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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sequel Scenes

Part 8 of The Do’s and Don’ts of Storytelling According to Marvel Sometimes just the mention of “sequel scenes” makes writers cross their eyes. Isn’t a sequel, you know, a followup to your first book? What does it have to do with individual scenes? The answers to these questions are important, because the sequel makes up […]

Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Story Structure

Part 7 of The Do’s and Don’ts of Storytelling According to Marvel I talk a lot about how important story structure is. But let’s be honest. Story structure is a complicated beast. Few stories ace every single beat to perfection every single time. I’ve read (and watched) incredible stories that were incredible in spite of the fact […]

8 Reasons Every Author Should Learn Story Theory

7 Reasons You Need Story Theory

Just as in fiction itself, the writer’s life is marked by several major turning points–perhaps the most important of which is discovering story theory. In the story of your writing life, the Hook, of course, is that moment when you find yourself entranced with your first story idea. Maybe you were three years old–as I […]

How To Transform Your Story With A Moment of Truth

How to Transform Your Story With a Moment of Truth

Part 4 of The Do’s and Don’ts of Storytelling According to Marvel “How can I fix the saggy middle of my story?” I love it when writers ask me that. Why? Because the answer is so incredibly juicy–and it all revolves around the Moment of Truth that needs to occur at every story’s Midpoint. The Second […]

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Announcing the Structuring Your Novel Box Set

As you may know, I’ve written both a book and a workbook on Structuring Your Novel. They’re designed to be used hand in hand, with the workbook providing questions and exercises to help you put the principles in the main book into practice in brainstorming and creating your own stories. Now you can get them both in […]

How To Get Readers To Rave About Your Scenes

How to Write Scenes Your Readers Will Rave About

Ever sit down at your computer, ready for the day’s writing session, only to wonder how to write scenes your readers will actually care about? There are a lot of considerations when it comes to how to write scenes. But really, there’s only one that matters to readers: Is it interesting? This is a totally obvious statement. […]

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Sign Up for the Structuring Your Novel Webinar!

The Structuring Your Novel: Discover the Proven Blueprint for Creating Stories That Sell webinar, is now available for sign up! This 90-minute presentation, hosted by Writer’s Digest, will be live online on March 31st at 1 PM EDT (although, once you sign up, you can listen or re-listen anytime you want for up to a year). […]

How to Create Awesome Scene Arcs That Surprise Readers

There is a secret to writing good scenes. And since scenes are the heart of story itself, it’s ultimately one of the most important secrets to writing good stories, period. You may be surprised to learn this secret is not scene structure (in the classic sense of goal / conflict / disaster / reaction / dilemma […]

Ready for Advanced Story Structure? [Free Download]

Ready for Advanced Story Structure? [Free Download]

If you’ve read all the books on story structure and concluded there has to be more to it than just three acts and a couple of plot points, then you’re absolutely right! It’s time to notch up your writing education from “basic” to “black belt.” My book Structuring Your Novel came out a few years ago. They have […]

3 Smart Tips for Structuring Powerful Scenes

It’s common wisdom that in structuring powerful scenes, we should open in media res—that is, while something is happening. And it’s generally best to bow out while things are still happening: close the dinner conversation with the last line of dialogue, not after everyone has fallen silent, gotten up from the table, washed the dishes, […]