Wishsong of Shannara

Book: By Terry Brooks

Inciting Incident:

Brin’s Plotline: Brin, who has the power to wield magic by singing, agrees to accompany the druid Allanon deep into the Eastlands to destroy a book of evil magic that is corrupting the land.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair is captured by the gnome tracker, Slanter, who demands to know why Allanon visited his family. When Jair refuses to answer, Slanter gives him over to his much more ruthless superior.

First Plot Point:

Brin’s Plot line: When Brin’s traveling companion, Rone Leigh, calls Allanon’s leadership into question, Allanon enchants Rone’s sword so Rone will have more confidence in their ability to carry out the quest—but Rone finds the magic addictive, and Brin feels like she can no longer trust him as a result. At this point, Brin leaves her Normal World of trusting and relying on others, and enters a new state of isolation. This is also the first brush with the main problem which is not the book of spells, but rather the addictive nature of magic itself, and the way it can twist its users.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair is rescued by Garet Jax. That night Jair has a vision of the King of the Silver River, who warns him that neither his sister, Brin, nor Allanon understand the true nature of their quest. Jair must catch up with Brin and keep her from losing herself to her magic.

First Pinch Point:

Brin’s Plotline: Allanon leads Brin and Rone to the druid’s keep, which has been overtaken by enemies who serve the evil book. There, Allanon uses magic to send the keep outside the world-realm, which also kills everyone who had taken over the keep. Brin vows to herself that she will never use her magic to harm others, and especially not to kill.

Jair’s Plotline: The companions discover that the only bridge has been taken by enemy gnomes. They try to cross by disguising themselves, but are discovered and have to fight their way out.


Brin’s Plotline: Allanon is killed by a monster, Rone is badly wounded trying to save him, and also loses his magic sword. Brin has to find safety for herself and Rone. She breaks her vow not to use her magic for harm when the people she goes to for help attack and try to rob them.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair and his companions try to warn the dwarves of Capaal that the bridge has been taken, only to get caught in their siege. The fortress is destroyed, and in the confusion Jair is taken prisoner by a Mwellret.

Second Pinch Point:

Brin’s Plotline: Brin asks a malicious spirit how to find Rone’s sword and how to reach the hiding place of the evil book. When the spirit tries to trick her with confusing answers, Brin uses her magic and forces it to tell her the truth against its will. Brin realizes that she is becoming more and more amoral with her use of magic, but doesn’t see any way to stop.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair is imprisoned by the Mwellret in a dark fortress where the Mwellret tries to steal the vision crystal the King of the Silver River gave Jair so that Jair could find and save his sister.

Third Plot Point:

Brin’s Plotline: Brin and her friends try to regain Rone’s sword from the group of gnomes who found it, but as soon as Rone touches the sword he forgets everything but its power and the joy of battle and leaves Brin behind among the attacking gnomes. Brin has to protect herself with her own magic, and breaks her vow never to use it to kill. She decides that she is too dangerous to be with other people, and must go after the book alone.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair is now rescued and reunited with his friends, who have turned the tables and taken the Mwellret prisoner, but Garet Jax has the bright idea to use the Mwellret as a guide, despite Slanter’s warnings. The Mwellret betrays them and tries to kill them all by leading them into a trap.


Brin’s Plotline: Brin eludes her friends and finds the magic book, but is overcome by its seductive power. She surrenders to the book’s evil.

Jair’s Plotline: Jair and his companions fight their way through a fortress of enemies trying to reach Brin. All of Jair’s companions except Slanter die protecting him, and he believes he has arrived too late to make a difference.

Climatic Moment: Jair finds his sister. The magic book tries to use her to kill him, but Jair breaks its hold by reminding Brin how much he loves her. Brin destroys the book.

Resolution: Jair says goodbye to Slanter. He and his sister return home, where their parents have just returned from a trip abroad and have no idea what happened to their children.

(Submitted by Grace Clay.)

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