It’s Here! My Brand-New Writing Book: Creating Character Arcs!

It's Here! My Brand-New Writing Book Creating Character Arcs!If you’re writing tight plots, beautiful prose, and engaging characters—and yet your stories still don’t feel as if they’re gelling, you may yet be missing what is arguably the single most important piece of your storytelling puzzle.

Maybe your characters aren’t engaging, despite your best efforts. Or maybe they’re following transformative personal journeys, but those journeys always end up feeling out of sync with the plot. Or maybe your stories turn out well in the end, after many a round of revision, but you’re finding the process exhausting because you never know quite how you got there or how to do it again the next time.

If so, I have a simple two-word answer for you: character arcs.

Regular readers of this site will find it no surprise when I tell you character arcs are the key to uniting character, plot, and theme in a powerhouse combo that creates solid and potent stories every time. An understanding of the theory and practice of character arcs will open up vast vistas of possibility within your pursuit of storytelling mastery.

Introducing Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author’s Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development

Creating Character Arcs

Creating Character Arcs (Amazon affiliate link)

For all these reasons and more, I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest writing-craft book Creating Character Arcs. Way back when I released Structuring Your Novel, I talked about how I felt my original understanding of story structure had changed my life. I think I can safely say mastering character arcs has done that again twice over.

What are character arcs?

Character arcs are the structured progression of a character’s personal transformation over the course of the story. The protagonist will either:

  • Move from a bad place to a good place (a Positive Change Arc).
  • Move from a good place to a bad place (a Negative Change Arc).
  • Inspire the world and characters around him to move from a bad place to a good place (a Flat Arc).

These transformations are deeply rooted in the psychological changes that occur, on stages large and small, in our own lives every single day. When executed successfully, beat by beat, these character arcs inject vivid color into your themes and resonant purpose into your plots. A excellent character arc has the ability to raise even the simplest story into an intellectually and emotionally pertinent journey for readers.

When you mate an understanding of story structure with the universally applicable journey of transformative character arcs, you will have rounded out your understanding of storytelling as a whole. You will be able to grasp the big picture of the stories you are trying to tell and to understand how to present all their facets in the most cohesive and emotional way.

Even better, if you’re like me, you’ll find that this psychological understanding of character change in fiction will provide boundless insights into the psychological underpinnings of the struggles, failures, and victories in your own personal journey.

Character arcs aren’t just about stories; they’re about life.

Learn How Powerful Character Arcs Create Powerful Stories

By applying the foundation of the Three-Act Story Structure and then delving even deeper into the psychology of realistic and dynamic human change, Creating Character Arcs offers a beat-by-beat checklist of character arc guidelines that flexes to fit any type of story.


  • How to determine which arc—Positive, Negative, or Flat—is right for your character.
  • Why you should NEVER pit plot against character. Instead, learn how to blend story structure and character development.
  • How to recognize and avoid the worst pitfalls of writing novels without character arcs.
  • How to hack the secret to using overarching character arcs to create amazing trilogies and series.
  • And much more!

Gaining an understanding of how to write character arcs is a game-changing moment in any author’s pursuit of the craft. Bring your characters to unforgettable and realistic life—and take your stories from good to great!


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Good luck to everyone in the drawing, have fun, and thank you for helping me celebrate the launch of Creating Character Arcs! Here’s to many wonderful character journeys!


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K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. My protagonist is Joe (aka Josephine) and I’m following a positive arc for her

    • I absolutely love Katie’s books. They’re all very informative and I’m sure this one will be no different. I can’t wait to read it and learn from it. BTW this ol’ 60+ woman is jealous of Katie’s writing ability…she’s one awesome and gifted girl!

  2. Wishing you the best luck!

  3. Congrats on the launch! I can’t wait to read it!

  4. Been waiting for this book. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. My protagonist’s name is Laris Reed, and I’m pretty sure her character arc is going to be positive … but right now she’s just spinning her wheels so this book might be just what I need to get her moving towards her “better than she started” ending. Great timing!

  6. Cain, positive.

  7. Melissa Plantz says

    For my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel my protagonist’s name is Ainsley. She is following a positive character arc.
    I’m so excited about the release of your book!
    Your book “Outlining Your Novel” helped me plan and complete my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel.

  8. Madelaine Bauman says

    For this novel, I have two protagonists. A husband and wife team, Danica and Alasdair Rowan. Both are following positive change arcs, one to belong and trust in a power greater then herself and the other to accept responsibility and become a leader of the religious order they’re meant to lead.

    The villain, Sacriel Morgan, follows a fall arc, attempting to save his family and himself via the quest, but in the end being beaten by the heroes.

  9. My MC is an orphan, Nat. In some ways, he has a positive character arc, but spiritually he has a negative character arc. Yeah…it’s been a challenge for me. 🙂

  10. My protagonist’s name is Emily Vega and she’s following a positive arc – she’s learning a lot in this story!
    Congratulations on your book!

  11. Stephanie Hynds says

    What a lovely giveaway! I would LOVE to get the book bundle, as I only own one of them. My protagonist’s working name is Margie. She will be following a positive character arc. Thanks for all the great info you provide!

  12. Ivy – growth

  13. As a pre-publication reader, I just have to say how amazing this book is. Even after reading through the whole blog series on character arcs, I was blown away at how much more was in the book. It will definitely become one of my new regular writing references!

  14. Loved the course, buying the BOOK! Working through the edit of my first novel (I Should Have Listened to My Cat) and the first sequel (Leave a Message With My Cat). Going back over the manuscripts to make sure that Joshua, Finder extraordinaire, is right on his Positive Change Arc! Thank again K for all the good you do

  15. Connie has a positive arc in her career, but negative aspects in relationships.

  16. I can’t wait to read this one! Congratulations & Happy Book Birthday!!! 🙂

  17. Connie’s arc is mixed between positive and negative.

  18. My MC’s name is Farrah, and she needs a negative arc because her life is too good at the moment, so she’s going to learn through tough circumstances and recover at the end, and because I haven’t read your book yet so I’m not sure what you’d call that 🙂

  19. Character arcs are the thing I understand less, as no one really talks simply and clearly about them. I’ll have to get your book, probably for Christmas.

    I’m not working on any novel currently, but I am working on a short screenplay, in which my character Trista definitely has a positive arc.

  20. I just found your site. This is way too appropriate — and way better than having 100 tabs of your website open at once as I outline!!

  21. Yay, Congrats! I want to snag a paperback copy of this sometime soon. Maybe a Christmas present to myself. 🙂 I can do that, right?

  22. My protagonist is a vigilante named Chris. In book one, he had a negative arc, but in my current book (book 2), I think he has a positive arc.

  23. Amber, and for now, she’s following the flat arc. She’s need help.

    Happy book release. I’m beyond excited to read it. Your books have helped me so much, giving me understanding and increasing my excitement to write compelling stories. Thank you so much for being you! 🙂

  24. Congratulations! Readers, don’t forget to SCROLL DOWN to enter that Rafflecopter raffle after hitting the link on that gorgeous photo. Now, re my protag in the current wip: Cat (short for Catriona) is currently traveling the wilds of Canada in 1842, disguised as a young man. Her character arc follows that of the hero on a quest, though my biggest challenge just now is how she assimilates her male experiences in mid-19th Century, once she resumes her female identity! Write on!

