Celebrating 1,000 Followers With a Prize Package Drawing

Today, we’re going to be deviating from my usual vlog routine in order to do some celebrating. And what are we celebrating? Well, quite simply, we are celebrating you—all one thousand of you! Wordplay has just reached one thousand followers, and this milestone is the perfect opportunity for me to take a moment and thank all of you who have followed, subscribed, commented, liked, linked, and retweeted the blog. I am always humbled by your support, and I feel incredibly honored to be able to share my writing life with all of you and hopefully help you in your own journeys.

To celebrate—and since I can’t make a cake and zap you each a piece through the Internet—I’m hosting a prize package drawing, with the prize of a copy of my CD Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration, the “10 Habits of Successful Authors” bookmark, and the winner’s choice of any of the books I have posted on my Recommended Reading page. Some of my favorites include The Anatomy of Story by John TrubyBeginnings, Middles & Ends by Nancy Kress; and Write Away by Elizabeth George. But you can take you pick among the whole lot of them. The winner will receive a hard copy of the book or the Kindle version, whichever he prefers.

In order to enter the drawing, all you gotta do is leave a comment telling me how you first discovered Wordplay—if you remember. If you don’t remember, that’s okay too. We’ll bend the rules since it’s a special occasion. If you have any suggestions for topics or features you’d like me to feature as we journey on to the next thousand followers, I love to hear them. The winner will be announced next week. Thanks again for following, everyone!

(By the way, I’m sure I’ll be throwing another party and hosting a similar drawing when we hit 1,000 fans on my Facebook page. So if you want to be a part of that, be sure to visit the link and click the Like button.)

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K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. Congrats on reaching 1,000 subscribers. I found your blog because it was listed in the Top 10 blogs for writers.

  2. Congratulations on this huge milestone! I think I found you through Twitter, but I don’t remember who retweeted what to get me here.

  3. I think I found you through another writer’s blog list. Congrats on the 1000 followers!

  4. I think I was just doing a search for “writing blogs” and stumbled upon it. Then I spend the next week obsessively reading all the articles. In my opinion, it’s definitely the most helpful site for writers out there!

  5. I’m not sure how I first stumbled upon the blog. Probably a search for something 🙂 I was real hit and miss at first but now I have you in my reader and I catch each new post.

  6. I was looking for quality material about writing and I found that Top 10 Writing Blogs page, which in turn brought me here. Congratulations and keep going!

  7. I followed Wordplay because one of my fellow writers had it linked on their blog amongst a few others. I like yours best, and I’m not just saying that because I want to win or something…
    I would love some help in making sure an idea doesn’t fall over and die once I’ve written the beginning or a have it kind of planned out. If I know it’s a good idea, how do I successfully carry it out to the end?

  8. I found Wordplay through a friend of a friend, who happens to be a fellow writer. 🙂

  9. I think I came here via Jo Penn’s blog. Now I have a link on my blog and devour everything you post because it’s so useful to a begginer like me. Please keep going, there is so much I need to learn.

  10. Congratulations on the 1000 followers! I found Wordplay through Twitter, and I’m very glad I did.

  11. Including spelling… beginner, beginner, beginner, beginner. Can I go now?

  12. Congrats on such an achievement. You’ve clearly been working hard! I think I came across your posts thanks to Elizabeth S. Craig’s tweets — after a couple of visits to solid content, I started following you directly.

  13. Congratulations!

    I found your blog reading one of your tweets on Twitter: it was so good that I was curious to know more about the author.


  14. Hm… I can’t remember if it was you following me on Twitter or me following you first but either way, we ended up following each other and through your tweets I found your blog post.

    😉 Congrats on reaching 1000 followers!

  15. Congratulations, Kate! I found the blog when I climbed aboard Twitter. Someone RT’d @KMWeiland, I clicked through and I thought, “Who is this talented woman and why is she telling me all this great stuff?” I checked your profile, followed you, and wandered over to your blog. Been my home on The Plains ever since.

  16. Congratulations! I found Wordplay from a post on Verla Kay.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Congratulations. I found you from a post at Storyfix.com. I am furiously catching up on your blog posts via RSS.

  19. I found this blog because: I was just learning to write and my friend told me she knew of this amazing writting blog. So I checked it out and loved it!

