What Every Writer Ought to Know About the Omniscient POV

What Every Writer Ought to Know About the Omniscient POV

Writers don’t only have to decide which character’s point of view the story will be told in, they also have to figure out whether to then share that character’s narrative in first-person, third-person, second-person, or (*cue ominous rumbling*) omniscient POV. The point of view (or POV) in which you tell your story’s narrative is arguably the single […]

1st-Person vs. 3rd-Person: Which POV Is Right for Your Book?

1st-Person POV vs. 3rd-Person POV: Which POV Is Right for Your Book?

This week’s video discusses the pros and cons of 1st-person POV vs. 3rd-person POV in order to help you make the right decision for your book. Video Transcript: Few decisions are more crucial to your story than that of point of view (or POV). This is a multi-faceted decision, involving the questions: Who’s going to […]

3 Ways You Can Use a First-Person Narrator to Tell a Better Story

3 Ways You Can Use a First-Person Narrator to Tell a Better Story

Using a first-person narrator is tricky and should be attempted only by the most experienced hand. In-house editors know this, which is why they no doubt cringed when they saw the opening chapter of my new release The Cat Lady’s Secret. Not only is it in first-person, it’s in present tense. To make matters worse (to make […]

vicarious love multiple povs

Vicarious Love: The Greatest Advantage of Multiple POVs

Multiple points of view—should you use them or should you not? More genre books than not use multiple POVs to present multiple protagonists–or sometimes just to give readers a glimpse at what’s happening behind the main character’s back. Usually, I’m more inclined to discuss their drawbacks, because, sadly, they’re more likely to be abused than […]

Are Your Multiple POVs Killing Your Story's Suspense?

Are Your Multiple POVs Killing Your Story’s Suspense?

This week’s video cautions against sharing too much information with readers at the expense of their investment in the protagonist. Video Transcript: A trend I’ve noticed among writers—myself included—is that we tend to love writing multiple POVs. We have all these characters that we just adore, and we want the opportunity to explore the mindsets and the activities of […]

Yet Another Pitfall of Multi-POV Stories

Yet Another Pitfall of Multi-POV Stories

This week’s video discusses the problem of POVs taking up too much space with too few plot points. Video Transcript: I want to start this week’s video with a disclaimer. As you can tell from the title, this is going to be yet another two minutes of me harping on the dangers of multi-POV fiction. However, I […]

The Biggest Danger of Multiple POVs

This week’s video cautions against the potential pitfall of having readers grow frustrated with multiple POVs as the result of liking one POV better than the other. Video Transcript: An author’s choice about which and how many characters to feature as point-of-view narrators is crucial to the story. The narrating characters will control the tone and flow of the […]

The #1 Factor to Consider When Choosing POV Characters

This week’s video uses William Faulkner’s The Town to show choosing POV characters will influence and ultimately control your story. Video Transcript: How do you decide which characters should be your point-of-view narrators? This is one of the most important decisions an author can make in planning his book. The characters who narrate will largely […]

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Introduce Important POVs as Soon as Possible

By the time readers get through your first couple chapters, they will have made an emotional and intellectual investment in your main characters—your important POVs. If they’ve read this far and plan to continue reading, they’ve found the characters introduced in these chapters to be worth their time and attention. Now… imagine their annoyance when, […]

Most Common Writing Mistakes: Overpowering First-Person Narrator

Stories told by a first-person narrator are increasingly popular these days. First-Person: “I went to school today.” Third-Person: “She went to school today.” First-person is often a narrative perspective that’s tricky to get right. The first-person narrator, more than any other type of narrator, is inclined to lapse into self-centered telling, in which the narrating […]