  25. Sabrina Haslimeier says

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  26. Sabrina Haslimeier says

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us! My protags name is Casey and she is definitely on a negative character arc.

  27. One of my protagonists is named Lux, and he’s both on a positive and “flat” arc per your definitions. I’m going to enjoy seeing how he ends up!

  28. Brian S Gardner says

    This is so exciting. I’m going to go get my copy right now! Also, my protagonist is Grant and I believe he is following a positive character arc.

  29. I pre-ordered the e-book and already have it 🙂 My soon-to-be-rotated-to-the-front-burner project is a YA colony-in-peril story. In it, Zoe is on a positive arc from vendetta to forgiveness, and Lex is on a flat arc. Lex is the impact character who influences Zoe and a few others to put aside their hatred and suspicions to work together to re-take their world.

    I bought the book so I could talk myself down from the ledge whenever I start overthinking and/or forgetting everything I learned about arcs. I expect I will use it often 🙂

  30. MC goes by the name Frank McCarthy–his journey will take him from tight-lipped to communicative, once he learns that while the truth hurts, withholding the truth can be so much more devastating.

  31. My character is Will, and he’ll follow a positive arc. Love your stuff! Thanks!

  32. Linda Joan Smith says

    You have an amazing ability to make difficult-to grasp writing concepts clear, and your blog post topics always seem to arrive right when I most need them. Thanks for your help and inspiration!

  33. Sparksofember says

    My protagonist is Ember and she is following a positive arc. Part of it will be just part of her growing up but a lot of it will be her facing and overcoming a truth that her entire people have been running from.

  34. This book sounds great! congratulations on its release 🙂

    I’d say the MC for my NaNoWriMo novel is on a positive arc. Her external circumstances are going downhill, but she’s definitely experiencing positive growth internally and I’m pretty sure by the end she will be in a better place than when the story started.

  35. Linda Joan Smith says

    Oh yes–Brownie, the protagonist of my middle-grade novel, is following a positive change arc. And I can’t wait to add this book to my shelf.

  36. I tried to comment through your literary prizes page, but I’m sure it didn’t work correctly. What I wanted to say was I have been able to finally get a great outline for my book due to your outlining workbook, and structure books.
    My character is named Addie and her arc may not be a happy one (for the contest). Love your emails and posts.

  37. My protagonist in my recent book, Aspen, is a lot like sparksofember’s. I do positive character arcs more often than not. For my next book, I feel myself leaning to give a certain character a negative character arc. It’s a little scary! But I’m sure if I put some thought and some effort on it that negative arcs can be meaningful too.

  38. Joseph Broussard says

    MC is named Oliver Spencer, Captain of the airship Nomad.
    I am really looking forward to reading Creating Character Arcs. At this moment I believe that Cap. Spencer will have a flat arc with all of my other characters following change arcs some positive and a couple of negatives. BTW I am such a big fan of yours!!!

  39. My protagonist’s name is Morgan Rein and she is going to have a positive arc, though I’m still working on rounding it out

  40. Honestly I’m so glad you decided to write a book focusing explicitly on characters arcs.

    My protagonist’s name is Alice, a 13-20(?) year old girl . This is a coming-of-age story, so my main character (and her development) is especially important.

    So far, I think she suffers from all those three! I know it sounds dumb, but she goes through a positive change because she realises lots of things that help her out with dealing with negative influences, for example. She’s definitely not an insecure, anxious and shy (though that’s not a bad trait) person at the end of the novel. At the other hand though, those things come with a price, which is why I guess she suffers from a negative change arc.
    Her developing personality makes her a new imaginary friend, and this one is always telling her to create new enemies, to confront anyone and anything that challenge her twisted view of justice.

    So that’s why I believe she also goes through a flat arc. She becomes an activist, a rebel figure, the voice of the plebs.

    So damn, this is definitely gonna help me.

  41. Felicity Seeley says

    Jake has a positive arc. He learns that lying to people, even if they want you to, is not the best for them.

  42. Christine M. says

    Congrats on the new book!
    My protag’s name is Kain, and he’s moving in a flat character arc. He’s changing the world around him, yet growing a tiny bit at the same time.

  43. Laura Lesko says

    My character is Lol. She has to believe in herself, so it will eventually be a positive arc, one that tests her.

  44. Katie,

    Your blog and articles have helped me become a better writer than nearly anything else I have read. Thanks for being the helpful writer and friend that you have been.
    …..Dr. Ken

  45. And are!

  46. Megan Brummer says

    My protagonist is a 12-year-old girl named Lily, and she is definitely on a positive change arc!

  47. I’ve got 2 mains- Lee McEuen – mostly flat and Jackie Kincaid positive.

  48. Erin Walker says

    My protagonist’s name is Myrna Payne and she is on a positive character arc because her journey changes her from a quiet dreamer to a strong hero. Can’t wait to apply the lessons in this new book to my beloved characters. Thank you!

  49. My protagonist’s name is Pax, and I’m pretty sure his character arc is mostly flat. It’s the people around him who will be doing most of the changing.

  50. My protagonist is Liz, and she will follow a positive arc.

  51. My protagonist is Isabelle and she is on a positive character arc.

  52. Connie Inglis says

    My protagonist’s name is Ethan Adams and he is on a positive change arc.

  53. Patti Kurtz says

    My protagonist is Jess and her character arc is definitely a positive one.

  54. Protagonist in first book was Annie and it was positive.

  55. Valerie Bower says

    Protag is Elkin, and he’s got a positive change arc. I bought your book early, and it’s awesome! Thanks.

  56. My current work in progress has two characters with a negative change arc and one with a flat arc. Your Creating Stunning Character Arcs series has been a big help in figuring this out and I can’t wait to read your new book.

  57. My character’s name is Nikasia, and I’m not sure what her arc is, or rather if it is actually going to fit into one book. At the moment it is negative but it’s not going to end up that way. What do you call that?

  58. Congratulations on the release of “Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author’s Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 7)”.

    Thanks to your book, I realized one of my main characters (whose name I cannot tell you right now, because I don’t want my beta readers to know which one it is yet) is on a definite redemption arc (something I didn’t know about before–this book is way more in-depth than almost every other book out there on the subject). And I was easily able to identify (with some relief) what other character arcs some of my other key characters are following.

    Yet another awesome writing book–thank you. 🙂

  59. My protagonist, Naomi, goes through a positive character arc in my book.
    Congratulations on finishing your book! I’ll definitely check it out. I love characters; they’re the thing I focus on most when I write.
    Quick question: I live overseas (Europe); can I still enter in the contest?

  60. Super excited to read your new craft book, thanks Katie for all you do for us!

  61. I was lucky to read an advance copy and I must say it well worth the price you pay for it. The material inside this book will increase your success at story telling, which will increase your sales.
    Get a copy now and enjoy.