  20. I discovered Wordplay through a friend’s blog — two friends, actually; it wasn’t until after I read and loved Crafting Unforgettable Characters that I followed you. I’m glad I did. 😉

  21. I can’t remember exactly how I found you, because it was quite awhile ago — over a year, I’m sure. Was it Twitter? Or inclusion on a “best of” for writers list? Or finding you on the sidebar of another writer’s blog? In any case, I’m glad I did find you, because you’ve been an invaluable resource to me and my writing.

  22. Congrats on 1000 followers 🙂 I believe I clicked through from a post on another blog.

  23. Congratulations!
    I came across your wonderful blog via a link on Jenny’s blog The Penslayer.
    Since then I’ve learned so much and been able to conquer a lot of writer’s block by reading your posts! Thanks for writing. =)

  24. Link from another blog. I started out with 2 blogs to follow about a year ago, now I’m up to 20+. All real good stuff

  25. I don’t remember exactly how I found your blog — probably because someone else was following it and it looked interesting. 1000 followers it quite an achievement. Congrats.

  26. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you! I think I was one of your first readers, and even though I don’t come to your site all the time, I do keep up.

    1000. So very cool!

  27. We first connected on Twitter back in May of 2010. Our first blog connection was in June when you posted a comment on my http://perspectives.rea-hedrick.com/2010/06/04/scribbling-for-the-sound-of-it post where I played along with a ‘Fabulously Friday Fun’ post on AuthorCulture post. I’ve been a loyal follower ever since. 😉

    Congratulations, Katie!

  28. I actually found your blog through a friend of mine on a creative site called deviantART. There’s a small literature community there, and one of the people I “watch” (basically am friends with) recommended you.

    Then, a couple months later, I stumbled onto your Twitter account, so I find it interesting that, no matter what, I would’ve found this place. And I love it here, too! So many helpful articles.

  29. I found you while I was searching for quality writers’ blogs when I was just beginning to write. Not only did you encourage me, you challenged me to improve my writing.
    Congratulations on 1,000 followers! That is awesome!

  30. I think I followed a tiny url from a Tweet. Funny how we get connected in the strangest ways to people who love the same things we do.

    Congrats on the 1000 followers…wow!

  31. Congratulations. I forget how I found you, but am glad that I did.

  32. I found you through the Top Ten Bloggers for Writers award. *fingers crossed*
    – Sophia.

  33. I found your blog through the Copyblogger post a few months ago.

  34. I’m sure it was a link from a link from a link from a…well, you get the point!

  35. I read your book Behold the Dawn, which my sister had won from a blog drawing. I just had to find out more about the author and that’s when I discovered that you have a writer’s blog. Thank you so much!

  36. Congrats on 1,000!

    I found you via a blog roll. I think. 🙂

  37. I found you when someone linked to one of your posts. I liked it so I kept coming back.

    Congrats on the followers.

  38. I found Wordplay through the Christian Writers forum, I believe… and it is one of my absolute favorite blogs to read!

  39. I originally met you on CMF, and from there became your facebook friend. I believe I originally came to this site because you linked to it on your facebook!

  40. I first found you on Goodreads…been reading and ‘liking’ all your posts…thank you for sharing and helping all of us! You’re awesome…(-:

  41. Well, lets see. 🙂 I discovered Wordplay when a brilliant big sister of mine published this awesome novel called Behold The Dawn…

  42. I am pretty sure I followed a link from your Facebook page, last year sometime. 🙂

  43. Kristin N. says

    Congratulations! I discovered your blog through a guest post you did on Larry Brooks’ Storyfix. I thought it was great, checked out your blog and followed you here and on Facebook. I have been learning so much from your posts, just keep doing what you’re doing!

  44. Wow, congrats on the 1000. I heard about you through the top 100 websites for writers in Writer’s Digest.


  45. Congrats on reaching 1000 K.M!

    I have no recollection of how I found your blog. But I do know that as soon as I found it, it was added to my Google homepage. 🙂

  46. Congratulations! I can understand why 1,000 people want to follow your blog; it’s good! I always enjoy your posts, and I read almost every one. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to blog! I especially like how you take the time to reply to comments and questions. That’s a special touch that shows you really care. 🙂

    I think I first found your blog from one of my friends’ blogs; she was talking about your blog, and I decided to check you out! 🙂 I’m glad I did!

  47. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m glad I did. Your posts are informative and/or inspirational. Congratulations on reaching 1,000 followers.

