d like to add a third reader who likes the genre and has a little more writing experience. I consider my work fairly polished in terms of SPAG, so I wouldn’t expect that needs too much comment.
    Of course, I would be happy to return the favour in the same manner – a chapter a week after a mutual trial.
    Please feel to contact me if you are interested or want more information.

  104. Hi! This comes at such an opportune time!

    I’m in the very early stages of writing my first novel (romantasy) and was just thinking about how much I’d love to connect with a writing buddy at the same stage.

    I’m seeking an accountability partner/future beta reader writing in the same genre to bounce ideas off of and just start on this journey with together.

    I’m in my thirties and have tossed around ideas for a while but never seriously put pen to paper since college.

    My novel outline is changing as I iron out the structure, but it starts off centered around a woman who enters a potion making competition in hopes of winning magical ingredients to use in making her sister medicine. The story explores themes of trust, moral obligation, family, love, and feminism.

    My email is 🙂

  105. Crime – not procedural –
    Crows of Monserrata is set in Monserrata Portugal, a mountain village where a woman is killed by crows. The Inspectors assigned have to work around and through layers of corruption and superstitutions within the village and his own District Office in Vila Real.
    I have been writing novels since 2010 – this makes my eighth novel. I write short chapters that can be read in short bursts making it easy to read in a busy schedule.
    I expect them to point out my plot shortcomings.
    vincenak57 [at] gmail [dot] com

  106. Hey, I’m Roman.
    I’m writing a post-apocalyptic thriller, District 49. It’s set in a world that has been decimated by the invasion of alien nano bots which contaminated everything on Earth; and decades of world war as nations fought for resources. You follow Captain Leon Michael, Veteran of the Earth Defense Force. Deemed a Hero after defending Earth from another nano attack, he returned home after nearly two decades. After suffering from the trauma of defending earth and losing his crew in the process, he lost hope in the idea of the good. Now he must summon lost hope in order to defend his family and home District from a corrupt government.

    I’m currently a chapter away from finishing this WIP. I’m looking for someone who’d like to give it a read and point out any structural issues. My email is: Romanglass991(at)gmail(dot)com

  107. Hi, Belgian writer here. I am currently revising my second manuscript (a thriller/drama), and would love to meet other writers from Belgium, The Netherlands or anyone who writes in Dutch. 🙂

  108. Rosie Miles says

    Hi, my name’s Rosie. I write Romantic Suspense. I have one book published, although it was quite a few years ago. I have finished book two, and am working on edits atm. I’m also plotting my next RS. I would love to have a writing buddy to help keep me accountable. I live in Qld Australia. .

  109. My genre: Sci fi/ fantasy
    My current story: I’m 80K into the first book in a trilogy. A girl with some anger issues gets invited into a university to train as a Guardian (think galactic police). She trains with an exosuit (think Halo) and learns how to use a form of magic. A group of unknown antagonists are killing Guardians around the galaxy and that’s part of the mystery that unfolds throughout book 1. Essentially it’s a sci fi version of Harry Potter. I’m hoping to finish by the end of this year.
    Your level of experience: I’ve been story crafting since middle school but I didn’t start writing a novel until Covid started in March 2020. I wrote that book over two years and self-published in 2022.
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: I’m more looking for friends who are going through the writing process and encourage each other. I’m a high school teacher so I don’t have a ton of time to write and I don’t think I can commit to reviewing work regularly. I also have 3 kids under 6, so my life is busy. I’m just lacking a writing community to be a part of.
    Your email address: (brando [dot] cleland [at] gmail [dot] com)

  110. Write in LitRPG/Gamelit with a fantasy setting.
    I’m between Europe and east Asia, so someone located there would be best for time zones 🙂 (US is hard)

    I’ve been writing for a year. Finished two first drafts. Editing one of them now for self pub before end of year.
    I write every day

    Current work in progress is a fantasy story about a young man who wakes up in a different realm with magic and monsters and need to find a way to survive and then make his way back to earth. It’s first in a series.

    It’s quite action oriented with blood and guts, though I do my best to also make it character driven 🙂

    I’m looking for someone else who is writing fast and would like to give and receive feedback on a bi-weekly basis, but also likes pinging some messages and bouncing ideas off one another as needed if stuck.

    I’m quite early in the game, and am focused on learning and developing rapidly, so someone with same focus would be great.

    Another gamelit writer would be great, but I love to read fantasy, urban fantasy (the Dresden files kind), and sci FI.

    Feel free to drop me a message on henrikc3 (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested 🙂

  111. Hey everyone!

    I am looking for a beta reader for my 120,000 word collection of mystery/suspense/thriller stories.

    The collection features one novel-length story broken into parts with seven short stories woven between the parts.

    The novel-length story is about a woman’s daughter who disappears at a young age. Then, twelve years later, the woman sees a girl who she believes could be her daughter. But before she can talk to her, she witnesses the girl get kidnapped…

    What I’m looking for is someone who is also looking for a beta reader and is open to a story swap. I have been writing and critiquing non-professionally for over ten years.

    If you’re interested, please contact me at: RyanRHughes431 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Thank you!!

  112. Greetings everyone.
    I’ve been working on my novel for some years now. It’s historical fiction (1847) wagon train setting with some fantasy thrown in.

    Would like to find someone to give me feedback on story structure, arcs, etc. I would be happy to do the same.

    My contact: dianemalk [at] gmail [dot] com.

  113. First time trying this
    I’m working on a historical fiction trilogy with some women’s fiction elements.
    Its about an interracial couple living in 1950s Texas attempting to start a family and settle down.
    I’ve been writing since I was a kid and have always taken it fairly seriously.
    Hopefully I can find a beta reader or an accountability buddy. Itd be amazing to find some camaraderie. Feel free to drop a line at
    Kaoticxxcreations at gmail dot com

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hello Sherry,

      I’d love to read give feedback to what you have so far. Premise looks good. Glad to be of help! My email is ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com

  114. I write commercial fiction. My current novel is a story based on a haunting real-life incident when a small town ignores bullying in one generation, and it becomes a tradition in the next. My novel will appeal to fans of The Unstoppable Eddie Fugate by Geoffrey Steele and Bleak: A Story of Bullying, Rage, and Survival by Benjamin Honeycutt.
    I’ve been seriously pursuing writing since 2007 when I launched my first novel.I am on my fourth indie book, and I may try traditional publishing this time. I am looking for a buddy who challenge me but also be encouraging at the same time. (tough ask?)

  115. Pamela Nova Wolf says

    Your genre
    A short summary of your current story
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Your email address

    My genre is speculative fiction, Sci Fi, Feminist Lit.
    I am working on a series about women taking control of the world and what happens, why, and how. What works, what doesn’t.

    I have been writing for almost ten years, but also wrote as a child/teen. I taught high school, middle school, and college English.
    I’m looking for accountability and feedback from a writing buddy.
    My email address:

  116. Genre(s): Fantasy, horror, TTRPG writing
    Current story: A mistrusting thief steals a gem from a demon for a client who never shows to collect. She finds her way to a nearby town to lay low. Two adventurers arrive back in their hometown, looking forward to a well-deserved retirement only to find themselves ridding it of occasional demons that seem to be looking for something. In the meantime, a wizard shows up to check on the slowly degrading area where he locked magic away over a hundred years ago. Together they will have to save the town from an impending siege by the increasing number of demons.

    I’m also working on a multi-room isometric dungeon (maps and lore) for a 26-week challenge.

    I’m 54 and an IT guy for a university. I’ve been writing for years and don’t have any formal publications to my name … just some web-based stuff here and there.

    What I’m looking for is a person to check in with on a regular basis either via email or some form of messenger. The check-ins would be to make sure we’re on task as far as our respective goals, talk craft, develop ideas. Critiquing would be okay as well, but it’s not my primary focus.

    I have accounts just about everywhere, including Discord, so whatever you’re comfortable with is fine. Ideally, they would have similar interests, but I’m very flexible. I’m laid back (maybe too much so where it comes to my writing), open-minded, and not demanding of time. Years ago I had a writing buddy and we used to chat each other up a few times a day, randomly, until she drifted off.


  117. K.G. Martin says

    I’m writing a fantasy book about a young man who discovers that he has a missing twin that is plotting to kill his family with a nasty blood curse. I’ve been working on this for a few years now, and I’d like a writing buddy to help keep me accountable! I’d be happy to do the same in return!

  118. Hi, I like to write A&A, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, mystery/thriller/crime. I have made some short stories and I have them up on Ao3, plan to put them all in a book to sell on amazon. I have a few stories that I need to work on and any little bit of help would be good. I also write scripts for TV streaming and comic books. Been writing since 2019 when I started with a writing group and the library by me.
    Looking for someone who is very knowledgeable and won’t hold back from being truthful about what I wrote and will give me ideas to put in my stories.

  119. Hi everyone! I’m Katharine, I write YA/New Adult fantasy. My current WIP is is about a girl with a prophecy, a reaper, and a witch trying to kill them both.

    I have been writing my whole life, but more seriously in the last 5 years. I’ve finished one full length novel that I am currently querying while I work on my next WIP.

    Very specifically, I am looking for another writer who is also a new mom or has young children, and understands the difficulties of being a writer and being a mom/parent. Hopefully we can encourage and motivate each other while also understanding that writing every day doesn’t happen. 🙂

    My email is Katharine.lumley (at) gmail (dot) com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  120. Hi there everyone!

    Genres: historical fiction, drama, thriller, mystery

    A short summary of my current story:
    Set in 1948 Argentina and the US, it’s about a tango singer who is an undercover spy and he goes on a mission to find a man and resolve many things. Genre-wise, I’d say it’s drama with elements of thriller, mystery, and romance. And it includes many themes such as family drama, politics, forbidden romance, and culture.

    My level of experience: Overall, I’ve been writing fiction since childhood, but I started taking it seriously a couple years ago.
    Regarding this specific story, please note that I’m not Hispanic myself, but I have checked many local phrases with native speakers online, and I’ve done a lot of research to get many things right.

    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy: I’m mostly struggling to find a dedicated writing partner who doesn’t ghost me, and someone who’s willing to give and receive helpful feedback and suggestions. I would love to provide the same.

    My email address: allaelena (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Hi Elena, I have a first draft of a YA fantasy fiction with strong Christian symbolism (Narnia vibes) currently undergoing development editing. I’m very interested in your story and your publishing journey.

      Micro Summary: Jemma, secluded due to her diseases, finds solace with forest animals. Chosen as the Last Starwielder in a world at war, she faces dark forces with Malokai. Battling alliances, royals, illness, and heartbreak, she learns strength in weakness. An addictive lower YA romantic fantasy about resilience.

      I have nearly 20 years of writing experience, 7 professionally in marketing, and this is my first finished novel. I’m seeking a community, fun accountability, and a place to discuss the challenges of publishing.

      I’ll email you from annah(dot)va@annahlaine(dot)com.

    • Sorry everyone,

      My email is actually allaelena67 (at) gmail (dot) com

  121. Hello, I have a novel I am working on, in the editing process. It is a YA Fantasy, suspense, mystery, with some romance elements. The story is set on a different planet in the future. It is about a seventeen year old princess who goes on a journey to save her father.

    I have been seriously into writing for 15 years. My level of experience I would say is intermediate.

    What I am looking for are alpha, beta, ARC, developmental, and street team readers.

    My email is: author michael ditchfield [at] yahoo [dot] com No spaces in email.

    • Hi Michael, I have a first draft of a YA fantasy fiction with strong Christian symbolism (Narnia vibes) currently undergoing development editing. I’m very interested in your story and your publishing journey.

      Micro Summary: Jemma, secluded due to her diseases, finds solace with forest animals. Chosen as the Last Starwielder in a world at war, she faces dark forces with Malokai. Battling alliances, royals, illness, and heartbreak, she learns strength in weakness. An addictive lower YA romantic fantasy about resilience.

      I have nearly 20 years of writing experience, 7 professionally in marketing, one published nonfiction book, and this is my first finished novel. I’m seeking a community, fun accountability, and a place to discuss the challenges of publishing.

      I’ll email you from annah(dot)va@annahlaine(dot)com.

  122. My name is Jennifer. I write Fantasy (YA and adult). I self-published a complete trilogy, but have lost my motivation. I’m looking for a writing accountability partner. Someone to cheer for and that will cheer for me. I live in Pacific Time Zone, am open to asynchronous communications (Discord, email, etc), and love brainstorming and problem solving. You can reach me at jenniferlmoorewriter (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Chrystine Hetzel says

      Hello! I also write fantasy YA. My current WIP is the first story I’m serious about. It’s about a boy who was enslaved but gets released and is allowed to learn magic. He faces a lot of discrimination and hate for being human. I would love to work with you if you’re interested!

