Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Inciting Event: In a dream, Mara remembers the beginning of what happened the night of her friends’ deaths.

First Plot Point: A cruel dog owner dies in exactly the same way that Mara envisioned earlier.

First Pinch Point: Mara hallucinates and burns her arm in the bathtub.

Midpoint: Mara sees her dead friends in a painting and tells her would-be boyfriend about her PTSD.

Second Pinch Point: Mara’s Spanish teacher dies after Mara envisions her choking to death.

Third Plot Point: Mara realizes she’s been telepathically killing people.

Climax: Mara experiments with her powers and kills a zoo exhibition of insects.

Climactic Moment: Someone shoots Mara’s defense attorney father and the murderer he just got off.

Resolution: Mara decides to turn herself in to the police, then sees her old boyfriend and realizes he’s still alive.

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