Inciting Event: Evangeline goes to visit her mysterious Aunt Henoria for the summer.

First Plot Point: Evangeline discovers she’s descended from a mythological figure, a “child of light.”

First Pinch Point: Evangeline goes out at night after a bad dream and is pursued and tempted by the shadow-ghosts.

Midpoint: Rafe kisses Evangeline on her eighteenth birthday, becoming her Defender, and is wounded when a shadow-ghost attacks.

Second Pinch Point: Julian, the antagonist, tries to bait Evangeline into letting him into her brain; when she resists, she is attacked by a demon and is witnessed using magic to protect herself.

Third Plot Point: Julian’s grandfather is murdered, and Julian accuses Evangeline and her aunt.

Climax: The airship Evangeline is riding crashes in the enemy’s woods, trapping her there.

Climactic Moment: Evangeline’s aunt allows Julian to take her magic and it consumes him.

Resolution: The destroyed magic rift is healed, and Evangeline goes home.


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