  123. Hi!
    I have self published a few books on Amazon. I self published a Zombie series….now I am working on a Biblical Fantasy, set in the Last Days…..To fulfill an Ancient Phrophcy….
    I would like to connect with other writers who need accountablity….I try to write most days and would like to talk to other writers about writing.
    I am also writing in longhand at the moment….I feel I am more creative writing in long hand……Goal is to have the novel 1,000 pages long….Keeping track of page count….so far 600 pages this year…..Want some to talk to about writing and be accountably….E Mail me at.

  124. Hi. I am working on a cozy mystery. I love mystery, psychological thrillers, thrillers, crime, and dystopian. I also read romance and some
    some sci fi. I love adult, YA, MG and picture books. I would love to connect with anyone who can help me with pacing and red herrings and make some fun connections with people of any region. Email is

  125. Hello awesome writers!

    I work on different genera’s, my current writing project is non-fiction/semi-autobiography about my journey after divorce, truly finding myself. I wish to share with others that there is hope for true happiness and how to achieve it. I have been writing since I was a child. Just a few years ago (wink).

    If anything I would love to have a writing accountability partner. I have multiple projects and my writing tends to move to the back often. An accountability partner to pop in every now and then to check on my progress would be amazing. Of course, I would offer the same in return if wanted.

    My email is Doing many things online, where you live doesn’t matter to me. I live in Northern California if anyone is interested in that bit of info. 🙂

    Okay universe…’s in your hands now. 🙂



  126. I write contemporary women’s fiction (adult coming of age/family drama/romance/humour and twists etc). I’m about to indie publish my debut (adult coming of age), and in a few months hopefully my second novel (male protagonist who gets himself into trouble with a pregnant woman, who’s not his wife) will be ready as well. I’m brainstorming for my next project.

    Last year, through K.M. I found a great critique partner whom I will keep working with. This time I would really love to connect with writers in my genre who are indie authors already published or intending to. If you’re Australian that’s the icing on the cake.

    You can contact me on me(at)charlottefrench(dot)com(dot)au

    • I write fantasy, fairytales, parables, poetry.
      I tried to write my first novel several times since 2018, but did’nt have a clue about what I was doing: it ended up quite flat and on-the-nose. Fortunately, some good ideas sprouted as well. And I found great writing advice here. So I’m now reworking the plot and characters, dreamzoning and following the creative process in a more organic way, so that the project gains depth and meaning. But now I have two small children, so still figuring out when to write (or shower, or eat).
      I believe in stories as places to grow and learn intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Reading and writing (anything) provide opportunities for me to meet God and learn about the world and creatures he made. My faith and worldview strongly color my ideas.
      But I write in French and live in France.
      I’d like to discuss writing techniques and test my plots and characters. Does anyone write in French in here? I love to give honest feedbacks as well.
      If you read French and would like to join in the learning adventure of worldbuilding and storytelling by my side, check my blog to read my stories and leave me a comment in there!

  127. Genre – Surreal non-supernatural horror/romance
    Current story – Boy meets girl; boy discovers girl is part of a cult where everybody abuses everybody else; boy agonizes over what to do next
    Experience – This is my first novel
    Looking for – someone to keep me on track
    Email address schmidt [dot] rod [at] gmail [dot] com

  128. Howdy! I’m Sherry and I write fantasy and sweet-ish romance (some innuendo and light swearing). My fantasy is epic. My romance is time-travel and anything else that strikes my fancy. And all of the above come with a hefty helping of humor.
    I have five self-published novels and I’m currently working on a novella for my modern time-travel series- I’d make it a novel if I could come up with a full story for it. So far all I’ve got is a novella’s-worth of story. “Sigh*
    I’m looking for a like-minded writing partner to brainstorm with, be a cheer leader for and to hold accountable with strong pushes toward the computer, lots of encouragement and a cookie or two for bribes when needed. And maybe some critiquing.and feed-back along the way.
    Yes, humor is my thing. But I am very serious about my work. If this sounds lie interesting, check out my website to read samples of my work. You can contact me at:

  129. Aimee Charge says

    Hi all,

    I am looking for an accountability and critique partner, and someone who is into paranormal romance/urban fantasy.
    My WIP is my first ever novel. It does have a fairly decent level of spice, so would need someone who is comfortable with this.
    My style is along the lines of Kresley Cole and Sarah J Maas.
    I have only been writing for a few months and am enjoying the process. Would be looking for someone who would like to review work regularly and can provide some critique. My email is aimee [at] charge [dot] net [dot] au.

  130. Cliff Farris says

    Your genre
    A short summary of your current story
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: kmweiland [at] kmweiland [dot] com)
    You can subscribe to the comments so you can read additional entries as they come in (however, be aware there could be a lot of comments!). If you see someone you think would be a great match for you, drop them a line!

  131. Your genre
    Historical fiction blended with action and adventure and a bit of a travelogue.

    A short summary of your current story
    An action/adventure story set in San Francisco in 1856. A female friend of the male sailor protagonist is kidnapped and he receives increasingly-demanding ransom notes. Each note is accompanied by a piece of her clothing with the comment about the cold wet nights. He is desperate to rescue her and eliminate the kidnappers.

    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing)
    Six years, three books published, and nearly finished with fourth. Two more novels are planned to be followed by an epic fantasy.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    A person who has been around the world and life and brutally comfortable commenting on my storylines, character arcs, overall emotional impact, and style. I am pretty good with editing, spelling, and using ProWritingAid for the mechanics of authorship and am not looking for help in those disciplines. Comments are welcome.

    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: kmweiland [at] kmweiland [dot] com)

    You can subscribe to the comments so you can read additional entries as they come in (however, be aware there could be a lot of comments!). If you see someone you think would be a great match for you, drop them a line!

    Thank you Kate for this. Good luck to us all.

    • Caroline Johnson says

      Hey there,
      Liking the premise.
      No problem, honest feedback coming up.
      Lookout for en email from: ourfutureisnigh [at] gmail [dot] com

  132. I write YA fantasy. My current series is contemporary, with the idea that we have legends of the fae because they used to live on Earth— and now they’re returning. I’ve been writing seriously for 10 years and published a complete series since 2019. I’m looking for a critique partner for developmental issues, mostly. My grammar is good, though typos are sneaky for everyone. I read PG-13 or milder, and I’m not a good fit for “dark.” mcleewrites at gmail dot com

  133. I write young adult and middle grade. I love to research, so even though I write fiction I always add a bit of history.
    My latest book, The Pulse on the Mountain, a gripping coming-of-age story that explores the complexities of grief, identity, and friendship. The story follows Christopher Enders, a high school senior who must navigate the loss of his parents and the complicated relationship with his lifelong enemy, who turns out to be his twin brother.
    As Christopher struggles to cope with his grief, he embarks on a camping trip on a remote mountain- An area suggested by his newfound friend. However, things turn dark when his twin attempts to kill him, leading Christopher on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

  134. Your genre
    I write short stories and I also can say that I’ve finished a novel (that I will never publish because it’s kinda of a memoir). I write stories that aren’t always necessarily happy, and sometimes I write the most comic and ridiculous stories.

    A short summary of your current story
    I have plenty of ideas (most for short stories or funny chronicles) like some rich guy that takes their kids to see poor people like it’s some cinema or a chronicle about free-will. But I have an idea that involves a teacher remembering his last months of youth (until prom) when he sees his old diaries after returning to his hometown.

    Your level of experience
    I don’t anything published, I only have a few things in my blog (IN PORTUGUESE).

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Someone to keep me on track (someone that knows portuguese would be a plus)

    Your email address
    pedro.alves2071 [at] gmail [dot] com

  135. A few of us Christian speculative fiction/Sci-fi/ and fantasy writers have created a group. If you’d like to join, feel free to email me at alyssison[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll send you the link to our Discord group (found in the App Store for free).

  136. Hi everyone! 🙂
    I’m Alessandra, I’m based in Italy, and I write fiction. I’ve been writing for about one year, and have completed my first novel. I am now outlining my second novel, which is a dystopian fiction set in a near future. In this novel an experienced journalist and orphaned teenager join forces to expose the human rights violations performed by the governing dictatorship, triggering a non-violent civil resistance movement which ends up in the restoration of democracy. I am looking for a writing buddy who has experience in writing dual POVs, and who could take a look at my scene list before I start writing, and provide constructive feedback on the novel during the writing process. I’ve never written dual POVs so I would really appreciate some help with getting this right, and making sure that the character voices are unique 🙂 In turn, I’d be happy to help you with your novel any way I can, from reviewing outlines to being a beta reader. I’m pretty good at sticking to deadlines and motivation, so I can definitely provide encouragement on that front as well! My email is alessandra (dot) danovaro1992 (at) gmail (dot) com

  137. Wow. It looks like you have discovered a lot need based on the number of responses! I do some recovery related (autobiography) stories, some horror/Twilight Zone-esque stories and even a fun children’s poem that I’m looking for an illustrator to work with.

    It’s all on the website below. Other stories in the works. I don’t even know where to begin but friends and family are telling me to get published. Or just start changing a nominal fee to access the site(?) Thanks to those who check this out:

  138. Thank you! This is awesome.

    I’m Erik. I write fantasy/sci fi/absurdist comedy screenplays & short stories. Aiming to complete a novel by year’s end & edit/compile my best short stories to publish as a compilation.

    The novel is The Succubus: The 6th Day trilogy – God wages the fate of Earth on the love between a demon & an angel.

    Writing all my life, but last 10 years working to become a full-time author.

    In a writing buddy — Someone with a good sense of humor & a shade less ADHD than I have to help sew up my accountability. My goal is minimum of 2 new chapters per week. My strengths are creating titles, loglines & large-picture creative troubleshooting.


    4thwalldown [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Chrystine Hetzel says

      Hello! I would love to work with you! I’m writing a YA fantasy story that I want to put some humor into but have trouble figuring out how to make it funny, especially without being cringey. I am fine with reviewing your work and would appreciate it if you could give me honest feedback on mine, and I can definitely poke you when you get distracted.

  139. Your genre – Fantasy- as of right now. I’m looking to expand into soft sci-fi (nothing like Isaac Asimov), and cozy mystery.
    A short summary of your current story – Currently, I’m working on drafts, so I don’t have a solid story, yet, but everyday is progress!
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing) – 7 years
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy – I’m looking for a solid critique partner who isn’t afraid to tell me that something sucks and/or beta readers.
    Your email address –

  140. – Genre: Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance
    – Summary: Character driven, dystopian, interspecies romance novel
    – Experience: on and off the last 30 years (mostly off)
    – What you’re looking for: Someone who is laid back, reads the subgenre and not afraid to tell me what’s not working.
    – Email address: mr.gordo at yahoo dot com

    • Anita Filliger says

      Tara, I’ve been working on a YA/NA ish paranormal novel off and on for about 10 years. I’m up to 98k words with no end in sight.
      I’m also looking for a writing buddy who can give an honest critique.
      If I were a little less laid back, I might have finished by now.
      My email: a.filliger55 at gmail dot com

  141. Wow, there have been a lot of replies to this post!
    It’s great to see all the passionate people out there!

    I’m kind of interested in the idea of a writing buddy, as I’d love to find a partner (especially for accountability), but…
    And I’m probably showing my newbie-ness by asking this, but is anyone concerned about someone absconding with a piece of their work?

    Yes, I’ve had many a writer friend tell me that no (human) can ever really duplicate your own work, as it will always be original to you and your experiences, but I’ve also worked in production companies where people have told horror stories of well-meaning individuals who subconsciously internalized something they’ve read and then later on down the road end up regurgitating it almost completely, thinking it was wholly theirs.

    I mean sure, my stuff could very well be complete schlock and drivel, but dag nab it!… It’s MY schlock and drivel! **grins**

    • Pat Partridge says

      Hi Mark,

      Comments about your worry. First, copyright belongs to the creator the moment it is created. Keep that in mind. Second, if a writing buddy “borrowed” from you obviously and used it, you could readily claim copyright infringement. Three, you will get hit by lightning the day someone steals your writing. Really, it is super unlikely to happen.

    • I think there are two issues here.
      First, the idea that what we write is so original that nobody has ever thought about it is highly unlikely. A bullied wizard boy going to a wizard school is not going to get much traction now, but there are so many tropes being recycled, especially but not exclusively in the YA literature, that we shouldn’t stop ourselves from writing them anyway.
      Second, ideas cannot be copyrighted. So, yes, somebody could write again about a boy discovering his talents while in a wizard school. Or while having an adventure on a far far away sandy planet. Or on a starship (but don’t call it Enterprise). We want those stories anyway. A new generation wants those stories.
      Ideas, stories, concepts are meant to be shared, to be re-invented, to be put in your own words. It’s only by writing them that we’ll be able to grow as writers.

