10 Writing Resolutions You Can Fulfill

10 Writing Resolutions You Can Fulfill Today

Sometimes even the most well-intentioned writing resolutions can end up being whimsical, erratic, and just plain unrealistic. But when you focus on goals that are slightly more achievable, you’re not only more likely to pull them off, but you’ll also feel much better about yourself come deadline time. Following are ten writing resolutions you can […]

8 Ways to ripen Your Stories

8 Reasons to Let Your Stories Ripen

Whenever you come up with a wonderful new story idea, it can be tempting to immediately sit down at the keyboard and start bringing it to life on the page. But that’s not always the best way to turn that sparkling new idea into a worthwhile and enduring story. In his book How to Write […]

What Kind of Writer Are You

What Kind of Writer Are You?

Here’s a truth that is both deceptively simple and all too often overlooked: Not all writers are created equal. In fact, all writers are as unique as their fingerprints. Just as our stories are (we hope) distinctive, so are our personalities and lifestyles—and, as a result, our working patterns. In pursuit of bettering our craft, we […]

Why Writers Must Be Honest

Why Authors Must Be Honest

As a writer, you will often need to address issues that make you uncomfortable. Whether it’s violence, questions of morality, or thematic elements, the nature of conflict inherent to fiction means you will often forced to write about hard subjects. Sometimes, it can be tempting to write your way around these issues, to whitewash or […]

The Worst Writing Advice

The Worst Writing Advice

Not long ago, I gave my followers from Twitter and Facebook a chance to sound off on the best writing advice they’ve ever received. This week, I flipped the question on its head, and asked you all to report on the worst writing advice you’ve ever received. Some of it ranged from discouraging comments to bits […]

The Best Writing Advice

Because writing is an art form that can largely be learned, and because it is a craft that can always be perfected, most writers commit early on to studying to show themselves approved. We subscribe to magazines, buy books, read blogs, and attend workshops.  We’re always on the hunt for that one sparkling bit of […]

Are You Really a Writer?

For the average human, writing is one of the most powerful acts available to us. Some of our words hold the power to change the world. Some of our words will save a life. Some of our words will bring the sun into someone’s gray day. Some of our words will create a chain reaction […]

Why No Writer Knows What He’s Doing

Learn to Embrace Your Writing Ignorance

I’ve been telling stories since I was two years old. I’ve been writing stories since I was twelve. I have four published novels (and two more scheduled) to my name. I know enough about the craft to write this blog, numerous guest posts, a podcast, and eight writing how-to books and counting. Sounds like I’ve really […]

Creating a Functional Writing Space

In order for you to disappear into the worlds of your imagination, you must carve out a functional writing space in the real world that allows you the right elements for slipping into your creative zone. Those elements vary from writer to writer. You might prefer peace and quiet. You might like the bustle of a corner […]

I Was Normal–Then I Wrote My First Story

Before I even get started I guess I probably need to disclaim my title. The very fact that I was the type of person who wanted to write a story in the first place probably means I was never normal. Stories running rampant in my head, imaginary people demanding my attention, random bits of dialogue […]