  62. Rachel kolodziej says

    My MC’s name is Jeremy and I’m not sure what his character arc is. The most basic answer at this point is that he is on a heros journey but I hope to make it more than that and I hope your new book will help!

  63. My protagonist’s name is Fiona, and I’m not sure yet which arc she’s following … I think positive, although it skews pretty negative before she eventually gets there … obviously I need your new book! 😉

  64. My protagonist is Nik and her character arc is her journey toward self-acceptance.

  65. Thank you for this giveaway. I have learned so much from you. I am very grateful that you do this to help other writers. Thank you so much for what you do <3

  66. My protagonist is named Kiera, and she is on a positive character arc.

  67. My character’s name is Poppy. She definitely follows a Positive Arc as she gets out of an abusive relationship and works on loving herself. 🙂

  68. I’m moving Justin on a positive arc.

  69. My protagonist falls into the negative change arc, I think.

    Isaac starts already pretty bad, but peer pressure and negative traits force him into situations where he slowly destroys himself.

    (Which is a shame, because he could have salvation.)

  70. Jared. He’s following a positive arc. Thank you! 🙂

    • Also, I’m reading Creating Character Arcs right now. I haven’t gotten far, but I think the questions that you’ve given me to think about have given me a better look at my character and how he’ll develop.

  71. Hi! Your website inspired me to make a Arthurian/regency comic about magic, mountains, and bears.
    My protagonist’s name is Laloch Perrault, and through a journey of self-discovery he follows a positive character arc.

  72. My protagonist’s name is Jemmah and her character arc is positive.

  73. My protagonist’s name is Jemmah and her character arc is positive.

  74. Thanks for the giveaway!

    My protagonist, Sandra, goes through a positive change arc.

  75. Usvaldo de Leon Jr says

    My main character is laboring through a disillusionment arc. And my Nano character I’m writing right now is a flat arc.

  76. My protaggonist’s name is Phoenix, and I need your book to know what kind of arc she goes through, but I’m guessing it’s positive for the first part of the novel, and negative toward the end. (Showing a return to her original mindset.)
    I’ve read your ‘Outlining’ and ‘Structuring’ books and workbooks, and if this one is as good, it will help immensely.

  77. My protagonist’s name is Marta, and she’s following a flat arc…not saying she succeeds, however. 😉

  78. Jennifer Jennings says

    My protagonist is named Pine. She’s doing a good to bad then I hope back to good story arc. We’ll see what she chooses to do. She’s got a punk and is telling me how to run the show!

    I love character development and I can’t wait to get better at it. I want to get better at all writing!

  79. my protagonist is Mia Thomas and hers is a positive Arc change.

  80. My protagonist is named Ramsey. She goes through a positive change arc. Love this site btw.

  81. My protagonist’s name is Rachel Carter, and she’s following a positive arc — from a bad place of mistrust and no family to trust and a chosen family all in the Zombie Apocalypse. 🙂

  82. My character is Cayla, and while I had thought she was on a flat arc, too many hours on your website this past month has convinced me she needs to be on a positive arc!

  83. My fantasy protag is Ram, and he’ll be following a positive character arc.

    Congratulations on the new release! Woot woot!

  84. My protagonist is Alicia. I have no idea what her character ARC is and that’s why I need your book – lol. Thank you for the chance.

  85. My protagonist’s name is Peter Oglethorpe and he is following a positive change arc.

  86. Glenda Thompson says

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Your outlining books have been a tremendous aid to me.

  87. Glenda Thompson says

    Noah is struggling with life in general – the new one he created for himself after faking his death that is. I like to think he is on a positive character arc as he moves from being a criminal to cop but I have so much to learn, I just don’t know for sure.

  88. My character is named Irene and her arc will be positive I hope, but she will certainly learn a lot and change a lot.

  89. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this book! My character Jade has a positive character arc, her uncle James has a negative arc 🙂

  90. Desiree Smith says

    just got this one and already using it for my rewrites! <3

  91. My protagonist name is Philip, who’s arc will be somewhat of a upward spiral. It will continue to go up, will have it’s downs as well.

  92. Jan Satterlee says

    My protagonist’s name is Willow and she’s following a positive arc, but it’s taking her a while to get there!

  93. Lisa Capehart says

    His name is Jonah, and it’s a positive arc. I’m in the midst of “Structuring Your Novel” right now, but already have a copy of this new book, and am looking forward to getting into it!

  94. My protagonist in the short story I am working on right now actually consists of the three eternal virgins of Greek mythology: Athena, Artemis, and Hestia. I have no idea which character arc they will be following as I am just starting to learn about character arcs.

  95. Your advice is inspirational. Thanks.

  96. Her name is Trace and for her the arc is positive. Unfortunately, everyone else will go into a deep negative arc before things get better. Trace is journeying from isolation to becoming involved in life.

  97. My character’s arc is mainly flat with a small change toward positive when she decides to allow a long-lost great nephew into her reclusive life when she most needs help.

  98. My protagonist Detective Danny Ray Davis in ‘Who Killed the Valentine Snow Queen’ is experiencing a positive character arc.

  99. My protagonist is Grace and her character arc is positive right now, but will shortly lean slightly toward negative. Congratulations on the new book, and thanks for the opportunity to win a prize.

  100. Annie negative; love your writing books and blog!

  101. My pov character is following a positive arc.. He’s becoming more confident and able. Loving the book! Thanks for all the wisdom you share!

  102. My protagonist does not know his name. I’m writing in first person. His character arc…positive. He’s buffeted by various moral forces over the course of the book, but he makes the hard choice in the end.

  103. Although I try to use your books and site to plot, my NaNoWriMo character Torill Migisi – Scandinavia x Chippewa – follows a Flat Arc but also a positve. Is that possible? Think your new book is perfect then. Many thanks.

  104. Congratulations!!! So awesome! Can’t wait to read it! =)

    • Oh, and my Character’s name is Jeskar and he’s experiencing a positive arc, but also helping other people around him to change 😛

  105. I think both Yvonne Bennet and John Scott will have a positive arc – I’m still not 100% certain about Scott. He’s pretty damaged already and I’m putting him through a lot.

  106. Yay! Thanks for the fun giveaway! The book sounds great 🙂

  107. One of my protagonists is Dina, and her character arc is going from not believing mermaids exist to becoming one, and dealing with the aftermath.

  108. Fani Karamanou says

    I’ve been wishing for this series to become a book for so long and now it’s here! I can’t believe it!? Thank you for the giveaway and happy book birthday. Congratulations! ?

  109. Fani Karamanou says

    My protagonist’s name is Hannah and she’s following a negative arc.

  110. This is so AWESOME!!! Thank you for doing this!!!
    Um… I have not named my MC yet… but they are following a positive character arc (but you would not know it at first;).

  111. Andrewiswriting says

    Congratulations on the new book, and good luck for the launch. I don’t need a prize or freebie, I’ve bought it on Amazon just now.

