How to Create Conflict and Plot Out of Character

Today, I’m guest posting on The Write Now Coach, with a post about “How to Create Conflict and Plot Out of Character.” Here’s an excerpt:

“No conflict, no story.” We’ve all heard that one enough times that we can now sagely nod our heads whenever it’s repeated. But, today, let’s stop and think about it. If conflict is the heart of story, then what is the heart of conflict?

Howsabout character?

Character is the heart of conflict. Or, we might say, “no character, no conflict.” And no conflict, no plot, no story, no novel, no reader, no paycheck, no writer.

You get the idea.

So if you’re thinking I’m telling you that if you can create the right kind of character, your worries about conflict and plot will now be over, you’re thinking right. Let’s address some pertinent questions.

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