5 Steps to A Thorough Book Edit

5 Steps to a Thorough Book Edit

Nothing can strike fear in the hearts of writers like editing. But if you’re going to improve your story, a thorough book edit is something that must happen. With the right tools, mindset, and preparation, it doesn’t have to be scary at all! The fun thing about the writing and editing process is that everyone approaches […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Plotting and Editing

7 Things You Need to Know About Plotting and Editing

When starting a new novel, a writer needs to overcome several challenges. Planning your plot is definitely one of those. You must decide on the elements that will define your story and that will help you deliver it to your audience in the right way, by creating a clear structure that helps readers progress from […]

How to Find the Right Critique Partner: The 6-Step Checklist

Sometimes figuring out how to find the right critique partner feels about as daunting as finding the right marriage partner. First, you just have to find someone who’s interested, and then you somehow have to make sure this someone is the right someone. No pressure, right? There’s a lot on the line in choosing the right person to critique […]

How to Use Scrivener to Edit Your Novels

As a writer, you need tools that help you organize your thoughts and eliminate distractions, so you can focus on what’s really important: the story. One of the best tools (of all time?) for this is the powerhouse writing software Scrivener. I started using it a few years ago, and it has transformed my writing process. […]

8 Tips for Editing

8 Tips for Editing Other Writers’ Work (While Remaining Friends)

Have you ever been asked to edit someone else’s work? Do you need tips for editing without ruining friendships? You’re not alone! If you’re part of a workshop group, or if you have a bunch of writer friends, then you’ll probably find yourself acting as an editor at some point. Perhaps: In a group workshop […]

6 Tips For Organizing Your Novel Editing

6 Tips for How to Organize Your Novel’s Edits

Imagine this: you’ve received a ton of great feedback from your beta readers, critique partners, and/or editors. I mean a ton. You’re ready to dive in and start putting their suggestions to use. But… where do you start? How can you organize your novel’s edits so you can actually make sense of them? One of the reasons […]

Top Editing Tricks for Creating a Seamless Narrative

Top 4 Editing Tricks for Creating a Seamless Narrative

Narrative flow can be difficult to define, which makes it difficult to understand. However, most writers are also readers, so you may be more familiar with narrative flow than you might think! While reading, have you ever: Found yourself turning page after page, unable to put a book down? Been so engrossed you haven’t noticed […]

5 (More) Ways to Trim Your Book's Word Count, Pt. 2 of 2

5 (More) Ways to Trim Your Book’s Word Count, Pt. 2 of 2

For every author desperate to trim your book’s word count, there’s another author who insists every word is precious. After all, a book wouldn’t have turned out long if it didn’t need to be long. Sometimes that true. If Charles Dickens had whacked away at his word count (not that he would, since he was paid by the […]

How to Trim Your Book's Word Count

5 Ways to Trim Your Book’s Word Count, Pt. 1 of 2

This is not a post for the writers who have trouble writing books that aren’t long enough. This is not a post for writers who say they’re going to write a short story and actually end up writing a short story. Nope, this is a post for writers who set out to write a nice little 100,000-word […]

15 Places to Find Your Next Beta Reader

15 Places to Find Your Next Beta Reader

Where can I find a beta reader or critique partner? Without doubt, that’s the second most frequent question I receive from writers (right after where do I find a good editor?). This can be a tough question to answer for the simple reason that a beta reader or critique partner isn’t someone you simply vet and hire, […]