    And I’ve probably bored you enough already with my blah blah about Abraham Frost 😉

  112. Hi! My character’s name is Ariadne, and she’s following a flat character arc. There are some things that she will realize and learn but ultimately, she won’t change drastically. But the plan is for her and her group to change the world :3 And then flood it, and then go to another world 🙂

  113. K.M., my main characters are Leilani and Zane in my co-author book who a royal merfolk. My problem is writing diolgue. How do you do that?

  114. K.M., my main characters are Leilani and Zane in my co-author book who a royal merfolk They live on planet Avanaria. They want love and also helping people. My problem is writing diolgue. How do you do that?

  115. They are royal merfolk.

  116. Leilani is eighteen in book 2 and Zane is a year older 19 years old.

  117. Nina Falkestav says

    My characters’ names are Chaterine and Fearsomeclaws. I Believe they follow some sort of hero’s journey arc

  118. My protagonist’s name is Luther and he’s following a positive arc.

  119. One time I’d rather come in second so I could get all those writing books. Sigh…

  120. My protagonist is Natalia Rizzetti. Her arc is certainly positive change. From being critical a afraid of relying on others, to a much more relaxed, open state. She’s not trying to avoid getting hurt, so she can now heal.

  121. My protagonist’s name is Steene, and he’s got a positive character arc.

  122. Cool new book. Can’t wait to check it out.

  123. I kive in China, so no Facebook or Twitter 🙁
    Unfortunately, the blog comment option didn’t work either – but fortunately there is this box at the bottom of the page.

    My story follows (ultimately) seven friends, and for them the overall arc is positive – though in some of the parts there is a negative arc for one of them – e.g. when one succumbs to stealing, and is finally caught.

    The main character among the friends is a boy/man, “Jan Arend”.

  124. MC is Anisse; positive change character arc.

    K.M. Weiland, I’ve only discovered your work on craft in the last few months, but so glad I have. Thank you for all the insightful help for writers!

  125. Connie White says

    My character’s name is Case. I am writing a pilot for a TV series so he goes through positive and negative character arcs as well as flat character arcs throughout my entire series. I work on my series bible that every TV show must have as I am also writing the two part pilot. In my bible, I have to show that I have created material that audiences will love for several years. I do that by describing my major and minor story arcs as well as an arc for Case and the major characters. I am challenged each day to add depth to my characters whose stories are influenced by the choices Case and the other characters make. These choices are decided by the major characters’ histories and the way the characters influence and interact with each other as the story arcs unfold in positive and negative ways for every character throughout the seasons. I look forward to learning even more from this new book as well as all of your writing books.

  126. ofri keidar says

    my protagonist’s name is Ningalor. She goes through a positive change as she matures and learns how to accept herself and others around her

  127. Sylvia ( says

    Congrats on the launch! I look forward to read it, your other books are so very helpful, I have both Outlining and Structuring. This is a good opportunity to what I have been meaning to say for a while. Thank you, Thank you for all the posts, they are so very helpful – the make such good sense. I haven’t started outlining a novel yet but I have the main idea in my head and as I read/research it is getting clearer and clearer. Need to finish my posts on my Great Grandfather first (family/social/local history blog, which is were my idea grow from) then I will start putting my ideas on paper.

  128. Guess I will just have to buy Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration for myself. AND Creating Character Arcs of course – I mean I simply HAVE to have the whole 7 book writing craft series! (I have the other 5 already!)

  129. Hello everyone, I´m so happy to see my Literary Scarf as one of the prizes for this wonderful giveaway, please if you have any questions feel free to contact me and good luck everyone!

    Thank you

  130. Tony Findora says

    Woohoo! Looking forward to reading the new book!

    My protagonist is Tina is and he will be following a positive character I believe.

  131. My protagonist’s name is Bron. He is trying to come to terms with the death of his mother, which he thinks he is the cause of. He is a reluctant hero who finds it too easy to wallow in self pity and despair, but he manages to pull himself out of the quagmire to help the mysterious foundling who appears on his doorstep.

  132. I already have all your books, but two, and I’m looking forward to adding this one to my collection.

    Pretty much all my protagonists follow positive character arcs. However, not all my antagonists follow negative arcs.

  133. My character is Iris and she is going through a positive arc.

  134. I love your stuff. I looked everywhere for material to help me learn how to write well and your books and website are the only material I have found that is actually educating me! thanks for all you do!!

  135. Cool! I wanna enter too. Is it open worldwide?

  136. My protagonist is Kismet, and she’s going to be a hero!

  137. Congratulations on the release of “Creating Character Arcs”, Katie! This book is a great help, as well as a significant addition to anyone’s writing library, imho.

  138. My MC’s name is Hervé Kessel and he is steadfast with a flat character arc.

  139. My main character is Grissha. She has a negative arc but influences the people around her into having positive arcs. Hopefully she will eventually get a happy ending of her own.

  140. Thierry unfortunately is stuck with a negative arc right now – we’ll turn the rudder around eventually 😉

  141. I’m excited to read this one.

  142. My protagonist is called Richard – he’s on a negative arc, forcing him to confront his own beliefs but also his priorities.

  143. My character is Rae and I am excited about applying the insights from the book to making her unforgettable!

  144. Character arc is one of the hardest things for me. So my protagonist usually ends up flung every which way before I can settle on something. That being said, my protagonist is Jena Pearson and I’m thinking Hero’s arc. ?

  145. My character’s name is Max, and I now know that my story follows a flat arc! Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity.

  146. My character is female and is a widow but has someone stalking her. I’m trying to decide which way to take her personality.

  147. My character’s name is Adana, and I” writing a positive arc for her.

  148. My protagonist’s name is Cordelia. She ultimately has a positive arc, though she wasnt necessarily bad to begin with. She learns she cannot always rely solely upon herself.

  149. My protagonist’s name is Seraphine and her arc is one of positive intentions but somehow ends with negative outcomes–at least until the very end of her arc.

  150. John Gibson says

    Congrats on the character arc book! Can’t wait to read it!

  151. Amanda Pesklevy says

    Hi! I’m just seeing the email about this giveaway today. I have two stories in my mind at the moment. One has Sophie who has a positive arc and the other is Sarah who I thought was going to be flat but she’s telling me that she needs to grow a bit so it will be a positive arc.

  152. I love these prizes! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway and congratulations on the release of your new book! ^_^

    • Oh, and my two protagonists are named James and Charlotte. They’re both following positive character arcs, though I know they’ll need a lot of revision during the editing process. NaNoWriMo has the tendency to produce messy novels. 😉

  153. My protagonist’s name is Elle (short for Ellenor) Beechworth. I think she’s following a positive character arc, learning to be a better and more controlled person.

  154. This is awesome! Okay, one of my main characters is called Orion, and he is probably going to follow a positive arc – but he has suprised me many times already, so maybe he will do something completely different.

  155. Alexandra Boch says

    My protagonist’s name is Ash Monroe. Her arc is positive; she goes from dependent to independent, weak to strong.