  142. I’m an outlier…I’ve not yet tackled fiction. I’ve been writing since high school. After Nam did some crazy stupid stuff that earned me four years in proson..but in jail enroute to the joint embraced Christ…born again/saved,,/ converted, whatever term floats your boat. I authored and published “Captured by Grace,” a flyover autobiography of my whacked life. I was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma and kidney disease, so my ministry is adjusting and I want to tackle fiction. Some based on my e periences in Vietnam..drugs . Prison . 45 years of youth/prison/church/ camp ministry. jack [dot] Hager [at]

  143. Alena Balmforth says

    Jack, Nam did horrific things to our young men. I cannot even imagine the ups and downs in your life after you came home.I’m glad you turned to writing to help find yourself.
    I write memoirs, short stories, some fiction. I need someone to help me be accountable to get my words on paper. I guess just encouragement to keep writing.
    If I can be of any help to you in your writing process, please let me know.

  144. Looking for fellow murder mystery lovers…. 🙂 After self-publishing a lighthearted (cozyish) mystery series, I’m now writing New Adult murder mystery thrillers under a new pen name. I have one three-part story (self) published and two standalone projects almost ready for release. I’ve been writing and self-publishing for about seven years and I’m looking for a critique partner and occasional check-in/brain storming buddy. (A small group would be awesome.) Note, my stories contain some cursing, some sex-ing and are queer friendly. Email me at mdaauthor [at] gmail [.com] if that sounds like your thing. 🙂 Cheers, Margot.

  145. Hi,
    I have a complete (98,000 words) historical/science fiction novel that has been sent to 9 agents. No response so far. I’d like to find someone with an interest in the genre to read and critique it. I’ve been writing for 6 years and this is my first book.

    Germany, 1917. Einstein is dying, until a message arrives to save his life. In England, JAMES DRISCOLL, a brilliant young scientist with a dead brother, searches for a way to change his fate after discovering that the laws of physics are not set in stone, but is that knowledge a blessing or a curse?
    Stalked by KEVIN WINTER, a ruthless killer with a grudge, James loses everyone he ever loved. Obsessed with saving them, he publishes a surprisingly accurate hypothesis, forcing Einstein to intervene. In Berlin, a stunning revelation sends James on a desperate race against time, but his quest threatens his sanity and all seems lost.
    Until a mysterious message gives him renewed hope.

    Happy to help anyone in return. I read in my genre plus thrillers and satirical (e.g. Tom Sharpe).

    irbowleyauthor (at) gmail (dot) com

  146. Hi Writers! I’m Brian McAleer from Melbourne Australia. 40 years old. Self-published my 1st book on setting goals back in 2014. Wanting to move into writing fiction novels. Written a bunch of short stories, ready to take the plunge into something longer… Here’s the scoop…

    > Your genre: Psychological thrillers

    > A short summary of your current story: A dark entity feeds off the anxiety of unsuspecting victims, and tracks a group down to a reclusive retreat where they go to be healed; but one by one, the entity targets their anxiety, manifesting as their worst fears, and turning them against each other. The leading psychologist, a student writing her thesis, and a former patient with a dark secret must work together to vanquish the entity in order to survive, and survive each other.

    > Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing): I’ve been writing essentially all my life. Started getting really serious with it about twelve years ago.

    > What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: Accountability and inspiration really. I’m quite guarded with my manuscripts until I’ve finished the 1st draft, so not looking for feedback as I go. Rather, someone to bounce ideas off, and push each other along through our work in progress. Happy to do a combination of messenger/email/zoom contact.

    Your email address briandmcaleer (at) gmail (dot) com

    Look forward to connecting with you.

  147. Hi, my name is Beauty.

    I’m a new writer (haven’t completed any books yet). I’m 18 and write in Fantasy and Romance genres.

    I’m currently writing my first book about a boy who is from a family of supernatural but doesn’t know this. Although he suspects something was odd about his family, he could never confirm it untill an incident at a beach where he encounters a vampire. Now he has to face a whole new world he wasn’t aware existed.

    As I’ve said, this is my first work. I’d like someone who can keep me on track (I’m very easily distracted by other books or ideas) and someone who can give me honest critique.

    My email: createastory (.)cas(@)

    Thank you.

    • HI, Beauty.
      My completed series is very similar to what you’re working on. If you’re interested in a writer who has a kid the same age as you for a buddy, I’m liking your vibes. I also get distracted by new shinies, but I find it easier to stay on task when helping someone else stay on task. 🙂 jenniferlmoorewriter (at) gmail.

  148. R. Lauren Livingston says

    I’m currently 50,000 words into my second full novel. As a healthy, active, and busy octogenarian, I base my stories on real events and actual places in my long life. I create characters that live, love, suffer, and recover as in real life. I find that I get emotionally involved with my characters, and I hope that my readers will experience emotions also.
    That said, I’m not into fantasy or sci-fi. My works always have a basis in Christian faith without getting “gushy” about it.

    As a Civil War historian, in my current novel, the protagonist is a veteran of the Battle of Shiloh who experiences near death and returns home two years later to find that his fiancé has married someone else.

    Then I enter a second protagonist, one hundred ten years later, his great grandson, who suffers similar experiences in his life. Chapters go back and forth from 19th to 20th centuries. I am gradually tying things together until the angelic climatic event reveals their purposes in life.

    I have done some writing on scattered occasions. I didn’t realize my creative abilities until we engineering students were required to take an English class. My essay was selected to be read over thirty other students. Still, this talent didn’t seem important at that time. Years later I attended a writing class and actually had an article published in a magazine. When my wife volunteered at a local theater group I was inspired to write a two act play, which I basically just filed away. It did however make me realize my ability to write dialog.

    Life gets in the way. Years pass. We retire, and I was free to pursue hobbies and interests. Last year I got an inspiration and wrote my first novel based on a man who had been left as a baby on the doorsteps of an orphanage. He goes through life, finds love, loses her, and then with a reconciliation, he also finds a family. I found that my ideas and the words flowed. My fingers on the keyboard could hardly keep up. This book is now in the editing stage.

    My third work, in the outlining stage, is a biographical, historical, and somewhat novelized story of my great grandfathers Civil War experience and his life. This requires extensive research which has been ongoing for many years. Is it possible to become emotionally connected to someone who passed away more than twenty years before your birth? Yes. It is possible.

    Let me know if any of this piques your interests.

    • Catherine Hungerford says

      Hello Lauren
      This sounds interesting. I’d be happy to read your work and comment.
      Catherine – clricho(at)bigpond(dot)com

    • Barbara A Boren says

      Lauren, it looks like you may already have a reader but if not, I’m interested and would be open to trading critiques. Barbara 2barbaraboren(at)gmail(dot)com

      • R. Lauren Livingston says

        Hello Barbara:
        The more readers the better. My subtle theme is angelic influence. The book, is titled “the Torrent”, has two protagonists; A Civil War soldier who after a long recovery goes home to find that his Fiancé has married another man. Then amidst war time duties he meets and falls in love with a woman that he accidently meets.
        The second protagonist is a woman who marries the soldiers great grandson and then leaves him for a billionaire.
        The chapters flow somewhat in parallel one-hundred ten years apart, but things begin to come together to a dramatic climax. at about 3/4 way through the novel.
        There of course are several other characters introduced, some of major and others of minor importance . There is happiness, sorrow, and death and grief. Things that happen in real life.
        Thanks for your interest. I sincerely appreciate it
        R. Lauren Livingston

  149. Hey! I am about to finish the second draft of my novel (titled Tell it Slant). The novel is about a Kashmiri artist’s (Bandh) life who goes from zero to zero
    I would really love some reviews trying to understand which sentence should go.
    The genre is social realism and an attempt to write Kashmiri faction.
    Kindly reach out to me on my email: adilhshaw [at] gmail [dot] com

  150. SERRIE KAMARA says

    · My genre – Fiction

    · A short summary of my current story – Ali was a brilliant 15-year old boy that was born in a remote mountain village in Africa. The village was known for its iconic suspension bridge that linked two massive mountains. Ali was determined to become an Engineer to design and build a modern bridge that would replace the ancient suspension bridge after the death of his two brothers on the bridge. He was faced with numerous challenges.

    · My level of experience – I have been writing stories for over 10 years and have published 1 Novel by XLibris titled “BREEDING BAREFOOT BOOKWORMS: The power of Book Aid in a remote African village”. You can find it on Amazon.

    · What I am looking for in a writing buddy – Someone who can guide me and proofread some of my writing for free. I can do the same for him/her.

    · My email address:

    My Name: Dr Serrie Kamara

  151. Troy Thompson, “The Haunted Doctor TAT”—

    Genre: high fantasy, epic adventure, with romance, in the Stone Age, on a mildly dystopian Earth

    Experience: writing 20 hours/week for seven years; two 90,000-word volumes essentially completed; searching hard for agents; building my “platform.”

    Pitch: On an ancient dystopian fantasy Earth, the incomparable Voice of Wonder summons two young people from antagonistic Stone-Age tribes to flee their homeland, to unite in marriage—one woman to one man—to defeat an ancient curse, and to become the mother and father of a new people. It’s a Sarai and Abram story with roles reversed; the heroes will have 12 daughters eventually, the mothers of 12 tribes.

    Need: I’m down to one consistent critique partner, due to life circumstances, not due to my bad behavior! Ideal buddy: a persevering, insightful, and mostly-optimistic person, a skillful writer already published or near to it, who would enjoy LOTR-type adventure and who would not be put off by song/poetry, issues of chronic pain humorously addressed, or some Christian themes. I would treasure a like-minded literary friend, someone who understands the writer’s lonely journey. Few understand the strange world we writers inhabit, where half of our best friends are imaginary, but our hardships are real. Our need for partners in commiserating over failures and celebrating our successes is real.

    Contact: TroyAThompson [at] gmail [dot] com.
    Website: authortat [dot] com
    Signups are extremely welcome for my newsletters: The Haunted Doctor TAT, The Humor Compilations of TAT, and The Author Journey of TAT!

    For our mutual safety and success, I would love to have a couple more sailing captains convoy with me on the great expedition to the Isles Unknown.


  152. Hi!

    I’m Pam. I am new to creative writing, still working on getting my first book ready for the publishing journey.

    This was such an awesome idea. Thank you!

    Your genre: I am currently writing a mystery with psychological drama undertones. But I am writing a paranormal mystery for my next project. So mystery!

    A short summary of your current story: This story is about a young man who fights for justice for his murdered childhood girlfriend tied to a pedophile ring.

    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing): This is my first book I am working towards publishing.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy:
    I currently live in East Africa, so looking for a writing buddy who is close enough to my time zone. I would like an accountability partner, who would enjoy working some sprints on weekends together. Also, if they would be open to exchanging pages for feedback, I would welcome that as well. But I am also flexible. We can start here and see what we build towards.

    Your email

    Cheers and thank you!


  153. Hello all, I’m late to the game but shooting my shot anyway. I need a writing buddy to keep me motivated and remind me to ACTUALLY DO THE THING.

    I’m a professional writer and editor in the fintech world, with over 10 years of writing experience in that arena, but this is my first novel and attempt at publishing genre fiction.

    I have the world-building, characters, and major conflict pretty well fleshed out — I just can’t seem to actually do the dang storytelling.

    Here’s a bit about my story: It’s an adult, second-world fantasy novel reminiscent of our own mid-1800s Earth — but with magic and anthropomorphic creatures, of course. Our protagonist is a city-dwelling craftsperson with a fox-person for a best friend and a budding magical talent. I’ve been heavily influenced by the His Dark Materials and Witcher series, Victorian dramas, and the X-Men Marvel comics.

    By circumstance he finds himself center stage in a broiling drama involving religio-political intrigue, revolutionary magical advances, and perhaps some sentient, body-snatching cephalopods.

    Also several prominent characters are LGBTQ. And while sexual and gender identity isn’t crucial to the plot, it’s crucial I work with people who are sensitive to both real-world and fictional concerns of queer people.

    Drop me a line if you’d like to chat!

    J.R. Murray

    • Hi J.R! I’d definitely be interested in working with you as an accountability partner! I’m working on a couple fantasy plots at the moment also with prominent LGBTQ+ characters. My email’s chasepkdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com or my discord is Starwick_. 🙂

    • Hi J.R. Murray!

      I am in much the same situation as you. I have always been writing – or rather, I have been world building, creating characters and writing down story ideas, but then there’s the actual writing part… Still working on getting there.
      I am an LGBTQ+ writer myself, which is also part of/or central to all my stories. Would love to connect and get to know you and see if we are a good match!

      You can reach me on aborghus [at] gmail dot com

      Hope to hear from you!

  154. Hello JR.,
    I am it I like to work and learn from you. I do love to read, review, and short story.
    My name is Mohammad I do live in Dallas, Tx.
    thank you

  155. Syed Irtiza Hussain says

    – Genre: Pakistani, Non-Fiction, Dramedy

    – Experience: 1 year

    – Writing Buddy: I want them to be Pakistani or Indian. Someone who is interested in fusion writing as in South Asian + Europe writing.

