Winning Wednesday: Warhorse Bumper Sticker

This week’s Winning Wednesday winner is Teresa Webb. In order to win the Behold the Dawn Tote Bag, she answered the question “What did noblemen do with their trenchers—the dried bread “plates” off which they ate—when they were finished with a meal?” The correct response was B “Gave them to the poor.” Dining in the […]

Winning Wednesday: Behold the Dawn Tote Bag

This week’s Winning Wednesday winner is Mitch. In order to win the Charlemagne Sword Letter Opener, he correctly answered the question “What famous British king led the Third Crusade?”. Richard the Lion Heart Richard I, popularly known as Coeur de Lion, or the Lionheart, is easily the most well-known figure in the Third Crusade. Legendary […]

Announcing Behold the Dawn and Winning Wednesdays

I’m thrilled to officially announce the publication of my second novel, Behold the Dawn. As regular followers of my blog may be aware, this novel has been a grand adventure for me over the last several years. Tackling a historical subject as mammoth as the Third Crusade, which takes place at the end of the […]

Blogging Like a Writer

All right, pop quiz! Everybody, listen up, ‘cuz this promises to be important. Someone, please tell me what a blog is. (Yeah, I know, I should have warned you it’d be easy.) Next question: Who writes blogs? (That one’s little harder, you say? All right, I’ll tell you the answer.) Writers. Writers write blogs. (Ta-da! […]