Now! Learn How to Conquer Your Writer's Block and Summon Inspiration

Now! Learn How to Conquer Your Writer’s Block and Summon Inspiration (In E-Book Form)

The one essential of the writing life is inspiration. You’ve got to keep those ideas flowing–or you’re out of luck. We’ve all battled writer’s block from time to time, and, brother, it ain’t very much fun. So what if I told you I knew a way to beat writer’s block 99.9% of the time? It’s […]

Come Up With a Killer Story Concept Before You Start Writing

Come Up With a Killer Story Concept–Before You Start Writing

Readers only ever see the words of the novel. They have no insight into the planning process, how the story concept came about, or the number of ideas and subplots that may have been taken out of the novel or replaced. But when you sit down to write a novel, don’t make the mistake of thinking the only work […]

Which Is More Important Writing or What We Write

Which Is More Important? Writing or What We Write?

The key thing to remember about writing? It’s about writing! The more we think about what we write, the harder it gets. We can talk and think ourselves out of writing far easier than allowing ourselves just to write. The mind of a writer is filled with objections because most writers are afraid of writing […]

what is a zhong

What Is the Zhong–and How Can It Help You Write Better Novels?

There’s a legend that Hemingway once was egged on at a bar to write a six-word story on a napkin. His friends said he couldn’t do it, and they offered a bet to see it happen. Hemingway grabbed a napkin and jotted: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Then he passed it around to his […]

Top 25 Ways to Write an Awesome Book

Top 25 Ways to Write an Awesome Book

Millions of words have been strung together on the subject of how to write an awesome book. A book is always going to be a tremendous undertaking that can feel more than a little complicated sometimes. But what if we could simplify the process to just twenty-five ingredients? Last summer, I wrote a post about […]

6 Ways to Come Up With Great Ideas for Your Writing

6 Tips to Come Up With Great Ideas for Writing

Idea creation may seem a random and even mystical process, but there are simple and practical ways to increase your chances of how to come up with great ideas for writing. All writers know it’s impossible to have great ideas all time. Sometimes you feel stuck, and it frustrates you, doesn’t it? What is an […]

7 Ways to Decide Which Story Idea You Should Write Next

The most important decision a writer will ever make is which story to write. Sometimes that will be an easy decision: the “right” story will be staring us in the face. But sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, then you probably have enough story ideas to last you the rest of […]

Using genre to help you brainstorm unique story ideas

Using Genre to Help You Brainstorm Unique Story Ideas

Ideas are essential for fiction. What seems like a new idea to you might be an ancient idea to everyone else. You have to examine the background or meta-story of your chosen genre. However, all is not lost, as you can mashup genres to revitalize classic or cheesy story ideas. Why Have New Ideas? The […]

When Chaos Creates Writer's Block - Is Your Life More Hectic Than It Needs to Be?

When Chaos Creates Writer’s Block—Is Your Life More Hectic Than It Needs to Be?

Note: The winners of Chrystle Fiedler’s book A Scent to Kill are Alicia Rades and E.M. Bahnsen. Congrats! Organization may be difficult for the naturally creative person. Often, when we’re swept up in our latest creation, everything else falls to the wayside. Time spent cleaning is clearly not time spent writing. And if you have little kids […]

How to Make Your Readers’ Heads Explode

This week’s video offers Lesson #4 from Pacific Rim, an encouragement to writers to pursue story ideas that will inspire rabid fandom among their readers. Video Transcript: Today, we’re going to feature the last of our lessons from Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which, if you haven’t already figured out, I absolutely loved. In our […]