  156. Hi everyone! I write fantasy/sci-fi and have a completed novel I’m procrastinating editing (near future sci-fi set primarily in a VR fantasy game) by starting to write a slow apocalypse portal fantasy webnovel. I’ve been writing for eight years, and got my bachelors in creative writing and master’s in writing popular fiction during lockdown. I don’t have a lot of time or energy for writing as I’m the parent of an 18 month old, so I’m more looking for accountability and craft or idea discussion than critiquing, as I really don’t have the time to critique long works by other people if I’m going to get any writing done at all. My email is dhempel [at] gmail [dot] com.

  157. For anyone else who is writing Christian speculative fiction, there are a number of writers from this board who have bound together on a discord. Write me at theauthorandyclark [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested and I’ll get you an invite.

  158. Hi, great idea, I’d love a writing buddy!

    Current story: Dark femme fatale thriller involving life altering tragedy, and intense psychological turmoil not for the faint of heart.

    Your level of experience: 3 years

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: Someone to provide feedback, honest critique with an interest in AI generated content.

    Your email address aria [@]


  159. A once-in lifetime story?  Might be, certainly been taking me a lifetime. “Got to get her done before my eyes fade into dust.”  It’s really been three years researching and interviewing rumors I heard in the my career. So it’s “my once-in a lifetime story”, but so twas for Harper Lee.  “Scout, now hear.”   

    Care for lively discourse making character click, join in.   Desire a compassionate humorist to exchange on a 1960s-1980s fully loaded frames historical fiction that presents scientists as they are, not some putrid cliche. Let’s span the space across the deep events and motives that drive us all today to the very sinews of our beast within.  

    To the core of heart of the matter, when the protagonist of this story came home preoccupied and was asked how was his day.  “The work is going very well,” he quipped. “But it may mean the end of the world.” 

    Prologue of this beast for now.

    In the course of civilization, there have been many dodged bullets, droughts, plagues, wars, and accidents. The worst of those are called black swan events, ones that no one really saw coming, ones we escaped only by dumb luck, unaware, never really looking back in the car mirror at what we had just missed and escaped.

    This story is about one. One bullet aimed squarely for the temple, but against incredible odds, we all managed to duck barely enough to survive for now.

    All of what happened actually happened, and much of what was said actually spoken. This story has all the action and intrigue of a James Bond film, complete with exotic locales, dangerous situations, and international intrigue. Despite popular belief, the man who has been dubbed “the real Q” played a pivotal role.

    Hope you enjoy the wild ride.

    humbly yours

    ps grant,
    rougenasa (you know this) g(something post office delivers).com
    from Maui –
    (There that should keep the bots at bay as suggested by KM)

    PS from PS Oh yes, It was a shock, bit of heart of Hawaii civiization history lost, but was being lost in tourist trampings already. But come to visit Maui with exchanges of graces.

  160. Hi everyone, I’m Gerard.
    My genre/s: fantasy with hard magic systems, sci-fi.
    Current story: In a world where Corporate Families are the iron-fisted rulers of the Federation, one Scion stands apart. Driven by the ghosts of her decimated family and a monopoly on a reality-bending form of magic, she seeks to overthrow the very system that destroyed her life.
    Meet Aya, a woman with a vendetta and the power to reshape reality. As she delves into a series of high-stakes heists to unearth ancient artifacts, trains Hollywood’s elite in the arcane arts, and plots hostile takeovers against Corporate Primes, she’s guided by one overarching mission: to find the missing gods and unlock their celestial technology.
    Arkenblazars: Inner Monster is a genre-defying tale that weaves alternate history with cyberpunk themes and a hard magic system into a narrative of revenge, power, and the blurred lines between divinity and technology.
    Level of experience: freelancing as a nonfiction writer for 10y, studying narrative theory for 7, writing for 5.
    Writing buddy: I need a knowledgeable critique partner that I can grow together with.
    Contact me at gerard dot neaux at gmail dot com and tell me about your experience and goals.

  161. Ok so here goes for a second time – I tried the first time KW opened this thread but after two or three exchanges with a talented lady also in her mid 60s I never heard anymore from her – I suspect it had to do with a developing health situation at her home.
    Anyway – Hi. I’m June – Canadian, in mid 60s. Started writing with angsty fan fic (before it was a thing) in my teens. Dropped it for the sake of paying work, marriage and family. Picked it up again when my kids went to school. Discovered that I had a completely different technique compared to my teen stuff and that my work was actually pretty good. Went down the rabbit hole of writing fan fic again and got a couple of fan audience awards. Genre preferences are historical, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and espionage. I stopped reading just plain romances a long time ago, but I want a bit of it in anything I read. For the most part I don’t read or write YA. I’m okay with spiciness – I’m pretty good at that too. My current WIP is a police procedural set 25th century on Earth’s first deep space station/military academy – same time frame and setting as Star Trek’s DS9. The main characters are a Xeno-biologist/forensics specialist and the station’s head of security. My strengths are spelling/grammar and finding plot holes. I’m not looking for line-edits but general critiquing and also for someone to bounce ideas off – someone with “futurist” tendencies. Oh and bonus points if you happen to be from the capital
    of Canada. Email: june_collins(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • We may have a lot in common – same age, life experiences and interests. I’ve been writing on and off for over 40 years, mostly sci-fi but I had a sideline of writing pantomimes and murder dinner scrips for the local amateur dramatic group. I read a lot of classic literature when I was young but for years now my interests have revolved around science fiction, history, nordic crime and lit fic. I won’t turn my nose up at a spicy romance as long as there’s more to it than just spicy romance. My writing stalled through the Covid experience (I was classed as an essential worker so worked long hours) and I thought I’d lost my writing mojo altogether, but got back into it last year via fan fiction. It restored my faith that I can write a decent story and I can produce novel length work. There are some amazing writers in fan fiction, it’s highly underrated.

      I like the sound of your story. The police seems to have been the career of choice in our family for decades – so much so that my small grandson assumed it was akin to the family firm – therefore futuristic police in space has a winning ring to it. I have a long standing sci-fi project that I’d like to revisit and complete so am looking for a writing buddy for motivation, discussion and critique. I was an active member of the Critters sci-fi wing for several years so hopefully that taught me to write useful criticism. I wince at misspellings but will never mention it unless I’m asked and I’m good at spotting incongruity and plot holes. I used to be picky about grammar but in recent years have begun to appreciate the use of free form, which can be very effective if done well and in context.

      One thing I should mention – I don’t live in Canada or even in the same hemisphere.


    • I like you are coming from the fanfiction world, June!
      I discovered fanfiction late in life after grandiose ideas of original writing which went nowhere. I am happy to remain writing for the (vast) world of Star Trek fanfiction, but would love to get involved in yours,and help if I can.
      Same age bracket, SF reading background although mostly older style writers.
      bicycleplan at gmail dot com

  162. Hi, I write urban fantasy and steamy paranormal romance.
    My current story is a forced proximity shifter romance.
    I have been full-time for three years now.

    I am not so much looking for an accountability partner as I have no problem getting the words out, but I am looking for someone who understands what it’s like to not have any other writers in their life.

    I’m sure my family is tired of hearing me rant about a cover missing the mark or ranting about my latest release being in the wrong category.

    Feel free to drop me a line at Tichina404 at gmail dot com

  163. I write mainly nonfiction. I have one book published on meditation. I am now working to find a publisher for a second book, which deals with the afterlife, in the form of letters to a friend (a real friend who died tragically). I’d like feedback to know if I’m getting my point across to the general reader.
    I also have edited various journals and newspapers (small time) and books for others.
    Thanks in advance for any comments or offers.
    You can contact me at: newreneditor(at)gmail(dot)com

  164. Hi all!
    I am most of the way through a fantasy set in a world where magical powers are being decimated by greed and an underground Resistance is trying to stop it. Strong female protagonist with realistic issues; major subplot revolves around gay man who is grappling with relationship struggles as well as this war.
    I’m also working on a contemporary romance set in Australia: enemies to lovers set on a cherry farm 🍒
    Both stories are around 60% off the way through. I’d love a writing buddy or two to motivate me and exchange ideas and give feedback. Would also just like to get to know others in the writing community and share experiences! I’ve been writing for 2 years now. You can reach me at cerys.lloyd [at] gmail dot com.

  165. Trinity Demask says

    My WIP started many, many years ago as historical fiction/romance set in 16th century Ireland. Before I shelved it, it had become obvious that the story I really wanted to tell wasn’t going to fit neatly into the historical events. I put it on the back burner over 20 years ago to pursue a music career (I’m a singer-songwriter) with the intention that when I came back to it, it would have to be a fantasy novel. Several years ago, I started an entirely new draft, this time as a fantasy set in a world that is technologically/socially equivalent to 18th century Ireland and Britain. I tend to describe it as a historical re-imagining with supernatural elements.

    I’d love to find critique partners or beta readers to give me feedback. I’ve gotten reader feedback, but really crave the input of fellow writers. Some accountability to keep me on track when I let my work life encroach on my writing time would be helpful, too.

    I’m open to reading most fantasy genres (historical, urban, grimdark, etc.), romance (paranormal, fantasy, historical, etc.), and historical fiction. I read outside those genres as well if I’m drawn in by a particular story. I can geek out on mythology, weaponry, warfare, history, healing, herbalism, flora, fauna, religion, etc. so if you’d find that helpful in a writing buddy, I’m your girl.

    My email is excaligurlmusic [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • I sent you an e-mail.

    • Laurie Daghigh says

      Hi Trinity, let’s hear it for the 16th century Gaels! My WIP is set in the 1520s Scottish Highlands. I world love to find a writing group (on or offline,), alpha readers and maybe an accountability buddy… I’m in L.A. if any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know! lauriegrace (at) Hotmail (dot org)

  166. Hello, my name is B.T. Dulin. I am a big fan of K.M. Weiland and have read many of her very helpful books. I have been writing for most of my life in one way or another, and about ten years ago, at the recommendation of my technical editor, I began writing fiction. Among my ideas, outlines and short stories I have completed two books of a trilogy. It is Historical Fiction and takes place between 1920 and 1954. Here is a brief summary of Books I and II:

    Frank Powell was an idealistic and honorable young man who was born into a remote life in the mountains of Montana. His life and experiences on a large old family horse ranch instilled in him a deep commitment to family responsibility. In his naivety, family and country were synonymous and he felt it is his destiny to leave his legacy by leading the Powell family into the next generation. Against his father’s wishes and his brother’s warnings, he enlisted in the Korean War to prove his commitment. His deep values and belief in the good of mankind will be put to the test and possibly destroyed when he is forced to face the true nature of humanity and its willingness to fall to cruelty, given the slightest opportunity amidst the corruption and moral destruction of war. Faced with the horrors of battle and the hypocrisy of political zealots on both sides, his moral fabric begins to unravel. Will he survive the annihilation of his vision of the world, and if he does, what kind of man will he be when he returns to his home?

    I am looking for a Beta Reader of Historical Fiction who could provide feedback on plot arc, pacing, character arc, scene and setting. Both books are over 100K words.

    Frank’s Wild Years would interest readers that enjoyed stories such as :
    The Deer Hunter – Eric Corder
    Legends of the Fall – Jim Harrison
    For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway

    My email is b_dulin [at] gmail [dot] com.
    I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the fascinating and vivid world of Frank’s Wild Years.

  167. Like nrwillick above, I am also a budding Story Grid certified developmental editor and writer. Looking to serve as a beta reader and partner- assist writers who are stuck or need some direction, accountability and friendly guidance, including scene analysis and overall story flow. As I pick up new techniques, I’ll teach you too. You could help me stay on-track with my work as well.
    Past 17-year columnist so brevity is an area where I can be helpful. In addition to to the editor training, I’ve read widely on story structure in Story Grid and others, including K.M. Weilland’s books. Interested in most genres, but action/thriller, horror are areas where I could help and I have read extensively in the fantasy genre.
    I focus most of my work on contemporary Hero Journey and transitional, self-actualization stories, so if that’s your jam, we could click. Offering my services for free to 2-3 writers for now. If you’d like to connect, email is: (royalwhulf-at-gmail-dot-com). Thanks!

    • Nelson White says

      Hi Kevin W. I’d be interested in the story grid assistance. I have my first WIP (~28K words) involving the emergence of children (now teens) that suffer from a malady; all are from the same fertility clinic. The brother of one teen is piecing together the facts, trying to warn other afflicted teens. Their isolation and lives as second-class citizens leads them to developing powers. As they learn more, do more, believe in themselves more, they take a stand revealing the conspiracy, and closing ranks against the conspirators that are now trying to dispose of the evidence (them). If you’re interested, email me at azcatwrites [at] gmail [dot] com.Thanks!

