How to Make Better Writing Resolutions in 2016

5 Ways to Make Better Writing Resolutions in 2016

Better writing resolutions should be something we make all year ’round. But there is something about January 1st that always seems to get people to focus, both on everything you didn’t get done last year and everything you hope to do this year. But let’s stop hoping, shall we? This year, take your writing resolutions beyond wishful maybes […]

Not Feeling Creative? 4 Ways to Reignite the “Wonder” in Your Writing

Writers are supposed to be magical beings who live somewhere in the glorious wilderness between insightful reality and abandoned creativity. Sometimes that’s exactly what the writing life feels like: heady with inspiration, swirling with visions of people and places beyond the prosaic world in which we actually live. Everything has meaning and wonder. Who needs drugs, […]

7 Ways to Keep Writing During NaNo When You Only Want to Watch Football

You’re all geared up for National Novel Writing Month. You’re excited, you’re prepared (you did read last week’s post on preparation, right?). Your story is so ready to be written that it’s practically exploding out of you. But then November 1st rolls around, and . . . wow, how about that? Wouldn’t you know it would be a Sunday–and […]

The Secret of Getting Your Writing Unstuck

The Secret of Getting Your Writing Unstuck

Whenever I get stuck writing, whether it be in the pre-writing stage or in the middle of a draft, my go-to tool for getting unstuck is the free write. Take a look at how you too can use free writing to get your writing unstuck!  What Is a Free Write? A free write is what I’d […]

The Single Best Trick for Originality in Your Fiction

The Single Best Trick for Originality in Your Fiction

This week’s video shares the most important question you can ask yourself about originality in your fiction and how to access it in every single scene.   Video Transcript: Originality is an important quality test for fiction—although perhaps not quite as much as we like to make out. Pulitzer-winner Willa Cather tells us, There are […]

Now! Learn How to Conquer Your Writer's Block and Summon Inspiration

Now! Learn How to Conquer Your Writer’s Block and Summon Inspiration (In E-Book Form)

The one essential of the writing life is inspiration. You’ve got to keep those ideas flowing–or you’re out of luck. We’ve all battled writer’s block from time to time, and, brother, it ain’t very much fun. So what if I told you I knew a way to beat writer’s block 99.9% of the time? It’s […]

Come Up With a Killer Story Concept Before You Start Writing

Come Up With a Killer Story Concept–Before You Start Writing

Readers only ever see the words of the novel. They have no insight into the planning process, how the story concept came about, or the number of ideas and subplots that may have been taken out of the novel or replaced. But when you sit down to write a novel, don’t make the mistake of thinking the only work […]

Which Is More Important Writing or What We Write

Which Is More Important? Writing or What We Write?

The key thing to remember about writing? It’s about writing! The more we think about what we write, the harder it gets. We can talk and think ourselves out of writing far easier than allowing ourselves just to write. The mind of a writer is filled with objections because most writers are afraid of writing […]

what is a zhong

What Is the Zhong–and How Can It Help You Write Better Novels?

There’s a legend that Hemingway once was egged on at a bar to write a six-word story on a napkin. His friends said he couldn’t do it, and they offered a bet to see it happen. Hemingway grabbed a napkin and jotted: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Then he passed it around to his […]

Top 25 Ways to Write an Awesome Book

Top 25 Ways to Write an Awesome Book

Millions of words have been strung together on the subject of how to write an awesome book. A book is always going to be a tremendous undertaking that can feel more than a little complicated sometimes. But what if we could simplify the process to just twenty-five ingredients? Last summer, I wrote a post about […]