  48. Congratulations, Katie! I believe I first heard about your blog when Hannah ran across something about “A Man Called Outlaw”. Something that’s interesting…several years ago, before we met, a friend of mine mentioned drawing a map for a book that a friend of hers was writing. I didn’t think much of it until I was reading “Behold the Dawn” the other day and ran across her name and said map. ‘Tis a small world indeed! 🙂

  49. I found the blog through twitter. AdviceToWriters tweeted one of your posts.

  50. I don’t remember when I first discovered Wordplay but just wanted to say congratulations!

  51. Woohoo!!! Congrats on such a mile-stone. I don’t rightly remember where we first crossed paths but I was combing the web for writing tips so I’m sure that’s how it happened. I still thing you’re the greatest gem in the mountain. Thanks for being in my world.

  52. I believe I found your blog when someone linked to it on the fantasy forum I moderate. ( http://holyworlds.org/forum/index.php )

    Congrats on 1000 followers! 😀 This blog has been most helpful to me.

  53. Thanks for all the kind and fun comments, everyone! I’m excited about this contest and can’t wait to be able to pick a winner.

  54. I think I found it when I canvased fellow writers for their favorite blog a year+ ago.

  55. Congratulations!!!! I think I may have found your blog through CMF but I’m not absolutely sure about that… 😉

  56. Pardon my old forgetful mind, I believe it was a blog, from a blog, from a blog. I found it interesting when I first started mine a couple of years ago and then again this year.

  57. I actually found you just yesterday, from another writer’s blog. What fortuitous timing! 🙂

  58. Congrats!! I actually found you through several people’s blogs. I was looking for new ones to read, and yours kept popping up, and I liked all of the posts I read. Yours is possibly the most helpful blog I’ve encountered, so thank you very much!!

  59. I found you exactly a year ago when I was just starting to blog. I think you were my first or second real follower. I’ve been popping back ever since 🙂

    Congrats on your 1000+ followers

  60. Found you on the Top 10 Blogs list. Nice list to be on apparently. I love lists that represent the best of something. Even if I disagree with the list’s creator, I love finding new gems without having to Google for them. Congrats on the 1000 mark.

    Hope Clark
    101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer’s Digest Magazine, 2001-2010

  61. Congrats, K.M.! That’s an accomplishment. I honestly can’t remember how I found your blog because my memory is not too great. But, I’m glad I did. At least I always remember to read your blog updates!

  62. Great milestone. I found you on the best websites listing.

  63. Congratulations! A thousand members! It must have been a packed house when I walked in last month. Thanks for making space for me. What a great blog! I’m so glad I knocked at the door. I think I found it when I was looking for writing blogs and found it featured on a 10 top blogs list. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation you’re providing us with.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hi, this is my very first email from you and what a lovely surprise to find it offering a prize draw with writers’ goodies for the winner! I followed a link from twitter through Roz Morris, was so enthralled with what I was reading I kind of lost track of the exact how. Very glad i did find you though, and very much looking forward to your blogs. And warm congratulations!

  66. Congratulations on this huge milestone! I found you on Twitter while searching for inspiration on writing. I find you a huge help with my writing studies. You motivate me to push forward on those dark and dreary days.

  67. 1000 followers! Wow! Congratulations. I probably discovered this blog through reading someone else’s blog – which is how I discovered most of the blogs I follow. It’s one of my favourites and I read it religiously. Thanks for the great writing tips!

  68. I found Wordplay through on of my friends who followed your blog. I found the list of blogs that she followed and Wordplay was on it. I visited, followed, and have been reading ever since!

    Congratulations on receiving 1,000 followers!

  69. I’m pretty sure I found it through the blog list of one of my writing friends. I’ve been hooked ever since! 😀 I love reading your blog. It is so informative and helpful with my writing and I love that it is Christ centered. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to help other writers out. Blessings on your current writing works!

    -Jessica P.

  70. I found you when you won the Top Ten Blogs award, and I’m so glad I did!

  71. I read Storyfix.com and he mentioned the 2010 Top 10 Blogs for Writers. Yours was one of them, so congrats on that!

  72. Congratulations, KM!
    I found you through the announcement of your ‘top 10 blogs for writers’ status posted on Copyblogger. Thanks for all the tips.