  168. I’ve been writing on and off for over 40 years, mostly sci-fi but have dabbled in other genres e.g. writing pantomimes and murder dinner scripts for the local amateur dramatic group. I read a lot of classic literature when I was young but for years now my interests have revolved around science fiction, history, nordic crime and lit fic. My writing stalled for a while but I started writing fan fiction last year (historic romance, right out of my comfort zone!) which I have really enjoyed. It’s reignited the passion and restored my faith that I can write a decent story and produce novel length work. There are some amazing writers in fan fiction, it’s highly underrated. I’ll probably carry on with the fan fiction but I’m also returning to a sci-fi project that I loved but didn’t finish, with a view to redrafting and completing.

    I’m looking for a writing buddy for motivation, discussion and critique. A mutual interest in science fiction would be useful – who else am I going to talk to about the finer points of ftl? – but I’m open to other genres. I was an active member of the Critters sci-fi wing for several years so hopefully that taught me to write useful criticism. I’m interested in plot and character development. I used to be particular about grammar but in recent years have begun to appreciate the use of free form, which can be very effective if done well and in context.

    Cloudsandseagulls [at] outlook [dot] com

  169. Project Finance Provider

    Greetings !

    I’m connected to a group of investors willing to provide funding for any business venture.

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  170. William Prenevost says

    Hi, I’m Will. I self-published my first novel, and I’m currently pitching agents for my mixed-genre novel “The Phantom Bugatti” in which a careworn city guy finds himself on a life-changing journey after he discovers a rare Bugatti car under on his grandfather’s farm.

    I’m working on a related historical novel about three generations of the Bugatti family who’s artistic and automotive achievements were unparalleled. A good writing buddy for me will be someone experienced in historical fiction to bounce around ideas and problem solve as I navigate this saga of sibling rivalry, romance and tragedy.

    • Laurie Daghigh says


      • Laurie Daghigh says

        Sorry, Will, had a whole paragraph and accidentally pasted in a random phone number (not even mine!). Let me try again:

        I’m working on historical fiction set in 1520s Scottish Highlands with very similar themes to yours… privilege, power, sibling rivalry, romance.

        I’m very interested in having a writing buddy/writing group to share chapters, talk out plot issues, etc. I’m in Los Angeles, but available for zoom, etc. I am also going out of the country this week for a couple weeks, so wouldn’t be available to start till October. If this could still work for you, let me know.

        • Hi Laurie. I love Historical Fiction and it’s my favorite genre to read as well as write! I’m interested in reading your story. My current WIP is not HF as I write in different genres. My moto is if it hooks me at the beginning I’ll read it! You can read my entry (will have to scroll down) If you are interested shoot me an email reply at

  171. I would like to find a writing buddy that wouldn’t mind keeping me accountable and is encouraging. Also, maybe some honest critiquing. I will do the same for you also. I am new to writing although I have dreamed about it for many years! I see most of you are far more skilled and experienced than I am so I feel a bit out of my league to even participate but taking a deep breath and diving in anyway.
    My favorites are mysteries, psychological thrillers, paranormal and some sci-fi fantasy. Not really into vampire type stories.

    My novel I am working on right now (and for the last 2 years) is about a 17 yr old girl who comes home from an after school event to find her little brother home alone and their mother missing. She finds a mysterious note from her mother that makes her question everything and everyone in her life. She must now try to protect her little brother while going on a quest to find their missing mother.

    I have put my writing aside for almost a year but really want to finish it. If anyone would be interested in being my writing buddy accountability partner please email me at daleslady4ever (at) gmail (dot) com

  172. Hi there! My pen name is Kara Rowan and I primarily write YA fantasy (although I’m starting a new adult fantasy novel).

    Summary of my current story: Three Grand Admirals rule the island of Forthand with an iron fist. Antonella plots to destroy them, Fortanarius will risk his life to save them, and Zaahir fights for his family, caught in the crossfire. Thread magic-wielding noblewoman Antonella must band together with unlikely allies–and her unwanted husband Zaahir–in order to save the downtrodden women of Khi Shrine when they are falsely accused of assassinating a Grand Admiral. But if Fortanerius’s investigation digs too deep, he may stumble upon bloody secrets that could end up with Antonella and Zaahir hanging from their necks.

    I would say my experience level is fairly high. I’ve been writing seriously (in my free time) for about 6 years and have completed 2 manuscripts. I queried my last one, and although I did not get representation, I got partial requests from two agents.

    In a writing buddy, I’d love to find someone at a similar experience level who is also interested in querying and traditional publishing. I’d love to do a query letter swap and have a beta reader for my manuscript! And I’d love to do the same for someone else. Maybe we can start with swapping 1-2 chapters and see how it goes!

    My email address is kararowanbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

  173. Genre: high fantasy with a heavy dose of heart and humor

    Summary: I’m writing a villain origin story. Think Cruella x Johannes Cabal in a gothic, steampunk setting.

    Experience: Been writing on and off my whole life. Published in academic journals, though not fiction wise. Working on my second novel (100,00 words).

    Looking for: someone willing to trade feedback every week or every other week with similar reading tastes (Kings of the Wyld, Orconomics, Senlin Ascends, Seven Blades in Black, Gideon the Ninth, BlackTongue Thief, Tales of the Ketty Jay, Nevernight, Master of Djinn, etc).

    Email: MichaelD180 [at] gmail [dot] com

  174. Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction with low fantasy elements, contains adult language and themes

    Summary: Evelyn is determined to leave her miserable childhood in the dust. Her plan to conquer college and the business world is right on track… until a mistake strips her of her scholarship. Heartbroken and unwilling to return to her overbearing mother, she seeks refuge with her estranged aunts. But when revealed family secrets challenge everything she believes, Evelyn has to choose between the safe, sheltered life she knew or wonders she never dreamed of. In this coming-of-age tale of the pressures of perfectionism, Eve learns that we are not meant to be perfect—we are meant to be whole.

    My experience: 3 years writing fiction, lifelong writer of articles (my background is tech marketing) and poetry. I currently exchange work with a screenwriter friend, and enjoy giving and receiving copious notes, ideas and feedback.

    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy: Someone to chat with once every week or two to grow, set goals, offer critiques and support. Exchange work with a few times a year, be beta readers and writing pals!

    Email address: michellehrlbt [at] gmail [dot] com

    About me: Mid 30s, married, proud aunt who’s happily childfree, spiritual but not particularly religious (raised evangelical…still unpacking that!), living in Southern California in the foothills above Los Angeles. I love big, audacious goals! I also love celebrating the small wins with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and enjoying the journey.

    • Barbara A Boren says

      Michelle, your book sounds interesting. I’m also writing a contemporary fiction novel which will appeal primarily to women, I think. It also has a spiritual basis without being ‘churchy’ or Bible based. If you’re still looking for a crit partner let me know, I’d be happy to chat further.

  175. Your genre: Eclectic. I have a dystopian fiction and a sci-fi idea in play. Focused on finishing the dystopian first. I also am a published poet.

    A short summary of your current story: In a Totalitarian world, a woman has made a bargain to save not her own life but another’s. She is forced to become an assassin for the State. The rules: She has a year to complete the mission. No one can know it was an assassination. She can fail, three times. If she fails again she dies. If she performs 13 successful assassinations, she is free. She is on number 13 and two fails, and the mark is the person she saved in her bargain.

    Your level of experience: I have been writing my entire life. Self doubt and sabotage have kept me from moving forward. I am in the final process of self publishing my book of poems and short stories.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    : I would like to have support, feedback, accountability by a fellow wordsmith. And will gladly reciprocate.

    Your email address (I recommend formatting it as follows to avoid risk of spam: thebohemianbeliever at gmail dot com

  176. Chris Hollier says

    Genre: Fantasy in medieval-ish setting, light romance subplot, two POVs.

    Short Summary: Almir Hakim’s undercover investigation into Liral’s most notorious gang was days away from uncovering the identity of its leader before everything fell apart. Alone and up against foes with terrifying abilities, he’s forced to team up with a group of unlikely allies who quickly become suspicious of his past. Together, they must unravel the mystery behind who’s leading the outlaws, and why he’s after the daughter of a powerful monarch.

    My story explores moral grey areas, and whether or not the ends can justify the means.

    Level of experience: Self taught. I’ve been learning the craft for about four years now. The first two years or so were spent listening to a lot of podcasts, reading a lot of blogs, and working on the skeleton of a story idea I had. The last two years I’ve scene blocked the entire novel and am now about 80k words into my first draft.

    What I’m looking for: One writing buddy, or a group of writing buddies, to give and receive micro and macro level feedback.

    Email: cchollier (at) g mail dot c o m.

  177. Cozy Mystery Writers,

    I am starting a small Discord Community. Contact me if you are interested in joining.


  178. Hi! My name is Shay and I’m ready to get serious about my writing (I’ve always been a dabbler). This is exactly what I need. I have been writing a year-ish and need accountability. I’m a thriller/mystery writer and am writing a novel about a high school student who is bullied by a teacher. The teacher comes in and tries to assimilate her identity. The book is told in two (possibly) three POVs. The kicker is you are rooting for the wrong person for part of the book. Would love to trade and read, and willing to accept any tips to make this work! My email is mizcongenial410 [at] gmail [dot] com

  179. Genre: Speculative fiction, but like based on spirituality and psychology? Is that a thing?
    Summary: A band of outcasts tracks down the most dangerous psychopaths in public power and attempts to rehabilitate them against their will.
    Experience: Never published anything but have 100K+ words in various drafts.
    Writing buddy reqs: Accountability I guess? Someone to owe the work to so I don’t get bored and wander off doing other shit. Also someone who isn’t afraid to point out weaknesses and areas for improvement. I want to start practicing Save the Cat just to have something to focus my efforts, so some experience or willingness in that area might be helpful.
    Email: panchromatic [@] gmail [.] com

  180. Pat Partridge says

    Hope I’m not to late to this wonderful opportunity!

    Current genre: Mystery
    Title: Vanishing Traces
    Setting: Red rock desert country in southern Utah
    Main protagonist: Archaeology professor (plus his teen daughter and Chicago PD who has become his love interest)
    Main story line: Someone is willing to do anything to stop their archaeological dig
    Subplots: Father-daughter tension, deceased wife-current love interest, and others
    Background: Political battle over the proposed Bears Ears National Monument designation is raging

    This is my third novel. I also write short stories of a more literary bent although I have also published humor. Several stories have been published in lit mags and anthologies the past two years. I’ve also won three awards for novel first chapters.

    What I’m looking for: Right now, I’m looking for beta readers for the mystery novel, which is basically done but needs Close Reading and Revision. I’m researching for the next novel but won’t likely begin writing for a few more months.

    I LOVE tough critiques. I have a thick skin and know how to handle criticism.

    I can also provide critiquing for another person…and can be as gentle as needed.

    Pat . Partridge 124 @ gmail. com

  181. Hi Pat. Just saw your request for beta readers for your novel. This sounds like the type of novel I would enjoy reading. Somewhat similar to the novels I’m working on. I’ll send you an e-mail with my contact information.

  182. Your genre: Fantasy and Dark Academia with a Spiritual underline

    A short summary of your current story: A young woman that is sorting through a loved ones affairs inadvertently answers a summons from a mysterious academy. She ends up involved in the search of the missing headmaster while unraveling secrets about herself and discovering her power.

    Your level of experience: I have been writing for several years. Nothing published at this time, though I am looking to change that.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: I would like to find one person or a group for accountability and feedback.

    I can be reached at creative dot peace dot wonder at gmail dot com

  183. very interest and creative post!

  184. Hi,
    I don’t know if I’m in the right category here. I want to write novels in the future but for now I’m writing screenplays mostly for short films. So it’s a bit different format. But it would be great to find someone to give some feedback.

    Your genre: drama

    A short summary of your current story: I would like to find someone for ongoing collaboration ideally (I can do the same in return) but my current story is about a guy who learns he has not much time left to live and decides to change his life. Don’t wanna go deeper to avoid spoilers early on. it’s just short film script

    Your level of experience: on and off, different formats few years but mostly didn’t let anyone look at it. So i’d say beginner.

    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: honesty (be brutal if you have to)
    Your email address: pinang [at] gmail [dot] com

  185. Susan M Kerr says

    Your genre: Christian Supernatural Suspense
    Summary: Woman becomes a Christian at a watch party in a restaurant and leaves with no clue what happened or what’s next… Then, she starts experiencing supernatural things.
    Experience: 10+ years, dabbling (now serious)
    What you’re looking for: encouragement/accountability/feedback
    Your email address:

  186. Emmie Rankin says

    My genre: dark fantasy, dystopian, dark sci fi, horror

    My current story: working on a couple, but the one I want to partner with is this: As if the stress of his marriage falling apart isn’t enough, Seamus is now hearing a voice and seeing strange things happen. Things that have no logical explanation. Then one day he gets stuck in the woods, and there doesn’t seem to be any way out. There are no signs of life until he sees a light, in the middle of the forest. What will he find there? And will it solve the mystery of the recent occurrences, or will it just introduce more questions than answers?

