5 Tips To Help You Finish Your Book

6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book

Every time I hear about a writer finishing a book, I want to jump up and down and go into a gospel choir of Hallelujahs! It’s a momentous accomplishment for two reasons. 1. Finishing your book is the most important thing any writer will ever accomplish. 2. Not many writers do it. Seriously. Depending on the source you […]

Do You Have A Writing Superpower (and Why You Shouldn't)

Do You Have a Writing Superpower? (And Why You Shouldn’t)

There’s a refrain I often hear in popular writing advice–and I hate it. Basically, it runs like this: All writers are naturally better at one part of writing over another. It’s kind of like having a very unbalanced writing superpower. On the surface, this idea is as true as it gets. We all have our […]

5 Writing Lessons I Learned Ghostwriting for New York Times Bestsellers

I’m a bestselling author you’ve never heard of, an invisible man. While ghostwriting, I’ve collaborated with New York Times bestsellers, concepting and writing stories that have reached audiences worldwide and topped sales charts. It’s been a unique gig, and some of my friends don’t understand why anyone would work in the shadows. But in a culture where […]

3 Ways to Make Writing Your Novel Easier

3 Ways to Make Writing Your Novel Easier

Writing is hard. If you’re a writer, you don’t need me to tell you that. In the unlikely event that you’re not a writer, then all you have to do to be convinced that writing is hard is to take a quick sampling of writer humor: it’s pretty much all self-deprecating, masochistic, laugh-so-you-don’t-cry stuff. Yeah, you know what […]

3 Ways Doctor Who Can Help You Become a Fantastic Writer

3 Ways Doctor Who Can Help You Become a Fantastic Writer

BBC’s Doctor Who began broadcasting over fifty years ago, and after a few years off the air, it has been rebooted to a new generation and is more popular than ever. Personally, I love the show. And as a writer I am always impressed with the writing–well developed stories and excellent characters. I know a lot of […]

3 Myths Holding You Back From Your Best Writing

3 Myths Holding You Back From Your Best Writing

The odds are, if you publish your best writing, you want people to read your work. Seems like a reasonable assumption. I mean, if we don’t care if anyone’s reading our work, then we should stick to personal journals hidden under our pillows. You can hide your work if you want to, and if you […]

3 Ways Not to Stink at Writing

3 Tips on How Not to Stink at Writing

Do you write as a hobby? Do you never have worries about how not to stink at writing? Do you belly up to the keyboard just to dip into your brain’s well of dopamine and enjoy the warm fuzzy buzz of creating something you can later read? You have zero ambitions for publication? You’ve burnt […]

`Writing for Young Adults: How to Create Exceptional Literature

Writing for Young Adults: How to Create Exceptional Literature

“I wrote a few children’s books…not on purpose.”–Steven Wright. It can feel that way sometimes, when I am writing for young adults.  Finding the right voice which speaks to both (Young Adult) YA and adult audiences can prove maddeningly elusive.  But conscious effort to understand your chosen genre and audience, and to speak to them […]

The Secret to Writing a Protagonist Who's Both Unique and Universal

The Secret to Writing a Protagonist Who’s Both Unique and Universal

All creative writers must strike that terrible balance between the needs of the characters and the needs of the plot. It’s a wretched ping-pong game sometimes, and we can feel as if one will win over the other. But deep down we know it shouldn’t be that way. The elements of character and plot are not in […]

The Hilarious 2-Step Plan for Writing Humor in Fiction

This week’s video talks about the successful premise of comedy in any book—and the two crucial steps to writing humor in your story. Video Transcript: Somebody once said the key to writing humor is realizing comedy is just tragedy turned on its head. In fiction, the success or failure of this technique largely comes down […]