  156. Lauren Sorgaard says

    I don’t know my protagonists’ character arc. 🙁 That’s why I want to win this set of books so bad. I love your blog and follow it and am excited about this new release. Thank you for the chance to win!

  157. Hi K.M. I have your book Outline Your Novel and have read and used it to help me! I’m looking forward to reading your new book to bring my main characters to a fuller “life” too. Thanks!

  158. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us aspiring writers. You have a way of explaining concepts that I’ve grappled with in the past. I’m working through your Character Arc book, and for the first time I can see my character arc taking shape.

    My protagonist’s name is Chelsea Burroughs, and she will be taking a positive inner journey, learning that there’s more to life than meets the eye, and magic happens if you open your heart.

  159. Alisa Russell says

    Looks like a great book!

  160. My character’s name is Jessie, and she’s following a positive arc. Actually, I’m in the middle of writing crazy number of novels right now, so it was kind of hard to pick one! Lol

  161. Vanessa and a positive one but struggling with this as I’m very new. I need this book! All your books really. LOL Congrats on the newly published book.

  162. Learning so much from your blog! Creating Character Arcs is on the top of my Christmas wish list! 🙂

  163. Aradia, who will go from a positive to a negative arc, if that’s possible. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Can’t get the blog post entry work – maybe this will do the trick.

    My MC, Kate, is going to have a positive character arc. I’m on chapter 3 of this character arck book and, my gosh, it’s wonderful! So helpful. I used your outlining book to prep for Nanowrimo and, while I’ve won Nano in the past, I think this time I’m going to have a real book to edit, not a pile of rubbish.
    Thanks for all you do.

  165. Ethan positive.

  166. I love your website! Your story structure book/posts have been so helpful that I pre-ordered the character arcs book. Can’t wait to start putting it to use!

  167. My protagonist’s name is Jael Riverstone and she is following a positive arc change 🙂

  168. Cindy Hamilton says

    My protagonist is a young girl by the name of Anna. She is a dreamer and a hero.

  169. Ohh… this book sounds fantastic. o.o

  170. Congrats again! Thanks for posting great info and having such a welcoming site.
    There are two protags in my current story – Madison and Lucille. Initially it was only Madison, but as I continued to write, their stories had a great deal of overlap, just from different vantage points. Eventually they’ll unite against the actual antag, but each has a history of her own. I’m looking forward to more of it being revealed.

  171. Bruised Banana (@bruisedchan) says

    My protagonist is Lucelle and since I’m writing a branching narrative, her arc is going to differ from branch to branch depending on reader choices.

  172. My protagonist’s name is Alec and his character arc will go from positive (in the first book) to negative (in my current WIP). Congrats on the new release! Can’t wait to read it.

  173. Sunny V Shine says

    My protagonist name is Alana and it’s a positive character arc.

  174. My Protagonist is Dylan, and he has to make a choice once he discovers that he’s the villain.

  175. I just started your book in character arcs . The change will be positive , maybe a few seem negative but they are positive for where she is in her life.

  176. My protagonist’s name is Alice. She has a positive arc … at least, I hope so! She’s sort of a work-in-progress …

  177. Positive

  178. Now this is a book I really need to get. Characters are probably the part of stories I struggle with the most. The ratio of gelled characters to out-of-sync random people in my stories is 1:5, possibly worse. 😛 But your other writing books on structure and outline have been very helpful for me, so I have a good feeling about this one.

  179. My protagonist’s name is Cheveyo, and he follows a positive character arc.

  180. Sami, she will follow a positive arc with blend of flat arc aspects

  181. My protagonist’s name is Mercy and her arc is a postive change arc.

  182. Mrs. Miggs and her arc will overall be positive.

  183. Kevin Steele says

    Protag is Ellis. Or is it Anders? Or maybe…..??? I thought I had that settled from Day 1 of this VERY rough draft, but now there are two or three fighting it out for the role. The Arc? My oh my, the thought was for a positive arc, but I’m seeing a dark side that could turn this thing on its head. We’ll all have to wait and see what happens…

  184. Wendy Pearson says

    Katie, I bought your Character Arc book a week or so ago. I look forward to reading it! I’ve tweeted out the info. 🙂

  185. K.M.,

    I learned so much from your Creating Character Arc series, so I’m excited you’ve launched a book on it! I’m been recommending this site on my blog, which is geared towards fanfic writers who want to write original stories.

    My character: His name is Erik Shin Lewis, and he goes through a positive character arc for part one. He then transitions to a flat character arc in the latter half, if things go according to plan (which rarely happens…)

    The Inciting Event of his story is that he discovers he has the ability to see the past exactly as it happened. On good days, he gets to see the world as it’s being born. On bad days, it makes him watch classified meetings, view secret documents as they’re being typed, and see people put in their passwords. All this while still being in his bedroom.

    The Lie he lives makes him believe there is nothing special about him. So until his ability manifested in a really glaring way, he lived in denial. Afterward, he does his best to keep things quiet. It doesn’t work.

    The first part Erik learns to acknowledge his ability. The latter part Erik tries to live with it while trying to avoid getting used.


  186. My character is Summer and she follows a positive character archive.

  187. My protagonist’s name is Embrielle. She’ll have a positive change arc over a trilogy (with mini arcs for each book). Creating Character Arc’s has been instrumental in helping me understand and form the arc for all of my characters.

  188. Lily is a character from a previous book in which she unknowingly contributed to the positive arc of the protagonist. Although Lily’s life changed dramatically at the hands of the protagonist, internally she was the same girl so her arc was rather flat. In this second novel, Lily is changing internally on a positive arc.

  189. I love your blog! Keep it up!

  190. I love your blog! It’s really helped me on some things! Keep it up!

  191. Martin Blank says

    I just got your Writers Block book as a audio book. Fantastic!

  192. Lora Carroll says

    My character’s name is Louise. She is on an inner journey to come to terms with her parents recent separation.

  193. Angela Litterio Hastings says

    Her name is Olivia Toscano and with her clairvoyant ability, she’s able able to bring peace to an historical family, long forgotten in our history books.

  194. I love that scarf!

  195. My main characters name is Weylen, he is on a journey to find peace over his difficult life.

  196. Brooke Williams says

    My protagonist’s name is Alyssa and she’s following a positive change arc.

  197. I’ve always been a fan of the reluctant hero, so I intend to have Dana (my main character) follow a negative/positive arc. He has to fall a little bit lower before he can rise to his full potential.

  198. Allison Hong Merrill says

    My protagonist’s name is Zhen, and she follows a positive arc.

  199. My MC is Lucinda Raven and she is on the journey for a positive arc.

  200. I have several characters. The first is Allegra Cassidy, and she follows the flat character ARC. The second, Les, follows the negative ARC along with the positive throughout the series. I’m still uncertain if the next character, Erwin, will follow the flat or positive ARC. Althea Cassidy follows the negative character ARC. The last two characters, Ali and Mal both follow the positive character ARC, although I’m thinking of changing it to flat ARCs.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  201. I have two protagonists and I think they’re currently both on negative arcs. This is so great, I’m new to your site and I love it! Thanks for doing a giveaway! 🙂

  202. My protagonist’s name is Luna. She’s following the positive arc. She is God’s angel whose heavenly duty is to be the moon. She watches the world at night and reports all of what she witnesses to her creator. The moon is Earth’s natural satellite anyway.