    My experience: on and off since I was a kid, but I just re-started and am taking it seriously for the first time (past 18 months).

    My perfect writing buddy: someone who can trade works regularly. You should be good with improving sentence structure, being honest about things that don’t work, and bouncing ideas of each other.

    My email address: emmierankinv1 [at] gmail [dot] com

  187. Hello!
    My name is Abigail. My current big project is a fantasy book/series. But I also write a lot of poetry and creative nonfiction. I deal with a lot of self-worth, emotions and trauma in my work but in a subtle way so as not to be trauma p*rn.

    As I said above my current wip is a fantasy series. This is the summary I have as of right now, it’s still a wip. – Marcel was born on her mother’s deathbed. She grew up knowing that her life was given at the expense of one that people cherished and loved immensely. Her whole life she felt the void her mother’s passing left in the world and Marcel’s form just couldn’t fill it no matter how she tried. As an adult and a vagabond, she has been working and living alone and tells herself she is comfortable. But a small, broken family that needs her help leads her back into the world and pushes her past her comfort levels with vigor. Ghosts from her past and ones that will surely haunt her in the future swarm her day and night and she is left battling both as she struggles to keep up with the changes and challenges of Frye, magicians and hawks. –

    I am also working on putting together a poetry collection but I feel really out of my element as I try to decide how to get it published.

    I have been writing since I was 12 or so but I have been attached to books and communication since I was much younger than that.

    I am looking for someone with passion and skill. Someone who is also trying to figure out the writing world and how to take a place in it.

    Feel free reach me at beautyinthepages(at) gmail(dot)com if your interested in making a connection!

  188. Phillip Holt says

    I’m pretty isolated and have bee seeking an alpha reader for some time. I’m more the willing to reciprocate with anyone interested in partnering. See below

    Genre New Adult
    This story begins in 1947 small-town Maine and moves to St. Louis Missouri. First of two protagonists is a self-indulgent, rebellious, and spoiled high schooler finishing his junior year in a Maine boarding school. Howie is used to returning home pretty much whenever he wants where he reverts to the local HS milieu. He is used to being careless with girls and only slightly less so with his male friends.
    He unexpectedly meets Sophie, the other protagonist, a vibrant pretty, self-confident, and remarkably assertive niece of that bank VP. Sophie takes an immediate interest in him in a manner that inspires him to think he might be able to seduce her. But to do that, he must measure up to her standards. He attempts a complete turnaround. But this ambition awaits the presentation of a reward which is not necessarily what he had hoped for.
    I’ve been writing most of my life. Much of it creative, academic, or professional.
    I’d really like an alpha reader; one who take the effort to read enough of the work to provide helpful observations on plot, action character development and pace.


  189. My genre is fantasy and speculative fiction (usually superhero). I’m currently working on two projects, one in each of the aforementioned genres.

    Fantasy (Currently at 40K)
    Jerak Alberkan of the Rukkfen and Nikita Veronsel of the Tagebaskirans have fought each other since birth, raised, taught, and trained to hate and fight each other for the sport of their rival peoples. When a chance to escape the abusive life of the arena opens with a mysterious man offering them a life free from their past, they must come together in peace despite the thousands of years of hatred between their people. If they don’t make peace and learn to work together against the arena warriors hunting them down, they will find themselves back at the arena, trapping them in the same war that’s held their peoples captive for centuries. But the man offering them a life free from their past can’t keep them hidden forever, and his own past just might catch up to them before the warriors do.

    Speculative Fiction (Currently at 50K)
    Asra Cohen’s life is a sweater – one pull at a loose thread could unravel everything and tear down what little life and freedom she holds. With a secret that could kill her, or worse, drag her back to the shadows of her past, trust is a shattered ideology long since abandoned. Alone in the world, she’s tired and world-weary despite her young age because of the constant danger and nightmarish memories that she’s continually fleeing from. If she doesn’t stop running and finally face her past, then the few people she has grown to care about will suffer – and she just might find herself in danger the more she tries to protect herself. She tore down the Project once. But with rumors and evidence popping up everywhere that it’s begun again, she had one last chance to destroy it once and for all before it puts everything she knows in jeopardy. But she’s not the only one with a secret, and not even her files contain everything about herself…or the other Experiments out there.

    I’ve been writing for nine years, but consistently for three…and alas, I still have not finished a project. That’s where I’m aiming right now with my two WIPs. I’m more of a panser, though I am trying to at least chapter outline my WIPs now. These two projects are the first that I have every chapter outlined, and so far it’s helped me push through further than I have for other projects.

    I’d love a writing buddy with experience or knowledge in critiquing plot, theme, and characters well, and would be happy to exchange my services likewise, though I think it’s only fair to put it out there that I have little experience critiquing, though I have read a lot on it.

    Anyone interested can reach me a scribeofteicayn [at] gmail [dot] com

  190. Hi!
    My current wip is a sci-fi trilogy (space opera, action and adventure, with a romantic subplot). I’d love a critique partner, someone who’ll read my work and tell me what isn’t working. I’ll do the same, of course.
    I’ve published several books (urban fantasy, magic realism, and some mg short stories.) I’m an avid reader, a bit obsessed, and detail oriented. My feedback are honest and the way I like to receive them: I’ll point out the negative before I do the positive.
    This is the blurb for my wip:
    Ten years ago, Captain Colderaro was the star of the Confederacy Task Force. And then she went missing.
    Now, presumed dead, she prefers to keep a low profile. Working as a pilot on a freighter ship, she occasionally accepts the odd refugee passenger to appease her humanitarian conscience. But things go downhill when her cargo turns out to be none other than the princess of an alien race and her two bodyguards.
    Embroiled in a galaxy-wide conspiracy, Captain Colderaro finds herself dodging the Confederacy Task Force, fighting space pirates, and evading mercenaries intent on capturing the princess.
    Can she make it to the alien planet without losing or damaging her cargo while still keeping her real identity a secret?

    And this is my email: jina.salameh1 (at) gmail (dot)

  191. Barbara Boren says

    I’m looking for a critiquing buddy. I have an 83,000-word completed fiction novel. (I think it’s upmarket, not sure). The protagonist is a popular psychologist to the ‘who’s’ who’ in Hollywood, business and sports. She meets people when their lives have disintegrated and skillfully, using ancient wisdom traditions and truth, she guides them back to strength and health. This requires fierce honesty from her clients (that they are unused to) in order to face their own demons and fears, which block their soul’s gifts, and therefore, their true potential. It follows the stories of five women and four men who encounter some of the more common and treacherous challenges in modern life and successfully prevail.

    This is my second novel. The first, which I began a year and a half before Covid, was about a pandemic engineered in China and unleashed globally! I didn’t publish because, frankly, I was sick of the whole pandemic topic and figured most people were as well. I used Scribophile to trade critiques on that book and found the process enormously helpful. I’m looking for someone who has prior critiquing experience. and is willing to be honest (kindly please!) No dystopian please, and not a big fan of sci-fi or fantasy but might consider.

    I can be reached at 2barbaraboren(at)gmail(dot)com

  192. Hi I’m Naomi I write queer science fiction and fantasy, especially Alternate History starring power couple Harvey Milk and Alan Turing. See my website:
    I wrote my first story, a fairy tale at age 4. I’ve been spending more time writing since 2015. I love history, math, and science. I have a mix of shorter and longer projects. Looking for a critique partner/beta reader. I’m a former professor with professional editing experience.I’ve been a critique partner successfully with several people. My ideal reader is a queer or queer friendly nerd. Bonus if Jewish and/or Irish or British. I am published for my academic work not yet my fiction. INFJ/Gemini/Enneagram 5w4.
    author at harvalan dot com

  193. Hi everyone,

    My genre: mystery, sci-fi
    A short summary of my current story: I write mostly short, looking to write longer format now in a hybrid of the genres above.
    My level of experience: I’ve been writing for many years; I have a few books published for foreign language learners – fiction but of a different kind :).
    What I’m looking for in a writing buddy: accountability to establish a writing habit to finish a novel (no need to read what I write, it’s in Portuguese), methodology, genre talk and sharing ideas is also welcome. I will gladly read and give feedback.
    For personality nerds, I’m an INTJ, 5w4.
    Email address: breakthrough [dot] portuguese [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thank you

  194. Hi everyone, I am in my eighties with twelve books published in various genres. I have just completed a novel about a top secret government organisation whose aim is to dispose of those deemed a threat to the country so that their deaths seem like an accident. I also write steamy romance stories, and recently written two short film scripts based on two of my thrillers. I would love to meet someone interested in thrillers and adult romance stories and exchange feedback. If interested, contact guestcolin992(at) gmail(dot)com

  195. Sorry, I forgot to mention that there are senes of erotica in my romance stories. One of my film scripts is adventure, not a thriller. I am also in the process of writing a pitch for a script based on my thriller, Desperation Rules the Day.

  196. Hi All!

    I’ve written seven fiction novels under my pen name M.S. Kaminsky. These are my two current projects:

    “Thunder Rhyme” An LGBT-themed sci-fi: “A violent past. An ill-fated mission. A love that refuses to die.”

    “The Last Wolf” A sixteen-year-old shifter who’s the last of her tribe. A magical school teetering on disaster. Better learn who to trust fast or…well, let’s just say extinction’s knocking.”

    I’m on the hunt for some solid beta-readers and trusty accountability pals. If you’re up for the adventure or know someone who might be, lmk! 🙂 Check out my website in the link if you’re so inclined.

    – MSK (aka Michael)

  197. Hello! My name is Connie (pen name CD Clark) I write in different genres, but the current project is a suspense/drama with a sci-fi twist and trying to decide if I want to make it one book or a trilogy.
    The book in current state is called “Silos”. It is about a man who has been given a mission to find Arkansas State Senator’s missing daughter. What makes it appealing to Colonel Tommy Jones is where the girl went missing is noted for having many children throughout the years missing as well. It is also where Colonel Jones grew up. During his childhood Tommy along with a couple of friends form “Damascus Investigations Inc.” when he finds a dead body hanging from a culvert.
    I have one novel published through Amazon (released 12-22) but have been writing a long time: over twenty years. My job and other projects kept me from perusing writing full time as a novelist. Now retired from my job of thirty-five years I have many writing projects, including short stories and novel projects of different genres. I also write book reviews so yes I love reading!
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy: would like someone who has been writing for at least ten years and knows how to critique. Someone who shares his/her love for writing no matter the genre.
    My email address is

  198. Gary DeSomber says

    I am more interested in a screenplay than a novel. To see a film I co-wrote a few years ago go to you tube and look up “Our Fathers”. I am interested in possibility doing a full length script. My next script is along the same theme as “Our Father’s” but more horror genre instead of romantic comedy. If interested contact me at Onegladhouse (at) Aol (dot) com

  199. Katrina M McAdaragh says

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Kat. I am looking for a writing accountability partner. I am currently working on a romantic suspense. I am in the very beginning stages but would love someone to help keep me motivated and inspired throughout the process. I am a Creative Writing major, currently in school and play to jump into a masters program within the next year.

    Here is my email. Let me know if you’re interested. I cannot wait to make new connections.

  200. Hello everyone! I’m looking for a Crit Partner. I’m currently unpublished. I have several completed 30k-80k word count romance stories and I’m looking to self-publish this coming year.  

    I’m very flexible. Willing to exchange scenes, pages, or chapters at a time. I write contemporary romance, dark romance and paranormal romance with explicit love scenes. I’m interested in working with someone who writes in those genres. 

    I’d like an accoutablitly partner. Someone to bounce off ideas on publishing, writing, marketing social media book covers..etc. Let me know if you’re interested in pairing up. Thank you.

    • Hi Sasha, I’m very interested in being critique partners with you 🙂 I write historical fiction, thrillers, mystery, drama and sometimes romance. If you wish to contact, I can be reached via email to
      (Sorry I couldn’t message you on your website)

  201. Hello Sasha, I’m interested in being a writing partner. I’m unpublished but have written two novel length historic romances for fan fiction, so far well received, and am drafting out a contemporary romance with the aim of self publishing. I’m happy to read/swap and have experience of critique. I’ve also written for years in other genres.

  202. Sophie Eden says


    When Ambrosia’s brother is gravely injured on the mainland, she must leave her only home to protect him. She strikes a deal with the King’s Watch to have her brother sheltered, but she must enter the great race 2,000 miles of desert with creatures out for blood…and souls. 

    This current novel a year. I’m editing my first draft and learning about developmental editing. I plan to self publish. I’ve been writing sporadically throughout the years, poems, short stories, and other novel ideas.

