5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Editing Your Novel

5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Editing Your Book

I recently found myself in the “writing” subreddit, offering my two cents in the discussion. One of the questions that seemed to ring a bell with a few writers was, “Why can’t I bring myself to edit?” Writing seemed to be the easy part. Editing your book? Not so much. Here at CompletelyNovel, we find that […]

How to Expertly Edit Your Own Writing

7 Ways to Expertly Edit Your Own Writing

Writing can (and should!) be a creative, uplifting, enjoyable process. However, once the initial writing is complete, the next step is editing your draft. And figuring out how to edit your own writing is usually where the writing process becomes less “fun” and more—let’s be honest—agonizing. How so? Overly critical authors will be convinced their […]

The Crash: Braving Your Second Draft

The Crash: Braving Your Second Draft

Tell me if you’ve been here before. It’s May, with finals lurking around every corner, and you’re stuck in your room barreling through the paper on which your entire future depends. Or at least that’s how it feels right now. You’ve worked on it all day, and all night, and also all of the previous […]

elephant in the room are you ignoring your story revision instincts

The Elephant in the Room: Are You Ignoring Your Story Revision Instincts?

We’ve all had those fluid writing moments in which everything just seems to pour onto the paper with grace. The words come from a place you can’t always call upon. In the moment, everything seems eternally beautiful and poetic, and you fear someone will walk through the door and shatter your fragile thoughts. Sometimes, we […]

is a professional editor a waste of money?

Is a Professional Editor a Waste of Money?

Should you hire a professional editor? I’m asked that question often, and although my knee-jerk reaction is always a resounding Yes!, it’s a qualified answer. Hiring an editor is a decision that involves many factors, including your level of experience, your intent for your book, and your budget. 3 Reasons Not to Hire a Professional […]

what if you've chosen the wrong critique partner

When You’ve Chosen the Wrong Critique Partner

If you have a critique partner, you’re a lucky son of a gun. Every writer should be so lucky. Seriously. Because some writers aren’t. We all need the objectivity of an outside source who’s willing to dedicate the many hours necessary to read our hot-out-of-the-oven novels and offer some constructive criticism. If you’ve found such […]

why gut feelings are a writers secret weapon

Why Gut Feelings Are a Writer’s Secret Weapon

Most writers have better instincts than we may think we do. We just have to learn to trust them. Now, I’m a developmental editor. My ability to do my job is grounded in my faith in my instincts when it comes to analyzing and discovering the issues in other authors’ manuscripts. I know I have the […]

5 Ways to Choose the Right Word (Without a Thesaurus!)

5 Key Ways to Choose the Right Word (Without a Thesaurus!)

Figuring out how to choose the right word is probably only the second most difficult writing trait to master (right after ideas). Your word choice is a crucial part of your writing that directly correlates with your readers’ reactions to your content. Sure, you could have a spectacular idea, but without the appropriate words, you’re […]

Questions for Critique Partners

Questions for Critique Partners

While I’m off tending to family business this week, I hope you enjoy this oldie-but-goodie post from the archives. Happy critiquing! If you’re blessed, as I am, to have some of the best critique partners (or, as we fondly refer to each other, “critters”) going, you undoubtedly realize the benefit of having a watchful pair […]

Is Crowd-Sourced Editing the Future of Self-Publishing?

Crowdsourced Editing: The Future of Self-Publishing?

Sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and other “crowd-funding” platforms have been all the rage lately. Without ever leaving your home, you can tap into your networks of friends, family, and followers, and raise startup capital for things like your fantasy board game idea, a local food truck, and even an initial print run of your fan-fiction […]