Time Between Us

Inciting Event: Bennet disappears after Anna finds him suffering from a migraine.

First Plot Point: Bennet saves Anna from an armed robbery by transporting them both.

First Pinch Point: Emma warns Anna that a relationship with Bennet is doomed because he’s leaving soon.

Midpoint: Anna decides she wants to risk having a relationship with Bennet; her best friend is injured in a car accident.

Second Pinch Point: Despite Bennet’s warnings about the butterfly effect, Anna convinces him to take her back in time to prevent her friend’s accident.

Third Plot Point: Anna is yanked back to her own time, and Bennet is trapped in his.

Climax: Anna decides to take the trip to Mexico, hoping to change the future and reconnect with Bennet.

Climactic Moment: Anna and Bennet reunite on the beach in Mexico.

Resolution: Anna and Bennet kiss on the beach.

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