    I’m looking for beta readers and to talk shop about editing, publishing, and marketing. 

    sophieeden [at] pm [dot] me

  203. Dannis Cole says

    Hi! My genre is YA Dystopian Sci-Fi, and I write all lengths from short stories to novels, though I really am not any good at short-shorts. I also like poetry but can’t critique it. I like to write hopeful stories with romance, light science, and a deep dive into the psyche. I’m a disabled lady, so I like to write about low-income disabled girls with big dreams and the frustration of dead-end jobs LOL.
    A short summary of your current story – I have two.
    Child Bride, Alien Husband
    Neglected 12-year-old Molly wants to be a doctor when Earth gets contact with extraterrestrials. Aliens showed her she is destined to lead a miracle healer colony, but her parents don’t believe it. Can she find the confidence to pull this off?
    [BTW the husband is 15 and he’s Zheien, so sex would probably kill him. This is an innocent romance that enables her to use his strong telepathy to enable her miracle healings. Not encouraging child marriage 🙂 She was 16 when they married in another future and were happily married for years, so they remember all those experiences.]
    This novel is in the developmental editing phase and I am still moving scenes around and rewriting part. Hope to have it ready by Christmas.
    I’m also working on the sequel to Adia, Scientist, which is also in developmental edit.
    Adia, One Of Prophecy
    Frightened new Queen Of Ye~ travels to Earth where she must defeat Eriganh to save 13 galaxies.
    This one is also around 80,000 words. Adia is 18. Plan to release this one after Child Bride. Neither book has a bad word.
    Your level of experience (i.e., how many years you have been writing) 54. I’ve been self-publishing on Amazon since 2009 but am totally rewriting my two series since discovering KM Weiland’s wondersite! Adia, Scientist is my first novel since actually understanding plot structure and changing my entire novel-writing process from pantser to plantser. Thank you, Katie! I have various length stories, the two series and two other novels up, but Adia, Scientist is the only one I’m satisfied with.
    What you’re looking for in a writing buddy
    Someone to share reads and comments. Not worried about your experience level! I’m happy to give honest but kind comments. I really don’t want to read bad language because I don’t write that way, and I need someone who also writes YA Sci-Fi, though I am a Harry Potter fan. I’ll happily read shorter works and poetry from other genre’s as long as there’s not bad language or gore or explicit stuff.
    My writing has a very light Christian tone to it but not preachy, and I am very accepting of all religious views or lack thereof, and not critical of alternate lifestyles. The book has a scene with a teen with gender dysphoria who changes sex from boy to girl.
    I’m willing to swap chapters or the whole thing, which is around 80,000 words. If you want to read Adia, One Of Prophecy, it’s written to be a standalone work but glad to send you a .pdf of the novel on Amazon if you want to read that. I really need reviews!
    I’m 65 but I love all ages, so if you’re under 18, please let your parents know you’re writing me. I can do Zoom and Discord where I have 3 channels devoid of a human presence [sigh]. My sprinting bots love me! 🙂 Oh, and I do NaNoWriMo in Apr, Jul and Nov, so if you want a NaNo Buddy, I’m here! I write, here in Georgia, USA, to avoid insanity and or dementia because I’m disabled. But, I’m up late, so if you’re in another time zone where your 8pm is my midnight or later, I’m probably still up with my 30 yo daughter 🙂 We de night owls!
    Your email address: dannistories[at] gmail [dot] com)

  204. Let me try this again. I am still looking for a Beta Reader.
    Hello, my name is B.T. Dulin. I am a big fan of K.M. Weiland and have read many of her very helpful books. I have been writing for most of my life in one way or another, and about ten years ago, at the recommendation of my technical editor, I began writing fiction. Among my ideas, outlines and short stories I have completed two books of a trilogy. It is Historical Fiction and takes place between 1920 and 1954. Here is a brief summary of Books I and II:
    Frank Powell was an idealistic and honorable young man who was born into a remote life in the mountains of Montana. His life and experiences on a large old family horse ranch instilled in him a deep commitment to family responsibility. In his naivety, family and country were synonymous and he felt it is his destiny to leave his legacy by leading the Powell family into the next generation. Against his father’s wishes and his brother’s warnings, he enlisted in the Korean War to prove his commitment. His deep values and belief in the good of mankind will be put to the test and possibly destroyed when he is forced to face the true nature of humanity and its willingness to fall to cruelty, given the slightest opportunity amidst the corruption and moral destruction of war. Faced with the horrors of battle and the hypocrisy of political zealots on both sides, his moral fabric begins to unravel. Will he survive the annihilation of his vision of the world, and if he does, what kind of man will he be when he returns to his home?
    I am looking for a Beta Reader of Historical Fiction who could provide feedback on plot arc, pacing, character arc, scene and setting. Both books are over 100K words.
    Frank’s Wild Years would interest readers that enjoyed stories such as :
    The Deer Hunter – Eric Corder
    Legends of the Fall – Jim Harrison
    For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway
    My email is b_dulin [at] gmail [dot] com.
    I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the fascinating and vivid world of Frank’s Wild Years.

  205. Debbie Ellis says

    Hi everyone!
    My name’s Debbie and I usually write contemporary romance (rockstars). My first book, All That and a Bottle of Jack was published in Jan and I’m currently working on the sequel. I’d love to have someone who could motivate me and keep me accountable. I’m not great at introducing myself to others, being an introvert and all. Would love to hear from you guys (especially with NaNoWriMo around the corner). Lots of love, authordebbieellis(at)outlook(dot)com.

  206. Hailey Willis says

    Hi! My name is Hailey Willis, and I am a Christian historical fiction writer. I am looking for a beta reader to help me on my writing journey. I have written four books, and am just now getting my first ready for self-publishing. It is set in the Viking era, and is about a destitute Viking girl who is rejected by scornful strangers and must find a way to make them accept her as one of their own. Underneath this struggle, another is awakened: are the gods real, and do they care about her? During one of her midnight vigils, a voice speaks to her out of the dark. The answer it promises will change her life.

    I would really appreciate a writing mentor who is willing to help me with my writing, and I would love to give them the little experience and know-how that I have accumulated. My email is hew2020(at)outlook(dot)com.

  207. Hey, my name is Alan. I’m as green as can be at all of this. Haven’t written much since high school but I reawakened my creative bone recently and I thought I’d try it again. I keep seeing the short hand being used on here and I can deduce some of it but not all, so I won’t be using it. I don’t even know what I need in a partner, but probably someone to hold my hand and walk me through it. My main goal now is to just write a good story. I’m not short on ideas, time, or motivation. I’m not formerly educated in writing, just a fan of it. My influences are movies, TV, books and comics. I’d be a weird ven diagram of Sorkin, JK Rowling, Kevin Hearne, Christopher Nolan, Joss Wheaton and Shane Black. If you got all those references and you’ve done this before you’re probably close to what I need. Someone to help keep me on task and stay concise. When I start creating, my ADD can lead me to flesh out superfluous events or characters and I need to know where to stop telling someone else story and get back to the main narrative. Also, I struggle with maintaining a theme, I like my characters to be real and dynamic, and I sometimes stray from an overarching theme to get lost in realistic responses my characters would have when put in those situations. All of my ideas are barely started but I know what they are and where they’re going to end (most of the time), and love the discovery of how they come together. Main idea I want to work on is a civil liberties attorney, and staunch atheist starts hearing the voice of God and God wants him to be his messenger. It turns out God is not taking responsibility for people’s lives and circumstances. He essentially designed the first people with roll of a dice ala D&D. Then like a pet owner leaving for a few days, he just put food out and left the pets to fend for themselves while he was tending to another universe, and just came back to see everything went to shit while he was away. I know how it ends, and I won’t have any problems coming up with the content to get there. I just need guide to help me along, read, critique, tell where to go next, and when to stop telling supporting narratives. Email is Alan R Stacey (at) G(eneric)

  208. Hiii
    I’m Ariana and I write Scifi or Fantasy typically with a tint of romance and a really complex world build and storyline.
    Compared to most people i’m probably really new to writing, i dont have a lot of things finished, but i have a huge list of ideas. I’ve been writing for about 4 years, but not that much compared to others because i have schoolwork to do irl but i like writing a lot.
    Im currently working on a scifi book thats set in the future.
    Basically they used up all their resources and they made up a story to cover it up and recruit aspiring researchers and students to work on a time machine so they can use resources from the past, and the main character, Adeline, along with her team of four, complete that but then she overhears a conversation between some government members when they are at the research center and she decides to destroy her machine, but one of her closest friends on her team, Aydan, doesnt believe what she says and shoots her (i have the prologue if you wanna see it email me:)) Thats the first timeline, theres three more that intertwine with each other, with Adeline trying to prevent the situation from repeating itself by changing an imporant cause (that leads to different leaders being elected which further influences the laws the society implement). But every time, her friend betrays her, and basically its also a story that focuses on trust and beliefs, especially the question what is the actual truth.
    I’m looking for a writing buddy or a mentor that preferably is good at planning and can help me with my writing and sort of talk about ideas casually. I do typically have a writing plan, but i’m open to getting to know people with different writing styles, best if in the same genre or have a similar writing style:))
    my email is: arianali[dot]07125[at]gmail[dot]com

    • Chrystine Hetzel says

      Hi Ariana! I’m new to writing as well, and write fantasy YA. My current WIP is about a boy named Ario, who is one of the only humans left after the fantasy races come out and basically commit a genocide on the humans. Fantasy races (elves, dwarfs, trolls, dragons, etc.) are now residing out in the open, and Ario is one of the first humans who is allowed to learn magic. The story follows him as he tries to navigate his new world, and tries to earn acceptance of those around him. My writing style is a very basic plan (I know how I’m starting, who the antagonist is, what bad is happening, how it ends, and a very basic idea of how to get there). Would you be interested in buddying with me?

  209. HI, Chrystine.

    I’m not Ariana, but your WIP sounds remarkably similar to mine, and I would love to swap chapters with you if you are interested. I’m looking for a CP to share ideas with and alpha read new chapters as we add them to our WIPs.

    My WIP is middle grade not YA, but it takes place on Earth about 50 years after The Surge when the portal to the Faerie Realm opened and fae of all types swarmed to Earth, which caused electricity on Earth to fail. So the fae live among us, now, some integrated into society, others isolating themselves in the wilderness, and society has reverted to a pre-WWII era — no computers, no TVs, no cell phones, cities have fallen, and small rural communities have sprung up everywhere. My story takes place in an orphanage that has mostly abandoned half-fae children, and our hero is a 10yo human boy who builds gadgets out of junk he collects, but learns to incorporate magic into them to give them unique abilities (think steampunk with magic). The conflict is many humans blame the fae for the fall of civilization and think all fae and fae-born should go back where they came from, and this orphanage is a target for a group of vigilantes.

    My book is fully outlined, but I’m only a couple of chapters in. Please contact me if you think we might be able to help each other. This will be my 4th novel (

  210. 1. Thriller.
    2. A child suffering from phobia(usually he suddenly got mental attack), go on a trip with his friends. How did he survive from that journey?.
    3. I’ve been writing for 1 month.
    4. I need some one have who have new ideas about thrillers.
    5. yadativenkatesh2002atgmaildotcom

  211. Mark Stevens says

    I have plenty of ideas, but in which direction do you want to go? Thriller? Horror? Comedy? Drama? My life story?

  212. Nadia Duque says

    > Speculative fiction (Sci-fi/fantasy)
    > A young lady from a Victorian Era-like society who wants to become a nurse, finds herself misteriously trapped in another world, where she has the opportunity to help some people while finding her way back home. In the process, she struggles with new challenges from this other world but also discovers powers beyond her imagination, that can help her fulfill a prophecy to liberate people from that new world. [This is the shortest I can make it but I am open to disclose a lot more 🙂 ]
    > I am looking for someone with whom I may share my progress with and brainstorm some ideas. I would love to also support their process as much as possible.
    > nadia.m.duque[at]gmail[dot]com

  213. I’m late to this, but I skimmed through all of the comments and I didn’t see one student, so I thought I’d give it a try.
    Genre: Christian, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Poetry, and sometimes Sci-Fi
    I don’t really have a current WIP, just some random things I’m working on.
    I’ve been writing for about 5 years.
    I’m looking for a Christian writing buddy who is also a student so we can encourage each other in our writing as we also navigate this thing called college (or high school)!
    Email: loreleivma11[at]gmail[dot]com

    • Hi Lorelei,
      I’m also a Christian uni student! I’m so glad to see another student on here.
      I’ve been writing for about 4 years in fantasy, contemporary, and sci-fi.
      I’m working on finishing my second full time novel.
      I will email you as well! I’m interested in a writing partner who’s able to meet weekly and have critique calls.

