The 3 Mortal Sins of Fiction

Fiction is a tremendously powerful medium for sharing viewpoints and changing mindsets. Authors should never be afraid of writing about the subjects and causes in which they are passionately interested. But we also need to realize that nothing turns an audience off faster than the Three Mortal Sins: Interrupting, Apologizing, and Preaching. Often we’ll find […]

Why There’s No Such Thing as a Writing Expert—And Why That’s a Good Thing

By the time I realized the art of writing a novel was something that could actually be learned, I had already written three (awful) books. When I was about halfway through my fourth book, I happened to be browsing the bottom shelves at the library, where I pulled out a book titled How to Write […]

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Save Readers From Boredom: 5 Fool-Proof Preventatives

The bored reader is the writer’s worst nightmare. Angry readers we can tolerate—some writers even cultivate them—because anger at least indicates emotional involvement. Boredom, however, indicates only apathy. The scary part of all this is that we don’t always realize when we’re being boring. I once turned over to a beta reader a handful of […]

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The Secret Ingredient of Original Stories

With all the new books published in the last year alone, you kind of have to wonder if maybe everything there is to be said has already been said. With so many new books churning out every day, surely every idea has been done to death. What room is left for original stories? You may […]

Pictorial Ideas for a Writing Routine

Pictorial Ideas for Constructing Your Own Writing Routine

I’m often asked about my writing routine. What techniques have I found most useful for making the most of my writing time, getting in the groove as fast as possible, and making sure I’m writing to my full potential every day? Although my writing routine evolves in minor ways depending on what’s going on in […]

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4 Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Writer’s Solitude

We either cherish a writer’s solitude or wish to. Many writers who juggle family, friends, and a day job, along with writing, would often like nothing better than to slam the door against the rest of the world. Ah, solitude! Sometimes the word is a siren song of peace and productivity. But sometimes a writer’s […]

The 4 Pitfalls of Praise

Today, I’m honored to be hosted by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton on their fabulous site Writer Unboxed. Be sure to stop by their site to read my guest post “The 4 Pitfalls of Praise.” What author doesn’t enjoy logging on to Amazon and finding a positive review or checking the inbox and receiving an email from […]

How a Blogging Platform Can Aid Novelists – And Other Questions Answered

Today, Joanna Penn and I are having fun exchanging video interviews. On Joanna’s blog, I discuss inspiration, balancing writing and marketing, and why video is a fabulous opportunity for authors. Below, Joanna talks about her writing process and why she believes an established Internet platform is so important for writers. In this video, you will […]

5 Writing Rules You Should Break

Today, I’m guest posting on Victoria Mixon’s blog with the post “5 Writing Rules You Should Break“: Writers and pirates have more in common than you might think. Aside from the truth that we all enjoy roaring out a hearty, “ahoy, matey,” now and then, the biggest commonality is the fact that neither of us […]

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The 3 Traits of a Successful Writer

Writers come in all shapes and sizes, from all personal backgrounds, all walks of life, all cultures and countries. We’re a varied bunch, but we all have something in common. In order to make it past first base in this business, all writers must possess three traits. These traits are non-negotiable. So what are these […]