How to Use Foreshadowing

How to Use Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is a necessary part of any well-executed story. And yet, despite all its prevalence and importance, it’s actually a concept that many authors have a hard time getting their minds around. If we sift foreshadowing down to its simplest form, we could say that it prepares readers for what will happen later in the story. […]

How to Use Foreshadowing to Jazz up Slow Scenes

Foreshadowing is the writer’s secret weapon. Hand in hand with the obvious benefit of using it to clue readers in on what’s yet to come (and thus keeping them from feeling betrayed by the big plot twist in the end) foreshadowing also offers the super-slick secret power of injecting unbearably awesome tension into even the […]

Draw Out Your Story’s Tension—But Not Too Far

We delay reader gratification by foreshadowing something interesting to come—then not giving it to ’em and not giving it to ’em. The very fact that readers know the good stuff is coming (paired with their subsequent desire to see how it plays out) is usually enough to keep them turning pages. In fact, they would be […]

How to Increase Story Suspense With Breadcrumbs

Every author’s first and foremost goal is convincing readers to keep reading all the way to the final chapter. So how do we increase story suspense? There are, of course, many answers. The reasons readers decide to keep reading include everything from lovable characters to funny dialogue. But at the most foundational level the reason […]

Keep Slow Scenes Moving With Tension and Foreboding

Not every scene in your stories can be set at a fever pitch of excitement. Just like your own life, the lives of your characters need to balance the tense, dangerous, exciting moments with moments of calm reflection, everyday activities, and seemingly safe retreats. Without these slower scenes, your book runs the risk of feeling […]

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Use Foreshadowing to Keep Readers Reading

The trick to writing good fiction is giving readers a reason to keep turning pages. Your goal is to tantalize them with the promise that good things are yet to come, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use foreshadowing. As the word itself suggests, foreshadowing casts a shadow of things to […]