Meet Dreamlander’s Cast of Characters

Characters are the heart and soul of any story. For all that my stories are very plot driven, they always begin with a character (or, more likely, two characters arguing). There’s a part of me that would like to hoard my characters forever. But nothing beats having a reader fall just as much in love with a character […]

Watch Dreamlander’s Book Trailer!

Today, I’m excited to unveil my fantasy novel Dreamlander’s official book trailer! Take a peek. And for more fun, be sure to check out my new Pinterest board of images that inspired the settings in Dreamlander.

Vote for the Dreamlander Launch Party Grand Prize!

The time has finally come when I can officially announce the release date for my upcoming fantasy novel Dreamlander. December 2, 2012, is the big day! I’ll be spending all of this month celebrating, with a special series of blog posts, on Sundays and Wednesdays, focusing on what I learned while writing this book, and […]

Win a Kindle and over $100 in Writing Craft Books!

The big day is here! Welcome to the official launch of Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success. You can purchase the book in paperback, Kindle, or Nook formats (affiliate links). I need your help to ensure the book has a successful launch week, so please join the party! I’m celebrating all this week […]

Who Won This Week’s Drawing?

Congratulations to Shalena @ Writer Quirk, winner of this week’s prize drawing, featuring the writing craft books Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell and Writer on the Side by Bryan Cohen. Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to stop by again on Wednesday to register for the next in our series of prize drawings, […]

Celebrating 1,000 Followers With a Prize Package Drawing

Today, we’re going to be deviating from my usual vlog routine in order to do some celebrating. And what are we celebrating? Well, quite simply, we are celebrating you—all one thousand of you! Wordplay has just reached one thousand followers, and this milestone is the perfect opportunity for me to take a moment and thank […]

Conquering Writer's Block and Summoning Inspiration

Announcing Conquering Writer’s Block and Winning Fridays

As those of who listen to my weekly podcast or follow me on Twitter and Facebook are probably already aware, I’ve been hard at work this summer on a new project: a 60-minute audio presentation called Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration, adapted from some of my most popular blog posts, which will be released […]

The Magnificent Seven Links

In a recent ProBlogger post, Darren Rowse issued the “7 Links Challenge,” he urges bloggers to post “7 posts that fit into 7 themes.” Since I’m entertaining guests this weekend, I thought I’d take a break from my usual Sunday post and have fun with Darren’s challenge. Enjoy! Link #1: My first post. The oldest […]

Announcing Behold the Dawn!

I’m thrilled to announce that Behold the Dawn is now available for purchase. The road to publication has been a wild (and occasionally bumpy) road, so please join me in celebrating with a happy dance, lots of chocolate, and a squeal or two! Behold the Dawn Acknowledgements Many people have been instrumental in helping this project […]

Behold the Dawn Trailer

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or listen to my podcast probably already know, I’ve been busy this week supervising the production of  the  trailer for my upcoming historical novel Behold the Dawn. Today, I’m very pleased to share the Behold the Dawn trailer!