  203. Not yet at the stage of having a protagonist…or a story… I need a lot of creative writing help!! 😉

  204. Almost forgot, My characters names are Sami and Seren.

  205. Grabbed my copy! Can’t wait to read and apply it to my next book.

  206. Anthony Duncan says

    My character’s name is Musa, and his is a positive arc! 🙂

  207. The book looks great! I’m realizing more and more as I write and revise that without a strong character arc – in my case, without a strong reason why the character is stuck in his family’s dysfunction and why he refuses to leave – the entire story collapses.

    I am defiantly getting a copy of this book as soon as I can get my hands on the funds.

  208. Alekzander Brede is going from a self-serving badass to claiming and embracing his human half via the efforts of Elektra Tate, who loves him.

  209. I’m in the very beginning stages of writing and my protagonist’s name is Aubrey Cruz. She’s following a positive arc.

  210. For NaNo I’m writing a psychological thriller with Emily who is trying to correct the mistakes she made of going along with an unethical medical procedure. Her arc will be going from a stand by observer to active in bringing justice.

  211. My protagonist, Kaya, is on a positive arc (at least for now).

  212. Stalgit. It should be a negative arc. At least I try to make it negative. The tyran should get what he deserves at the end. There are also two brothers of the main hero. But their arc would possibly be a surprise for me.

  213. My main character is Ree Reeves and her arc starts with struggle and finding her place and eventually standing on her own two feet.

  214. Your site is amazing, K.M., and your generosity is astounding! Thank you 🙂

  215. Robert Shaver says

    You said above, “You can do several things throughout the week to earn contest points and increase your chances of winning.” But you never said what those “things” are. I finally got tired of following the breadcrumb trail.

    Good luck with your new book launch. I already have a couple of your books.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Sorry for any confusion. All of the entry options are listed in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post.

  216. My main character is Skete, and he follows a positive character arc. He goes from being loyal to the person who scares him most (because he doesn’t want to get hurt) to being loyal to people who care about him, even if it means getting killed for it. (Though the story is in first person, so it’s kind of a given that he survives.)

  217. My protagonist is Ethelion and he is following a positive change arc. And your book has been so helpful in developing that arc. Thanks for sharing your writing craft knowledge!

  218. My character’s name is Solandra and I’m looking forward to a redemptive character arc. Her flaws are shrinking from real life and hiding in the dark internet as well dealing with a disability (ie: writing/coding with 1 hand (from lupus).

  219. My character’s name is Miran, and she’s more or less following a positive change arc.

  220. Jo-Ann MacDonald says

    My main character is Jessica, a woman who, in her teens was accused (and cleared) of murdering her best friend. Unfortunately, the stain of the accusation still sticks in the small community, so when she returns to live there, she has a few challenges ahead of her!

    Good luck with your book launch!

  221. Currently my protagonist is nameless but will likely have a positive character arc.

  222. My protagonist is Aragin. He is going through a positive change Arc.

  223. I must be missing something, I couldn’t find where to enter the giveaway.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Look for the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post. Sometimes you have to “sign in” if the entry options aren’t immediately available.

  224. My protagonist is George and he follows a positive character arc throughout my HF series set in the Civil War era. Looking forward to checking out your new book!

  225. Rose Knight says

    thanks for doing this give away

  226. Congratulations on the release of your new book! I expect that it shall be just as helpful as the other ones. ^-^

    My main character is named Nexus, and his is a positive character arc, though it’s just a little flatter than most character arcs I’m used to working with (maybe that’s why I’m having issues with this story. o.O I’ll need to think about this, now.)

  227. I’m still undecided on who my protagonist will be, but I’m pretty sure that I want to feature a positive change arc. 🙂

  228. Great! I’m 14 (turning 15 in a month) and am greatly interested by writing. I aspire to be a teen author and currently, I’m writing a dystopian fiction novel where my main character (Caspian) suffers a steep negative character arc. The main plot revolves around his climb i.e. the positive character arc.

  229. My main character is called Ciara, and her arc will be flat. although some of those around her will change. it’s a comedy, so it’s difficult for her to change too much.

  230. Your book on character arcs is on my “to read” pile! I’m interested to know more about positive and negative. One of my protagonists is Annys, and her character arc is all about moving from unwanted and seemingly powerless to finding a strength that helps her rescue a loved one and making a new family.

  231. My protagonist’s name is Erek, and he will follow a negative arc, and then a positive arc.

  232. Laurie Young says

    My character’s name is Gretchen and she is following a positive character arc. She is learning to believe in herself and value what she has always thought were defects in herself.

  233. My heroine’s name is Leslie Strange and I’m not sure what her arc is. I’m trying to show how an older woman who gets a chance to live her life over in an earlier time and place finally comes of age and grows into her own person. I’ve just bought your book in hopes that it will help her to grow and tell me what kind of arc I’m using.

    Oddly, other characters in the book garner praise for how “well-written” they are, but no one connects with Leslie. She’s based on me and I’ve spent my whole life being invisible. Maybe that’s why I can’t get a handle on her.

  234. My protagonist’s name is Laura and she’s following a negative to positive arc.

  235. My protag is a female private detective in the 1940s. She will definitely have a positive change arc, and I’m hoping this will be able to help me!

  236. My protagonist is Ken (Kenneth), though you never learn his last name. He is following a positive arc centering around his eventual acceptance of the complete and utter weirdness of his friends and his world.

  237. My novel has two protagonists, Mitch and Renata. I’d say they’re following positive character arcs–though it may not seem like it for much of the story.

  238. Kathy Scott says

    My main character goes from age 12 to 18 within 500 pages. She is a positive arc and hope to continue her life story as a series and maybe include her children in the future. Thanks for your great writing tips.

  239. My protagonists name is Anna. She is a nineteenth century woman grappling with “natural”/wild love, and love within the Christian boundaries of marriage. I’m looking forward to learning what you mean by “positive character arc.” Best of luck with the launch!

  240. My protagonist is Moay, and she is following a Positive Charicter Arch

  241. Callie Paar says

    My main character is Aeryn. I’m still working out the details, but hers is a positive arc.

  242. ShennonDoah says

    I am very interested in reading this book. I believe that my character arcs have improved with each book I’ve written. However, not having known what a character arc was, in the past, I’d like to see how well I developed them based on K.M.’s insight. Always learning…

  243. My protagonist’s name is Roland, and I’m trying to give him a positive character arc so that he can get some closure on an old wound and learn to believe in himself.

  244. My main character is named Rachel. I am excited about reading this new book and learning about creating a strong character arc for her.

  245. My protagonist’s name is Phil and I am creating him with a positive character arc.

  246. My protagonist is Laurie, and she’s riding the positive character arc because even though the odds are stacked against her – physically and emotionally – she is still determined to conquer all to achieve her dream.