  214. So I’m trying this again after a couple month, unfortunately I couldn’t find any betas before. I decided maybe I need to write a better blurb.
    I’m currently seeking a couple beta readers to read the first 45k words of my recent novel “Beyond Tango”. Here’s a blurb about it:
    Set in 1948 Argentina and the US, it’s about a suave tango singer’s adventures as he tries to resolve a mystery and prevent conspiracy after the disappearnce of his fellow high-ranking general friend, going back and forth between countries, meeting many people, including mentors, to-be-traitors, seductive femme fatales, and dangerous figures lurking around him. It deals with many themes such as family drama, forbidden romance, politics (mostly in context of Peronist Argentina) and dabbles in many genres like thriller and mystery. Set against the backdrop of the glamorous entertainment and tango scene of the 1940s, it tells the story of revenges and suspicions, leading to dangerous situations around the general’s disappearance.
    Trigger warnings (for the first 45k) include: smoking, drinking, sexual themes, and mild violence and tense scenes
    Feedback desired: any opinions on plot, characters, voice, setting, dialog, and symbolism
    Feedback NOT needed: in-line comments on the document, historical fact-checking and accuracy issues
    Ways to contact me: email to
    Thanks in advance!

  215. Sean Willey says

    Hello! I’m looking for some writing buddies.
    I am writing a gothic thriller fiction novel currently and would like to build my skills and brand in the following genres – thriller, gothic, and horror. It’s funny too because I’m a big scardy cat in real life.
    My current work:
    My story is about a young man’s journey to redefine his purpose in life and legacy of love. After certain events in the city trigger him, he becomes an assistant caretaker on a remote island in upstate New York and discovers a malevolent spirit and tragic family history that pushes him to reconcile with and face his past.
    I’m looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, submit my work to for critiquing (and vice versa), and build a writing friendship with. This can be a lonely journey, so I appreciate encouragement and open communication.
    seanrwilley[at]gmail[dot]com. Please reply to this comment if my style jives with what you need in a writing buddy too. I can’t wait to connect.

  216. Hi, my name is Fernando, I looking for beta readers/critiques of an SF/Mystery novel. The pitch line:
    Bandal the Only (106k words) is a science fiction/mystery novel about an irreverent investigator trying to prove herself; things go awry when she attempts to solve a gruesome murder: the disappearance of a young woman seems linked to the death; the authorities are covering up; and her boss is turning against her—the theme of the series is self-awareness through the power of narrative, the thing that ties diverse cultures, identities, and values together.
    I’ve been writing 10 years or so, and have self-published 4 books. Email: fjsalazar [at] comcast [dot] net. Thanks!

  217. Hello everyone,
    I’m really new to writing with just three years writing experience.
    I write fiction and write mostly on writing platforms like webnovel, Wattpad e.t.c
    My current novel is a highschool mystery/thriller with a little bit of romance.
    Here’s the short summary I prepared:
    The first blood is spilled.
    Unknown to the others how or why it happened.
    Gabriella, a Senior at high school and also a wannabe detective is bent on finding out who the killer is with the help of Damian.
    Stuck in a love triangle and finding the culprit, Gabby realizes the killer was closer than they are all ‘Playing By The Book’
    I’m looking for a beta reader/ critique partner who would point out mistakes and give suggestions from a reader’s point of view.
    I’m more than willing to do same even though I’m an amateur writer.
    I’m open to some ideas cus I’m currently stuck and could use the help.
    Here’s my email

  218. Just sent you an email.

  219. John D Warfield says

    Hi Kevin.

    Your note of an email came through to me but i wasn’t sure if irt was addressed tio me. Go ahead and send anothert with your thoughts if it the message was for. if no. sorry for the intrusion.

    • Kevin R Worthley says

      Actually, I should be the one apologizing for the intrusion – was meant for another person. Thanks for the heads-up and your reply.

  220. My name is Anna and I would love a writing buddy. ❤
    * My book is Non-Fiction (Personal Development)
    * The working title of my book is: Stop Hiding Start Living – Getting past the BS that keeps you stuck in life, love and business.
    * My readers are stuck. They lack the confidence to move forward. They need courage and to know they have the power within themselves to create great things. They need to trust in their abilities and give themselves grace. My goal with my book is to empower them to trust that they do have the answer inside of them, and it takes courage to listen then take action.
    * I have finished the first rough draft but the writing was bleh so I am reworking it. I have re-written chapter 1 so far and it is looking much better. I am now re-working the rest of the content (slow but sure) to add more personal anecdotes while making the overall manuscript shorter and punchier.
    * I would love a writing buddy for accountability and constructive feedback (do the concepts land, are they clear, do they make sense and are they soul-connected?).
    * My email is Anna [at] annealing [dot] ca

  221. Hello, everyone! I’m Lydia and I’m in search of a writing buddy who is interested in critiquing/reading each other’s work, chatting about writing woes, and ultimately being ride-or-dies through this crazy experience.
    I’ve just finished my first draft of a WWII historical fiction novel. It centers on a young woman in England who is trying to find her place in the world after war breaks out. It is potentially the first book of a small series (2-3 books), or I might cut it down and make it a stand-alone novel.
    This is my first book. I’ve been working on it on and off for the last six years, but really put the work in this year to get it done. My goal was to have the first draft finished by the end of 2023, and I officially printed it yesterday for the first round of complete edits!
    If anyone is writing historical fiction and is in search of a writing buddy, please let me know! I’d love to find another author in the WWI or WWII era, but I’m open to other eras as well. Let’s chat and see if we might be compatible!
    You can reach me at fairytalesandteas {at} gmail (dot) com

  222. Hello Lydia:
    For many years I have been a Civil War historian and I’ll have to include the Spanish American, and WWII as well; probably not so much with WWI, although others would probably disagree with me on my later assessment. I am very knowledgeable concerning the firearms of these periods.
    That said, I have just finished the first draft of a 102,000 word novel that starts in 1860 and soon involves my protagonist in a fight for his life at the battle of Shiloh.
    The book ends with his descendants in the 1980’s whose lives are defined and affected by their ancestors lives.
    If this pikes your interest, let me know.
    Best of luck to you in your quest;
    R. Lauren

    • Hey, thanks for the reply! Congratulations on finishing your first draft. That’s such a huge accomplishment. I’m not sure I’d be the best fit for you, as the Civil War isn’t an area that I read much in. I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect partner, though! Your novel sounds like it will be action packed, and I hope that other historical fiction writers on this thread find you here!

  223. Allie Dawn says

    Hi! My name is Allie, I’m 25 and I would love to find a writing buddy! Message me if you’re interested.

    Genre: YA romance (themes of mystery and crime)

    Short Summary: A teenage runaway finds herself in the clutches of a religious extremist cult who believe in perfecting human genetics. Forced to become pregnant and marry, she will have to choose between love and the safety of her unborn child.

    Experience: I’ve been writing for about 10 years. I started out writing on Wattpad, but now I’m on my journey to publishing!

    Looking for: My story is in the outlining/brainstorming stage. I’m looking for someone in a similar stage, who would like to set times to meet virtually and brainstorm/talk/write, preferably at least once a week. I’d like it to be a long term professional friendship of helping each other with our writing. Please keep in mind that my story has some mature themes.


  224. I’m looking for a writing partner, preferably a co-author, to write a non-fiction book about a breakthrough in politics. I’d love to have someone with a poli sci degree. (If you know someone who might be interest, please share this with them.)

    (If you’re a science-fiction writer and would like to write your own book about this brand-new possibility, or want to add this into a book you’re writing, I’d be happy to talk with you, too.)

    Our political system in America has evolved into the perfect arena in which the two major parties fight for power. What’s now possible is changing it into the tool that voters use to design our future together and guide our government to organize us to build it.

    It presents a new analysis of what’s wrong with our political system, including a root cause of what’s missing and why it has eluded us for 250 years. This also explains why current proposed solutions haven’t worked, since they don’t address the cause of our problems.

    It describes the solution applied to Congressional races, and takes you through what it will be like to use the system. Then it discusses the problems in politics (the symptoms of the root cause) and how the solution will fix or lessen the problems.

    The final chapters start with how having a well-functioning political system that’s easy to use will open up a world of new possibilities. Finally, it talks about how people can participate now.

    This is a brand new, doable way we can lessen the corrosive partisanship in America, lessen the power of money in politics, unify America, and enable Congress to end gridlock, truly represent all Americans, and become effective and efficient.

    See I’m Rand@it

  225. Hello. I wrote one sports fiction book and am looking to write another one. I write regularly, but struggle with turning my journaling into something that could be published. It would help my pursuit immensely to have a writing buddy/accountability partner. Anyone interested? Thank you.

  226. Hello,
    I write Christian romance intent on presenting relationship encouragement and development.
    The story I am currently working on is a prequel to a published book: Ruby; James come dance with me. The published work presents a man in mid-fifties who resists, then surrenders to a delightful romance with a woman 20 years younger. In the Prequel, my protagonist is stuck grieving the loss of his first wife ten years earlier. His daughter drags him through telling her about their romance. She is pushing him to end his funk and search for a new romance.
    I have written several magazine / journal articles, write a weekly history article for the Newspaper and have written 6 unpublished manuscripts. I just published “Ruby” and am not pleased with the way it was edited. I want to do better.
    I am looking for a writing buddy in love with, and who delights in Biblically guided romance with an eye for better storytelling.
    efcater at

  227. Louise Sorensen says

    Hi. I write SciFi, Fantasy and Horror, mostly short stories. I have 20 + years of writing workshops, plus numerous published short stories. I am used to critiques and critiquing, presenting my work orally to a group of twelve in workshop, and am good at grammar.
    I’m looking for beta readers/critique partners. Happy to reciprocate.
    My email is louise3anne {at} hotmail {dot} com

  228. Damien Absher says

    I most definitely need this. I write fantasy, including dark fantasy. Since I’m a Christian the world I have built does have Christian themes. That being said I prefer writing characters as they are and not sugar-coating villains/evil etc. If a character uses foul language I write them using foul language. So, it is very difficult to find someone as a beta reader/critique partner. Either they’re offended by some of the characters, or offended by some characters believing in Christianity despite being in a fantasy world. My email is

  229. Hi, my name is Rose. I’ve been writing since I was little and am looking for a writing buddy, beta reader, motivator, story unkinker, and idea bouncer. Happy to do the same.

    It’s been a few decades of tinkering when a scene strikes me and I have to get it down on paper or a story idea that just has to be written. Now, I’m determined to get serious and untangle all the possibilities in my head and share them in completed stories.

    I enjoy reading (and writing) across genres including fantasy, paranormal fiction, mystery, romance, classics, historical fiction, self-help, metaphysics, and mysticality. This may be part of my problem, lol.

    I’m currently working on a paranormal fiction about a woman who has been convinced that she’s crazy for hearing and seeing things others don’t, but she’s not as crazy as she thinks. She has a greater role in the universe and must decide if she’s imagining things or if she’ll step up into a role that may just keep worlds from falling. Either way, others want her to be the key that furthers their own agendas.

    Any thoughts or help are greatly appreciated! 🙂 I can be reached at eryn dot james dot author at gmail dot com. Dot 😄

  230. Hello!
    I am looking for someone who, besides communicating online, would like to meet in person at least once a month.
    The idea would be to help each other brainstorm when necessary and give each other feedback and moral support.
    I live in Southeast London, UK, and on the border of Surrey, So, ideally, I am looking for someone in the area.
    Regarding my interests, reading anything different from what I write or usually gravitate towards in bookshops gives me a break from my work. It also fires up my imagination in unexpected ways. So, I am open to reading about most subject matters as long as you are a dedicated fiction writer working on a manuscript you want to see published.

  231. Aik. Raftop says

    I’m Katy, first time author of a Romance Fantasy fiction novel with Norse elements. My background is in Business and HR but I am an avid romance reader and have a great attention to detail when readying manuscripts.
    My own manuscript is currently under a developmental edit and I am a bit reluctant to have one of my friends read it as none share my interest in Fantasy. I also don’t trust that they would give me an honest opinion.
    I don’t have any like minded people in my life that are interested in writing so have no-one to brainstorm or discuss ideas with.
    I am more than willing to read your manuscript and give my notes on it – if you are interested we can exchange chapters and see if we like each others notes/suggestions style.
    my email is

  232. Alisha Bowling says

    Hello! My name is Alisha and I’m looking for a buddy to help keep me motivated. I’m currently working through the final edit of my first novel. It’s a science fiction adventure deal with lots of brown lesbians and a coming out story that I wrote after my own experience. It’s been am almost 10 year process thanks to some untreated mental health issues, but I’ve been in therapy for a few years now and am finally in a place where I’m ready and able to jump back in. It would be awesome to have another writer to chat with and to help me stay motivated, to celebrate the good and cry about the bad. I’ll absolutely do the same for you! My email is temotime (at) gmail dot com and I look forward to hearing from you!

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