Book: By Stephenie Meyer

Inciting Event: (Hook in first chapter at 1% mark): Bella faces the hunter as he moves forward to kill her.

First Plot Point: Jacob tells Bella that Edward and his family may be cold ones (Vampires). This information launches her to explore and pursue Edward.

First Pinch Point: Bella faces the dangers of loving someone thirsting her blood when Edward confirms he’s a Vampire.

Midpoint: Bella sees Edward’s skin sparkle in the sun and witnesses his true power, which prompts their love to strengthen and solidify.

Second Pinch Point: Bella faces danger again as she visits the Cullens’ house and meets Edward’s family of blood-drinking Vampires.

Third Plot Point: Bella learns she must flee Forks when the Vampire James decides he will hunt and feast upon her blood.

Climax: Bella goes to save her mother, but ends up facing James who horribly injures her.

Resolution: Bella tried to sacrifice her life for her mother’s life, and just before James finishes her off, Edward saves her. In turn, Bella saves Edward from loneliness at the end, too.

(Submitted by David Villalva.)

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