  73. Wow, 1000.

    I found your blog on someones blogroll, although I can’t remember for the life of me which blog exactly because so many of my followers also follow you. 🙂

  74. Congratulations! I can’t even comprehend 1,000 followers at the moment. That’s an awesome number.

    I think I might have found your blog via a google search because I read a lot of blogs on books (I’m a book blogger), but rarely come across writing blogs that way and have a tendency to do google searches for them every now and then.

  75. This must be amazing for you 🙂

    I found your blog through the top ten blogs and also because I follow you on Twitter.

  76. I found your blog via Twitter. Congrats on the milestone!

  77. I found your blog via Twitter.

  78. Congrats! I found your blog through someone else’s blogroll. I can’t remember who.

  79. Congratulations!

    I’m pretty sure I found “Wordplay” via Twitter.

    Hmm . . Wordplay is awesome as is . . maybe explore fiction genres?

    Cheers to your next 1,000 Wordplay followers!

  80. Someone retweeted one of your tweets. I found the attached article to be very useful.

  81. I just recently found your blog. I found it through Twitter via someone I follow. I clicked on the link and the rest is history!

    As an idea for something that I’d like to see: what if you’re truly a beginner? I have never written anything substantial before, but have the drive and desire to write. How can I get started? Where should I start?

    thanks for the great blog!

  82. I believe I found Wordplay the same way I’ve found most of the best sites I’ve visited: Twitter, lol.

    And congrats!

  83. Found your blog using twitter! Loved finding out you’re from my hometown in Nebraska. Congrats on all the success, I look forward to reading more and more.

  84. I found you through HSA, or maybe CMF – probably a combination of the two around the same time, and thus found your blog as a result of that. I also follow you on Twitter and Facebook, but I can’t remember the order of which came first exactly.

  85. congrats on 1000 followers! I think i found you through another writers site when he listed the top ten writers blogs??!

  86. Well, I only just discovered your blog today, via this link:


    But it looks like I’m lucky to have found you! 😀 Your blog does come highly recommended after all 🙂

  87. You deserve to celebrate. This is one of the most helpful writerly blogs I’ve found in my first year blogging. Congratulations! I wish I could remember the details of how I discovered your blog. I think I just stumbled across it via another blog or one of your comments. 🙂

  88. Congratulations! I found your blog from Twitter!

  89. Congrats on 1000 followers. That is awesome! I discovered Word Play through twitter. Signed @teachingfriends

  90. Brittany Pedersen says

    I found your blog on Google Reader

  91. I don’t remember exactly how I found your blog… I think that about a year ago someone in the blogging realm linked me to one of your posts, I started poking around on the rest of your blog, and have been a follower ever since. 🙂


  92. Hey! Congratulations on hitting 1000 followers! Well, deserved imo. I can’t quite remember, but I either found you directly through the blog commenting challenge/thingy a while ago, _or_ I followed a link from someone taking part. Either way, I’m a huge fan!

  93. I found the vlog when I was searching for some writing prompts to get me back into the fiction writing game.
    Congrats on the 1,000 follower milestone….soon, you’ll be celebrating 2K.

  94. Wow, I can’t remember…probably via another site recommendation, saw the link elsewhere while traveling the writerly blogosphere. Happy 1000, woohoo! That’s astounding. 🙂

  95. You were recommended to me by Shelley Souza!
    So then I got onto your site, subscribed, got a free e-book on character building, then raved about it to all my writing warrior comrades.
    Well done to the amount of followers – you must have something wonderful going for you!
    All the best, Leigh 🙂

  96. Sandy Coelho says

    Felicitations! 1,000 followers is amazing! I found your blog while searching for tips and advice to improve my craft.
    I am so glad I made it here! Definitely a blog every writer should frequent.

  97. This is an amazing blog! I think that a couple friends had been reading it and showed it to me.

  98. Twitter retweets.

    And there were several of those before I actually followed on Twitter: I like your articles but the tweets weren’t clicking for me.

    Finally the interest in the former overcame the latter. (Not trying to be a jerk, just thought yo might be interested in specifics.)

  99. I found you at Writers Unboxed.

  100. I heard about you on a post on writeStorymakers discussion board. Glad to find so much practical advice.

  101. Congratulations on 1000 followers! I think I speak for all of us when I say that you absolutely deserve it. In fact, I’m surprised you don’t have more subscribers. I came across this site about a year ago, after searching Google for ‘writing tips’. And did this site ever deliver. Thank you so much!

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