  247. My character’s name is Strawberry (but she prefers Awbry)…I think she follows the positive change arc. Definitely she’s going from a bad to a good place haha.

  248. My protagonist is Evanna, Eva for short. For the longest time I’ve assumed she followed a Positive Change Arc, but as I read through your book, there were pieces that just didn’t seem to fit. I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I came to the section on Flat Arcs and I realized it fit my character perfectly! Thanks for the insight!

  249. My protagonists are Apollo and Jonah, and they’re both on positive character arcs. Thinking about it, I have only written one MC with a negative arc. I would certainly be interested in learning more about threading character arc throughout the novel to the best effect, so to my goodreads list this goes. 🙂 Congratulations on your release!

  250. Eric Stallsworth says

    I’m seriously excited about this book. This is the next step in what I need to really improve my writing. I don’t know whether I’m consciously writing character arcs but I’m betting this book will help me figure that out.

    Though I wish you all luck, I REALLY hope I win 🙂

  251. Eric Stallsworth says

    Doh! I forgot to put my protag’s name. He’s Trevor Chance and as I said, I’m not sure what kind of character arc he’s following.

  252. Marie Gustafson says

    Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to read it. I really look forward to your writing advice because it’s always so solid and helpful.
    Thanks for all your posts!

    My protagonist is Morrigan Valon, and she’s got a positive character arc with a lot of hardships along the way. I really enjoyed creating her. She’s colorful, and she does a lot of growth. I’ve grown really fond of her. 🙂

  253. In the novel I’m working on for Nano, my MCs’ names are Morgen Greyheim (or Graham, when she’s in England) and Anton Breicher. 🙂

    Morgen follows a pretty much flat arc. Breicher, however, is more of a positive change character.

  254. I already bought the ebook ‘Creating Character Arcs’, just what I need and compliments ‘Crafting Unforgettable Characters’ perfectly. Thanks Kate!

    My protagonist is Alwyn, on a positive arc, but he doesn’t know it until the very last scene, when all his demons come together and forces him to take final drastic action.

  255. My protagonist is called Silvanus – Child of the Forest. He changes from a reticent, angry lad, who is afraid of the pagan god Aquila into a mature young married man, who has discovered the secret of life is not to seek his own pleasure but to serve faithfully, whatever the cost.

  256. Michael and Lili, twin siblings–part creation story, part metaphor.

  257. Ruth Pfinder says

    My character is Jerry and he’s on a positive arc. Looking forward to reading more.

  258. Amy LeTourneur says

    My protagonist is AJ, and he is on an upswing (positive change arc), thank goodness. He’s been walking on the dark side for a little while, but the light is finally peeking through. 😀

    I’m so excited to read the new book! I just love your books on writing and I read your blog posts voraciously. They’ve all been tremendously helpful to me now that I’ve finally (at age 46) figured out what I want to be when I grow up. 😉

    I hope you know you are loved and appreciated. Keep up the good work, Katie. =)

  259. Trethyn Trethyn says

    My protagonist is called Janeth – it’s a kind of science fantasy story set in the far future – and I’m pretty sure she’s following s positive arc. She has to learn that when she suffers from a mind paralysing fear that overtakes her all to easily, she lashes out at everyone, even her nearest and dearest. During the course of the book she realises that she does this, and manages to overcome it.

  260. My character’s name is Jon, and his is a negative arc that ultimately sees him making the choice to begin deceiving himself in order to escape emotional pain. This taints his entire worldview and sets him up for a massive fall.

    Which I will, perhaps, later redeem.

  261. Looking forward to reading this one!! I entered the contest, but the Etsy “Favorite” is under my real name not pseudonym. Thanks!

  262. HonestScribe says

    Most of my characters seem to be going through either negative or shift arcs right now.

  263. Susanna Tregnaghi says

    My protagonist’s name is Blaze, and she’s following a a Negative Change Arc (but she’s not aware of it, it’s a change that’s happening inside her without knowledge).. Onestly, my story has also other important characters that might be considered protagonists’.. but not as much as Blaze.

  264. Hello! My protagonist is Hunter Wilde and he is following a positive arc although it’s a bittersweet outcome.

  265. My protag’s working name is Cy, and he is taking a positive arc.

  266. Karen Mitchell says

    I love Katie and all of her books, I have them all and refer to them often.

  267. Jay Becket is a character who I hope is on a positive Arc. He lives in a steampunk world of factories and airships. I see him as starting out as a, do as your told, but complain profusely, kind of guy. But as events progress he learns that the only way to change your life is to act.

  268. Paula Priaulx says

    Hi K.M.,

    Congratulations on your new book. I’ve already got my Kindle copy and know that I am about to go on another wonderful learning journey.

    All my adult life I have wanted to write, but never did anything about it until three years ago when I started to wind down my other working life. I commenced researching locations, laws, politics, and a few other things that I knew would affect the authenticity of my story. Then last year I discovered YOU! Now I am in the process of Outlining my novel instead of just constantly thinking about it, having mental conversations with my characters and scribbling endless fractured snippets to “include somewhere in my book”.

    I am so glad you are a part of my life now K.M. – my wish is becoming a reality and you have been the driving force, giving me the real knowledge and thus the courage to open the door of my creative mind.

    My protagonist is Celeste who wants to live her own life and find happiness away from the constraints and influence of her upbringing. Although she faces a lot of negative situations and people, she is definitely on a positive arc. A cruel twist of fate and a life-changing decision bring her to a full understanding of who she really is and what she really needs.

  269. My protagonist is named Brian and he is following a positive arc.

    I am looking forward to this book.

  270. Katie, you blow me away. Your brilliant character arc series never fails to leave me breathless and astounded. May this new book help the world on personal and professional levels and bring you everything you want/ need 😉
    (See what I did there?)

    Protag’s name’s Radica and most definitely positive.

  271. Love, love, love! Creating Character Arcs!

  272. My character’s name is Caroline. Her arc is to break out of her grief over the death of her daughter and the emptiness of her life with an emotionally absent husband. Will find a new life through a “gift” from her mother who has recently died.

  273. Rachel Hayes says

    My protagonist is John. His character arch is positive, despite his negative surroundings.

  274. Yohan is going through a negative arc.

  275. Lanie, positive arc

  276. My protagonist’s name is Kaelyth Solmarr, and he will be following a positive character arc, if I’m understanding correctly that the end result is what defines that. I haven’t read her new book yet because I have literally no money (sad when a $4.99 book is too expensive, right? lol). Anyway, good luck to all of you!

  277. Anne Kaelber says


    My character’s name is Indigo Knight and her character arc is a Positive Arc.

    I hope I win — the bundle of books! I currently have only the ebooks of Outlining Your Novel and the OYN Workbook, and Structuring Your Novel. While I’ve embraced the digital age, sometimes you really just need to *hold* a book. 🙂

    Congrats on the new release! It’s going on my wishlist as soon as I post this comment.


  278. Congratulations on your new book!

  279. Katie Hackett says

    My character is Lucy and she’s going through a negative change arc over the course of several books.

