Learn How to Structure Your Novel–in Five Minutes!

Today, I’m guest posting on LiveHacked, with a post titled “Learn How to Structure Your Novel—in Five Minutes!” Here’s an excerpt: Does that title sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. No, seriously, if you read at the same pace as me (and, yes, I timed myself), then by the time you’ve finished reading […]

Does a Book Need Structure to Be Published?

Today, I’m guest posting on The Write Practice, with a post titled “Does A Book Need Structure To Be Published?” Here’s an excerpt: I always hated the whole idea that something as inherently artistic and, well,instinctive as writing fiction could (or, worse, should) be forced to adhere to structure. The notion is so non-intuitive as to be dumb. […]

How to Learn Story Structure Without Even Trying

Today, I’m guest posting on Moody Writing, with a post about “How to Learn Story Structure Without Even Trying.” Here’s an excerpt: What to know how to learn story structure? Here’s a secret about story structure that you may not have realized: You already know it. Many authors are intimidated by the mere thought of structure. As […]

Can You Structure if You’re a Pantser?

Today, I’m guest posting on The Other Side of the Story, with a post titled “Can You Structure if You’re a Pantser?” Here’s an excerpt: Writers often equate the idea of structuring with that of outlining or plotting. As such, it doesn’t offer much surface appeal to pantsers (i.e., those who prefer to write “by the seat of their pants” without […]

5 Misconceptions About Your Story’s Normal World

Today, I’m guest posting on Kristen Lamb’s blog, with a post on “5 Misconceptions About Your Story’s ‘Normal World’.” Here’s an excerpt: Writers sometime balk at the idea of beginning a story with the character’s normal world. Isn’t that kind of starting before the story? Won’t readers be bored if they have to wade through all that normalcy […]

Did the Classic Authors Use Story Structure?

Today, I’m guest posting on Live, Write Thrive, with a post titled “Did the Classic Authors Use Story Structure?” Here’s an excerpt: Here’s an interesting question for you: When was story structure invented? I think many of us tend to believe structure is a recent development. After all, the likes Jane Austen and Charles Dickens could […]

Who Won the Structuring Your Novel Grand Prize?

First, I want to take a moment to thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys to Writing an Outstanding Story. Thank you for making the launch a success! The book would never have reached #1 in the Writing Skills category in the Kindle store without you. I’ve already been […]

Last Chance to Enter the Grand Prize Drawing!

Thank you all for a great launch week for Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys to Writing an Outstanding Story. The book hit #1 in the Writing Skills category in Amazon’s Kindle Store on Sunday and has remained there all week. Just a reminder: today is the last day to enter the drawing for the three-tiered […]

Win a Manuscript Evaluation, a Kindle Fire, or a Scrivener Software Package!

The big day is here! Welcome to the official launch of Structuring Your Novel. You can purchase the book in paperback or the Kindle and Nook formats. I need your help to ensure the book has a successful launch week, so please join the party! I’m celebrating all this week, culminating in a three-tiered Grand Prize […]

Outlining: The Secret to Creating Story Structure

Today, I’m guest posting on Write to Done, with a post on “Outlining: The Secret To Creating Story Structure.” Here’s an excerpt: Creating story structure is the most important technical aspect of any story. It brings solidity and focus to a story; yet it is often overlooked and misunderstood. Novelists sometimes believe structure will sap their stories of originality. But […]