Worlds Unseen

Book: By Rachel Starr Thomson

Inciting Event: When Maggie accepts a request from dying Dan Seaton to take the scroll to Jarin Huss, she becomes involved in the main conflict of the story.

First Plot Point: Maggie is attacked by a death hound while staying in an inn and is rescued by Nicholas Fisher.

First Pinch Point: While traveling with a gypsy caravan, Maggie and Nicholas are attacked by a raven of the Blackness. They realize that it is after the scroll and leave the gypsies in order not to bring more trouble to them.

Midpoint: Maggie arrives in Pravik and witnesses the Empire’s brutality towards protesters. She gives the scroll to Huss, who reveals to her its meaning and tell her the story of the King.

Second Pinch Point: Libuse is arrested by the Overlord on false pretenses.

Third Plot Point: Jerome and Maggie successfully rescue Libuse. However, Jerome is arrested, and Maggie discovers that he and Jarin Huss have been charged with Libuse’s murder. Around this time, Maggie’s Gift first manifests itself, and she begins to realize she is in love with Jerome.

Climax: The Ploughman’s rebels attack Pravik in order to free Jerome and Jarin Huss. They succeed and drive the Emperor’s forces away, freeing the city. However, dark forces summoned by Adhemar Skraetock descend upon Pravik, and the rebels cannot defeat them.

Climactic Moment: Nicholas, Jerome, Libuse, and Maggie hide beneath Pravik while a terrible battle rages overhead. A death hound discovers them and kills Jerome.

Resolution: The battle for Pravik, which seems to be hopeless, is suddenly turned when Golden Riders appear and drive away the Blackness. Pravik becomes a city independent of the Empire. A funeral is held for Jerome, and Maggie mourns his death.

(Submitted by Zachary Holbrook.)

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