  280. My protagonist is Indigo and she’s following a positive arc. I also spent a solid month working through a fall arc for my antagonist, Carolyn, but wound up with much of her arc happening before Indigo’s story opens. I would be lost without your work on character arcs!

  281. Jory follows the positive arc. Would love to win second prize!!!

  282. My protagonist is Haela, and she is following a positive arc.

  283. Love your website. Many, many websites and blogs try to give writing advice, but yours is always clear, concise and spot on.

  284. Tiffany Vaughn says

    My protag’s name is Alice and I’m not sure which arc she’s following at the moment.

  285. My protagonist is young Gus Matthews. He grows from a fearful boy to one who can handle unexpected and frightening events on his own (with the help of God’s Word).

  286. I’m looking forward to reading your book. My protagonist’s name is Kenja and s/he (FTM) is following a positive change arc.

  287. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

  288. Congrats on your launch.

  289. My character’s name is Des, and I think he has a positive change arc. I hope he does. I don’t know how the story ends yet. The perils of NaNoWriMo.

  290. Hey, Katie,
    I couldn’t agree with you more when you say “character arcs are the key to uniting character, plot, and theme in a powerhouse combo.” After all, what’s a story without real characters who come alive and live the story. People identify more with the characters in a story than they do with the plot or story line itself. From my own reading, I remember the people in the stories often better than I remember the stories themselves sometimes. Your latest contribution for writes has to be a great asset. Thanks again for all you do in helping writers become authors.

  291. My character’s name is Graham and he is going to have a positive arc as I want it to balance against his negative past (while trying to avoid stereotypes and cliches – easier said than done).

  292. Ellen Kurek says

    My protagonist is Stacia, and her arc is the one described by T.S. Eliot in Little Giddings: To return to the place you came from and know it for the first time.

  293. I’m writing a short story for a family friend who lost her son just before Christmas last year. The protagonist in “Christmas in Heaven” is named Dorothy, and it will definitely be a positive character arc!

  294. Tamara Stanfield says

    My protagonist’s name is Keegan and his arc is a positive change arc. Life has really sucked for him so far so it has to get better.

    Congratulations on your book launch!!

  295. My protagonist’s name is Helene. Her arc begins in a dark and lonely place filled with self-doubt and ends when she realizes she has found a family of friends who like her for exactly who she is.

    I just ordered your book and am really looking forward to reading it!

  296. My MC is on a Positive Arc. 🙂 Congratulations on getting this book out! Can’t wait to read it…

  297. My 2016 NaNoWriMo protagonist’s name is Ed. He is following a positive arc – but what a roller coaster ride he will have along the way.

  298. My protagonist is a young man living in a small village with an aunt for whom he has to care. His arc is a positive one and will involve him discovering who he is, who his parents were, and what has to be done in order to save his village from destruction.

  299. My MC’s name is Gracie, and she’s following a positive change arc.

  300. Congrats on the book! My novel is following two people in alternate chapters, one with a positive arc and one with a negative, corruption arc. Hope it will work out. I started with the positive one, but the negative one is starting to get more interesting than the other, so now I have to come up with something to make my positive one just as gripping…
    Also, my innocent just killed his father… silly characters.

  301. My protagonist, Lizzie, is a young adult protagonist with a positive character arc. I’ve been sharing your website with my Creative Writing students…

  302. My main characters are Samantha and Ethan. Their arcs are both positive. Ethan’s arc will lead to some personal growth, wherein Samantha will find something of value.

  303. Susan Sherrouse says

    I’ve just started to write, after a particularly inspiring dream. I’ve got five of your books, and just got Creating Character Arcs last week.
    My book is about two people who are at odds about their work on developing a piece of land, and how this changes each others’ perspective on their job and leads to them falling in love.

  304. Sanjit Joseph says

    Looking forward to your book on Creating Character Arcs

  305. My character’s name is Scrat and he follows a redemptive character arc.

  306. I wanted to say thank you for all the tips you’ve given and the ways you have helped many writers, including me.
    My current story is still just an idea in my head but the protagonist Andrew is following a positive arc from our POV and kind of a negative arc from his POV (he’s a bad person who learns his lesson).

  307. MC is Monet. I’ve given her a positive character arc.

  308. Congratulations on the new book!

    My MC, Cale, is on a redemptive/destructive arc in this book.

  309. Congrats on your book launch. BTW I tried to add a comment with the contest menu & it replied that I commented (not true but doing that now because I am a honest person). Thanks for your clear + informative post, keep on rocking it!:-D

    My heroine’s name is Nevada and she moves from a bad place to a good place (a Positive Change Arc).

    I just sent my MS for book one, Dog Leader Mystery to my publisher. Looking forward to what the editorial team thinks.

  310. My protagonist is Levi and he must learn to survive on his own in a world rebuilding itself after a zombie apocalypse.

  311. My character is Ryan and he has a positive character arc.

  312. Holly Davis says

    My protagonist’s name is Tai and he has a positive character arc. 🙂

  313. In the novel I’m writing, the MC/protag’s name is The Cerberus Slayer. The full name is Robert Lewis McCord – he serves as both a protag, antag, and main character.

  314. Congratulations on the new book!!

  315. Julie Reich says

    My protag’s name is Daisy, and her arc is positive.

    Your posts are so helpful!

  316. Congrats, Katie! Your new book sounds extremely helpful.

    My main character is Kathi; her arc is positive. She must overcome insecurity and fear of getting her heart broken for the umpteenth time. The protagonist is Jamie, a nice man who loves her as much as he loves his career. After convincing her to take a chance, what if he had to choose between them?

  317. My main character is Wyatt, and he has, in essence, a POSITIVE arc, but there are also a LOT of NEGATIVE things going on….

  318. My main protagonist’s name is Thane – although it came as quite a surprise to me when I realised during the planning phase, that out of my assembled cast, Thane was going to be my MC. He’s on a Positive character arc; and what a journey it’s going to be 🙂

  319. Marcy Rivera says

    My protagonist is named Via. She’s a sort of dimension jumper. She’s a teenager so I want to make the readers see how immature her decisions will be.

  320. Tracey Brown says

    Congratulations, on your book! Can’t wait to add it to my shelf. Thanks for the great giveaway

  321. My main character’s name is Nell. She lives in New York City in 1773. I am busy plotting her arc and am looking forward to receiving your book for Christmas!

  322. My character is called Lizzie and she has a positive and curious character arc. My former book which I have shelved for now is about Jeremy, an eleven year old girl who is positive her missing mother may be involved in a mystery that will help her solve the suspense about her unisex name. I am a children’s literature reader and author.

  323. My character, Amelia, is on what you described as a negative arc. Hopefully your book will help me bring her more to life! Thanks!

  324. Marc is my protagonist, and he is going through a shift arc. Congrats on the book launch!

  325. Mark Dickinson says

    My protagonist is Ellen MacGregor. A positive arc through parental lose and PTSD.

  326. My character’s name is Eliza and she has a positive character arc.



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